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Approving Invoices To Xero As Draft Or Awaiting Approval

April 16, 2021
Bill Kimball

how to get notifited of draft xero bills

Flexible user roles I’m 100% sure will be done in the future, but it’s is such a huge thing, they would probably have to stop all other development and testing for half a year to get it out the door. I really hope you didn’t dedicate a lot of developer time to this, because if you did it shows you’ve kind of fallen out of touch with your customers.

how to get notifited of draft xero bills

Today’s release introduces a new notifications framework to Xero – a new way of keeping you up to date about what’s happening from within the application. Access all Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business. Improve efficiency by setting up repeating bills for as long as you need. Replicate your last bills from a supplier and then review, add or amend details as necessary.

Thanks again for your feedback, we’ll update you all on Community if our plans include notifications for invoice approval. Entering a purchase bill in Xero accounting software is pretty easy. This video tutorial runs through some additional tips and features that make it even easier. The market here is quite different to Australia in relation to payroll software.

Accounting Entries For Refund Of Overpayment

UK Invoices and Bills currently have the ability to add a column so that the VAT rate can be adjusted, but we’ve added this functionality for other document types . Filter reports by tracking – You can now use tracking on all reports which are available in the New Reports section of Xero.

Our teams focus for 2020 is on e-invoicing and the roadmap shows no active work towards changing the approval process that exists in Bills now. Please don’t take this as us dismissing the request, but we wanted to be transparent about our future intentions. My client would like there to be an option for when she submits a bill for approval, it sends an email out to the owner that a new bill is waiting. Community Managers, has this feature been added? I can’t seem to find the date when this thread started so don’t quite know what’s the most recent update. Is there a way to do this with the current features?

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Hello, I would definitely like to add my name to this request. I would find it useful if anything that needs approval could have an option to perhaps save and request approval from another user. Currently I am coming out of xero and emailing my approver. Our timesheet and expense management portal has a similar function where all requests generate an email to the relevant authoriser. We have a process where purchase invoices are submitted for approval.

  • Why don’t you listen to the voice of your customers and add this to your development priorities.
  • Also, it’s been widely notified by Xero that both online quotes and NZ payroll are coming very soon.
  • Lisa, you totally nailed the scenario my client works with!
  • On the Box side it worked flawlessly, was just a little clunky integrating with our accounting software .
  • I post invoices for approval by 2 Managers.

You’ll also be able to click links to view lists of bills that have been paid, as well as those you’ve set up to repeat on a regular basis. One of the advantages of using Xero for bill-paying is that you will always have a record of bills you’ve paid. You don’t just write a check and stuff it in an envelope, tossing the paper bill when you know you’ve dealt with it. Rather, you enter each bill’s information in Xero so that even after you’ve paid it, you can go back to its original record.

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It’s a more intuitive way to connect and chat all things business with one another. Ask questions, dish out answers, and get involved.

Fill out the rest of the bill the way you would any form in Xero, using the drop-down lists to select from items you’ve already entered. Modify any fields that need to be changed, like Qty and Tax Rate. When you’re finished, click the arrow next to Save in the lower left. You can save it as a draft; continue editing, and then save and submit it for approval; or save and move on to another. To get started, click on the Accounts tab, then on Purchases. You’ll be able to click on any of these blocks to see a list of the related bills and work with them.

how to get notifited of draft xero bills

For example if you have different business units making sales, then you can now run your Aged Receivables reports for just one, or a collection of those tracking values. Email bills and other documents to your files inbox in Xero for paperless record-keeping. Save time on admin by scheduling upcoming payments and batch pay suppliers.

To watch you fiddling around with silly little niceties like notifications is frustrating. No one asked for this feature, no one wants this feature and no one will use this feature. With more notifications being created, we appreciate this can create more noise for our users as well.

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And being able to allocate notifications/approvals to different people. I have half a dozen different people who have to approve various invoices and I cannot expect them to trawl through 50 draft invoices trying to work out which ones fall into their area of business. Please add a option where an automatic email notification is sent out to certain users as soon as invoices are approved.

how to get notifited of draft xero bills

Toubleshooting – A server error has occurred. Dianne, it’s a conspicuously missing feature in NZ. For some reason Xero decided to dodge payroll in relatively simple NZ’er because they’re so myopically focused on the US market .

You will notice Xero displaying a notification of by how much total is out. Tied up cash means fewer funds to meet day to day expenses and even worse would be the situation when you’re not able to keep track of such overpayments. Or even if you are, then the system is not so simple and intuitive that you have to utilize precious man hours just to keep track and maintain a proper accounting of such overpayments. Moreover, I’ll also show you how you can update any overpayments to the supplier in case you receive a refund from them or if you ask them to adjust your overpayment on your next invoice. Overpayment occurs when you pay your supplier more than what you owe.

If you create an overpayment from the Bank Feeds section directly as we discussed above, then there’s no need to reconcile the overpayment as it will reconcile right away. Right beneath the overpayment window, you can enter information pertaining to the refund in the “Receive a Cash Refund” section. Note that the crediting the accounts payables won’t double this account. The entry will just balance and nullify the debit of Accounts Payables that occurred when we accounted for the overpayment in the above step. Click “Credit This Bill” link and it will take you to a new page where you can enter the amount from the total overpayment that you want to credit in “Amount To Credit” field.

Another user above mentioned allowing it as a widget. At the moment you have to click into each module to see what needs approving. Sorry if this is answered else where but what are “notifications”? We know Xero can work this feature out because there is a Time Off approval system with the Payroll module which does this. It allows to setup an approval matrix and notifies Approvers. It features PO creation and approval outside of Xero with deep Xero integration. There should be an alert sent to a line manager when a purchase order is created – so they can login and approve the purchase order.

Within that, our approvals and cost coding for these invoices are all manual at the moment including any checking of approval limits. Ideally these would be incorporated within the same system or another system linking with Xero, to reduce double handling and manual process time. We recently migrated to Xero from SAGE, and have found it better in every way.