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Accounting Business Management And Tax News

March 12, 2021
Bill Kimball

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You can curate the content, forget about design, and send and monitor your emails for free. Plus email marketing services will give you a lot of free advice on how to write good emails. They’ll also tell you what sorts of open rates and clickthrough rates you can expect. It may be tempting to buy a list of email addresses to get started, but try to avoid it. Such lists are often of low quality, with many contacts who haven’t agreed to be on them.

  • Tax Section membership will help you stay up to date and make your practice more efficient.
  • Writing in an informal, instantly-recognizable voice, Flach takes on current events, politics, and money with a sharp sense of humor and a “mad as hell” fearlessness.
  • You have to make the content interesting and easy to digest, but you don’t want to spend hours crafting it.
  • There are a lot of great publications and free newsletters being published every day.

Accountants can turn to AICPA Insights for information on everything, from mundane issues like passing the CPA exams to the difficulties of preparing for the tax and accounting impact of natural disasters. Accounting WEB is a professional organization for the 21st century accountant – an online community committed to being the world’s best source of information, skills, and ideas for the working accountant. With its finger on the pulse of modern accounting, Accounting WEB focuses on the newest technologies and concepts in the field, from software to law and ethics. Recent posts on the Accounting WEB blog include informed opinions on cloud accounting, using educational materials for marketing, and preparing clients for an audit. Stay current on newly released PwC accounting, financial reporting and business content, along with highlights from regulators and standard setters. Check out previous editions of our newsletter below, or subscribe and have our newsletter delivered to your inbox every Friday.

The Home School CPA also covers topics of religious interest, particularly Christian homeschooling. Recent posts have covered issues like dealing with fraud in a homeschool group and new IRS regulations for nonprofit organizations. Tracy Coenen is a forensic accountant and fraud investigator whose blog highlights recent scams and scandals. As an award-winning speaker, consultant, and author, Coenen brings an engaging personality and strong voice to a highly valuable Fraud Files Blog. Her personal commentary on fraud-related news is both helpful and interesting, not to mention informed.

The Wandering Tax Pro

Everything managed week to week so you can focus your time growing your business. Your email list is protected, secure, backed up, never shared, and never sold. Make sure the e-newsletter is a good reflection of your firm’s brand, Reid said. Paying an outside provider for content can be a stepping stone to eventually putting out an e-newsletter chock-full of your own content.

Also, by highlighting the unique content from your firm’s blog, you can boost your site’s SEO rankings, attracting visitors (i.e., potential clients) who are searching for advice on certain topics. But there’s one tried-and-true marketing tool that lets you include links to your most recent tax-related blogs and alerts on tax deadlines, as well as a bunch of other stuff. Find online articles that are relevant to your clients and write a one-paragraph summary for your newsletter. Besides a summary, you might like to include a few personal thoughts on the topic to add some extra value.

In addition to commentary, Coenen also offers advice when it comes to dealing with instances of fraud. One of her specialties is pyramid schemes, as evident from posts on the Worldventures class-action lawsuit and her warnings about MLM (multi-level marketing) scams. A self-proclaimed tax geek, Texas-based journalist Kay Bell isn’t a CPA, but a quick look at her blog Don’t Mess With Taxes shows why she’s earned her place among tax accounting’s finest. The Institute of Dental CPAs has been helping out small business owners in a very, very specific niche since 1956.

Dont Mess With Taxes

Recent posts include advice on handling Medicare overpayments, correct coding of insurance claims, and year-end tax planning for healthcare professionals. Operated by the Maryland Association of CPAs, The MACPA Blog focuses on CPAs excelling in the field. Resident blogger Bill Sheridan shares stories, news, and strategies for accounting success. From shout-outs to Maryland’s top accounting firms, to clear answers to complex questions, Sheridan and the MACPA make a compelling blog. From the firm Clifton Lawson Allen, the Farm CPA Today blog is an invaluable source of financial information for agribusiness. Blogger Paul Neiffer, a Yakima, WA-based specialist in agribusiness, brings a surplus of practical accounting and tax advice for farmers.

accountant newsletter

When we see legislative developments affecting the accounting profession, we speak up with a collective voice and advocate on your behalf. Our advocacy partners are state CPA societies and other professional organizations, as we inform and educate federal, state and local policymakers regarding key issues. Simply fill out the form and one of our professionals will be in touch. This article covers hidden areas that may present threats to your manufacturing company’s cybersecurity. When it comes to assessing revenues and business value, don’t judge a book by its cover. The content you select lives on your website, allowing you to customize the content to increase your visibility to search engines and optimize the experience when a user arrives at your site.

