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50+ Ways To Increase Website Traffic

May 11, 2021
Bill Kimball

how to increase website traffic

The quickest way to find keyword gaps is with this free content gap finder or with Ahrefs. Two great tools finding these question-based keywords are Answer the Public and QuestionDB. As we mentioned earlier, you really want to be writing about things people are asking.

Don’t use forums to just promote your products – it’s generally frowned upon. Instead, take part in discussions and add valuable content. This will help you build relationships with professionals in your niche and in time, they’ll get interested in your business. Social media advertising is one thing, but advertising on similar websites is also a great way to increase website traffic. No wonder that 75% of B2B and 65% of B2C businesses are running Twitter ads – and if you’re not advertising on Twitter, your competitors are already one step ahead of you. As is the case with some other social media networks, thanks to algorithm updates, organic reach on Twitter is also declining. This is important because marketers that just post ads on Reddit are usually downvoted.

In many cases, referral traffic has the beneficial side of effect of increasing your SEO, in the form of a backlink, as mentioned previously. Well, I can tell you one thing–you’ve come to the right place! Increasing traffic to your website has numerous benefits, but the most obvious one is revenue. It’s simply easier to monetize a larger audience, whether that is through sales, referrals, advertising, or data.

The following infographic summarizes all the best practice data that separates most 10x content from the 1x content. Combine it all, execute like hell, and you might even end up at #1. By “searchless linkbait,” what I’m implying is that “linkbait” can be achieved with topics that have no search volume. We still do it, but when we do, we’re almost always doing it with low cost, high reward pieces that are done with strong confidence in success. Therefore, if all else is equal in terms of time and effort, we want to select the content we can generate links to as that’s the fastest path to the sharp incline Evo incurred.

how to increase website traffic

Pay attention to what posts and pages are proving the most popular. Inspect visitor data to see how, where and when your site traffic is coming from. The strength of your link profile isn’t solely determined by how many sites link back to you – it can also be affected by your internal linking structure.

Other Marketing Tactics

Social media can also help you build brand recognition as well as a community. Not only do you get some new content on your site, but the guest blogger is likely to promote the article, bringing in more traffic to your site. Providing they write a high-quality and original article that’s interesting for your audience of course.

Emarketer reports that 35% of users purchase a product within five days of searching for it. Whether you’re trying to attract your first customer or your 1,000th customer, generating more traffic to your online store is a crucial part of growing your business. If your site is properly optimized for conversions, getting an increase in web traffic could mean more customers and more sales. Content offers, sometimes referred to as lead magnets, are a way to use content to drive traffic to your site and generate leads. Content offers vary depending on what stage of the buyer’s journey your customer is in, but can include webinars, guides, reports, trials, demos, checklists, and more. Building a community of brand enthusiasts is a great way to continuously drive traffic to your website. Historical optimization is the process we use at HubSpot to update old blog content and generate more traffic and leads.

You should actually do this for any competitor or business worth a salt in your space—it’ll open up a wealth of opportunity you might miss otherwise. We like finding the big publishers in our clients’ verticals—it’s a quick way to uncover topics we think we can replicate and improve—as a method of building valuable traffic. The SEO world has always been focused on keywords, so the idea of doing topic research is a somewhat novel concept.

There are many free tools available to help you find keywords to target, such as WordStream’s free keyword tool. While short-tail keywords are often searched more frequently, it is more difficult to rank for them on search engines. Targeting long-tail keywords, on the other hand, gives you a better chance of ranking higher for queries specific to your products and services — and higher ranking means more traffic. In addition, Google picks up on backlinks and will increase its trust in your business if it sees other trusted sites pointing to yours.

They feature subject matter experts, who will likely share your piece of content to their audience. Still, it might prove to be helpful for driving some traffic to your blog. They are likely to be one of the first things people see in Google Search results. Without a compelling headline, even the most comprehensive blog post may go unread.

how to increase website traffic

In addition to your keyword’s early appearance, it also needs to be repeated to ensure your chosen search engine knows exactly what your content topic is. So, let’s start with organic traffic – or traffic that comes from a search engine where a user will “organically” discover your site in the results of a search results page. In both cases, you can segment your email audience based on data to send tailored versions of your newsletter or offer to the most receptive segments. Promotional emails can highlight specific sales or events. For example, you might promote a wine tasting or a trunk show in your store, or a new video you’ve posted. On websites like Facebook or apps like Instagram, digital ads can be targeted to extremely specific groups, broken down by things like age, gender, interests, or education level.

