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23 Of The Best Accounting Events To Attend In 2020

July 7, 2021
Bill Kimball

xerocon 2020

COVID-19 is deeply affecting small businesses and our accounting and bookkeeping partners – as you are the financial key advisor helping to navigate your clients through this crisis. Please make sure you check our dedicated blog on ways we are supporting our customers and partners during COVID-19. We’ve also set up a community space on the Hub for our customers and partners to share their experiences. We’ll continue to add useful resources and information to this page as they become available. We recently made a pledge to our partners to deliver the best human technology platform, to empower our customers, and become a force of good for accountants, bookkeepers, businesses, and the broader economy.

We understand this is disappointing for our accounting and bookkeeping partners, app partners and rest of our Xero community. However, I can assure you that Xerocon Sydney will be back in 2021 better than ever.

Sage Intacct Advantage 2020 is the annual Sage Intacct conference and is a great opportunity for education, connecting with product experts, users, and integration partners. 2020 NATP National Conference & Expo is filled with practical learning about tax topics and trends for tax professionals who commit themselves for being true experts. Attend ACE2020 to learn, network, and grow with a community of more than 800 accounting and finance leaders who’ll fill your career journey with new skills, experiences and insights aimed at enhancing your learning experience. On the off-chance that you haven’t noticed, accounting is in an era of transformation. That transformation was a frequent theme at Xerocon 2019 in San Diego, where I spent three days talking to accountants, bookkeepers, software developers and entrepreneurs from around the world. — The biggest cloud accounting conference of the year will happen at the Fair Market in Austin, Texas on December 6 -7, 2017, with it’s pre-con happening at the Austin Convention Center on December 5, 2017.

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  • That transformation was a frequent theme at Xerocon 2019 in San Diego, where I spent three days talking to accountants, bookkeepers, software developers and entrepreneurs from around the world.
  • It certainly seemed a bit awkward when they demoed the GoCardless integration later in the presentation, seeing as it had been a feature for a very long time.
  • Therefore, a point of difference is absolutely key for the brand.

This exciting enablement event focuses on successful implementations, delivered by Sage accomplished officials and experts. You will learn how to build strong customer relationships by converting sales by executing the latest Sage methodology. This annual accounting conference takes place in Orlando, FL, from October 21 to 23, 2019. Some of the topics include skills that are needed in order to maintain CPA licensure and hot topics in sales taxes. Attending one of these five accounting conferences in 2019 to 2020 is an ideal way for an accountant or finance professional to network with colleagues, learn and consider new ideas for solving old problems. Most accountants have busy work schedules, so it is important to prioritize travel to conferences. Signing up for one or more of these accounting conferences that will take place in the next year allows an accountant to grow personally and professionally.

San Diego played host to the world’s most beautiful and innovative conference for cloud accounting leaders in the Americas. Over my lifetime, accounting has transformed from a paper and pencil, fully manual operation where speed and accuracy with a ten-key was an essential skill. And where accurate period-end numbers took weeks to compile, to a high-tech, automated operation, with accurate numbers in real time. As Kanungo said, change requires unlearning, and sometimes we need to “drop our tools,” a reference to firefighters who survive sudden changes in a fire by dropping their tools and running. To a firefighter, those tools become a part of their identity and abandoning them feels like leaving behind a part of themselves.

As well as a lack of big announcements, there was no zip wire and no fancy floating hoop seating area! During presentations, all of the client examples Xero displayed on the big screen were small businesses.

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When it came time for breakout sessions, the event crew lowered an X-shaped lighting structure that divided the main space into quadrants and color-coded each breakout area. Guests received their own pair of headphones with a Silent PA System, allowing them to tune in to a specific presentation. The lighting rig was then lifted again when a keynote or special guest performed, which prevented attendees from disengaging from the content.

Accountants Can Honor Black History Month All Year

Cloud-first and customer-first is part of the DNA of Xero and of many of those I met at Xerocon. Aside from exhibitors such asExpensify,Wells Fargo,SVB ,Hubdoc,Receipt BankandSpotlight Reportingpresent at the event, there will also be other additional exhibitors appearing during the kickoff show.

Cryptocurrency is still a bit of a wild west, with over 2,000 cryptocurrencies on the market and no consistency in data capture. And we can’t talk about the transformation of accounting without mentioning blockchain, which Mathew May, founder of Acuity, discussed during a breakout session. When 12 people got sick from Romaine lettuce, Walmart removed Romaine lettuce from all its stores, with a cost in the millions. Walmart now requires all suppliers to use an internal blockchain to trace goods. Contrast that with the new tech announcements at Xerocon, which included an expansion of the partnership with Stripe. This enhanced integration will include the ability to set up recurring invoices in Xero as automatic payments via Stripe. The Stripe transactions will be imported as direct feeds into Xero, eliminating the challenge of reconciling Stripe payments, fees and invoices.

