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10 Best Payroll Software For Mac & Small Businesses 2021

May 24, 2021
Bill Kimball

If you have at least one year in business, a personal credit score of 600 or higher, and $100K in annual revenue, OnDeck is ready to help your business get funded. We love Fattmerchant as a credit card processor for its predictable pricing, excellent service, and integrated billing features. Get started today and get your first month for $5 with an exclusive Merchant Maverick promo. The super simple Lendio process is an easy, transparent way to comparison shop for a loan, saving your business time and money. I started bookkeeping 25 years ago on Quickbooks for Mac. Though I’ve worked on PC versions for most of the time since then, I’ve always had at least one client that wouldn’t give up their Mac.

Handles payroll deductions that are exempt from federal and state taxes like 401K retirement plans. Allows user to manually enter payroll checks and includes check register report which is very useful for bank reconciliation. Very easy to use, saves you precious time and money and designed to minimize data entry / monitoring work for employers and payroll departments.

When it comes to payroll software, some solutions may even be off-limits. In this guide, we looked at six payroll software that work with Mac. Some are stand-alone systems that cost anywhere from $250 to $500 a download, while others are cloud-based programs that require monthly fees that range from $8 to more than $50 per employee. Iris also offers good value Cloud based payroll software for businesses of all sizes starting at £96 per year.

In the Run Payroll section of QuickBooks Payroll for Mac there are fields for regular work, overtime, double overtime, sick pay, vacation pay and fixed bonuses. Be accessible from anywhere at any time as long as you have an internet connection. Ability to share data and collaborate with other people in your business. A cloud-based oronline payrollsystem that works seamlessly across your iPad, iPhone and Mac. Note that QuickBooks Payroll for Mac is one of the provider’s legacy products. It isn’t advertised online, but you can contact QuickBooks to request more information, including pricing details, about the said solution.

Half of all small businesses spend at least 40 hours a year just doing federal payroll taxes, according to a survey by the National Small Business Association. Templated pay schedules and one-click payroll runs are just some of the features found in payroll software that can cut down the time you spend on employee payroll significantly. Yes, Payroll Mate can export payroll data to QuickBooks, Quicken and other accounting software like Microsoft Office accounting through General Ledger Export. QuickBooks users are no longer confined to using Intuit payroll products just because they are QuickBooks users. Businesses can prepare payroll using our payroll software and export payroll data into QuickBooks with ease and comfort. Supports customizable income, tax and deduction categories. One of the most powerful features of this payroll management software is the ability to define an unlimited number of custom payroll items to fit the employer’s needs.

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And being in control of yourfinances and cash flowhas got to be good for business. What’s also great about Rippling is that it has robust integration options, allowing you and your employees to connect to more than 500 software. You can purchase a device management add-on that lets you buy, set up, secure, and monitor software and company devices that are issued to employees. Having a payroll platform that’s intuitive and easy to learn is a must. We also looked at whether the provider offers how-to guides, live phone support, and a dedicated customer representative. Automatic payroll runs, payroll tax processing , year-end tax report preparation and filing, and direct deposits within two days are just some of the essential functionalities that we looked at. We also checked whether or not the provider offered a penalty-free guarantee—in case they make a mistake when processing the client’s payroll.

With Paycycle, there’s absolutely nothing to install or update, so you don’t have to worry about the latest changes in tax codes. It allows you to pay your employees with payroll checks or offer them free direct deposit into their bank account, and Paycycle offers you a 30-day free trial of their software. Software from halfpricesoft.com is trusted by thousands of customers and will help small business owners simplify payroll processing and streamline business management. Its small business payroll solution, called RUN Powered by ADP, is an ideal option for those who employ up to 49 employees.