Let us clear your desk and clear your mind so you can get back at it. MailChimp, for example, has a built-in dashboard that provides that data, as well as the top links clicked for each individual e-newsletter sent. Don’t launch an e-newsletter without being able to track data, such as open rates, bounce rates, and total clicks, and having a goal in mind, Cantero said. When a client finishes reading an article and they have a question, are you making it easy for them to contact you?

From taxes to payroll, Neiffer covers the special needs of farmers with clarity and character. Recent posts have covered changes in the tax code affecting farmers, such as the tax liability of equipment exchanges (no longer tax-free) and tax benefits for donating farm commodities like grain. With her blog, CPA in Erie, CO, Edwards helps business owners stay in the loop with technology, management, payroll, and other necessities.

How To Facilitate Advisory Services Implementation

CPA Letter Daily is a free e-newsletter published each weekday. The AICPA offers newsletters on a wide range of topics and areas of interest to CPAs.

accountant newsletter

Any dentist running a private practice will find mouthfuls of advice for business success from the Dental CPA blog, from marketing to finances. Recent posts have dealt with the struggles of finding work-life balance for new dentists and women in dentistry, while others have covered the costs and requirements of buying a dental practice. Maintained by staff CPAs from Bond Beebe Accountants and Advisors, the Bonde Beebe Blog is steeped in practical information for businesses, individuals, and consumers.

Either way, your leads will take months to mature into new business. They’re a way of staying on someone’s radar until they’re ready to make a decision.

Refundable Credits And Foreign Tax Credits

Informative articles and engaging content matched to the interests of your clients is included. If your firm just posted a video on YouTube, embed the URL in the e-newsletter. Embed a tweet that links back to a blog post that provides timely information. This breaks up the copy and makes it pop more for the reader. For example, at Tempe, Ariz.-based Henry+Horne, the firm’s SEO rankings have improved, website visitors have increased, and its bounce rate has drastically decreased. This is because the content in its e-newsletter drives traffic to H+H’s website, according to Jaimi Koechel, the firm’s director of marketing. Sending newsletters every day is a good way to annoy people.

They bring the finance and business knowledge of a strong staff of well-informed New York accountants and businesspeople to bear on current issues, new technology, and practical business tips. Entrepreneurs can find guidance on everything from Instagram advertising for small business and ranking small businesses on Google to negotiating salary with new employees. Below, you’ll find what we believe to be 25 of the best accounting blogs. In compiling our list we looked for accounting-related blogs that are active, regularly updated throughout the year with knowledgeable, useful, well-written, and engaging content.

You can use email marketing services to help manage lists, send emails, and track how people engage with your newsletter. There are a number of providers, such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and Benchmark. Smaller businesses often get free use of these services, which means you could potentially send and monitor the performance of your accounting newsletter without spending anything.

The articles are informative and up-to-date, yet not overloaded with information. The articles are written by our award winning team of CPAs and MBAs and provide your clients with enough information to pique their curiosity, while leaving the details to you. Providing your clients with an attractive, personalized CPA newsletter on a monthly basis not only improves client relations, but also increases your billable hours. CPAs offer advice on how to retain and attract clients during difficult times. CPAs who work with small businesses offer tips for identifying predatory loans and steering clients away from them.

Plus, he’s got some great insights into tax responsibilities for professional gamblers, if your poker games get a little more serious. Posts about dealing with IRS scammers, or his annual roundup of the year’s worst tax offenders, keep the proceedings both valuable, and light-hearted.

It will be slower, but you’re better off building your own database of contacts. Most accountants are good at collecting business cards, so send those people an email asking if they’d like to receive your newsletter. It’s true that some of the best things in life are free, and it’s especially true in the case of vast educational and informative resources available online to accountants.

Small Business Exemption Regs Provide Surprises For Large Taxpayers

Don’t get lost in the fog of legislative changes, developing tax issues, and newly evolving tax planning strategies. Tax Section membership will help you stay up to date and make your practice more efficient. The People First Initiative provides taxpayers relief on a variety of issues ranging from easing payment guidelines to postponing compliance actions.