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21 Expert Tips To Take Your Business To The Next Level

May 10, 2021
Bill Kimball

how to grow your business

Trade shows also give you the benefit of in-person interaction, which increases your ability to connect with and convert potential customers. There are several ways of growing your business by making your product or service available to a new pool of customers.

how to grow your business

You have to keep at it until you find what works for you. Then, if you want to continue your momentum, you have to keep on marketing. Give away something useful with a purchase over a certain dollar amount. You might give an inexpensive lint brush with clothing purchases over $100, say, or a thumb drive to new customers who hire you to make their PowerPoint presentation look good. Is your office décor reminiscent of the backroom in an old movie?

Hand pick a small team to meet with you quarterly to address issues, formulate a strategic plan, and continually assess your progress. Having an advisory board can increase the value of your business, accelerate growth, and provide mentors to keep you focused on achieving your goals.

This makes it easier for you to develop products and services that are suitable to the current demands of the market. Moreover, it helps you understand the areas in which your company needs to improve. Why not leverage AirBnB, InvitedHome, HomeAway or other global platforms? Find a platform that’s reached saturation and use it to grow your business quickly. Roland Frasier, a business growth strategist, has a unique approach to scaling businesses. As a principal of Digital Marketer and Native Commerce Media, and CEO of War Room Mastermind, he knows a thing or two about the online marketing world.

As you look to grow your business, quality customer service for your current customers can fall by the wayside. Sure customer churn is part of doing business, but you don’t want it to be a direct result of your attempts to grow. And you don’t want to compound people leaving by providing a poor experience. While our top-tier product, Max, is built for established businesses and their teams with more advanced sales and marketing automation needs. We also offer a range of platforms depending on your business needs. One of the biggest struggles small businesses face is maintaining the image that they can stay afloat and demonstrate growth, and be able to support that image with actual results. Having a brand that represents this is crucial for any to cement trust in their investors and customers alike.

Business Growth

But, why is it important to have a system to manage customer data? It really not surprising that 53 percent of marketers state blog posts are their most important inbound marketing activity. When you consider that 81 percent of shoppers conduct research online, good blog posts can bring your business a lot of value over time.

Did you know that more than 70% of people who visit your website will never find it again? It is not your fault, it’s just that the internet is so huge and there are so many websites out there. Need ideas on how to use those keywords in your content strategy? Here is a massive list of blog post ideas that you can use on your blog. You need to plan your content strategy by finding out the keywords your users may be looking for. See our guide on how to do keyword research for your blog. The easiest way to add useful content to your website is by adding a blog.

While it’s not a line on the profit and loss statement, it is important for business owners to be intentional about identifying and quantifying opportunity cost in their business. The most common example is a business owner who spends time on tasks or areas of the business that are not the best use of their time or talent. While they may be saving on the cost of hiring for or outsourcing that work, they are actually costing themselves more by tying up their time, and often doing the job poorly. Another example is businesses that take on clients who aren’t the best fit.

If you have a converting offer, international expansion could be a quick way to grow. But, the potential for profits could be massive. Strategic partnerships with the right companies can truly make a world of difference. It could allow you to reach a wide swath of customers quickly. Identifying those partnerships might be easier said than done.

Sign up here for useful content, relevant posts, special offers, and upcoming events, delivered right to your inbox. While this may seem like an abstract aim, it’s in fact very easy to execute. A consistency within communication can be achieved through creating brand guidelines and sticking to them. If you don’t have the skill set to create a strong visual brand, invest in hiring some talent to make your vision come to life.

  • What can you do to turn it into the income-generating powerhouse you envision?
  • A business that rents mountain bikes in the summer might switch to renting skis and snowshoes in the winter season.
  • Get fresh small business insights and ideas delivered weekly to your inbox.
  • Boosting organic search engine ranking resulting in increased website traffic.
  • While hundreds of business growth strategies likely exists, the following 15 will take your business to the next level quickly and efficiently.

For example, Instagram has shoppable posts that allow you to connect your website to individual photos you share. This lets customers click through and buy products they see on your page. Another way to engage your customer base is by selling new products or services to your existing buyers. To do this, you’ll want to study what your customers need, and then develop products that fill those needs. You can also make updates to your current products to help engage existing customers. Once you understand your client’s persona now you can start marketing harness the digital age and get your product and services visible to your client. Keep a good budget of Marketing for your business being cheap is a trap.

What Is Business Growth?

Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales. This tactic is useful to attract new clients as well as for remarketing to the existing customer base. Technology is changing the world we live in every day. In order to stay relevant, it is important to innovate, regardless of your industry, as well as want to get better.

how to grow your business

Form strategic alliances with other businesses. Look for businesses that reach your target market and consider ways you can work together. Whether you actively market each other’s services, or team up to jointly work on clients’ jobs, strategic alliances can extend your reach and firm up your bottom line.

Diversifying your products, so your team can sell to new markets. Expanding to new cities, towns or areas, so your sales team can have access to more clients and potential customers. So, if you typically only have retail stores carry your products, expanding to wholesalers can increase your influence. This is because wholesalers have a larger access to outlets and other retailers, which can increase awareness of your brands and products. Wholesalers also make it easier to expand your merchandise to global markets. To see how other businesses are expanding, you can read through magazines, newspapers or industry research and trend reports.

Focus On Customer Service

All mainstream social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, and more offer paid ads services to target potential consumers. You can use Google paid ads to appear amongst the top Google search results, Google My Business, and Google Maps. This is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels to target your potential consumers. Whatever the reason may be, you are in the right place. This post will guide you on streamlining your marketing strategies with some of the most innovative alternatives.

There are quite a few appointment scheduling apps out there. They are time savers for both your customer and you.

Content marketing is a term that simply means publishing information to interest potential customers in your products and service and your company. While the goal of content marketing, like any marketing, is ultimately to make a sale, content marketing isn’t “salesy. You can also promote other people’s products or services to make extra money from your content. See our affiliate marketing guide for tips and tools you’ll need to get started. Work only with the right client ideally with the exact client persona who just LOVE your product and services. Do not invest in marketing without identifying your ideal client persona understand them, read them and just target those set of people or market only for the fastest growth rate.

Acquire Other Businesses

Additionally, it will allow you to communicate with your existing customers and answer any of their concerns and questions. You can use email as an alternative way to grow your business by sending commercial or promotional messages. The best part is that you can send a customized message to a specific group of consumers. 64 percent of customers will buy a product after watching your online video.

It can be really easy to simply make a change and let it run without any goals or key results in mind that determine success. Without them, a growth initiative can easily turn into a costly idea that sinks your business. Just be sure to gather contact information or provide a link to a specific promotional page when you host an event or give access to a download. You’re not just showcasing expertise but using it to grow an audience that will hopefully one day turn into customers. Follow-up and keep providing valuable insight and you’ll be able to turn it into consistent growth. The way you treat your employees will be reflected in the way you treat your customers.

How To Transform Your Small Business Into A Big Business

Are your signs getting a little old and shabby? Can people even see the name of your store or what you do from the street?

Apart from appearing in top results in Google searches, the paid ads also help strategically place your business ads in front of the target audience without sounding too salesy. During a challenging economy, many brands look at marketing as an expense and therefore try to cut it from the budget. It is rare when a business can successfully operate and grow without talented people.