Content Offers

Getting that right could mean a steady stream of traffic back to your site. If you do go this route, you need to make sure your users are producing quality content, you have moderators, and your forum has good UX.

  • They will likely share their interviews with their audience.
  • Nothing groundbreaking, but there’s no doubt that increasing your authority through links, and more content around the subject, may impact the bottom-stage ranking as well.
  • Email marketing remains a popular way to engage your audience, and when done properly, is a great way to increase website traffic.
  • Once you have a list of keywords, you want to include them in pages with the intention of these pages showing up in search engines.
  • You should join some Facebook Groups related to your niche and share your content inside them.

Short and generic doesn’t do well – as we said, you can easily get downvoted. If you want to get large amounts of traffic, you should engage with the community on Reddit. One thing you can do is take active participation in Quora. Answer people’s questions on topics connected with your industry – but try to avoid sounding salesy.

On the converse, if you’re a flower company trying to create more general party planning content, you might need to inflate the difficulty to make up for a lack of perceived authority. With your research in hand, it’s time to start segmenting the content you need to create, and then prioritizing appropriately.

Drive Traffic By Optimizing Your Website

Attending these events is a good idea – speaking at them is even better. Even a halfway decent speaking engagement is an excellent way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and gain significant exposure for your site. The days when internet browsing was done exclusively on desktop PCs are long gone. Even if you have a basic website, you still need toensure that it is accessible and comfortably viewable across a range of devices, including smaller smartphones.

Getting these things set up can make a big difference on the amount of traffic to your site. To benefit from SEO, you need to write about topics people are searching for in Google . But to fully benefit from it, you also need to ensure your site is optimized for search engines.

Also, don’t overlook the power of word-of-mouth marketing, especially from people who are already enjoying your products or services. A friendly email reminder about a new service or product can help you boost your traffic, too. LinkedIn has become much more than a means of finding another job. The world’s largest professional social network is now a valuable publishing platform in its own right, which means you should be posting content to LinkedIn on a regular basis.

A QuickSprout survey found that longer content ranks higher in Google’s search results. When it comes to content marketing, there’s something to be said about length. They will likely share their interviews with their audience. It’s always a good idea to add a video to your website content (a how-to tutorial or a product showcase for example). If you’re worried about production costs, you can always create an infographic. Backlinks show search engines that your content is gaining industry recognition and that it provides value to both users and websites.

Search, social, email, and more ideas for driving visitors to your website. Our APIs make it easy to bring data from your app into Mailchimp, so you can manage your audience, trigger event-based emails, and more. The monthly subscription service used segmentation and Instagram to stay connected with their audience—and significantly grow their business—during the pandemic. Drive traffic and boost sales with a marketing platform that seamlessly integrates with your store. WebsiteSetup.org is a free resource site for helping people to create, customize and improve their websites. Paid ads can definitely help be a good source of traffic, especially in the short term.

According to Yotpo, at least 30% of Instagram users have purchased products they discovered on the platform. It’s also a great way to increase awareness of your brand and potentially drive traffic to your store—especially if you know how to target influencers. Product discounts aren’t the only offer you can provide customers.

This isn’t just about implementing the latest secret for driving traffic or hacking your way to the top of Google’s search results pages. This is about instituting tried-and-true methods that the biggest online marketers use to create authority and drive traffic over time. Implement a robust commenting system through third-party solutions such as Facebook comments or Disqus, or create a dedicated forum where visitors can ask questions. Don’t forget to manage your community to ensure that minimum standards of decorum are met, however. Implementing schema won’t necessarily increase traffic to your website on its own, but it will make it easier for search engine bots to find and index your pages.

According to BrightLocal, 88% of people trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts. Using tools like Gleam, Woobox, or contest and giveaway apps on the Shopify App Store you can embed giveaways into landing pages or blog posts on your store. These contests can even use social sharing as a method of entry, giving your sweepstakes a higher chance of going viral and spreading around social platforms.

It’s not always about the number of followers—engagement rate is more important. Ideally, an influencer’s engagement rate is anywhere from 2–3%, with multiple comments on each of their posts. Pay attention also to the Reddiquette guide and check out whether you’re following Reddit guidelines rules of your subreddit.