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25 Must-Know Bookkeeping Interview Questions and Answers for 2023

July 12, 2023
Bill Kimball

They present an opportunity to set yourself apart from other accounting or bookkeeping firms the client may be considering, as well as from other firms they may have previously worked with. Your accounting firm’s new client checklist should start by covering basic questions about your client and their business. The responses you get will help you understand what kind of relationship the potential client needs and wants with you. This is a bookkeeping interviewquestion to help the interviewer determine your competency in a new role and your plans to use your skills to succeed in it. Modified cash-basis accounting is a mixture of both cash-basis and accrual accounting. You can use modified cash basis if you want to use the same types of accounts as accrual but only record income and expenses when paid.

You need to ensure that your answer lets you shine in a positive light and that you are up for the challenges that a job like bookkeeping brings with it. Additionally, highlighting any particular skill set or prior experiences that make you a qualified professional for this role will also help shift the tide in your favor. Bookkeepers use a host of software applications to get their work done.

Go beyond question lists using interview simulators.

If you do not possess experience training, make sure to mention that you are open to new experiences and opportunities that come your way. This is an opportunity for you to showcase your skills and your knowledge as a bookkeeper and how you can excel in it. You could start answering by describing the traits such as attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and being organized at your work.

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  • These last few additions to your new accounting client questionnaire are questions a bookkeeper should ask a client, too.
  • One of the first decisions you’ll make when starting up is your business structure.
  • They also work in tandem with accountants to produce financial statements and other reports.

Your answer should stimulate a sense of confidence in the interviewer and show that you are dedicated to learning new techniques and emerging technologies in the field of bookkeeping. Bookkeepers always work with different types of clients and customers. Each customer is different and poses a new challenge not only in terms of meeting their requirement but also as an individual. Employers ask this question to get an understanding of your level of expertise when dealing with difficult individuals.

So, it’s great news if your potential client realizes your value as both an accountant and a financial advisor. Then, move on to other fundamental questions that help you understand the essential elements of their business structure. Having a strong sense of ethics is very important in the world of bookkeeping.

With software, you can automate your recordkeeping responsibilities, then hand over your books to an accountant for the more complicated accounting requirements (e.g., tax preparation). You should probably ask for a sizeable retainer before taking on a client who is years behind on their taxes. But regardless of the retainer, knowing the answer to this accounting prospect question can help you offer value. As an accountant, you know the steps to determine exactly what they owe and how to avoid problems in the future. This client question helps you understand what workload you will undertake as their new dental accountant.

Answer by describing your top traits and the skills you picked up from your experience of working as a bookkeeper in the past. Talk them through the various software applications that you have worked on and how you worked your way through each software to understand the various ins and outs to deliver accurate results. This type of question is usually posed to the candidate to test if they have the skills relevant to bookkeeping. Essentially, they’re looking for someone who is organized, able to work independently, and under tight deadlines. Ensure that you bring up the skills you possess that make you the ideal bookkeeper for any organization.

Bookkeeping Questions and Answers

One way to stay ahead of the curve is by researching what software the company you’re applying for uses and then drawing similarities with previously worked programs. To legally set up your business, avoid penalties, and boost profits, you must understand the basics. Get started by taking a look at these accounting questions and answers, organized by category. Know of any other accounting or bookkeeping client questions that can help firms show their value to prospective clients? Tax laws change frequently and few business owners can keep up with it all.

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Learning what challenge is the most troubling for them can help you brainstorm actionable ways to work towards a solution through your role as an accountant. If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]. Question lists offer a convenient way to start practicing for your interview. Unfortunately, they do little to recreate actual interview pressure. In a real interview you’ll never know what’s coming, and that’s what makes interviews so stressful.

Why Do You Feel You are Most Suited for This Role of a Bookkeeper?

If you do not, you can explain other similar experiences from your past that are related to bookkeeping. You can expect this question to come your way toward the end of the interview, as the interviewer wants to know if you’ve done your research on the company and its bookkeeping requirements. It is a question that aims at knowing whether you are genuinely interested in the available position and the company itself.

Make sure to describe how you used your best practices to help ease several bookkeeping exercises. This will put your communication skills in not only the spotlight but also the core competencies that make you a successful bookkeeper. There are often complex tasks that bookkeepers have to undertake, such as recording financial transactions and reconciling accounts. These types of activities generally tend to overwhelm an individual, which is why an employer asks this question.

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Debit stationery expense £50.00 and credit business current account £50.00. Debiting the expense account will increase the amount in the expense account. Get up and running with free payroll setup, and enjoy free expert support. Treat funds from family and friends seriously by creating a contract and payment plan (friends and family are worth their weight in gold, but only if you pay back borrowed funds!). Not all businesses are required to open a separate business bank account. Harold Averkamp (CPA, MBA) has worked as a university accounting instructor, accountant, and consultant for more than 25 years.

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This question can be a great ice-breaker that leads to a more informal discussion of their goals, ideals, and challenges. It also shows your potential client that you care about them and won’t see them as a series of numbers. Our enrolled agents are tax professionals who have demonstrated technical competence in the field of taxation. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service for audits, collections, and appeals. For example, you’re a florist who purchases $500 worth of flowers from your supplier Fiona’s Flower Supply. You do not pay at the time of delivery, but receive an invoice for your debt of $500 that you have 90 days to pay.

  • This is a bookkeeping interviewquestion to help the interviewer determine your competency in a new role and your plans to use your skills to succeed in it.
  • You can take as many interviews as you need to, in order to build confidence.
  • You should probably ask for a sizeable retainer before taking on a client who is years behind on their taxes.
  • It’s more than likely your potential client faces some regulatory challenges at the city, county, or state level.
  • This question can be a great ice-breaker that leads to a more informal discussion of their goals, ideals, and challenges.

Adding this question to your accounting and bookkeeping checklist will help you build a personal connection and make you more memorable than other accountants who just stick to the basics. In addition to their financial statements, you can help them keep track of their capital asset activity, vehicle log, and other important documents for reporting sales tax. Also, make them aware of certain deductions they might qualify for, such as mortgage interest and home office expenses.

What Do You Think is the Most Crucial Characteristic of a Successful Bookkeeper?

The My Interview Practice simulator uses video to record your interview, so you feel pressure while practicing, and can see exactly how you came across after you’re done. You can even share your recorded responses with anyone to get valuable feedback. As a bookkeeper, it is very important that you master this skill as you will often find yourself overwhelmed with work.

How do you think we can add value to your company?

With accrual accounting, you record money whenever a transaction takes place, even if you don’t physically give or receive money (like when you are billed or write an invoice). This is a double-entry accounting system, which means that you must record two entries for each transaction. With cash-basis accounting, you only record transactions when you physically make or receive a payment. This is a single-entry accounting system, meaning you record each transaction once. Hiring an accountant is the most expensive but least time-consuming method.

As a bookkeeper, you will be required to work with external parties such as investors and clients. Your interviewer may pose this question to you in order to understand more about your experience with third-party entities. They will want to know if you are up to the task when working on tight deadlines and your ability to accurately produce financial statements when time is of the essence. A client’s business structure will affect every aspect of accounting and bookkeeping. Whether they’re a Sole Proprietor, an LLC, an S-Corp, or a C-Corp, it’s important to know. Their answer may suggest other questions that should be included in your accounting client on-boarding checklist template.