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Download Free Excel Receipt Templates

August 21, 2023
Bill Kimball

A common example would be if you are the landlord of an apartment building where the tenants pay rent on a monthly basis. These receipts are a way for the landlord to keep track of all rent payments. They are especially important when a renter pays cash, to provide proof of receipt for tracking purposes. If a tenant pays the rent in person, a rent receipt is typically written up and signed by the landlord and tenant, with both parties keeping a copy for their own records.

For landlords, this easy-to-use rental receipt template is the perfect business tool. It provides your tenants with month-to-month rental receipts and ensures timely rental payments, as it serves as a contractual remittance for occupation of a residence. This template comes three to a page, and includes space for property owner, receipt number, payment method, received from, payment date, and amount paid. It also includes space for a property-location description, the rental period, and any additional information related to tenant- or payment-specific details. A rent receipt creates a record for rent payments, particularly if a tenant pays the rent with cash or with a money order or cashier’s check.

Free Excel Receipt Templates and Trackers

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rent receipt template excel

You can also include information relating to the purpose for the petty cash disbursement, who dispersed it, and who authorized the amount issued. Use this versatile payment receipt template to standardize customer receipts for goods purchased or services rendered. With three receipts per page, this template serves as a receipt book, where you can keep a sequential and chronological list of issued receipts for your records. These receipts can be filled out online, downloaded, and printed to provide customers with a unique receipt number, date, subtotal, tax rate, and total amount for their purchases. Your tenants need to be able to quickly track rent payments for their own records.

Free House Rent Receipt PDF Template

While a landlord may be able to use monthly bank statements as backup, rent receipts can keep record-keeping clean and straightforward and provide a tenant with proof of payment. With this unique, donation-specific receipt template, you can create accurate and timely receipts for all of your organization’s donors. Upload your organization’s logo, and enter your organization’s details, date, receipt number, and received-by details. A Donor Info section allows you to personalize the receipt, and then add a donation description, quantity, and total-value amount. Select the check box for whether the donation was an item or a cash, check, credit card, or money order transaction. This template includes a separate, detachable donor-details section to keep for your records.

Use this rent receipt to simply confirm the payments made on your home or apartment. You can either print it blank and write with pen or fill it with relevant details and then print. If you run a rental business, say a car rental, you would need lots of rental receipts for your customers. But drafting several receipts takes huge lot of time, and hence it is always smarter to count on a rent receipt templates available online. These templates arrive with a readymade receipt outline, saving you from creating the whole framework from scratch.

rent receipt template excel

It’s about time the internet had a single place with all of the most up-to-date information from leading experts in property management, investing and real estate law. Take a look at this collection of free business receipt templates resources to help ensure that you have a solution for all your receipt needs. First of all setup the tenants details in the first sheet where you can write the name of tenant who can be an individual or a company followed by recording the address. Each time your tenant changes or you manage a new property, you need to customize it again. You can also specify the currency and the pickup a most suitable colour. These benefits vary and you will want to check with your state’s guidelines to see if you qualify.

Even if it is not required by law,  many landlords use rent receipts as a good business practice. Use this basic receipt template to simplify your receipt-generating process for any product sold or service rendered. This all-inclusive receipt template allows you to enter receipt date and number, as well as provide descriptions and line-item totals for each receipt item. This template automatically provides a subtotal based on all item totals.

With rent receipts, you’ll be able to track the transaction with the other party, therefore, avoiding problems regarding the property that is rented. Produce the ideal rent receipt by following the tips listed below. However, a rent receipt doesn’t protect a tenant who writes a bad check because a rent receipt isn’t proof that a check has cleared the bank. If a rent check is returned due to non-sufficient funds (NSF), a landlord can still pursue a tenant for nonpayment because a copy of the bounced check proves the rent was not paid. This article is a collection of the most useful free, online-fillable, downloadable, and printable receipt templates in Microsoft Excel format for a variety of uses. For instance, the tenant’s name, the property address, and the rental period should be in the same spot.

Simple Rent Receipt Template

Also, keep in mind, some states require a landlord to provide rent receipts in certain situations. An Excel receipt is a template that businesses can use to create customer sales receipts for products purchased or services rendered. Use an Excel receipt template to also record sale dates, item or service descriptions, tax rates, and total purchase amounts. Some cities require rent receipts even if the state doesn’t, so check with your city’s local housing board.

rent receipt template excel

This template includes editable sample text to guide you through the customer receipt-making process. For the petty cash your small business keeps on hand for reimbursements, payments, or small purchases, you need an accurate way to track these one-off transactions. This petty cash receipt template helps you keep petty cash-related receipts. Using a receipt can help you maintain accurate and up-to-date records. Anyone you’ve paid (or has paid you) will also have an equally detailed document of the transaction. Enter date, receipt number, amount issued, and dispersed-to details.

Car Sale Receipt Template

The signatures on the transaction or agreement is a validation that the other party has already paid the due amount on a particular day. The different types of property you want to rent out vary in rental periods. For example, office space and house space have more extended rental periods. Meanwhile, car rentals have shorter rental periods like a day or three days. Lastly, come up with rental terms and conditions for your rent receipt.

