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May 7, 2021
Bill Kimball

how to unsync employees from deputy to xero

Partners The Deputy Partner Program offers flexibility to meet your individual partnership goals.Why choose us Deputy sets you free from the mundane admin and day-to-day stress of managing your team. Rostering software Create fully costed employee rosters and share instant updates via web or mobile. “Fantastic intuitive time keeping software which works hand in hand with Xero.” “Rostering and time sheets have never been so straightforward. What a fantastic and innovative tool.” Unfortunately even a frank discussion might not turn things around with your absent employee. But it’s important to know that you can’t terminate an employee because they are sick.

No, once an award gets updated Deputy will send out an email informing you about the update but you have to update the award in your employees profiles. While the functionality is configured for optimal compliance, we rely on the manager’s to provide the correct award level base rates. Employee On-boarding does not allow attaching of documents at this time, however you can add training for employees and attach documents for these records. This causes issues on employee pay slips as each day of leave is added as a single entry and makes for a very long pay slip and not as clear as displaying just the consecutive block of leave taken. You likely have an additional extension added to your account that is syncing this. You can check by viewing your location, then selecting “Notifications and Integrations”. If you have the employee sync integration, you can remove this.

At this time, there isn’t a way to set higher multiplier rates for the award. If you are using Australian Fair work awards, we recommend you use the pay rates provided in Deputy to be the most compliant when paying your employees. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise business, Deputy will grow alongside you to make sure that scheduling your staff and managing your rotas is no longer the issue that it used to be. Capturing working hours and attendance, Deputy helps you to keep on top of your HR, compliance, and payroll accuracy.

how to unsync employees from deputy to xero

Salaried staff will only have their Leave timesheets exported to Xero for processing. Salaried staff will still have their Leave timesheets exported to Xero for processing.

Xero gave him a new number and a duplicate record was created in EC. I am told the employee numbers in EC match with the employee numbers that are apparently created in the backend of Xero (which users don’t see).

Like what people have already been saying about the award interpretation. The workaround is alright and does save time overall, and the scheduling doesn’t have a fault. Xero Me is for employees and payroll admins of businesses who use Xero to manage payroll. Xero Me allows employees to check their pay history, submit timesheets and manage leave requests from anywhere. When you use the deputy award library for pay rates, how do you ensure that all of the irrelevant penalty rates do not appear on the employee’s payslip in Xero? For example, our employees end up with 3 pages of random award penalties as line items that they have not earned.

Employee leave balances are automatically adjusted when a leave request is submitted and approved. Xero payroll comes with all the standard types of leave set up – plus you can set up rostered days off and time in lieu. The JobKeeper payments program is an Australian government initiative to financially support small businesses impacted by COVID-19. Claim fortnightly JobKeeper payments for eligible employees as you report pay runs using Xero’s STP-enabled payroll software.

Preparing To Export

We use the classification field for other purposes so that means we have no available field for a payroll number which we require for our government submissions and to de-identify data. Every other payroll system would have this functionality, but I guess Xero is a finance system trying to be a payroll system, so guessing they don’t have the experts to advise them. Basically, I want the option to sort my employees by Payroll number.

By simplifying rostering, timesheets, tasks, team communication and Award Interpretation. Calculate and track employee leave balances in Deputy, then export leave timesheets to Xero for a seamless Leave Management experience. We have had some issues in regards to exporting our timesheets/actuals to Xero, and has been a process of having to unlink and reconnect the Deputy-Xero integration.

  • On the people tab you can view which staff have accepted the invite to join Deputy.
  • Download our advanced guide for free and find out how cash flow forecasting can help you to make the best decisions for your business.
  • Deputy has no control over what shows on the employee’s payslip in Xero.
  • I’m just getting started with xero bu so far they are both top knotch.

If you are exporting leave , you may export Annual Leave, Personal/Carer’s Leave, Compassionate Leave, Community Service Leave, and Long Service Leave. To prepare these leave types, please follow the steps in our leave management article. If you have changed the names of the leave in Xero, you will receive a “Bad Read” error. To fix this, please copy the leave names from Deputy back into Xero. You can also export Time Off In Lieu , however, the name of the corresponding leave type in Xero must be Time Off In Lieu .

