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How To Use Data Insights For Small Businesses

June 17, 2021
Bill Kimball

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In a competitive industry with legacy companies encumbered by technology, AI powered platforms promise to save on data protection and load dramatically. Achieving digital transformation takes money, time and a keen eye. There is plenty of evidence that companies that invest in big data reap a lot of benefits. After all, the opportunities presented by analysis of customer data can be profit-boosting or even life-saving.

“Your website has a lot going for it,” I said, “but I see it provides visitors only with information about your brand. What if we start using the blog to post articles that don’t talk about your company, but provide compelling content focused on your audience?

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It’s taken years of learning and experience, but we’re very proud of the fantastic environment we’ve created for team members. We have found great success in encouraging joy and humor in everything we do. We fully encourage joking, pranks and good-natured teasing. Nerf gun fights and office pets are not uncommon at Blue Compass.

Business intelligence is one of the most important tools that can help employees navigate through the complex organizational challenges which arise in their daily work. They are able to analyze large amounts of data while unearthing useful insights from the data available. That means having a hard conversation about how to maximize the potential for the information you have created. One of the first questions you should ask yourself is whether big data is really a service or technology.

Money is important to any company, so saying that it is more important to small businesses is a bit of an overstatement. With that said, managing finances is more important in a small business because many small businesses operate on a shoe string budget with no room for errors.

small business insights

Business intelligence is therefore a great way for employees to gather the information they need to make smarter decisions throughout their day. It is far more accurate, in that regard, than mass search engines, which present pre-determined search terms and results. This means that both employees and managers can make sure that they make the right decisions with their business and earn the right to work.

This can make it challenging for small businesses to remain competitive with other players in the industry. In order to overcome this obstacle, small businesses need to excel in developing a customer-focused marketing program. They will review the latest economic trends, the small business lending and delinquency activity and offer their insights on the implications for the commercial credit markets during these uncertain times. Many business owners, CEOs and managers are followed by employees because their title requires it, but that doesn’t make them leaders. They take a little less of the credit and a little more of the blame. Years ago, I had an interesting experience that made a huge impact on me. A few of my team members and I flew across the country to absorb information from thought leaders at a marketing conference.

Pandemic Insights: Small Business Experience

How do you know what to offer your customers next if you don’t really know what problems the customer is really trying to solve? Track and actually analyze your data in order to make better decision on current and future products and services. Smaller companies face significant challenges when developing AI technology, due to the relative challenge of digitizing disparate processes. Many small businesses struggle to overcome the time and cost of human interaction to simplify, and potentially automate, their operations. Welcome to the Business Insights Hub, a one-stop location for up-to-date credit insights on U.S. small businesses. With fresh, up to date credit data on over 25 million active businesses, Experian offers deep insights and a unique view on how they are performing.

small business insights

We believe laughter is the most important metric of a healthy company culture, and thankfully we have a generous dose of it on a daily basis. If a business wants long-term profitability and desires to provide employees with good quality of life, a positive company culture is absolutely essential. Our main conference room has one wall comprised entirely of glass. When we hold interviews, the interviewee typically sits with his or her back to the glass. Years ago, a couple of our team members started trying to make me laugh while I interviewed people. It started with such attempts as a cartwheel or a funny face. Soon it escalated to pushing each other around on chairs and breaking open a piñata.

Emotional Metrics: Small Business Mindsets During The Pandemic

This is particularly true of small companies that are struggling to take advantage of the tools already available. But it’s also true of the biggest companies that are joining big data adoption because they realize that they are missing a great deal of competitive advantage. Small companies aren’t the only players who might benefit. Big companies need to start thinking about how big data can add value to their own businesses. But they need to wrap their heads around what this data will mean for their company. Most small businesses, because they operate on a regional or local basis, have a much smaller customer base to work with.

small business insights

What’s still missing is the ability to understand how a business is using its data in real time and incorporate this insight into the system so the business can quickly make decisions. A company’s transactional systems provide a valuable data base, but this is raw information at best. And the BI systems that work with these systems often don’t really create value out of them. Most organizations rely on AI to generate customized reports, data and customer insights. But their ability to measure, manage and control these efforts is limited. This is precisely why AI is still most often associated with cognitive applications and big data. Only a small proportion of new AI initiatives are aimed at companies’ operational processes, such as processes that increase sales.

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Companies need to understand these challenges, establishing innovative, open and effective techniques while building internal community. Once you’ve set goals and set some expectations, you’re well on your way to taking advantage of data in your organization. However, for many there is the internal obsession with controlling everything and ignoring what is right in front of them. This lack of a clear business strategy leads to endless consultations, disagreements and wasted resources.

  • Talent is essential, of course, but the right work ethic and values are also critical.
  • 69% are at least somewhat likely to shop for a credit card in next couple years.
  • Many organizations that are already equipped with AI tools often fail to make the most of them.
  • Our company is currently comprised of about 70 percent Millennials.
  • As my team and I made our way past first class, we saw the boss’ employees huddled together in the back of the plane.
  • We have found that most people aren’t especially interested in ads that tell them who or what they need.

A thorough customer database helps you understand the health of your business beyond just sales numbers and transactions. Insights See your revenue performance and know where you stand against competitors. Customer Management Know all your customers and target the right ones, every time. Marketing Send discount, promotional, and transactional emails, automatically. Bills Use your credit card to pay any business, even where cards are not accepted.

There is also a growing demand for people to understand the role of data scientists, so that the organizations that hire them can plan accordingly. This includes customer interactions to date, of all kinds. Business Intelligence is about data and information, but interestingly, the technology behind it is often overlooked.

Though the index increased it is still below pre-COVID levels. Compared to the same month one year ago, the index is down 4%. The rolling three-month index at 119.6 is down 21% compared to one year ago, but up 3% compared to one month ago, which was the lowest point since early 2014. Okay, this is a wildcard but it is also a large population group. And baby boomers will spend their wealth trying to live an amazing life as they try and avoid death.

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When you check your bank statements, you’re interacting with reports, or analytics, that reflect data about your spending habits. With additional charts or reports (i.e. more analytics) you can identify what percentage of your spending is on food, travel, gas, retail, rent, and more. For example, if you’ve ever used a smartwatch or FitBit-like tool, you’ve interacted with data and analytics. These devices collect data such as the number of steps you’ve taken and your heart rate. Then, that data is turned into actionable reports that help you know how to be healthier. Read and reply to customer reviews across Google, Facebook, and Yelp, in one place.

This is typically true even for startups that might not yet have a product or know exactly what they have to offer. Start-ups simply have less capital to invest in the technology and services required to deliver on their innovation. Until now, business intelligence has largely been the realm of the “smart humans” that think their way around spreadsheets and databases. But AI offers a powerful and easy-to-use way of capturing and showcasing this data. You need to treat data as a tool for growth, not a cost center.