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Cash Management Definition

September 26, 2023
Bill Kimball

Unless they’re documented, there is no way to track the movement of money. In general, the principal incompatible duties to be segregated are authorization, custody of assets, and recording or reporting of transactions. In addition, a control over the processing of a transaction generally should not be performed by the same individual responsible for recording or reporting the transaction.

  • Secure personal information in a locked or password protected location.
  • The longer it takes to complete a control, the greater the consequences may be if you identify an error.
  • For businesses, the cash flow statement is a central component of cash flow management.
  • An endorsement stamp may be obtained from the bursar’s office for this purpose.
  • The Internal Control–Integrated Framework was initially issued in 1992.

There are a few common aspects of internal control that can and should be used by all companies. Along with separation of duties, there needs to be a written protocol for cash handling and disbursement. In general, cash flows pertaining to operating activities will be heavily focused on working capital which is impacted by accounts receivable and accounts payable changes. Investing and financing cash flows are usually extraordinary cash events that involve special procedures for funds. All levels within a company include control activities, either to prevent and correct any risks in the internal controls, through processes both manual and automatic. Segregations of duties in internal controls is one of the best ways to establish risk prevention at all levels.

University employees providing special services are paid through the payroll system. Contact Disbursements for information about eligibility requirements for recipients, best methods of payment, and tax liabilities. Restrict access to equipment to those who have a business need to use property. Provide keys and combinations of secured locations only to authorized personnel.

We recommend that this person be a different individual than any of the other roles. However, if no other option is available, it may be the same person as Biller. Deliver each validated deposit slip/eDeposit form to the Reconciler. We recommend that this person be a different individual than any of the other 5 roles.

Require two signatures on each check over a material amount so that one person cannot withdraw funds from the bank account. Require all checks to be serially numbered and limit access to checks to employees authorized to write checks. Generating electronic remittance advice with paid invoice numbers. Simplify accounting records with effective ERA, building confidence and transparency with vendors. Audits and independent CPA reconciliations are examples of monitoring activities. Risk likelihood to company objectives are identified including both internal and external possibilities. Management considers how the implementation of any change to internal or external operations may negatively impact the company specifically as it relates to internal control.


UCSD department buyers spend approximately $350 million per year on goods and services. Follow these internal control practices and learn the importance of separating duties, obtaining appropriate authorizations and approvals, securing assets, and verifying charges. Your reconciliation activities confirm that honorarium activities have been approved and billed correctly. Perform monthly ledger reconciliations to catch improper charges and validate transactions. Your reconciliation activities confirm that you’re paying for approved purchases and are being billed correctly.

Next, solid procedures require that there be multiple, but limited, individuals who have access to the cash, which serves two purposes. First, people can be held accountable for the way that the cash is managed. Second, having at least two people oversee the process helps to ensure that important transactions can take place at any time, even if one individual is unavailable for some reason. In order to fully protect cash assets, you first have to realize that the cash account is made up of both cash and cash equivalents.

Knowing for certain that your business has the information it needs to file taxes, pay for services, and connect with vendors reduces risks of overpayment, fraud, and communication gaps. There will be times when your cash and receipt amounts will be different and won’t balance the first time. This is very common and most often due to clerical errors. Next we’ll discuss a special application of the Separation of Duties principle, called Dual Custody. Practice dual custody when transporting cash, counting large amounts of cash, and other risk critical actions. Cash should be kept in a locked safe or other secure area. The degree of security provided should be commensurate with the amounts stored.

How Do Net Income And Operating Cash Flow Differ?

Do you see how each step in the cash management process is handled by a different person? This in no way means that fraudulent behavior is expected to occur from any of the employees.

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Review and update insurance requirements periodically, or when changes in equipment status change. Equipment Management approves all relocations of offsite equipment transfers. Evaluate expenses to ensure that anticipated benefits outweigh costs. Use a buddy system when taking funds from one location to another. To help businesses counteract fraud and establish best practice frameworks for prevention, the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations was established. Your account is fully activated, you now have access to all content. Determine the amount of cash paid to suppliers of merchandise for each of the nine independent situations below.

