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Best Bookkeeping Courses Online

June 30, 2023
Bill Kimball

You really have to do some self-reflection on that aspect of your identity. Don’t blame it on the course you purchase if you’re disappointed because half the materials are marketing if you’re not interested in running your own business. Running a business is so hard and you need those materials if you’re going to do it well. I think the truth is that most people are probably not entrepreneurs. My goal is to make it as simple as possible for them to understand enough that they can properly categorize a transaction. Or, more importantly, they know when to ask for help.

She offers a free Facebook group as well for those interested but there is a membership fee for the “insider” Facebook group. Like I said before there is value in having access to others’ experiences and knowledge as they are on the same path as you. So again you have to decide how much you are willing to invest and if this is worth it to you. This course is designed for those who have a desire to start their own bookkeeping business as well as the other two we are going to go over. So if you aren’t interested in starting your own business then I would say that these three options are not for you and you need to skip down to the “other options” section.

I incorporated user feedback from all the beta testers who ranged in experience from absolute beginner to 20-year veterans. So all of the content in my course has been informed, on a deep level, by a wide range of experiences. This resulted in content that is more comprehensive and more detailed than anything I could have created without doing it live.

60 day bookkeeping

To answer your question, there is a private Facebook group that I have no intention on charging for or taking away. For me, I know I’ve been successful if my students finish the course and they have questions. Because if they’re working with clients more and more, they will encounter unique scenarios that just couldn’t be covered in the course, and they’ll have to ask me about it. So that Facebook group gives all my students a place to ask those questions and continue growing long after the course is done. Invest in the 60-Day Bookkeeper course from Bookkeep Anywhere to get your bookkeeping business started.

Day Bookkeeper by Robin (Jenny) Buckallew

So that’s where I want the Facebook group to stay really, really strong. I’m not charging for it because I don’t want people to leave. I use a lot of PowerPoint because it’s easier to demonstrate and make sure it’s click-by-click and understanding every single step.

The way that I teach is radically transparent and honest. So, are you going to use Bookkeep Anywhere’s 60-Day Bookkeeping Course to get your business started? You can get a lot of free tips about Upwork in this interview below. This is one of the most popular interviews I’ve ever done. She has a free Facebook group that you can go to and ask questions if you are wanting to learn more and a free Facebook group that is just for students who take her course.

60 day bookkeeping

I am biased because right now I am 100% QuickBooks Online. I just wish that they would stop raising prices so that my small business clients could handle it a little better. I had a lot of success on Upwork and I don’t hide that.

I know that everyone is different and therefore how you want to pursue bookkeeping will be different as well. You don’t charge for the private Facebook group that gives students access to you like some courses do. That’s really important if you’re shopping around for a bookkeeping course because every course out there comes with a private Facebook group. It’s an absolutely essential component to a course. You’re going to need ongoing support after the course. But you should be asking yourself, as a customer, how long you think you’ll need that over-the-shoulder help from a group like that because not all are free forever.

As far as what actually made me finally jump through the analysis paralysis was talking with a coach. She asked me if I knew my information, and of course I did. So then she asked me what I was waiting for, and I didn’t have a good answer. So that’s how she convinced me to just put it out there and make sure people were actually interested.

Bookkeeper Business Launch

Those basic concepts are something you don’t want to get complacent with.

  • You’re not paying for a storefront or hiring a bunch of employees or investing in all sorts of software and tools.
  • Something to keep in mind when you are trying to decide which course or path is right for you.
  • Don’t blame it on the course you purchase if you’re disappointed because half the materials are marketing if you’re not interested in running your own business.
  • Plus this program is self-paced and once you pay, you get access to everything at once.
  • Those who have implemented what she is teaching and have seen success.

What I’ve done in the past, and plan to continue doing if possible, is ask my students what days and times work best for their schedule to hold these Lives. But for the students who can’t be there, they can catch the replay. If they send their questions I will still go in the group and answer them. And if we need to go into more detail, I’ll just cover them in the next Live we have. As an example, let’s say there’s an error in the bookkeeping made and someone asks why it happened. If you’re going to be in my course you need to be inquisitive and want to learn, and you absolutely need to be comfortable with changing and improving your processes.

Therefore, we are here to take a look at the best bookkeeping courses online. For example, I give away the exact tech stack I’m using. But not only do I tell them I use Asana; I take my task templates – including all the subtasks with all my processes – and I give them the import. So they can literally recreate my Asana in a second.

The price was appealing compared to other courses sitting at around $1,200 for the entire course. She has split her course up should you only need part of what she is teaching. I tend to think of things like an economist more than an accountant, too. In terms of risk versus reward, your course is riskier.


