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FreshBooks Review

August 2, 2023
Bill Kimball

However, you will have to pay an additional fee for each extra user. FreshBooks’ servers are housed in Rackspace’s data centers in addition to cloud-based security measures. To learn more about FreshBooks’ security and its partnership with Rackspace, contact the FreshBooks team. FreshBooks makes it easy to bill projects as an invoice when a project is completed. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

FreshBooks is an accounting software designed for solo business owners, freelancers and sole proprietors. The software makes it easy to stay organized, keep track of payments owed and expenses made, send invoices and accept payments. FreshBooks is a small-business accounting software product that’s well-suited for freelancers and independent contractors. It stands out with its solid phone support and customizable invoicing features. However, it’s not ideal for fast-growing businesses because of user and client limits on some of its plans. FreshBooks is the only accounting application designed for very small businesses I’ve reviewed that offers time-tracking, and it’s quite good.

After weeks of trying, Freshbooks still has not resolved the issue. As a result of their efforts, I was locked out of my bank account 6 times and had to call my bank to unlock my account each time. I am switching to Wave, and I realize there may be issues with their bank connection also, but at least Wave’s software is free, so I will not be paying to manually import my expenses. We evaluated a number of options before choosing FreshBooks. Ultimately we decided to go with FreshBooks, because of how easy it was to get started.

You can create duplicate estimates, quickly convert them to invoices, and view the status of your estimates (sent, viewed, accepted, etc.). Both FreshBooks and Xero have a free 30-day trial so that you can check out the features before committing to a contract. Xero even allows you to cancel within a month, not locking you into a long-term contract if you decide it isn’t for you after a few months. The company frequently offers discounts for both types of subscriptions. Additionally, if your needs are greater than what these plans offer, you can opt for the Select plan, which is custom built for your business’s needs.

And no competitor in this group of applications offers tools like these. Unlike QuickBooks Online, all FreshBooks plans let you track time and mark expenses as billable. For a detailed breakdown, see NerdWallet’s FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks Online comparison.

Team members

You have to train it at first by correcting inaccurate categories, which you should do, as this information is very important for use in reports and taxes. To create a new client record in FreshBooks, you click Clients in the toolbar and then New Client. Enter the client’s name and contact information, or as much as you have at hand. For every client you create, FreshBooks builds a client homepage, which eventually populates with additional information once you have a transaction history. The software started out primarily as a solution for managing invoices and grew to become an accounting product.

Since there is no settings section, you must manually add the sales tax on each line item of an invoice. FreshBooks does save the sales tax rates that you add, but you still have to select them manually. While there isn’t an items tab, having a place to view items is a much-needed improvement from our previous reviews. You can enter basic information, such as the item name, description, rate, and any default taxes.

  • Take the free trial for a spin to see if the pros outweigh the cons for your business, or explore other options by taking a look at our accounting software reviews.
  • We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence.
  • You can make monthly payments or purchase a yearly subscription, which will get you a 10% discount.
  • This feature can help with project management and making sure your whole team stays on budget.

Double-entry accounting is only available on the Plus and Premium plans. FreshBooks is known for its intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate. If you’re looking for a simple solution to organize your business accounting in one system, it won’t take long to get started with the basics and send your first invoice.

There’s still no way to create default email messages, but the built-in chat feature is one of the coolest parts of FreshBooks. There is still the occasional navigational difficulty, but if you have any trouble using the software, FreshBooks offers strong customer support and provides plenty of tools to help. With the Lite plan, you’re able to send unlimited invoices to up to five billable clients.

What Sets FreshBooks Apart

Fortunately, only $1500 was “stolen” as I think I’ll never see this money again. FreshBooks is an excellent accounting option for small businesses, boasting a sleek interface that is easy to use, a strong feature set, and multiple integrations. Many accounting software programs, such as Wave and QuickBooks Online, now offer bookkeeping services. While FreshBooks doesn’t have its own bookkeeping service, it does integrate with Bench Accounting. Whether you enter an expense manually or edit one you’ve imported, you can add or modify a lot of detail. The five most recently updated expenses appear at the top of the Expenses section.