The goals is to automate the manual, tedious jobs that accountants, bookkeepers, small and medium sized businesses have to save time and increase accuracy. As a reminder, when you add Xero Integration to Inventory Planner, you can save your purchase orders straight to Xero from Inventory Planner, so that will both save you time and increase accuracy. Steve Vamos, CEO of Xero, encouraged us to embrace a change mindset. Instead of operating our businesses from a desire to control, today’s connected age requires a shift to caring, connecting and enabling. Instead of being afraid to make mistakes, accountants and bookkeepers need to be willing to try new things and be willing to fail as part of the process of learning. And instead of being the ones with all the answers, we now need to listen and learn.

xerocon 2020

Accountex London is Europe’s No.1 Accountancy & Finance Conference and Expo, where you will attend seminars designed to showcase the latest accountancy products, services, and essential tools that you need to excel in your career. Accountants, Entrepreneurs, and CPAs learn as celebrated entrepreneurs and business pioneers share their personal tales of success and motivation. You not only get to network with the like-minded people but also hear from the industry experts and influencers about best practices, trends, and forecasts, and keep earning Continuing Professional Education credits. Attending an accounting conference is one of the best ways to stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the accounting sector. Xerocon’s educational and inspirational components were also impressive.

Commitment To Our Partners

is an innovative conference for cloud accounting leaders, that includes a line up of business partners in the exhibitor hall and the not to be missed Xerocon party. There will be lots of learning and networking, business tools, technology and pure simple fun. Accountants and finance experts who want to learn more about the latest apps, tools, and gadgets for accounting would do well to attend the Accounting & Finance Show New York 2019. The Accounting & Finance Show New York 2019 is from July 10 to 11. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants should be comfortable with a range of software packages and tech tools so that they can prepare, edit and analyze financial documents. The exhibitors at this event demonstrate new and updated software, apps for Android and Mac devices and more. The National Association of Black Accountants took place from June 19 through June 23, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In this article, I want to tell you about my visit to Xerocon 2019. I’ll walk you through the new developments unveiled from the stage, as well as give my thoughts on what Xerocon says about Xero and the state of accounting technology for scaleups in 2019. Connect with them on Dribbble; the global community for designers and creative professionals. Learn about big ideas from industry-leading speakers and experts and grow your professional network.

The Latest On Product Announcements

Make a resolution for this New Year’s Eve to prioritize your busy work schedule and sign up for these accounting conferences of 2020 to find out new ideas for solving problems from fellow accountants. Accounting software company Xero’s annual networking and educational event isn’t the only financial conference in the space.

xerocon 2020

Accountants should plan to attend one of these five accounting conferences in 2019 through 2020. The Accountex USA conference will be held from September 5 through 6, 2019. Located in Boston, MA, this conference focuses on the technology that powers modern accounting practices and procedures. Topics include using Excel, the psychology of accounting and sales tax challenges. This event also includes a large exhibition hall with more than 100 exhibitors who make products related to accounting.

Each year, this conference explores social and cultural issues in the practice of accounting. It is designed for accountants and other finance professionals who are a part of or serve the African American community. Some of the sessions include accounting best practices, enhancing diversity in the accounting community and cutting-edge tools that help accountants in the marketplace.

Therefore, a point of difference is absolutely key for the brand. To achieve that, it built a massive adult playground, a unique breakout formation and a Las Vegas-themed wrap party for the ages.

Accounting Business Expo is a conference which brings together professionals from the accounting and bookkeeping industry to explore new trends, learn about latest products, and network with pioneers of the industry. SAP Concur Fusion is an event for the entire SAP Concur community that brings together end-users, partners, and experts.

Let’s not forget, this wasn’t a change Xero asked for; it was foisted on them by HMRC. This will be seen as a success for the project, certainly better than most HMRC critics predicted. Even the Stripe integration, mentioned in the section above, performs functions you could already do using Xero’s existing integration with GoCardless. You could even say that Xero is treading on the toes of a key partner by sidelining GoCardless in this way. It certainly seemed a bit awkward when they demoed the GoCardless integration later in the presentation, seeing as it had been a feature for a very long time.

During his platform keynote, he pointed out that small and medium businesses that use cloud apps grow net profit 30% faster, and advisors who advise their clients on cloud apps grow net profit 60 percent faster. But despite these possibilities, some accountants still haven’t “dropped their tools.” As recently as 2017, a firm where I had worked still relied on manual data entry in client accounting services and tax. Big-time players from the accounting and fintech industry will also give their insights on the future, and you’ll be able to know how technology can potentially help in transforming your business. While the app market for finance tools is incredibly overcrowded, the market for accounting software remains somewhat uncompetitive. Presumably, this is because of the burden of being compliant with tax changes across multiple jurisdictions.

London Xerocon 2019

As someone who typically works with businesses of between people, this is a shame. Scaleups remain stuck in the no man’s land between Xero and more expensive ERM tools. It’s similar to the situation in banking, which I have previously written about on LinkedIn. This November, Quantico made the trip to Xerocon, Xero’s conference for cloud accounting leaders. QuickBooks Connect brings together thousands of business owners, self-employed individuals and accounting professionals to gain and share knowledge, skills and insights to better run their business. AFWA’s annual Women Who Count National Conference brings professional women from accounting and finance sectors to network and grow. It features female speakers covering topics on tax, accounting, finance, leadership, and more.