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Franchisor Accounting Software

March 16, 2021
Bill Kimball

franchisor software

One area of growing importance is how the franchisor provides you with training on how to continually provide training to your staff. It will be a major benefit to you if the franchisor allows you to bring members of your management and key employees to initial training, and most franchisors will allow you to do so. However, as with all other levels of support, it is important for you to confirm in advance who you will be allowed to bring to training. FranchisePerils, a division of Executive Perils, was formed in 2013 to solely focus on the franchise industry. We understand the unique challenges that franchisors and franchisees face and address them with innovative insurance products by trusted and proven insurance companies. By recognizing the unique characteristics of the franchise industry, FranchisePerils has been able to bring unparalleled value & expertise to both franchisors and franchisees.

While unprecedented, this group’s formation isn’t entirely unexplainable. Franchisees should respect the benefits of owning a franchise and make it a top priority to meet the standards set by corporate.

Xero’s beautiful accounting software gives business owners all the tools they need to be efficient, mobile, and clever. Visit our virtual booth to learn more about how Xero helps franchisors and to enter our raffle for a prize from one of our small business partners. That’s why we have developed this intuitive software to take your franchise to the next level.


Doing so will better the chances for a good relationship between franchisor and franchisee- and thereby pave the way for a thriving business. In Xero’s advisor directory, you’ll find accounting professionals to support your franchisees wherever they do business around the world. From service industries to large retail chains, the FranchiZeManager franchise management system can scale to any size.

In a situation of forced rebranding, franchisors should be more sympathetic to franchisees and realize the means come before the end. Some solutions include more leniency during the shift, in addition to adjusting royalties and fees during times of transition as each location’s market position changes. Most franchisors will have regional or system meetings and conventions. It’s highly beneficial to take advantage of these regional and system meetings when they are offered. Increasingly, franchisors are also providing pre-training modules hosted on their Intranet, or they require franchisees to complete classes and certifications conducted by third parties. The best franchisors continually evaluate, update, and improve their advertising materials. They develop PR campaigns that franchisees can use locally to gain favorable publicity.

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New menu items, a focus on delivery and digital ordering, and a sleek new building design all support that notion. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for corporate to spot an opportunity in the market, seek to embrace change, and reposition the brand and position of the restaurant.

This alone puts more money into the franchise and improves the efficiency of managers. Franchisors mandating massive technological changes should provide a clear rationale for the change, a list of benefits, an outline of costs, and a list of dates as to when changes should be made. Franchisees should use this time to share their thoughts and work alongside franchisors to ensure a confident and successful rollout in the requested time frame. When one of Wendy’s largest franchisees would not agree to adopt a universal POS system, Wendy’s sued the operator of the 152 locations. However, some franchisees are less receptive to change than others, which complicates accounting and reporting on both the franchise level and the corporate level.

franchisor software

In a heated competition between Subway and Quizno’s, this fiasco angered many Quizno’s customers, effectively costing Quizno’s their path to victory in this sandwich war. Quizno’s—the business once boasting more than 4,500 locations—now has fewer than 400. The duration and details of the training will likely be included in the disclosure document the franchisor will provide to you before you sign your franchise agreement. Franchise training generally includes both classroom and on-the-job learning. While most franchisors conduct initial training at their headquarters, frequently, they may have alternative training facilities. Frequently the franchisor will also send members of its staff to help train employees and assist in the opening of the location.

Terms and conditions, features, support, pricing, and service options subject to change without notice. The QuickBooks Franchise benefits are only available to approved QuickBooks Franchise Program members. If you are a Franchisor looking for the tools and solutions for your growing network of Franchisees, the QuickBooks Franchise Program has what you need. the franchisor will send to potential franchisee the franchise agreement to sign and return. due diligence and vetting of the potential franchisee by the franchisor.

Includes Tools for Quoting, Scheduling, Job tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Electronic Payments, QuickBooks integration, and a growing list of other great features. Delivered to you via convenient in-office webinar, it will show you exactly what you need to know to decide for yourself if HARMONiQ could be right for your franchise. Just provide your details here and we’ll be in touch shortly to set up your personalised 20-POINT ONLINE DEMO. Even more importantly, you’ll learn how easily, quickly and affordably the system can be configured to how you want your business to operate now — and how it will grow and change in the years ahead. you’ll know for yourselfif HARMONiQ could be right for your franchise operation. approval by the franchisor, often with certain conditions that need to be satisfied.

Ensure you have a franchisor-franchisee relationship where everyone owns their mistakes and steps up to make it right for themselves, their business partners, and their customers. All of these issues spur franchisor-franchisee issues that can hinder potential success.

Raising The Bar: What To Expect From Franchise Lead Management Software In 2021

By making it easy to roll-out, track and enforce compliance with operating procedures and key initiatives, Zenput helps improve performance and exceed customer expectations. HARMONiQ is one integrated system that lets you pick and choose from all the essential business functions you’d expect from a big-budget platform — with none of the unnecessary extras, costs or agony of customisation. The franchisee must be confident that the franchise is profitable and suitable for him/her. You’ll receive personal support from one of Xero’s dedicated account managers.

Optimize franchise operations with CRM, automation, finance, reporting, and much more in one world-class platform. The best way to scale is with the best franchise software and services from a single source. Have your own branding across dashboard, billing, invoices, emails etc.

