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Cloud Accounting Case Studies

March 16, 2021
Bill Kimball

accounting case studies with solutions

Provided a team of senior financial consultants to work under the direction of the Big 4 engagement partner & manager. Provided independent business analysis for negotiations between franchiser and franchisees. Restructured the franchisee cash flow obligations to ensure its viability and long-term economic return for the franchiser.

It’s one of the first places buyers will look in their quest to find the perfect solution for their business. To make your case studies as effective as possible, you’ll want to distribute them to the right audience. Similarly to when you learned how to write a press release, the “right audience” isn’t synonymous with the broadest audience possible. It’s the people most likely to influence B2B buying decisions.

Company needs to conduct due diligence reviews and audits of its 130+ domestic franchisee groups. Declining royalties, non-reimbursement of co-op expenditures, weak internal control infrastructure and exposure to credit risk necessitate this project. The company seeks an outsourcing cost-effective solution to augment the Big 4 Senior Management team engage to lead the project. Client did not want to experience staffing turnover during the project. Explore cloud accounting case studies to see what happened when customers switch to cloud accounting. FinancialForce Accounting is easy to access from any device with an Internet connection and is extremely user-friendly. Many FinancialForce customers have expressed their successes after integrating FinancialForce cloud accounting systems.

This is where you explain the success your product helped them achieve. The tension rises steadily as they research and compare different options. Your writing style is also a reflection of your company brand. If your website, logo, and social media posts all embrace a lighthearted conversational style, but your case study is denser than James Joyce’s “Ulysses,” the mismatch will confuse readers. Applying the art of storytelling will make your case studies irresistible. As busy as we are, we’re still making time to watch “Game of Thrones,” go to the movies, and tell our friends about that hilarious thing that happened today at work.

How To Select The Right Customer For Your Case Study

You could have a wonderful case study, but with a poor layout, no one will read it. Using testimonials positions the customer as the “hero” in the story. And, if you’re selecting case study subjects carefully, it’s easy for the audience to imagine themselves in the customer’s shoes because they are facing similar challenges.

It also talks about how we helped migrate the existing accounting and inventory from NetSuite to QuickBooks. The case study highlights the reason why accounting firms, CPAs should consider outsourcing. Main benefits include- Cost savings, faster processing and accuracy in books with minimal review. The case study highlights a complex matching accounts payable process performed by us for a construction company based out of Vancouver, Canada. The process involved multiple field entry and three-way matching between invoices, goods receipts and POs. The case study describes how a mid-size real estate firm used our services to cut costs by 50% in a tough economic scenario.

RSM’s FAO team helps an animal shelter increase financial efficiency and visibility to build on success and develop a vision for the future. Flatworld Solutions addressed the needs of 2 small-sized companies for accounts receivable and claims management services. The case study highlights the use of our services in peak tax season by a CPA firm. The cost savings from outsourcing were in turn partially invested back in marketing activities to generate new clients. The drop down menu displays our small business accounting and software case studies by division and industry. Discover the challenges we helped solve for our clients. We use RUN Powered by ADP Payroll for Partners, and it’s solved our problems.

But having marketing handle case studies on their own is a mistake. Their insights from countless conversations with prospects are invaluable – who knows better what your customers want to hear than the people who speak to them every day?. Instead of having to set up a time and fly out to film your best customers (or have them fly to you!), written case studies offer more flexibility and less commitment from clients. You can do it via phone or video streaming services such as FaceTime or Skype. If someone needs to rearrange the interview time, it’s not a problem – you’re not canceling or rescheduling on a big production crew. If needed, you can even email your customer a list of questions.

accounting case studies with solutions

These items are just a jumping-off point as you develop your own criteria. Once you have a list, run each customer through it to determine your top targets. Approach the ones on the top (your “dream” case study subjects) and work your way down as needed. However you decide to handle the case study process, the important thing here is effective communication. Talk transparently and consistently as you develop a strategy to choose case study subjects, gather information, and present in a compelling way. B2B products tend to be expensive, complex, and require a long-term investment.

Instead of a PDF, some companies will have their case studies as landing pages. Let’s face it – no one is too excited by the topic of insurance. Not many people get excited when they need to call their insurance agent, and anyone in sales has a tendency to bring out one’s cautious side.

