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Backward Inhibitory Learning In Honeybees

September 21, 2023
Bill Kimball

I don’t remember The Outsiders, so unfortunately, I can’t help you there, but basically, you just want to start with an objective – what is it by the end of the book you want kids to be able to understand or do? This should be something they can transfer to any book they read. Then you can decide on the kinds of lessons that will lead to understanding. A unit test that requires labelling the phases of the moon from memory and answering multiple-choice questions about the lunar cycle, eclipses, and seasons. For most of my teaching career, this is how I planned.

backward processing

It helps kids make connections and just makes sense to plan that way. Done correctly, it’s a much more thorough way to teach. Asking a person to develop a model is a much higher-order task than asking them to copy a model. Describing systems and patterns is way more challenging than selecting the correct description.

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Clearly established learning goals also affords teachers opportunities to conduct assessment for learning throughout the learning process. Students can be redirected to learning goals throughout the duration of their learning activities to reflect on their work and alignment with the learning goals. They aren’t going to develop Kepler’s law from raw data if they weren’t already familiar with it.

  • Vertical integration might lead a company to control its distributors that ship their product, the retail locations that sell their product, or in the case of backward integration, their suppliers of inventory and raw materials.
  • Heck, it would be a fine goal for anyone to remember 25 years after middle school when they have to explain it to their kids.
  • In traditional curriculum planning, a list of content that will be taught is created and/or selected.
  • We will be more intentional with our design strategy.
  • However, for the Corsi task, this difference was present only for VSLD children.

In this, BD is incomplete or a potential recipe for student boredom. The teacher then designs a final test, assessment, or demonstration of learning that students will complete to show that they have learned what they were expected to learn.

Backward Inhibitory Learning In Honeybees: A Behavioral Analysis Of Reinforcement Processing

As a result, companies might stray away from their core strengths or what made the company so profitable. An example of backward integration might be a bakery that purchases a wheat processor or a wheat farm. In this scenario, a retail supplier is purchasing one of its manufacturers, therefore cutting out the intermediary, and hindering competition. Backward integration often involves is buying or merging with another company that supplies its products.

Adjust your Backwards Design of the lessons accordingly. Reduce the amount of “busy work” or class time wasted with activities that don’t teach much to the students.

The journal publishes authoritative articles of interest across all of scientific psychology’s subdisciplines, including the behavioral, clinical, cognitive, neural, and social sciences. In addition to these full-length articles, Psychological Science also features short summaries of new research developments.

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The final assessment will measure whether and to what degree students have achieved the unit goals. Finally, will the assessment be weighted heavily in your gradebook? If you absolutely must assign some points, be sure the final assessment is worth a heck of a lot more than those smaller tasks. Both the Dick and Carey model and the backward design model are goal and objective oriented; assessment is created based on learning objectives and goals, and instruction is created based on evaluation and assessment. The Dick and Carey model, however, is a more systemic model in that making changes to components affects other components and, therefore, the changes occur in parallel. In the more linear backward design model, the steps are non-flexible which means that skipping or changing steps is not an option. The teacher then creates a series of lessons, projects, and supporting instructional strategies intended to progressively move student understanding and skill acquisition closer to the desired goals of the unit.

They concluded that all involved had experienced a richer experience because of the implementation of the backward design model. Companies often use integration as a means to take over a portion of the company’s supply chain. A supply chain is the group of individuals, organizations, resources, activities, and technologies involved in the manufacturing and sale of a product. The supply chain starts with the delivery of raw materials from a supplier to a manufacturer and ends with the sale of a final product to an end-consumer. With all of the fluidity in education for the foreseeable future, I truly believe UBD is a process that can help teachers make sure they are truly teaching what needs to be taught – whether online, in-person or some hybrid of that. Tally these up for each student and grade _yourself_ on how well you accomplished your teaching goals.

Reduced hippocampal subfield volumes and memory function in school-aged children born preterm with very low birthweight . Companies that engage in backward integration might become too large and difficult to manage.

backward processing

Wiggins and McTighe also utilize the “WHERE” approach during the assessment stage of the process. Students are not as likely to become so lost in the factual detail of a unit that they miss the point of studying the original topic. Semantic Scholar is a free, AI-powered research tool for scientific literature, based at the Allen Institute for AI. This paper describes application of Parallel Grammatical Evolution algorithm to combinatorial logic circuit generation and different approaches to create multiobjective fitness functions are described and tested. Please also list any non-financial associations or interests that a reasonable reader would want to know about in relation to the submitted work. This pertains to all the authors of the piece, their spouses or partners. By using this service, you agree that you will only keep content for personal use, and will not openly distribute them via Dropbox, Google Drive or other file sharing servicesPlease confirm that you accept the terms of use.

