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9 Ways To Identify A Great Business Idea

May 7, 2021
Bill Kimball

how to find a business idea

This habit works wonders and will turn you into an idea machine in no time. The extent of success is directly related to the extent of positive meaningful impact a business has on the world and other people’s lives. I started it and I quickly created Germany’s most popular travel blog for world travellers and digital nomads. I made most of my income through affiliate sales (eg. Amazon and a travel credit card), sponsored posts and collaborations with brands. Which I realised years later is not the right order when you want to start a business. There are so many different ways to do this; I’ve only mentioned a few.

  • Even with the necessary drive, skills and abilities, many would-be business owners struggle with finding just the right idea to get behind.
  • Examine what you like and dislike about your work life as well as what traits people like and dislike about you.
  • In any case, you’ll need to find a sweet spot that also lets you factor in the cost to acquire customers and offer discounts, especially if you plan on paying for ads.
  • In fact, customizing a concept isn’t a choice; it’s a necessity if you want your business to be successful.
  • That’s why I love blogging, creating content and having an audience – you have a way to get feedback on your ideas at your fingertips.
  • And keep an open mind and continue to assess everything you read and hear from an entrepreneurial point of view.

Jimmy Cregan, founder of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, came up with his business idea when he was travelling in Australia and discovered the iced coffee market there. Executive summary — A high-level overview of your company and market placement.Business model — Outline what your business does, who your business serves, and how your business is structured.

Get the business plan template delivered right to your inbox. And Arounna Khounnoraj and John Booth are a couple who have been operatingbookhou, an online and physical shop selling handmade homegoods and functional bags. Just be mindful of any regulations in your product category, especially for anything customers will eat, inhale, or put on their skin. If you love fashion and sharing your sense of style online, you can consider creating your own online fashion boutique. You don’t need to become a fashion designer—you can simply curate items from other vendors into your own online store . The Give & Grow Shopify app makes it easy to partner with charitable organizations and incorporate your mission into your business.

The Top 10 Paid And Free Logo Makers Online In 2021

While a home office might not be possible, consider setting aside a corner in your living room or putting a desk in your bedroom for a space that inspires you and creates the conditions for success. Ask yourself whether your business idea will work well from home. Some businesses simply aren’t suited to being based from home. If you want to run a dog boarding center but live in an apartment without a backyard, you might want to consider a dog walking business instead. Once you know your idea has the potential to succeed, it’s time to build a business plan. Similar to landscape design — there are many people who have the ability to buy the furniture and home decor they need to fill their rooms, but few who know where to start. It might take some time to build a portfolio but documenting your projects and sharing them online can build a fan base beyond your wildest dreams.

If your passion is refrigerators and the world is in an ice age, your market has no need. It’s vital to put your passions and motivations aside and look at the hard realities of the market, what people want, and what they are buying now. Keep these five factors in mind when determining the right business startup for you. And keep an open mind and continue to assess everything you read and hear from an entrepreneurial point of view. A “bandwagon effect” is also created by larger social trends.

Start by conducting photo shoots for your family and friends. Photography businesses often grow by word of mouth, so create a Facebook page where you can tag recent clients, which will show up in their friends’ newsfeeds as well.

You search the app store looking for something specific, thinking that it certainly exists, only to find it doesn’t. You could pair up with an app designer or create an app yourself that could benefit people like you all over the world. Another way to think about it is what problem exists that needs a solution? Some of the most successful businesses are ones with products or services that solve problems for others. Finding the right business idea can seem impossible, yet new businesses spring up everyday. And, more importantly, where can you find business ideas for the right business for you? With many of the small business ideas we’ll explore in this post, you may not be shipping your products, but you still need to cover the cost of shipping.

how to find a business idea

Without a large enough market, your idea may never get off the ground. You need to determine if a niche market exists for your idea. You’re better poised for success if your business improves upon what’s already out there – a novel response to a recognized need. Maybe you have a hidden talent that others see in you that you never thought of as a big deal. If this is the case and that skill is something you could see yourself doing more of, it could be a great business idea.

LivePlan,to manage and keep track of key business metrics. If they didn’t do this, they wouldn’t fully understand a user’s pain points, or know if problems needed fixing. the secret of the market.” It’s this secret, or those problems, that you have to identify. Ingenie claims to help customers save up to 50 percent of what they would otherwise be paying. And, there’s the added bonus of encouraging people to drive better. For many young drivers, the cost of insurance just isn’t affordable. Ingenie has taken a rather clever approach to solve this problem.

Examine Your Own Skill Set For Business Ideas

You can set different prices for each option and limit the number of times available, if needed, by editing each variant. It’s also a good idea to use email marketing to keep your members informed of new content.

