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Expenses In Xero

May 6, 2021
Bill Kimball

xero expense claims

Assign an expense to a specific customer as you enter it, so you can on-charge it. The expense is automatically added to the customer’s next invoice, so you can make sure you’re reimbursed. Add and manage your corporate card program from a single dashboard.

When you say “beginning of 2018” does that mean January? There are so many companies waiting on this feature, it would be great to be regularly and accurately updated.

Bills and expenses Expend 21 Bills and expenses The automated expenses & smart payment card solution that makes managing company spending a doddle. Multi-step approval workflows for both purchase orders and invoices as well as superb accurate invoice recognition with advanced matching and automation.

I see on various threads in this forum, users are literally crying in pain in using the software. With my usage, the top killer is “unable to edit” many type of transactions. Xero wastes my time in making me doing “remove and redo”. If you do, I haven’t a clue how to solve that problem. Since I don’t understand at all what using Bills to achieve the same thing means, I have to assume you’re talking about my approach. You all are the experts in your software platform, not we the end users.

Once fully released, Expenses will be available through a per-usage charge. Details haven’t been ironed out yet, but we’ll update you as soon we know more. Please can someone tell me whether you are now able to process foreign currency receipts by travelling staff into the Xero App? Soenke, I’m also quite shocked at how long this kind of feature has taken for what can only be described as a hugely obvious functionality needed by accounting software.

If you manage your payroll in Xero you can reimburse an employee’s expense claim using payroll. Follow the steps below to approve, decline or delete expense claims. If you have an Advisor role then you can approve, decline or delete your own expense claims as well as other employees. Step 6 – In the next screen, you can see the status of all expense claims that you have submitted.

Expenses In Xero

Instead of creating Expense Claims for these transactions, you can create a Bill – with your employee to be reimbursed as the Contact. All other details being the same as how you’d enter as an Expense Claim.

xero expense claims

You can spin this any way you want of course but you literally have removed a core feature and replaced it with an improved version of same feature for an additional fee. Hi all, it’s never our intention to disappoint our customers. However, from time to time, we do need to review our pricing structure. You are claiming a new chargeable service but delivering what you originally promised in your marketing material . You never told us this would cost more, even when we challenged you about the failure. Reversing the charging plan would earn you valuable customer retention. Not quite, Mani 😉 I’ve already mentioned above why this has taken time.

Approve And Authorize An Expense Claim In Xero

I really like expensify.com as it just works but I don’t particularly want another monthly charge for only 2 people in our company. It’s a bit annoying to get reminded by this about once a month that it’s not a priority as this has been open since 2013.

Welcome to the Fit Small Business Xero training course! In this lesson, we’re going to cover how to create and manage expense claims in Xero. After an expense claim has been submitted in Xero, and before it can be paid, it needs to be approved and authorized. Tap into the tools and insights you need to efficiently track, assign and manage expense claims.View plans and pricing. One login, no double-handling, and real-time tracking help you and your team manage expense claims from anywhere. Make fast and informed decisions with powerful analytics.

I was ready to give it up as well, until I figured out a work around. I’m completely missing why Xero doesn’t appreciate the importance of this as a basic tool and how missing it makes them virtually non-competitive. I hope this helps anyone in the same situation (although I had seen a post above dated 3/apr/14 with advice to Remove & Redo from a bank account, I had not realised I could do the same with the 835 Directors’ Loan Account . Apologies if I ought to have started a new thread, but this thread seemed to be appropriate. I’m not 100% sure what you mean by the charge back, but if you come into Support with a screenshot of the receipt and what you’re trying to do, they can give more detail to help you here. On the plus side, it is good to see what appears to be transparent unedited input from users. The amount of stress and lost time this software has caused has now become completely untenable.

  • It is suspicious that it takes so long to attend to what should be a basic requirement for an online accounting service.
  • I have deleted one, but I lost ordinal number of deleted claim.
  • This one-page PDF flyer compares the two and helps you work out what your business needs.
  • Xero ​is a beautiful, easy-to-use global online platform for small businesses and their professional advisors.
  • Xero Expenses helps small businesses manage all employee expense claims by simplifying and automating approval and reimbursements all in one app.
  • Yes, you have to make new money , but keeping the people happy who have invested their time, money and support for Xero is something that might need to be balanced a bit more efficiently.

Xero Expenses automates every step of the expense management process. Was trying to go in and edit an already approved expense report. I thought voiding would open it up for edit and re-approval – but no.

