May 12, 2021
Bill Kimball

xero help centre

Prepayments – Prepayment invoices are not synced from Scoro to Xero. Instead, when a prepayment is received and reconciled in Xero, the payment is imported to a relevant prepayment invoice in Scoro.

If you have several organizations set up in Xero, you will need to choose which one you want to sync with Recurly. Ensure that you have the same currencies set up in both Xero and Recurly, as this will ensure that all objects are able to sync to Xero. You can only connect a single Recurly site with one organisation instance; you cannot sync to multiple Xero organizations from one Recurly site. You can sync multiple Recurly sites to one Xero organisation. The integration is available in the Pro and Elite plans of Recurly. Read our step by step guide on how to set up the integration between Scoro and Xero. Tracking categories– Can be synced to Scoro as Accounting Objects.

Note that calls cost to contribute towards the cost of providing support for free users. Once you have connected Sporty with Xero, you can configure any of your online forms from Sporty to pass information automatically to Xero for you. Sporty allows you to add your own products and pricing to your forms, and nominate which account in Xero each item gets coded to. Sporty can automatically raise draft invoices for you in Xero whenever someone submits your online form .

Recurly For Xero

You can switch to cash basis accounting in ‘Step 2 – Company Profile’ of the company Settings. To learn how to switch the accounting method, please see this article. To import financial data from Xero, select ‘Add a Company’ in the top right of the My Companies screen. Vend’s Advisor program is designed for busy accountants and bookkeepers who want to provide their retail clients with the best solutions and services, with no support obligation.

xero help centre

Items / Products – Products can be synced in both directions but only one way at a time. The sync for products and services can not be turned off when the invoice or bill sync is active.

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Click the Continue button to connect to your Xero account. You can also Select the Tax Service that you would have already set up in Xero. Once everything is set correctly, click Save and your sync will start. Below is an explanation of the costing methods available in Fishbowl. can be customized by opening the module, clicking the Tools menu, and then selecting Module Options. Use the Add inventory or the Cycle count options to add initial inventory, adjust inventory quantities, or scrap inventory. The component toolbar also has buttons that can be used to adjust inventory.

You’ll also be able to reconcile in real-time data from customer accounts, payments, and receivables. By consolidating this data in a single solution, you’ll have a more complete view of your recurring revenue and transactions. Invoices – Invoices can be synced in both directions but only one way at a time. Credit notes created in Scoro will be synced to Xero as part of the invoice synchronization. Allocations from credit notes are synchronized as payments to relevant documents in Scoro. All users can export transactions one-at-a-time to their connected Xero account. Advanced exports for paid users include billable customer, billable expense, class tracking, and department, cost centre/location tracking.

If an appropriate account doesn’t exist in Xero, click the Create button. For a description of the accounts, see Required accounts.

For example, the tax rate field will display if you have set that up in Xero. If you wish to re-export an Expense transaction, click on the arrow icon “Re-export Transaction to Accounting System”.

xero help centre

This will ensure there is no double-counting of transactions . The integration will support Recurly sites in sandbox mode or production mode. Overpayments – If allocated in Xero, it will be linked as a payment to the related invoice in Scoro.

Shipping Expense – Keeps track of vendor charges for shipping to us. Xero provides a free trial and free QuickBooks file conversion, making it easy to experience the power and simplicity of the Fishbowl-Xero integration. To add a product, enter a name for the item along with its price and the maximum quantity that can be purchased . You can set your online registration forms to automatically create a Contact in Xero if you wish. This will enable you to filter your results by different tracking options.

With Xero you get free, unlimited support 24/7 from our customer support team. When you’re looking for answers, start by searching the support articles in Xero Central. Then, if you still have questions, use the Get in touch button at the bottom of any support article. At the moment, you can’t generate a statement for periods longer than 365 days.

Exporting A Sale

There’s no charge for the support provided by the Xero support team, whether it’s online or over the phone. Your accountant or bookkeeper may also offer help as part of their services to you. But anyone or any website claiming to be the official Xero support channel and charging for support is acting fraudulently. Returns the balance and cash movements for each bank account. Returns information about a credit note with a specified ID. The email will be sent to the primary email address of the contact on the invoice. The invoice must be of Type ACCREC and a valid Status for sending .

  • Xero is a world-leading online accounting software built for small businesses to manage invoicing, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping and more.
  • The email will be sent to the primary email address of the contact on the invoice.
  • Vend maps your tracking categories into Xero, giving you the info you need to report on transactions by outlet.
  • Vend then becomes your master platform for adding, editing and maintaining customers.
  • When inventory is sold, the current average cost is used, so the total quantity will change, but the average cost will not change as a result of selling an item.

Here are some tips on how to switch ON your receipt data. ” is validation that the transaction exported accurately to Xero as intended.

Auth transactions will not be synced with Xero as these do not have financial impact. If you sell the one-time transaction using an item, the item will be reflected on the invoice in Xero. We recommend that BEFORE integrating Recurly with Xero that you conduct an audit of your customers in Xero to ensure that there are no duplicate customer accounts. If you need to merge accounts, you can follow instructions here. NOTE that of these fields, only Account Code is required in Recurly.

These items will appear to the public at the bottom of the public version of your form. You can set tracking codes in Sporty so that different line items become automatically coded to your different cost centres in Xero. Click here to learn more about Xero tracking codes.

With the Accounting Integration module open, click the Tools menu and then select Module Options. Scrapped Inventory – This account is used when inventory is scrapped (i.e. adjustments go down due to damage, theft, spoilage, etc.).

xero help centre

The first port of call for getting support with any of Xero’s business or practice products is Xero Central, where you’ll find online help, online learning, and discussions.

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Any changes you make to customer information in Vend will automatically update in Xero. Easily view any discrepancies between banked cash deposits and daily cash totals sent to Xero — including cash payments, petty cash withdrawals and float movements. Select your Xero contact and click on the +Lead button installed.