However, pricing isn’t transparent and you have to contact Rippling to request a quote. Moreover, it doesn’t provide advanced HR tools that enable you to manage employee performance, training, and compensation. If you have any other questions, suggestions or experiences regarding the software featured here, let us know in the comments below. Lightening is ATO and Fair Work compliant, includes free support and costs $199 with a free 30 day trial. BrightPay also has a Cloud version called BrightPay Connect which syncs with the Mac desktop client and can be used in any browser. The HR component to Gusto also allows you to do other things such as instantly change Paid Time Off policies and the software is updated with sick law policy from 50 States so that you’re always compliant.

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If you want a complete accounting package that has simple payroll support and looks great on any platform, Xero is worth checking out. However, it’s more focused on providing an overall accounting solution including reports, invoicing, payment processing, inventory management and more. If you want an easy to use online payroll tool, Patriot Payroll is extremely straightforward. It’s ideal for small businesses although since billing is done per employee, medium-sized firms may find that the cost adds up. Gusto is constantly updated with payroll tax laws and regulations for 50 States including federal and local taxes. You can run unlimited pay runs, it automatically files W-2s and 1099s and there’s an employee portal to allow staff to check pay stubs and pay history.

With this you got synchronized with the records and manage expenses and import the data from the spreadsheet. Many things you know about it below like system requirements, setup, and features. Make sure you look for cloud-based or online payroll software and check user reviews. Several payroll software systems will give you a free trial, so you can decide whether it’s the right package for you. But as a small business owner who loves Apple software, you may have found it hard to source payroll software you’re as fond of.

This information must always come from an employee-filled and signed form W-4 (Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate). Once an employee is added in the payroll system, no changes to his or her tax setup /deductions should be applied without a signed request for the payroll department to do so. Payroll Mate supports FSA payroll deductions where a certain amount of money is withheld from an employee’s pre-tax gross pay and gets stored in a fund dedicated for medical and/or dependent care expenses. Throughout the year, funds get disbursed to participating employees who have documented and approved expenditures. Payroll Mate can be deployed in a thin-client / virtual-desktop environment including Citrix and Terminal Services . This feature is important for bigger accounting firms, local governments, educational institutions, banks, hospitals and more.

Payroll Mate® allows the user to go back to the first of the year in order to recreate payroll. This will allow one to get up to date for tax filing and report generations. Therefore, if someone was to purchase this small business payroll solution in the middle of the user will be able to enter in all the checks created or written for employees. This will ensure accuracy of W2 forms, W3 forms, 940 forms, 941 forms and all other reports created. Payroll Reports New Payroll CheckWhen processing payroll, users of automated payroll system can enter and edit employee hours and other payroll data using the new payroll check dialog.

Patriot Payroll

A check stub typically lists an employee’s gross pay, wages, tax deductions, withholdings and net pay. Auto calculates FUTA , which is paid by employers only. This tax is reported to the IRS through form 940 (Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Return). Payroll Mate® calculates, tracks and reports FUTA tax on form 940.

  • Payroll software for Mac is a type of payroll application that is designed to specifically run on Apple’s Mac operating system.
  • Sage also offers a desktop payroll application but its Windows only.
  • We love Fattmerchant as a credit card processor for its predictable pricing, excellent service, and integrated billing features.
  • Gusto is used by over 60,000 companies to run their business and it’s easy to see why it’s become such an attractive solution to small and medium-sized organizations struggling to keep on top of things as they grow.

Supports Tips received directly by employee or by employer . Supports unique types of wages such as prizes/awards, Christmas gifts, back-pay awards, makeup pay for jury duty, and moving expense reimbursements. Use the Employee Notes field to record additional employee info such as hire date, termination date, job title, supervisor name, evaluation notes, date of last raise, and so on. This field can be found under the employee setup wizard. Supports coronavirus (COVID-19) form 941 changes related to employment tax credits and other tax relief.

