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How To Pitch A Business Idea In 2021

May 12, 2021
Bill Kimball

how to pitch a business idea

In this guide we’ll look at how to evaluate your idea to see if it has a reasonable chance of success. We’ll also look at how you can present or pitch your idea to investors in such a way that they’re interested in getting involved. Many entrepreneurs go wrong in their pitches when it comes to presentation. It is because many tend to think that using difficult language might earn them points. The purpose of the pitch is to reveal the business objectives and how funding would aid to expand it and how it should be simple to understand. As an entrepreneur, you must craft your pitch in a very convincing manner.

Investors receive a lot of pitch documents – most of them highly polished and well designed. So if yours is less than perfect in appearance, you’re already losing points. It’s worth getting a professional designer to help with the layout, to create a good first impression. Never send Word documents – use Adobe PDF format so that you have full control over formatting. If everyone you ask agrees that your idea is a good one, keep asking. They may not have thought it through properly, or they may not want to hurt your feelings.

When pitching a business idea don’t try to be the smartest person in the room. The information you uncover should contribute to how you pitch your business idea to the investor. Your business idea pitch needs to show that your plan covers day one of your business till the end of your business. Both investors and banks invest first in the entrepreneur, not the business or the business plan. When pitching your business idea, you have to prepare both the idea itself and yourself.

Give Yourself Some Time

Investors are bored with spreadsheets, valuations and numbers. What you can offer that no term sheet can convey is the story and pathos behind your startup. Everyone loves a good story, even the most data-driven investor.

how to pitch a business idea

The opportunities are everywhere, and unfortunately we can’t always control when they come up. That interesting person you spoke with at the coffee shop could turn out to be a big deal investor. Over three million views later, 14,000 people commented. The responses ranged from fascinating proposals to strident warnings of the dangers of sharing IP publicly. “Use the privacy of your home or office to talk through your pitch and work on making it flow well,” Ciccarelli said. “Don’t be afraid to record your pitch, both audio and video, and review it with a critical eye to make sure you nail every sentence.”

At the very core of your pitch is the presentation or pitch deck. Now, while your product and your personality will be your greatest tools in any pitch, we all aren’t passionate and persuasive speakers. The right tools will help augment our pitch, taking some of the heat off of us personally and letting our product do the talking. Also, being able to authentically empathize with the problems the members of your audience are facing will make you more credible in their eyes. And as author and pitch coach Michael Parker says, “If they don’t like you, they won’t buy you.” People act on emotion and then justify with reason. So ask yourself, what “job” does the person you’re pitching to need done? Knowing these important details will help you focus on the specific value you’re creating for the person you’re pitching to.

Write your business plan with the #1 online business planning tool. In Planet Entrepreneur, he then gives a list of 8 things that will turn OFF your investor, and points out that only 25% or propositions make it past the first phase. But on a hopeful note, he concludes by saying “It doesn’t matter if you are from the Americas, Europe, Asia, or Africa; the world is waiting for your good ideas.” Olga is a Content Marketer at FlippingBook, a writer at heart, and a geek by nature.

Here Are 30 Of The Most Interesting Business Idea Pitches:

If the answer to all these questions is yes your idea is already half way pitched to investor because investor know what they are going to invest in. Your idea is not merely just an idea therefore complete product lifecycle can sum it up in a few words and explain how it can be done to investor. As you have already validated your business idea and forecasted the potential growth. Therefore now you will be letting your idea out into the world, make sure it’s worth the effort and hit your investment goal.

  • To help, we’ve lined up eight great tips on how to pitch a business idea.
  • Even if there is no meeting with investors or big bosses in the nearest future, stay alert nevertheless.
  • This slide is the subject of the biggest interest for investors, so prepare it well.
  • Be positive, but realistic, about your financial projections and you are more likely to impress the investors.
  • You have an idea for a business and you know it’s a great one.

When they started the firm they needed funds to pay their website development firm. They thought of chasing the investor out of league and directly emailed an investor Mark Cuban, asking him for financing. Entrepreneurs have such impactful ideas in there head that will certainly take the world by storm.

Fireart Studio was created as the cohesion of experts and talented individuals united by the idea of bringing the beauty of technology into a business. Most of the team members have been working at the studio since its establishment and are capable of taking up projects of even the highest complexity. Dima Venglinski and his team are well-equipped to be the end-to-end digital transformation provider for businesses of all sizes and industries. A significant factor in the investors’ decision is your ability to make people fall in love with your ideas.

Make it a page-turner by crafting a plot that is cultivating. Many entrepreneurs have big ideas that could shake and take the world by storm. However, 99% of them lack business funding and in the long term end up leaving all the ideas to die just like that. This is because there is a very large gap between having a great business idea and implementing it fully. This gap that exists can only be filled by raising funds.

How Entrepreneurs Can Effectively Pitch Business Ideas To Investors

Set certain objectives that must be met within a specified period of time. When it comes to fundraising, it is also good to set deadlines for investors. It is because setting of deadlines will give investors a reason to think and see the seriousness that you have for your business.

how to pitch a business idea

Avoid using buzzwords unless your investors are very familiar with your industry. Again, if you’ve done any testing beforehand, plugin results here to give your solution more credibility. Take the time to practice, simplify your messaging, and only keep elements that build up your business. Not being able to quickly speak to each element of your business makes every other tip on this list virtually useless.