Honorarium Payments

If you need cash, you can cash a personal check up to $25 at the main Cashier’s Office in Hahn. There are also ATM’s available near Bay Tree bookstore for Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Bay Federal. Keep just the minimum amount of cash at your station by making regular cash deposits to a main or sub-cashiering station or the night deposit. If using a cash register, remove extra accumulated cash and store it in a secure location until the deposit can be processed. Thousands of dollars exchange hands daily on campus, usually in the form of cash, checks and credit cards. Cash transactions are not things, but events that begin and end.

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Once you’ve purchased and received the goods to be used for an approved event, secure them in a place where a limited number of people have access. Divide responsibilities between different people so one individual doesn’t control all aspects of a transaction. Mark these checks void and retain them to prevent unauthorized use. Customize stakeholder approval chains and ensure that expenditures are in line with company goals and guidelines. An operating unit further breaks down a department into teams. At this level of structure, the goals are very specific, relating to just one element in overall business, like a marketing team responsible for the success of a specific product.

A company bonds an employee by paying a bonding company for insurance against theft by the employee. If the employee then steals, the bonding company reimburses the company. Companies may also rotate employees from one task to another. Embezzlement or serious mistakes may be uncovered when a new employee takes over a task. Although specific cash controls vary from one company to the next, all companies must implement effective cash controls.

Cash control is a way to monitor credit, collection, cash allocation and disbursement policies, as well as invoicing functions. The following chart can be used to determine the levels of internal controls available in your department. For each of the functions listed, enter the name of the individual responsible for maintaining that function. Review the chart for individuals whose names are listed in more than one column and then make a determination whether that represents a potential lack of segregation of duties. For all company bank accounts, reconcile the cash balance per the bank statement at least monthly with the general ledger cash account balance for that bank account. Many accounting systems offer automated bank reconciliations.

These are then translated by management through processes and policies to employees. Companies also actively work to employ individuals who will implement, uphold, and be accountable, helping the company maintain their ethics and promote their goals. Therefore, a company must have adequate controls to prevent theft or other misuses of cash. These control activities include segregation of duties, proper authorization, adequate documents and records, physical controls, and independent checks on performance. Cash is a company’s most liquid asset, which means it can easily be used to acquire other assets, buy services, or satisfy obligations. For financial reporting purposes, cash includes currency and coin on hand, money orders and checks made payable to the company, and available balances in checking and savings accounts.

Safeguarding Cash

In business, it is a key component of a company’s financial stability. For individuals, cash is also essential for financial stability while also usually considered as part of a total wealth portfolio. Practice timely review of supplier’s invoice, packing slips, and purchase orders. Check accuracy of the information for prior payment, correct quantity ordered, and price charged. Monthly ledger reconciliation enables you to find improper charges and validate appropriate financial transactions.

Cash And Internal Control

The accounting assistant will enter all bills into the accounting system and file the bills in the appropriate location in the office of the staff accountant. The accounting assistant will then give the deposit slip and a copy of the daily sales report to the staff accountant. As a member, you’ll also get unlimited access to over 84,000 lessons in math, English, science, history, and more. Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed. Show bioRebekiah has taught college accounting and has a master’s in both management and business. As a cash handler, you must investigate the differences to determine its source.

Cash management is the process of collecting and managing cash flows. Cash management can be important for both individuals and companies.

Prepare a record of all cash receipts as soon as cash is received. Most thefts of cash occur before a record is made of the receipt. In either case, when cash payments are made to or from a business, there is a risk for error. Only certain people should be authorized to handle cash or make cash transactions on behalf of the company.

Employees who have ever worked from a cash drawer at a retail location will be familiar with the process of counting in and out a drawer at the beginning and end of shift. The cash account is the one account that can easily fall prey to fraudulent activity. Because of this, it is very important that a company put into place guidelines for managing the cash account.