But it also costs less than some that are out there, and that’s exactly where it’s supposed to be. People are going to take a higher risk, but if it works the reward is going to be way higher than if they had spent a lot more. Especially with your lifetime access and the personalized approach that they’re going to get by being on the ground floor. A few years from now you’re going to have hundreds of students, and the original crew is going to have an almost fraternal connection. But my goal is not only to add the different software systems, but also some of the niche bookkeeping segments. My niches are real estate, construction, and eCommerce.

Each student will receive in-depth training that allows them to not only master the basics of bookkeeping, but also learn how to build and manage a successful business. Then, students will have access to live coaching and support from experienced bookkeeping professionals to ensure their questions are answered. Buckallew has taken what she learned from building a successful business to create a roadmap for students to follow.

I have had students sign new clients while being in the course. But nothing I’m ready to share yet because we haven’t completely finished. But if you’re just looking to learn bookkeeping so someone will hire you like an employee situation, then there’s probably more content than you need in my course.

  • However, the courses that you would most likely be looking at are sitting in that couple thousand dollar range.
  • From what I can tell, there’s value in it for a completely brand-new, I-know-nothing, just-want-to-start-a-new-business kind of student.
  • I don’t like making my posts too long but I want to provide you with as much information possible that is useful and relevant.
  • Only you know where you want to take this and how far so you are the best person to decide which course will help you get there.

I went through and pulled all of my proposals that won, and the job description that matched those, and I put those in the group. Would I say that every single proposal was perfect or that I was proud of them all? No, but the point is I’m laying everything out for them and demonstrating you don’t have to be perfect for this to work. They may not be the most polished presentation, but they still work. As long as sharing that encourages people to take a leap and get started then I’m happy. Then I have a second calendar that’s more weekly.

Take a look at your local college but also don’t be afraid to branch out to bigger universities because like I said, they might have an online option available. Robin Buckallew and Tiffany Higgins have been operating their own bookkeeping business for a lot longer but then decided to share their know-how with others. Now my knowledge of this course is based on others’ experience with it and what my research turned up. She has quite a few courses available to you for a price a little as $6 to $8,000!

If you want to know more about how to become a bookkeeper then click to see my run down the how, and why. Plus this program is self-paced and once you pay, you get access to everything at once. There is no certification at the end of her course so you will have to decide if that is a no-starter for you or not. Another thing to note is the refund policy, you only have 14 days to decide whether or not you like it and be able to get a 100% refund.

Robin Buckallew Debuts Bookkeeper Training Program Focused on Empowering Women in the Digital Age

Then from there you’re able to learn more, grow, and scale your business. But, don’t worry, you do have access to the course for more than 60 days. My initial thought was to put a timeline on it so you can achieve the goal and finish. Through her new 60 Day Bookkeeper program, Buckallew will offer on demand training and live support that builds student confidence from the ground up.

I’m Kate Johnson, and today I’m excited to interview Jenny Buckallew about her course. But first a few points of housekeeping before we get started. If you do purchase her course, it would be great if you chose to do that through this link. But the purpose really is to give you an overview of all the options that are available for you to get your bookkeeping business started. I haven’t taken her course, so this is mostly just going to be me asking her about it. I’m not going to opine one way or the other because I haven’t been inside the course.

60 day bookkeeping

So if a student can only work on the course two days a week or whatever it gives them an option to see what that schedule might look like if they want to finish in 60 days. Buckallew expertly helps her students go from beginner to expert bookkeeper, all without ever having to leave the house. Again this is self-paced, for those who are looking to start their own business and does NOT end with certification (if that is important to you, you do what works for you). I could find anything about a refund policy so if you are looking into this and are on the fence, you might want to dig a little deeper.

CPA Accounting Institute for Success

A list of various transactions to simulate the documents you’d get from a client that you can enter and practice with. I’m going to turn it into a workbook, or an email simulation so that you really get the feel for what it’s like to be a bookkeeper. But I want it to be applicable to whatever accounting software you want to use. A lot of us are teaching the same ‘what’ right? We’re teaching maybe QuickBooks Online or some other accounting software.

Bookkeeper Launch also has several courses available for you to take depending on where you are at in your bookkeeping business journey; the lowest being $97. However, the courses that you would most likely be looking at are sitting in that couple thousand dollar range. The starter course, Bookkeeper Launch, is $2,500 and that also has three tiers; Pro, Premier, and Team (price varies between the three). I have heard great things from those who have taken some of her courses. Those who have implemented what she is teaching and have seen success.