The video can be as simple as a screen recording with recorded audio, or as complicated as a full live-action production. However, know that the cost of putting together a legit video can get steep. So if you’re just starting out, you might not need to go all out or make one at all.

Be sure to research the backgrounds of those to whom you are pitching, take into account their occupation and area of expertise. And then, use this knowledge to be creative and impress them right where it counts. For example, if you’re an artist who is pitching to a print publisher, don’t just go in with digital art—bring printed samples of your works as well. Itzler and his partners ended up closing the deal and doing several billion dollars in business before selling the company. Still, there are certain ideas that can only become a reality with investor funding. Or maybe you have a product or service that’s humming along, but you’re hoping to accelerate your growth with the insight, mentorship or funding from an industry expert.

In other words, it’s the total market demand for your product. Your audience wants to be confident that you’ve thought your idea through. So show them you’ve come at it from all angles by anticipating their questions and answering them in your pitch. To do this, try going through your presentation with “beginner’s mind.” Not only will this give you important insight into how real people are using your product, but you’ll also get some great soundbites you can share in your pitch.

Display buying is not a simple thing to learn, and if you don’t know how to interpret the data (particularly view-through conversions), you are going to be unhappy and lose money. If you are starting on AdWords, and you don’t have conversion tracking, you are asking for trouble with a handful of exceptions. Prepare Marketing strategy to differentiate your business from your competitors’ businesses and what approach you will take to get customers to buy from you. Now that you’ve shared your vision of the future, also show off the obstacles to achieving it and show how your company/product/service will overcome these obstacles. Therefore the struggle was real thanks for banks for having such a problem solving idea. The problem your idea is going to solve matters here and now.

how to pitch a business idea

But sadly 80% of them struggle to get proper business funding in the long run therefore these ideas never turn into successful projects. Freelance and Remote Web Content Writer is the current hat under which Ang keeps on the global move. Writing blogs, website content and Facebook ads for diverse small businesses, entrepreneurs and international parties is part of the common work under Ang’s belt. Otherwise, you’ll see Ang riding a motorcycle on their vegan way out of theater rehearsal. Also, practice your business pitch non-stop in front of others. Then use questions, recaps, and observations to keep your pitch simple. Personalize your deck with your own style and make sure you keep it real.

What pain points do their previous entrepreneurial endeavors have? Do some research about the investor, so you have a good sense of what they care about and can tailor your story to them. It should address the problem you’re solving in the marketplace. And if you’ve done any testing try to include actual data here. Too many entrepreneurs think that just by knowing their business they can quickly and succinctly explain its’ value. And having a killer pitch deck with eye-popping visuals will be enough to fall back on.

While facts and figures go a long way, it’s important to use those numbers to tell a meaningful story. Framing your business idea as a story also helps you explain your passion for your business. Business News Daily spoke with a handful of experts, including a former participant on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” about how to nail a pitch to potential investors. Stand in front of a mirror and try out the presentation there, including handing out documents to the investors or bank representatives and getting through the presentation itself.

If it turns out that your business idea wasn’t such a good one, don’t worry. Learn from it, understand what went wrong and then try again.

Highlight The Underlying Business Model

Therefore, this is a good time to plan your exit strategy. Therefore, the entrepreneur and the investor have to get along. You can use our free business plan templatewhen you’re ready to get things written down. You may not think you have competition, but you do – and a canny investor will know it. Positioning yourself against competitors, perhaps with an ecosystem diagram, shows that you understand your market. If you’re not willing to travel and embed yourself in the culture of your customers, you’ll never understand the market properly. You’re competing against people who will always understand their market better than you.

The marketing corporation invited the public to pitch their business ideas in 25 words or less in the comments of the Facebook announcement post. The weeks and days leading up to your pitch to potential investors is no time to be shy. Give your pitch to friends, family, neighbors or anyone else willing to listen. Not only does practicing help take the nerves off, but it also allows you to learn where you can improve your presentation. You might be head over heels about your business concept. Your prototypes for the product are all stellar and you’re thrilled about your business plan.

If they’re not interested, then you will have saved them some time. If they approve your project, all the data are exposed to detailed research and verification conducted by senior investment analytics experts. If your startup is in the later stages, investors will also pay particular attention to the project’s exposure, revenue and return on investment. Investors make the first conclusions on the product idea by estimating early target market analytics you’ve provided. Usually, it’s an area of evaluation made by junior data analytics specialists. At this stage, they just trust your data, and their decision on your project approval is based on it. It helps them determine whether the project suits the vertical and funding round they usually invest in.

Act on the 16 steps listed above on how to pitch a business idea. If another company or bank has already invested money with you, this is a good sign to prospective investors because it means another investor is already taking you seriously. If you have already started your business and have a few customers or another investor, make sure your prospective investors know this. Just because this is a business idea pitch doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Your business idea pitch should be too long or difficult to understand. If investors do not understand the gist of your business in only a short period of time, it could be that prospective customer may also find it difficult to grasp.