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March 24, 2021
Bill Kimball

my xero payroll

You are right for the tips via CSV and the vacation balance. I thought you meant that Wagepoint would not support paying tips or accruing/paying out vacation. SimplePay is a TAD more expensive for us, which hovers between 9 an 13 employees over the year. I’ve tried all the payroll options that were listed by Fabien above. There’s also the more traditional payroll services which now have an online interface as well, like ADP I believe, which I have not tried. I love Payment Evolution and the fact that it posts journal information into Xero, but a resident payroll module with full drill down capability would be better. QBO has basic payroll for a fee, but interestingly enough, if you sign up for QBO’s advance payroll, QBO will simply connect you to Wagepoint.

Got an email from Support instructing me to revert the Pay Run, Delete it and Re-process the pay run. Apparently a Hotfix was applied last night and doing this would cause the PENDING RTI Submission to be re-submitted. For pending you could try to reverse the pay run with an unscheduled pay run in the same period. I’m having the same issue, the release notes say this is now available but no sign of it.

  • Not all Quicken desktop features are available in the App.
  • Is this the sort of feature you’d like to see, Simone?
  • Surely your back-end database already uses unique ID for all employees, it should be that difficult from a development perspective to share that ID with the front-end users .
  • However, developing Payroll is a whole new kettle of fish – it being a huge investment to create, and to support.

Xero Me is for employees and payroll admins of businesses who use Xero to manage payroll. Xero Me allows employees to check their pay history, submit timesheets and manage leave requests from anywhere. As a business owner in the start up phase we are currently searching for a system for our accounting software. Xero is interesting to me, however being from Canada, it is clear that Xero has no intentions of setting up an integrated payroll to date. The last post by a community manager stated that there is not enough interest to support them developing said question at hand. Now as I’m doing research as I’m sure thousands of other Canadian business people have and are doing, I will be looking for a different platform. I want to support Xero as they look user friendly and fairly robust, but I can’t justify it when Quick-books O is cheaper and equally if not superior for companies in Canada.

Hi everyone, Come on over to the new discussions in Xero Central. It’s a more intuitive way to connect and chat all things business with one another. “Xero” and “Beautiful business” are trademarks of Xero Limited. Automate Payroll, Staff and Leave Management processes. Either you have JavaScript disabled or your browser does not support JavaScript. To work properly, this page requires JavaScript to be enabled. Quicken for Windows imports data from Quicken for Windows 2010 or newer, Microsoft Money 2008 and 2009 .

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My pay run STILL says pending but my RTI filing shows accepted. We’ve talked about it on other threads on Community, but yes we’ve had some initial problems with RTI functionality. We are working as hard as we can to address the outstanding issues and there have been a number of silent releases over the past few days that will help to address these. There are a number of other silent releases happening over the next few days to take care of the rest. Submissions will show as Pending until we send the submission to HMRC and they accept it or reject it. We send these across to HMRC every 15 minutes on the advice of HMRC while we iron out the submission challenges. We won’t know what other issue is causing the issue until we investigate and talk to you individually.

my xero payroll

This means you’ll be required to report salaries and wages, PAYG withholdings, and superannuation, every time you pay your employees. With Xero’s Payroll Only plan, you can file your details to the ATO in a matter of clicks. I have a couple of businesses that labour hire with well over 500 employees each and the foreman has asked several times about employee numbers as this would make things easier. All the sheds, where we supply labour too, talk employee numbers rather then names and the same person may work at several different sheds. Currently I use xero for two companies, one is a consulting firm the other a labour hire business. At the moment I am using Xero payroll for the labour hire business and I would like to bring it into the consulting firm but there are a few key things which are missing.

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This could be a very helpful tool for company’s where hourly rate is monitored on completion of level of apprenticeship training. If we get this option we can update hourly rates which should be applied when reached to next level.

my xero payroll

Now if I have taken the time to sign up and login in and post this, I can only imagine how many others from Canada have found this thread and then simply said it isn’t worth our time and efforts. I was wondering if it would be possible to include a new field in “employment” details for employees. We have a number of clients who have quite a few apprentices and as each year passes, their pay rates increase, normally from 1st year through to 4th year apprentice. The issue is that there does not seem to be any method of notification when each anniversary date comes around.

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Does anyone have a recommendation for the best Canadian cloud payroll service that will work easily with Xero? I only have a few employees who also use timesheets. Lots of choices out there like payworks, paymentevolution etc. we operate in idaho, need to know if this is just me or if this can be resolved so i can continue using xero for my business. Set up Xero payroll so paying employees takes just a few clicks.

First, ensure your payroll settings are configured correctly for your business. Single Touch Payroll in Xero makes it easier for businesses and their employees to receive JobKeeper payments.

Simplify compliance with HMRC reporting requirements. I did some research, and it looks like Wagepoint can work with Xero. Wagepoint is the same company that handles the QuickBooks Online payroll. We haven’t started bringing in any clients with payroll into Xero yet, we are leaving them all with QuickBooks Online at the moment. Once we are ready, I’ll look to the Xero Learning Hub for instructions and testimonials on how to properly integrate. Sarah Hudson – I too am in Australia and researching a Canadian payroll solution. Our Canadian accountant recommended Ceridian but I’ve read nothing but bad reviews.

Following instructions on how to solve an irrelevant issue could make it worse – which we definitely don’t want happening. We try and be as open as we can be on Community but we can’t diagnose or outline every issue on here. Thanks for the posts and sharing responses you’ve had. It is good to see Xero responses are becoming more proactive, although they appear to only offer general reassurances at present, which makes me think they don’t yet know what is causing the issues. Paul – it takes HMRC up to 48 working hours to process a submission, and you can see their response, by clicking on your submission and selecting Download HMRC Response.

my xero payroll

I believe it’s in their development pipeline, but we might be talking a year or more out. Incidentally, Wagepoint is who provides advanced payroll in QuickBooks Online. Would still be great to have a direct API access to the payroll module to be able to work on something even better.

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I went to one of the Evolve Roadshows recently and Gary Turner was a very cocksure, arrogant individual. The main theme was that we have loads of money in the bank and we are going to rule the world. I have been agreat advocate of Xero and encouraged people to use the payroll system.

Hello Cassidy, a unique ID would greatly help us in our reporting to the Portable Long Service Authority every quarter that needs to know hours worked and earnings for each employee. They provide their own spreadsheet template that needs to be complete and I have to link Xero’s generated reports to their template by last names or date of births.

It’s a fair amount of work to get all the filings and calculations correct, but if you follow this thread we’ll be able to keep you updated. Sorry about the hassle, and thanks for coming into Support too, Samantha. I can see your emails with one of the team now and they’ll get back to you on this soon.

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