Individual expense records, which appear in a list below, contain fields for the vendor, category, date, source, client/project/description, and amount/tax/status. You can attach a file, drag and drop a receipt image, mark the expense as billable to a specific client, change the currency, and designate it as cost of goods sold (COGS). FreshBooks’ expense management is better overall than that of its competitors. Highest-tier plan includes two users (additional users can be added for a fee); ideal for freelancers and contractors; not ideal for businesses with more than a handful of employees. An accounting software or service can help you avoid costly mistakes and get a clear picture of your overall finances. Use Nav to find the right accounting solution for your business.

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However, keep in mind that the software is expensive and missing important features, such as built-in payroll. That said, FreshBooks’ ease of use and amazing customer service put both Xero and QuickBooks Online to shame, which may make FreshBooks 100% worth it for your business. Take the free trial for a spin to see if the pros outweigh the cons for your business, or explore other options by taking a look at our accounting software reviews. FreshBooks excels in many areas of accounting software but it can’t really compete with QuickBooks in terms of features. When it comes to FreshBooks versus QuickBooks, FreshBooks is a bit cheaper, but you also don’t get the full array of services that QuickBooks offers.

Even though it is a free option, Wave Accounting offers many of the features you need to run your business, including free invoicing, unlimited expenses and receipts. If you haven’t set up sales taxes already, you have the option to do so right from your invoices. When you click the Add Taxes link directly below each item’s rate, a small window opens where you can define multiple sales taxes. You can either check a box to apply those taxes to all line items on the invoice or assign them individually.


You’ll find integrations for brands like Stripe, Gusto, Outlook, Zoom, Bench, and others. If you’re still doing bank reconciliation manually, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can automatically download your bank transactions and easily categorize expenses in the software. Unresponsive software development organization.The memorized transaction function works 10% of the time. Unable to recognize and match transactions to memorized vendors and categories. The reason given by FB is each transaction has a unique transaction number.

is freshbooks safe

Get a snapshot of your overall revenues so that you can properly report your business income. It categorizes expenses so you can run reports and get totals for your deductions. All this data is at your fingertips so that you can share it with your accountant. The higher-tiered plans do offer accountant access, making it even easier for a business owner to share necessary data with their tax preparer and reduce the chance of errors.

FreshBooks Lite

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is freshbooks safe

Click here to see Nav’s full, side-by-side comparison of these two accounting solutions and find out if one of them is the right fit for your business. If there are others on your team who need access to your accounting, you can add team members so they can view and edit data in your FreshBooks. This feature can help with project management and making sure your whole team stays on budget.

Whether you want a little hand-holding will depend on how much you know about financial management and how much experience you have learning new tools. FreshBooks is designed for small business owners who have no accounting experience, but a little more upfront guidance wouldn’t be amiss here. FreshBooks offers well-rounded intuitive double-entry accounting with the tools that a very small business needs. An exceptional user experience and smart blend of features make it the top choice for sole proprietors and freelancers. FreshBooks’ suite of invoicing features is one of the product’s strong suits.

Ignore the transaction number and match what is constant, like the vendor name and category. It isn’t rocket science, but they still can’t sort this out after five years of using the product and writing to them annually about the issue. I’m semi-retired and restarted my structural engineering consulting business of just me with my wife taking care of the books. Four months into it (the week of June 21, 2023) I was notified that electronic payments made to me by my clients were being held – for 120 days! Then the the third party electronic payment vendor (WiPei -JP Morgan /Chase) cancelled the account.

Wave is also lacking compared to FreshBooks when it comes to integrations. FreshBooks is a great option for freelancers, small business owners and anyone who needs to send invoices and accept payment as part of a business. On the other hand, if you’re a larger team or want more customization options or more than one person on the account, it may be worth considering another option such as QuickBooks. Wave Accounting is an entirely free option for small business owners. This means you don’t need a 30-day trial like FreshBooks offers.

Our unbiased reviews and content are supported in part by affiliate partnerships, and we adhere to strict guidelines to preserve editorial integrity. The editorial content on this page is not provided by any of the companies mentioned and has not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. FreshBooks allows you to prepare your 1099s and W-2s and stores all of your tax information.

Let us know how well the content on this page solved your problem today. All feedback, positive or negative, helps us to improve the way we help small businesses. FreshBooks allows unlimited users on all of its pricing tiers.