You can talk to the other party about the terms and conditions to achieve a rental agreement. Let’s say you’re running a rental business—an office rental, car rental, or house rental— you’ll surely need a receipt for those rentals. It is smarter to have one in possession when you’re running a rental business.

A tenant can use rent receipts to build credit history by showing the rent is current and has been paid on time. With so many people working from home, a tenant may want to use rent receipts as a backup in case part of the rent is being claimed as a home-office tax deduction. There’s a lot you’ll want to include on your rent receipt template.

Still others enhance the tenant experience by offering tenants the option to pay rent online. An Excel receipt template enables you to download, print, and record – or fill out online – a detailed receipt. You can use an Excel receipt template to keep records of each individual transaction in an easily ordered, standard manner. With this three-receipts-per-page receipt book template, you can reduce red tape by providing customers with fully descriptive, precise receipts for their purchases. Use this template to document date, receipt number, amount received, for payment of, received by, received from, payment method, and credit/debit card or check number.

  • Spreadsheet123 provides this Rent Receipt template to make your task easier.
  • This article is a collection of the most useful free, online-fillable, downloadable, and printable receipt templates in Microsoft Excel format for a variety of uses.
  • Use this Goods and Services Tax receipt voucher template to provide customers with detailed GST-specific receipts for products or services you have provided.
  • We make the lives of landlords, tenants and real estate investors easier by giving them the knowledge and resources they care most about.
  • An added bonus of emailing receipts is that you’ll automatically have a record of those receipts in your ‘sent mail’ folder.

Keep in mind, you should discuss business-related tax deductions with an accountant before filing to make sure you qualify. Created specifically with delivery components in mind, this easy-to-fill delivery receipt template provides everything you need to create delivery-specific receipts for your customers. Enter receipt date, receipt number, recipient info, delivery description, quantity, pieces/package, total packages, and the delivery-amount total for accurate, comprehensive delivery receipts. Detach the separate, partible Delivery Receipt stub and keep it for your own records. If you live in one of the states that offer a tax credit you will want a rent receipt from your landlord each time you pay. If your landlord will not provide one, you can prepare an online receipt to present to your landlord to sign.

Information to Include in Rent Receipts

If you think that creating a rent receipt takes up too much time, you can download one from the available sample receipt templates above which will suit your business. If you think there are no errors, print two copies of the rental receipt, one for you and one for the other party. Printing two copies allow you to have a copy of your own so that you can easily track down the payment transactions. Minimizing payment discrepancies or disputes with a tenant is another benefit of using rent receipts. For example, if a tenant claims to have paid the rent on time when it was actually received late, a written rent receipt can keep any dispute from escalating.

A PDF of the rental receipt can be made and filled out, then sent to each tenant’s email address. You may also want to add a unique watermark to the receipt to make it difficult to copy. Rent receipts can help a landlord keep track of which tenant(s) have fully paid rent, when each payment was made, and if needed when late payments or other fees are paid.

Online rent payment platforms, such as Zillow Rental Manager and PayYourRent, are 2 options that are free for landlords to use. A tenant can also make Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers from their bank account to a landlord’s bank account to pay the rent online using a service like PayPal or Zelle. The more you include on the rent receipt, the easier it is for you to track everything.

If you’re the tenant, it’s better to pay by check, money order or electronically than by cash so you have an additional record of payment. As mentioned above, some states require landlords to provide their tenants with a rent receipt each time a payment is made towards their rent. Contact your state’s housing bureau to see if your state has such a law. If it does, and your landlord is not following it, ask for a copy of the statute and forward it to your landlord.

As a small business, you need a reliable way to provide customers with receipts for their purchases. Use this receipt template with editable sample text to fill in all receipt-specific details, so you can give customers an official, detailed receipt. This template auto-calculates each line item and includes a tax rate to apply to the subtotal for a comprehensive payment receipt. Keep your business running full steam ahead and provide customers with comprehensive receipts using this easy-to-fill business receipt template. Item-by-item fields allow you to enter a description of the product or service you provided to the customer, quantity, unit price, and item-line total. A total amount section includes auto-tallying, subtotal, discount, tax rate, shipping/handling, and any other factors before rendering the total amount.

Alternatively you can also print it and send it by mail service or FAX. This is a blank rent receipt form (3 receipts to a page) with editable fields. Print as a blank receipt, or fill in the information you want to have printed. The landlord should sign in the “Received by” spot to authenticate the receipt. We make the lives of landlords, tenants and real estate investors easier by giving them the knowledge and resources they care most about.

If any late payment fees or other fees are added to the receipt, make sure they’re clearly noted and added to the amount paid. The total amount to be received along with the stamp can be seen in the format. All you have to do is to download the Receipt Templates from a good online site and then customize it with the specific details of your own rental agency- it’s this easy. Microsoft Excel is the perfect program to create your rent receipt.