But the issue arises when the employee decides to take few days of unpaid leave or let’s say starts to work for the company half way through the month. Individual payroll numbers allocated to employees when they commence employment. One of our clients would like not just to add an Employee Number to a profile. We are running payroll for a small sub-set of their employees in AU & NZ but, as they have over 5,000 employees globally (!), they can only contemplate operating with Employee ID numbers. I reactivated a terminated employee who was set up with a different name in Xero with what is in EC.

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From here select Timesheet Export code and your people list will be updated with the employee’s timesheet export codes if they have been set up. If syncing employees fails please contact our helpful 24/7 support staff who will assist with getting your employees connected. Simply click sync and your employees will start syncing with Xero.

Deputy’s integration with Xero was the ultimate bonus for us.” Deputy calculates overtime, penalty rates, leave loading, and salary costing with every shift. Integrations Link Deputy with your payroll, POS, or HR software to fast-track employee admin. Please note that if the employee template is not fixed, the hourly rate from that pay rule will inherit the existing pay item, causing every employee to have the same hourly rate. To fix this, log into Xero and edit the employee’s pay template. Ensure that they are assigned the correct pay rules in the employee payment tab. In addition, if the user uses shift loading or period loading with a fixed hourly rate, these pay rules should be assigned to the employee’s template .

how to unsync employees from deputy to xero

Well, we couldn’t have a list of the best Xero add ons without including ourselves, could we? Float is an award-winning cash flow forecasting add-on for Xero.

Au Payroll: Employee Goes Full Time To Casual

If you are using the Deputy Awards, Timesheets approved on Public Holidays should automatically apply the PH rates. Connecting to Xero allows you to automatically sync employees who have been added through the Onboarding function between Xero and Deputy. Their integration with Xero helps prevent double entry, allowing you to seamlessly track initial quotes through to invoices.

Where applicable we have added links to other Help resources. This article shows you the steps to sync Employee Onboarding with your Xero account.

And when you do get out with all your new found time, be sure to let me know what its like out there. Below are the most common situations for unsuccessful exports. When an error with the import process occurs, it is recommended that the pay run is checked to confirm which employees hours have been imported and which ones have not. The import will only need to be executed for those that were not successfully bought across the first time. The process on how to rectify each error is notated in the ‘Product Preparation’ section.

Trying to export to any other country will result in a “scope not recognised” error. If an employee has already accepted their invite you will be unable to edit their personal details for security reasons.

If you use our Xero On-boarding Sync, it will auto create employees who don’t exist in Xero. Regarding the HR On-boarding – can we attach additional company specific paperwork that we require our employees to also fill in? It’s a bit clunky right now as our new employees have to complete the On-boarding documents and then bridge the gap with all the missing HR paperwork from our company files. Yes, if you are using Xero Rates as the source of truth, enabling Auto-Sync will ensure the rates are kept up to date as per changes in Xero. Please reach out to our 24/7 support team and they will be able to assist with getting to the bottom of this issue.

Practice Ignition turns your proposal, terms of service, and payment details into one, easy-to-read contract. Then, with Practice Ignition’s Xero integration, it automatically reconciles all of your invoices for you – adding your new client’s data to your dashboard so you can make better business decisions immediately. Reducing your admin work, and the headaches that come along with it, Deputy is the extra hand you never knew you needed. Deputy provides greater control over business performance, whether you have 5 or 5,000 employees.

You can automate billing through electronic payments and built-in reminders with a clear and customisable approval process. You can also access online documents, contracts, notes and invoices for collaboration. Give your employees online access via web browser or smartphone and reduce your payroll admin. Set up Xero payroll so paying employees takes just a few clicks. Check your eligibility for JobKeeper support, pay employees a wage subsidy, and file required reports to the tax office.

What a time saver Deputy has been with its integration with Xero! Our employees were punching a time clock and adding up all their hours for a two week time period and then I would have to double check their work before writing checks. The times were not rounded up or down so it was time consuming. Deputy has provided a low cost solution and so much faster, the employees love it as well. Brings together people and workplaces in real time with unified scheduling, tasking, attendance, business procedures & Xero payroll integration.

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“Deputy have allowed me to streamline the fortnightly payroll process.” “Deputy is a cost effective, simple and robust solution for rostering staff and capturing time & attendance.”