Franchisor develops well integrated franchise management systems that are specially made to suit your needs – relieving you from building systems from scratch. Visit us for complete cloud-based solutions to support all your needs to become a franchisor. Become a franchisor and use the power of the franchisee model to help your business unfold. Monitor real-time franchisee performance and govern franchisee compliance to proactively help franchisees succeed. Franchise Management software allows for streamlined management and communication throughout a franchised corporation.

  • Collect and manage sales and promotion data from franchisees and manage reimbursements.
  • Customer management, job estimating, work order management, job scheduling, job billing, payment processing and more.
  • Franchisors should continue to monitor brand consistency long after the restaurant’s opening day and take note when certain franchise-owned locations are starting to slack.
  • approval by the franchisor, often with certain conditions that need to be satisfied.

Start with our out-of-the-box franchise management software and tailor it to work the way you want to. Give franchisees your Template for Success and an effective toolkit to manage their business operations.

Therefore, it’s worth facing these problems professionally and head-on to ensure a healthy business relationship for many years. is the ONLY policy available that is specifically designed for franchisors.

Plan and share work orders and inspection campaigns across franchises. Finance Reporting of royalties, collection of fees, invoicing for both franchisor and franchisee with a Quickbooks online integration.

Grow Your Franchise

In turn, this gives franchisors more money from royalty fees, which creates a mutually beneficial cycle for restaurant success. You can generally expect market introduction assistance and grand opening guidance from the franchisor in the type of marketing and advertising you should use when you first open your business. During the term of your franchise, you will likely be required to advertise locally or to collectively advertise with other franchisees and company-owned locations in your market area. After reviewing a franchise agreement, you may want—or be prompted by your legal advisors—to negotiate changes. Franchise agreements are generally well written, however, so opportunities to impose changes on the terms are usually limited. Before you sign any franchise agreement, it’s essential to read it and make sure you understand what support you will be provided. Likewise, it’s also wise to speak to other franchisees to find out how supportive the franchisor is in their experience.

After all, this is a company that has successfully grown from one location to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands. This means giving up some autonomy and holding your staff and yourself to high standards in every aspect of running a restaurant. Otherwise, your sales—and the sales of other franchisees—could start to suffer. As restaurants become increasingly reliant on technology, it’s imperative that large franchises have systems in place to gain visibility into each location’s success metrics. This is true for all software—not just POS software, but online ordering, accounting, and employee scheduling software as well.

franchisor software

Roll out and manage marketing campaigns across all franchises from a centralized company account. Collect and manage sales and promotion data from franchisees and manage reimbursements. Software Advice has helped many franchise owners choose the right franchise management software to simplify collaboration with their franchisees. In basic terms, a franchise is a license, or permission to use the name and products of an existing business, as well as the trademark. The party that grants the franchise is known as a franchisor and the party taking the franchise is known as a franchisee. Well known franchises include KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Hertz, Subway, Papa Johns, Pet Depot, and Broccoli Pasta and Pizza.

There are multiple reasons to buy one restaurant franchise over another, with some of the popular choices being the branding and concept of the restaurant. Franchisors should continue to monitor brand consistency long after the restaurant’s opening day and take note when certain franchise-owned locations are starting to slack. Franchisees shouldn’t have to pay for mistakes they’re not responsible for.

Our franchisors liability insurance offers the insurance industry’s only dedicated policy for the franchise industry. When it is important to have the broadest franchisor liability insurance, FranchisePerils offers top coverage for franchisors. Our franchisors liablity (E&O) includes Directors’ & Officers’ liability, franchisor liability, employment practices, joint-employer, vicarious liability and more. We believe that scaling your franchise shouldn’t require large setup fees or have high barriers to entry. Power your franchise with development, marketing, branding, technology, consulting, and more to drive long-term growth.

Transform Your Franchise

We enable you to ensure uniform systems of resource management across as your franchisees. Your franchisees in turn, can manage day to day running efficiently and ensure that your brand means “consistent good experience”. Converge all of your franchise functions in a seamless experience. Monitor sales operations, inventory management and multi store activity with ease.

With better communication, a focus on the future, and agreement on the positioning of their business, franchisors and franchisees can establish and maintain that much-needed alignment to keep the business thriving. There’s always an opportunity for both parties to step it up for their partner. Franchisees can focus in on improving efficiency and guest experiences, while franchisors should focus on making business-wide improvements that offer a net benefit to their franchisees. Franchises work in part due to consistency of brand, menu, design, and service. A variation of any of these factors from one location to another calls into question the consistency of the business, which defeats the very purpose of a franchise business model.

However, as your franchise grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage success and ensure your franchisees follow best practices. Manage your brand identity and create a template for franchisee success with Waterstreet’s franchisor software. Collect data, such as store rent, advertising spend, and revenue, for better analysis and more informed decisions. Allow franchisees to customize and create reports highlighting performance metrics. Because we’re committed to help you find the right solution for your business needs, we list all software vendors on our website, and give them the opportunity to feature their solutions and collect user reviews. Use GetApp to find the best Franchise Management software and services for your needs. Either a too-big, too-rigid, budget-busting systems that’s a nightmare to customise for a franchisor’s needs.