It would be easy to blow off this distinction, to say Bah, same difference. The test asks students a lot of questions that would show an understanding of these concepts, so we’re covered. An interactive activity like scraping the filling out of Oreos to represent the lunar phases. Instead of starting with a topic, we’d do better if we start with an end goal, and that’s where backward design comes in. R stands for providing opportunities for students to rehearse, revise, and refine their work. W stands for students knowing where they are heading, why they are heading there, what they know, where they might go wrong in the process, and what is required of them.


When I taught seventh grade language arts, one of my favorite things to teach was S.E. After we did some reflecting, writing, and talking, we were ready to start the book.

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Sometimes, the supplier might be able to provide input goods at a lower cost versus the manufacturer had it became the supplier as well as the producer. David Kindness is a Certified Public Accountant and an expert in the fields of financial accounting, corporate and individual tax planning and preparation, and investing and retirement planning.


The clinical use of backward spatial short-term memory tasks, and in particular of the Corsi backward task, it has increased and it has generated a series of theoretical hypotheses. For example, it has been argued that it has the same implications as the backward digit span and/or it requires the use of amodal central executive components of working memory. In Study 1, participants were administered a verbal span test and a visuospatial span test both in the forward and backward versions, while in Study 2 only the Corsi test was administered. The comparison between the forward and backward span versions showed that both visuospatial learning disabled children and controls presented with the Digit Span had a lower performance with the backward version. However, for the Corsi task, this difference was present only for VSLD children. In fact, results revealed a significant impairment in the backward version of the Corsi test in the VSLD group, but not in the forward version, and in the Digit Span tasks. Results suggest that the Corsi backward task is not the spatial analogue of the Digit backward task and that it involves specific spatial processes.

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Does every lesson contribute to student success on that assessment? Could some of your lessons be omitted because they don’t connect directly to the assessment? For example, if your assessment requires students to write in academic language and support their ideas with evidence, you should include some lessons that give students practice with that kind of writing.

Assessment is designed before lesson planning, so that instruction drives students toward exactly what they need to know. Ralph W. Tyler introduced the idea of “backward design” in 1949 when referring to a statement of objectives. A statement of objectives is used to indicate the kinds of changes in the student to be brought about so that instructional activities can be planned and developed in a way likely to attain these objectives. Psychological Science, the flagship journal of the Association for Psychological Science, is one of the premier journals in its field, with a citation ranking/impact factor that places it in the top 10 psychology journals worldwide.

Knowing the phases of the moon may not be of any obvious use to some students, so some scaffolding about how it ties into the real world is important. For example, for me this knowledge has been important in planning stargazing or night hikes . Other fields could be brought in, such as reading literature that mentions the phases of the moon and thinking about why. In my experience, students are MUCH more motivated and engaged when they can easily see the relevance of a lesson to things they care about in the real world.

The traditional instructional approaches that fail to engage disabled students were not an issue when backward design was implemented. The backward design was found to provide meaning and relevance to all levels of students. Backward integration is a strategy that uses vertical integration to boost efficiency. Vertical integration is when a company encompasses multiple segments of the supply chain with the goal of controlling a portion, or all, of their production process. Vertical integration might lead a company to control its distributors that ship their product, the retail locations that sell their product, or in the case of backward integration, their suppliers of inventory and raw materials.

It does not fit in well in a constructivist ontology where the multifaceted nature of each student warrants consideration in planning. Use of a metacontrast and a paracontrast procedure to assess the visual information processing of hypothetically schizotypic college students. Backward integration can be capital intensive, meaning it often requires large sums of money to purchase part of the supply chain. If a company needs to purchase a supplier or production facility, it may need to take on large amounts of debt to accomplish backward integration. Although the company might realize cost savings, the cost of the additional debt might reduce any of the cost savings. Also, the added debt to the company’s balance sheet might prevent them from getting approved for additional credit facilities from their bank in the future.