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QuickBooks for Mac has Worked fairly well for me until I upgraded to QB for Mac 2019. Sadly, the new version is not synched with the Payroll program. I have chatted with eight different Intuit support persons today and none of them could help me. At this time, QB Mac users can still purchase and make use of Intuit Payroll and Intuit Merchant Services; the programs just won’t communicate directly. Chelsea Krause is a writer who has specialized in accounting for over three years and is a QuickBooks Certified User. She has a BA in English & Creative Writing from George Fox University and studied at the University of Oxford as well. She has been quoted in Forbes and her work appears in Startup Nation, Small Business Bonfire, and Women on Business.

FREE updates during the tax year.Touch-free updates through the Internet. Updates can also be installed manually in case the user does not have internet access . What Is the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program, and How Do I Apply for It? Helping U.S. small businesses understand what the Paycheck Protection Program is and how they can file for the aid promised under the COVID relief CARES ACT. Check out our blog to see what’s happening in the world of software.

The glossy, lovable products created by Apple mask a huge amount of planning, hard work and attention to detail. Apple designs its software and hardware with usability in mind – and it shows. Sign up to receive more well-researched small business articles and topics in your inbox, personalized for you.

Quickbooks For Mac 2020 Payroll

Simply export your employee time card data for an easy and convenient payroll process for you and your accountant. If you’re looking for full-service payroll, then you may want to consider QuickBooks Online Payroll. Compared to QuickBooks Payroll for Mac, it offers more features like automated taxes and forms, next-day and same-day direct deposit options, access to health benefits and 401 plans, and expert product support. You can also choose from three pricing plans that cost anywhere from $45 plus $4 per employee monthly to $125 plus $10 per employee monthly. ADP Run provides a suite of cloud-based payroll and human capital management solutions. It has products and plans for all sizes of businesses, providing you with a wide selection of packages to fit your company’s growing HR and payroll software needs.

With more than a decade of accounting and finance experience, Charlette has worked side-by-side with HR and accounting leaders to establish and help implement payroll best practices, controls, and systems. Her experience ranges among small, mid-sized, and large businesses in industries like banking and marketing to manufacturing and nonprofit. Gusto also has a wide range of plans that come with basic to robust tools for payroll, employee onboarding, health insurance and workers’ compensation administration, employee offers, and document management. And, if you’re employing mostly contractors, then Gusto’s contractor-only package is the least expensive option in our list of best Mac OS payroll solutions—costing only $6 per person, per month. Iris is a payroll solution for UK businesses that’s free for up to 10 employee payrolls. Aatrix Top Pay is aimed at small businesses but only tracks deductions, employee contributions, vacation, sick time and holiday time. For pay runs, it requires QuickBooks which it can automatically post pay run data to.

This feature is very useful for users with advanced payroll processing requirements or payroll service bureau. Would you want to print out financial summaries every time you go to talk to these professionals? No – it’s much simpler and faster to securely share the data online.

It integrates with the QuickBooks Mac 2006 or higher than this. It support the Firefox v2.0 or later and Safari v3.1 or later. Select the employees you want to pay from the list of employees by checking the box next to each employee’s name.

The dialog includes sections of incomes, taxes and deductions along with year to date information for payroll totals. The user can also specify the new check number, pay date and beginning and end data for this payroll run. 5 Fantastic Small Business Payroll Services ComparedA payroll service can cut hours of work out of every single week. It can do your taxes, check your math, and make sure you never again have that panicked feeling late on a Friday. These five service providers have a track record of success for small businesses and plenty of options to help you save time and money. It seems to me that Intuit puts very little care into its QuickBooks for Mac product.

Capterra is free for users because vendors pay us when they receive web traffic and sales opportunities. Capterra directories list all vendors—not just those that pay us—so that you can make the best-informed purchase decision possible. Get a 30-day free trial to access discounted USPS and UPS shipping rates and print labels in no time. We highly recommend Lightspeed POS for small businesses looking for a feature-rich, tablet-based point of sale system. OnDeck is our featured vendor for business loans and lines of credit.