We all love to eat, but few of us have the time or energy to cook healthy, delicious meals. Advertise your services to local families and businesses alike. And consider “chunking” certain groups of clients — say, vegetarians — so you can cook larger quantities of the same dish to feed them all. The time of the travel agent might be passing, but people are still looking for those with a knack for more nontraditional travel coordination. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services.

how to find a business idea

Video production requires you to have invested in the equipment up front which can be quite expensive. But that’s also what makes your services so valuable. Make sure you have a reel of your work to share or create a website with several selections of your work available for interested viewers.

The Perfect State Of Mind For Idea Creation

Influencer marketing has become more common and many influencersrely on marketing agencies or employees to help them run their social channels. A truck, moving equipment, manpower, and the correct permits and insurance are the building blocks of starting your own moving company. Before you buy your first fleet of trucks, however, start small with a moving van and keep your costs low.

how to find a business idea

Audio and video editors are in demand when it comes to producing quality content for hungry audiences. Many businesses seek data entry clerks to help them enter information into their computer systems and spreadsheets. If you have fantastic computer and typing skills, this might be the business for you. As a social media manager, you can use your skills to manage the social media accounts for companies and even individual people.

However, these checking accounts do not accrue interests. Once you have a legally formed business and have been issued an Employer Identification Number , open a bank account specifically for your business. Having a business bank account is essential for keeping your personal and business finances separate which can help you gain an accurate picture of your business’ cash flow and financial health. Additionally, keeping your personal and business finances separate makes bookkeeping and tax preparation easier. Learn more about choosing the right structure for your business from the Small Business Administration. An LLC is a more complex business structure than a sole proprietorship, and can include individuals, corporations, and other LLCs as members. Additionally, LLCs are not subject to a separate level of tax and offer the business owner liability protection and tax advantages.

The blog was growing fast and I was just about to monetise it, when the next idea came along that took all of my attention quickly. I started it after digging into this resource, realising I was a multi-potentialise and combining several of my passions. I read the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris but I just couldn’t come up with anything smart.

This can serve as a great way to fine-tune your efforts and quantify your impact as you prepare to take your idea to a much bigger stage. “So many of the best ideas come from our own personal observations,” Leslie wrote to me, echoing my thought about looking locally. “But to obtain these insights, you have to get out in the community.” From business to marketing, sales, finance, design, technology, and more, we have the freelancers you need to tackle your most important work and projects, on-demand. One of the most common warnings you’ll hear is about the risk.

So, when a relative who was enrolled in a high school wood­ shop course heard about Alex’s hunt for the “perfect muddler,” he suggested Alex make one himself. Strava app on my phone to track my distance and my average speed. Each time I beat a previous record, Strava gives me a trophy or some other small acknowledgment that makes me feel I’ve achieved something. Occasionally, this will push me to go a little bit farther, as once I’ve got into the habit of receiving trophy icons, it’s very difficult to do a run and not get one! The truth is, unless you’re earning hundreds of thousands of dollars, pounds, or euros, it’s still a luxury to be able to make more “moral decisions” to buy from and support better companies and people. And, even though I am desperate for real-life bookstores not to vanish as a consequence of sites like Amazon, I still prefer to buy my books on Amazon because it saves me a lot of money. Were it up to me, I’d own a Tesla, I’d only buy books from independent bookstores, and I’d buy all my food at local farmers markets.

Dropshipping is a fulfillment model where a third-party supplier stores and ships inventory to customers on your behalf. It’s one of the best businesses to start because it’s low overhead, hands-off, and scalable.

Create A Membership Program

Whether it’s marketing, social media, or PR, it might be time to start your own agency. Many other small businesses need this type of help, but don’t have the resources or volume to necessitate a full-time position.

I listened to podcasts and stories of how people started their business. Just because you have a great business idea doesn’t mean that the business itself will be successful. A startup is a business with a concrete idea for something new. Yes, the perfect business idea will bring in an abundance of money. Only create products and offerings that I know my audience wants. In 2014, I created and launched an epic e-book course teaching people how to go from 9-5 to being a digital nomad.

Ask people you know on Facebook or even post in Facebook groups. The important thing is to talk to people who are in your potential target group, otherwise it doesn’t make sense. If it is not just an idea, but your calling, then it’s actually your duty is to pursue it. If your idea is so novel and unique that it doesn’t exist yet, you might have to prepare for an uphill battle and harder to get momentum going.

Another dropshipping model, print on demand puts inventory, shipping, and fulfillment in the hands of a third-party supplier. But unlike the dropshipping idea above, the focus here is on customizing products with your own designs to create something original. Excited about starting a business, but not sure where to start? This free, comprehensive guide will teach you how to find great, newly trending products with high sales potential. You can curate products from one or more suppliers into your own online store under a theme that focuses on a specific niche, like gear for yoga enthusiasts or water bowls for dog owners. When a customer buys a product from you, the order is sent to your supplier, who fulfills it on your behalf. However, you are still responsible for your own marketing and customer service.