How To Approve, Decline Or Delete Expense Claims

That said, if it was possible to scan receipts on the phone app and then print out a copy of an expense claim with all the supporting receipts, it probably would be worth the extra £2.50/month. I have NEVER experienced a business process that requires expenses to be approved as separate individual line items, one per transaction. That is just nonsense and was a huge flaw in Xero’s functionality that they have taken YEARS to rectify since it was first pointed out. I currently have over 20 separate expense claims payable to myself and want to clear all these down. Xero only allows you to pay each one separately whereas I would like to combine several and pay the total with one bank transaction.

Xero Me is for employees of businesses who use Xero to manage payroll. With this release we are adding the ability to upload PDF files. These PDF files can be attached to existing claims and can also be submitted for automatic transcription just like our other supported file types (PNG/JPG).

If an employee or business owner spends personal funds to purchase items for their business, they must complete an expense claim to be reimbursed. Expense claims are similar to expense reports in that you can submit multiple receipts on one expense claim. The key thing to note here is that the new Expense feature that’s recently been rolled out is much more superior to our current classic expense claims. It’s ticked off many of the requests in the Community, including this request to pay multiple claims with one payment. I voucher all the claims paid on a specific date , thus allowing us to clear the expense claims as paid while aggregating multiple claims on a single payment. Using the Demo company, I opened a report showing the 835 Directors’ Loan Account including the paid expenses transactions. I selected the erroneous expenses payment transaction and then selected Options|Remove & Redo.

07 Export Bills As Xero Expense Claims

This requirement for multi currency support is NOT going to go away . We live in a global village, where people are traveling abroad for business more then ever. Our employees travel extensively to various parts of the world and our clients are also located in different countries, so we do expense and bill in multi-currencies. Hi Glen, looks like you’re wanting to create an Expense Claim in a different currency?

xero expense claims

Instead, expense claims can be kept entirely separate to this kind of sensitive information, which wasn’t the case with the original Xero Expenses feature. However, there is still room for improvement in the app. Currently, there isn’t a feature for accurately calculating mileage.

This is the sort of problem that I’m glad to find. I’ll start an evaluation with the competitor and see if this same problem exists. Just wondering if this has been fixed as I have accidentally loaded nearly a full financial year if receipts into Expense Claims through the the dashboard shortcut, thinking it was just part of spend money. All I wanted to do was shift those inputted receipts to spend money.

As for newer customers who want to track expense claims, they’ll need to get a subscription for the new Xero Expenses app. No, you do not have to give every employee access to Xero to submit expense claims. You can designate a bookkeeper or business owner to process all expense claims. That wraps up the section on how to create and manage expense claims. The next lesson in our Xero Training Course will be How to Create a Bill. In this lesson, we will walk you through how to create and manage supplier bills. To access this lesson or any of the others in the series, click here.

Just to note, you may want to take a screenshot of the receipt before removing and download any receipts, in case needed later on. Between these two entries, I’ve again tried to “Refresh bank feed” and again have trouble. It is a case where my “bank requires additional information” and the secret code is not sent before the opportunity expires. The 2nd time worked after approximately 2 minutes of waiting. They have to pay me to adjust VAT and accounts which should be unneccessary. Hi Shane, really appreciate you taking the time to write out your thoughts here. Expense Claims are an old part of Xero – one that does need to be looked into.

You always could submit multiple expenditure items on QB from the very earliest versions. They clearly understand business and make no additional charges for basic functionality. Xero lives in a separate world where it is the only software and which doesn’t have the simple, basic, ancient feature of editing the transactions. If the typist makes one typing mistake in the whole page, the hard work goes to recycle and the typist has to type everything again on a fresh paper. Xero takes today’s modern workforce to typists-age at a time most of the people today never heard the word “typist”. It is a big insult on the users for Xero to have a button “remove and redo”.

Set up user roles and permissions to control who can submit and approve claims. Approvers can review, approve and decline claims online or with the mobile app. If you or your employee use your own vehicle for work, you can submit a mileage claim to be reimbursed. Get your mileage expenses under control, and see all the insights you need to make smarter spending decisions. Use your smartphone to submit and approve expenses from anywhere. If you process a lot of personal Expense Claims, you can create a separate folder for each person in your organization to submit their receipts. Just set this folder to export into Xero Expense Claims with the correct user.