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Approve And Authorize An Expense Claim In Xero

May 6, 2021
Bill Kimball

Please advise how I can delete the paid expense claims, so I can manually input receipts again. This is something that quite a few people have voted on and discussed. For this issue to persist over 3.5 years is quite astonishing. There is no way I would be able to delete entire expense claims and reenter the information to accurately change the categorization about a particular expense. Yes, you have to make new money , but keeping the people happy who have invested their time, money and support for Xero is something that might need to be balanced a bit more efficiently. The only reason I am writing this is because of the amount of time it has sat idle.

But you move requires customers who use expenses to pay more – whether they need the improved version or not. I have yet to see any pricing on this new option.We already set a budget for the year and now Xero has busted it.

However, from time to time, we do need to review our pricing structure. You are claiming a new chargeable service but delivering what you originally promised in your marketing material . You never told us this would cost more, even when we challenged you about the failure. Reversing the charging plan would earn you valuable customer retention. Not quite, Mani 😉 I’ve already mentioned above why this has taken time. We wanted to completely redo Expenses to take advantage of new technology and create a brand new experience.

I can completely understand the frustration expressed by others because I feel it as well. I do not understand why only a user with the “Advisor” role can do this. The owner of the account who pays for the account should also be able to do this. Please let me know if I am simply misunderstanding this. Right now there’s no way to edit an approved/paid expense claim to change things like the account code as you’ll see on this related thread.

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Since I don’t understand at all what using Bills to achieve the same thing means, I have to assume you’re talking about my approach. You all are the experts in your software platform, not we the end users. I was ready to give it up as well, until I figured out a work around.

Would be great if Xero can provide us with an option to delete only one 1 line or selection of lines from the expense batch. Hi Shane, really appreciate you taking the time to write out your thoughts here. Expense Claims are an old part of Xero – one that does need to be looked into. As soon as that happens I’ll be able to let you know.

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Xero Expenses works seamlessly with Xero accounting, and has all the tools and insights small businesses need to efficiently track and manage expense claims. Capture expenses on the go and keep everyone up to date with push notifications. Yet it seems these are not both true, and you can only have it one way or the other. I think it is disingenuous to portray these features in the way it is done in your video, when they are not compatible. There is a per user charge for using new Xero Expenses, but we wanted to give you all some time to have a play around with it first, so it’ll be free until 28 September 2018. With this update, I also wanted to let you know that the classic expense claims feature will be turned off on 31 January 2019.

  • Was trying to go in and edit an already approved expense report.
  • You can use Datamolino to submit Receipts as Expense Claims without the need to re-type the receipt information.
  • I then wrote a single check to pay multiple expense claims.
  • And now if you are in the U.S., Xero is discontinuing included payroll for a separate paid service.

I’ve done it a few times and it seems the first time fails because the email takes longer than the 30-second timeout. I try it again and finally the email with the code comes through from the first try shortly followed by a 2nd code that matches the 2nd try. It is suspicious that it takes so long to attend to what should be a basic requirement for an online accounting service. The problem I’m trying to solve is to edit an Approved expense claim that only has 6 expenses in it. I would happily redo the claim except it has exposed a problem when I’m still evaluating it.

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Invite your advisor to collaborate with you on your business in real-time. And give your staff access to the areas they need to do their job.

While we have previously written about the importance of keeping business and personal transactions separate we also know that in reality it happens. The business owner will upload expenses by email, or using EzzyBills phone app to scan the receipts. Tap into the tools and insights you need to efficiently track, assign and manage expense claims.View plans and pricing. One login, no double-handling, and real-time tracking help you and your team manage expense claims from anywhere. That said, if it was possible to scan receipts on the phone app and then print out a copy of an expense claim with all the supporting receipts, it probably would be worth the extra £2.50/month. I have NEVER experienced a business process that requires expenses to be approved as separate individual line items, one per transaction. That is just nonsense and was a huge flaw in Xero’s functionality that they have taken YEARS to rectify since it was first pointed out.

In the end, it’s too much hassle to switch from Xero over this issue, but it just smells of taking advantage of existing users, especially small businesses. You always could submit multiple expenditure items on QB from the very earliest versions. They clearly understand business and make no additional charges for basic functionality. You can spin this any way you want of course but you literally have removed a core feature and replaced it with an improved version of same feature for an additional fee. Hi all, it’s never our intention to disappoint our customers.

I’ll start an evaluation with the competitor and see if this same problem exists. I want to void and re-do a group of approved expense claim. You’ll need to remove the payments, void the claims and re-enter them – might not be feasible depending on how many there are, of if they’re claims entered by all your employees and not you. In that case you could move the required amounts from one account code to another using a manual journal which you’ll likely need to get your accountant to assist with.

I voucher all the claims paid on a specific date , thus allowing us to clear the expense claims as paid while aggregating multiple claims on a single payment. Go to Accounts/Expense Claims – There are two tabs on the top left hand side, one of which says previous claims. Click on previous claims to show all expenses posted. Just for information on the right hand side of the page there is also a tab to filter the expense claims that are still outstanding for payment. So enter your expenses and code them to the relevant expenses account. Once you have done this xero records the expense incurred and the outstanding expense due to you will show up on your accounts payable report. Once you repay yourself and the sum appears as a statement line in your bank feed then use find and match to reconcile the payment of the expense.

Then from the desktop program you can select multiple claims from the “Current claims” screen and submit for approve as one batch. From there you will end up with multiple receipts in one entry, ready to approve.

David – you are right in your thinking – very many of us are disgusted at the Xero response of providing BASIC normal functionality for an additional fee. The fact you could not previously approve multiple expenses was a BUG or feature limitation and shows Xero do not understand how any businesses work in the real world. HI Robert, I’ve already approve my lists of expenses claims and pending issuing cheque now. Great news all, new Xero Expenses has been fully released to everyone and you can now pay off multiple expense claims at once, while you’re in the full version of Xero. Checkout our blog and website for more info on this, and all the other cool things you’ll be able to do.

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You would enter each expenses as a debit and code the total to the Funds Introduced as a credit. Get the Xero Expenses app for Android or iOS today so employees can submit claims on the spot, and help everyone work together with ease. Get paid in over 160 currencies with easy-to-use multi-currency accounting – all within Xero. Track time and expenses against jobs to help invoice faster, make better-informed decisions and drive profits. Upload expenses to EzzyBills, via email or EzzyBills phone app. In this example above, you have set up an alias “pfund” to upload your expenses to this “Personal Fund” account as Spend Money transactions.