Financial [email protected]

See how this firm’s marketing efforts allowed them to increase revenue by nearly 200% in just 18 months. Offering Big Four-caliber expertise to your clients is no easy feat for any small accounting firm. This small accounting practice moved from tax prep to more consulting and higher revenues. I need Paycheck Protection Program information and support. Learn more about the senior executives who are leading ADP’s business.

Focus on what matters most by outsourcing payroll and HR tasks, or join our PEO. From recruitment to retirement, getting the very best out of your people.

Established a framework for on-going franchisee reporting requirements and compliance. Identified and accelerated the liquidation of targeted non-performing franchisees to maximize residual returns to both franchiser and franchisees.

Take some time to understand how your font choices can affect emotions. Choosing wisely will complement your brand and the tone of messaging you want to convey. Using video case studies gives you more than just moving images – you also get to play with audio. When used well, music can support your message without being distracting.

accounting case studies with solutions

While there are many benefits to video testimonials, make sure you consider the big picture before diving too far into the strategy. This marketing agency seamlessly incorporates written case studies onto its website. The screenshot only shows the beginning of the page, but once again you can immediately see the results. The quote also serves as a fabulous testimonial, and including Rachel’s picture connects your brain with the real person who said it. In addition, as a landing page it is interactive – you can click and view the challenge, solution, and result.

Your case studies don’t need to be the greatest literary works of this era, but following these arcs that your potential customers are familiar with will help the message resonate with them. Finally, here’s what the customer’s business looks like moving forward. The final paragraph leads to a call-to-action , where you ask your reader to contact you, request a free consultation, or take another simple step to continue the relationship. It gives readers a taste of who the subject is and what their “old life” looked like prior to becoming your customer.

Maximizing The Impact Of Your Business Case Study

You could print copies of written studies and give them to the prospects you meet. If you have a booth at a trade show, you could play video case studies for event attendees. The end of a webinar is the perfect chance to share a link to your case study library.

If someone hasn’t been on screen before, you risk not finding out until it’s too late. Video isn’t as prohibitive as it used to be, But the higher the production level, the better your brand will look.

You’ll get the most from this feedback by bringing in a range of perspectives. Marketing might think it’s great, for example, but sales could offer important suggestions for improvement. Once you’ve finished the interview and created your case study, the hardest part is over. This might feel like a frustrating step for impatient B2B marketers, but it can turn good stories into great ones. Video also gives you the ability to use written text, whether it’s labeling someone’s name, displaying a direct quote, or numerous other possibilities.

Then you can play back the recording and pull out all the insightful quotes. You might want to interview top-level managers or executives because those are high profile positions. But consider how close they are to your product and its results. Maybe it would be better to focus on an office manager or engineer who uses your product daily. At a bare minimum, you’ll need two people to participate. A one-on-one interview can work well because it encourages the interviewee to open up. Imagine an easy chat with a friend, rather than answering to a panel.

Provided project manager with JD Edwards experience and implementation background to lead systems conversion and conduct user acceptance and validation testing. Worked closely with internal management to support Big 4 auditors and investment bankers through audit and S-1 process. FinancialForce Accounting seamlessly integrates with Salesforce to align sales, finance and services on a single cloud platform. With real-time financial analysis, day-to-day operating reporting and trackable KPIs, it’s built to handle the most diverse business requirements. Making sure all relevant parties at your company know about the case study is imperative to make sure it has the maximum effect. For example, aside from sales, your customer success team may be able to utilize case studies for retention and upselling.

  • We are the American Institute of CPAs, the world’s largest member association representing the accounting profession.
  • Declining royalties, non-reimbursement of co-op expenditures, weak internal control infrastructure and exposure to credit risk necessitate this project.
  • But they all share a clear focus on their customer’s success and a commitment to business agility.
  • FinancialForce Accelerate is a comprehensive set of product and service solutions created to deliver value across all stages of your customer lifecycle experience.
  • Business case studies “zoom in” on what specific prospects might be looking for.

Whether they’re tailored to automotive companies, healthcare, defense, or anyone else, case studies help reassure buyers that they’re making a sound investment. Production Modeling Corporation includes an entire library of downloadable case studies on its website. Now that you have a basic understanding of what a case study is, let’s explore who use case studies, and how they work for businesses. Above all else, case studies serve as living proof that your product really can do everything you claim.

Forensic Accounting Case Studies

That makes them all the more challenging to sell when they’re new. Try to develop a case study tailored to each key persona. The better you can personalize the experience for each stakeholder, the easier it is to keep their attention. Each format has its strengths and creates a more engaging experience.