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Accounting Software: Email Settings In Xero

May 3, 2021
Bill Kimball

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Alison combines her role at Silicon Bullet with running two network marketing businesses and is also a Regional Leader for 4Networking as she likes to keep busy. This could be given out to suppliers then for them to send directly to the system. I’ve just discovered that we were sent a PO against a quote, but it was sent to messaging- and disappeared, because the recipient forwarded it to someone else in the organisation, at which point the reply to address is lost. Yup, confirmed, Tim S hasn’t understand the question, which specifically states that the reply address is set. The help page linked to also specifically states that you can’t change the from address.

We do value the points you’ve all raised of why and how this feature should, & could be developed. For anyone else here, if you receive anything suspicious, please do take a look at our security notice board for any notices or forward the email to before clicking into any links or attachments in the email.

Not sure how you can sell your product highlighting this feature when it doesnt help. Already in August , and we ought to give you an update here, team.

Email Settings In Xero

If you do have any concerns about emails not being sent, please do touch base with Support who can look into it for you. Hi team, there are reasons why emails are sent out of Xero as they are – all of which have been outlined here by Andrew. At this stage, we’re not planning on changing how this works. Some customers have a query on the invoice and automatically reply to Messaging Service. To others, I have asked a question and have often why they have never replied. For now I have to email every invoice, remittance advice, quote etc to myself and email it on to the customer!

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There is not any technical reason why Xero can not easily set this up. Security is not a good reason – as it is a simple smtp relay. An invoice coming from the client domain is going to be more trusted that the xero.com domain – from the recipients point of view. Can you please help me to set up my emails being sent from Xero so they are sent in a professional manner so it looks like they are being sent from our company, CICS LTD.

This add quite a bit of unnecessary cost to their monthly bookkeeping and clogs up my already over-flowing inbox. Just because you send an invoice does not mean you are the person who’s responsible for the charge. There have been a large number of suggestions regarding email templates and default signatures, but I have not noticed any regarding the requirement for common shared email addresses between users. Email templates are a great way to save time when you email sales invoices, credit notes, statements or remittance advices directly from Xero accounting software. It shows up as a connection in G-Suite, but no access from Xero. Even using the same email address (has admin access for G-Suite Business and Xero). There are no instructions that I can find that addresses this problem and Xero just tells me to contact Google.

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Invoice needs to come from a third party – this makes no sense at all. It actually breaches most contracts and NDAs by default.

xero email

Image is important, but also when someone is seaching for the invoice they know currently to search for accounts@. “We are planning to add the ability for you to control the “Reply To” address in a future release – this will default to the logged in user but can be overridden to be any email address (e.g. ).

Regarding this specific feature – it was/is number 6 and we know that the current solution is sufficient for a large number of our users. Negative feedback up to now has been strong from a relatively small number of passionate users. The resulting, more specific request, to return to impersonation is currently at number 80 in the list of features (granted it’s new, so not entirely reflective of demand). As I’ve stated before, at this stage we do not have an immediate plan to change the way emails are sent from Xero.

The original requirement was to be able to send from a different email address belonging to the Xero customer . @Andrew – Incidentally, how many customers screamed about the old method of sending emails and what percentage were being caught by spam? It is abundantly clear on this forum that the “enhancement” has actually “broken” more than it has “fixed”. I don’t know about anyone on this forum, but I previously never had a customer’s email system reject my invoices, and I deal with big retail companies with sophisticated mail systems. After this change, MOST of my customers think my invoices are spam. @Philip – the issue we have solved is that the emails leaving your Organisation don’t have to be identified as coming from the logged in user. This is no longer a problem, as you can chose how emails are presented to your customers by controlling the display name and reply-to address.

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When you email Xero one of their customer service agents sitting in one of their call centers, likely located in null, will get your message in their inbox and reply to you on a first come, first serve basis. If you send an email late at night, you probably won’t get a reply until the next business day.

I’ve spoken to a few customers and everyone appears to be receiving invoices directly to their mailboxes without getting trapped by spam filters or junk mail in outlook. I am not technical but this whole sent from email thing is a big problem for me. I send c.200 invoices out per month and now suddenly loads are going into customer junk or spam filter. It also looks very unprofessional that we are forced o have xero branding on the emails we send out.

But that is also flawed as there are lots of reports on the Xero Blog in relation to various phishing emails that have been sent out looking to be from Xero, but are fake. I was looking at your blog earlier and noticed lots of notices regarding fake emails being sent out appearing to be sent from Xero.

One of my suppliers includes multiple documents with the invoice and Xero tried to convert them all to Bills when really there was only one bill I needed. Strip out the extra attachments before sending this email. The bills must be an email attachment, and not embedded in the body of the email. you can copy a new email address which is unique to your company.

  • As the outbound emails are from their domain/servers, the spam and relay authentication all work absolutely fine.
  • The original requirement was to be able to send from a different email address belonging to the Xero customer .
  • Most of it you probably be looking at how do you want to address your process.
  • Some customers have a query on the invoice and automatically reply to Messaging Service.

Payments GoCardless 63 Payments GoCardless is the global leader in recurring bank-to-bank payments, such as direct debit, ACH and PAD. Stripe makes it easy to accept debit and credit card payments for online invoices sent from Xero.

This allows you to create a great standard operating procedure where as you receive an invoice from your suppliers or incur expenses you can just email it to Xero and your bookkeeper or accountant can take care of it from there. Our clients are frankly extremely frustrated that searching for a statement or invoice from ourselves is such a pain in the arse because the email doesn’t come from ourselves. Example – Agreement and strict NDA is between party A and B.

I agree with the above, I have been using xero for about a year now and only recently realised that most of my invoices sent are going into clients junk mail and consequently getting lost. While not as streamlined as sending out of Xero, have you looked into creating an Online Invoice link, and sending that out of your own email client? We encourage Online Invoices, as you can see when it’s been viewed by a customer, they can send you comments about the invoice, and they can pay you directly in the invoice. Also, if your customer uses Xero, they’re able to save that invoice directly into their organisation – saving them time too. Just to add Mimecast now block the Xero email address as standard and is used by 65% of our clients. Xero need to get this sorted ASAP as it is only going to get worse.

I know I can email the invoice to myself and then onto the client, but that defeats the whole point of using Xero. Thanks for the update, I just found out that I can like my Gmail to Xero and it has all the authorities to access the email system so why can it not send via my gmail account.