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Introducing Xeros New App Marketplace

May 19, 2021
Bill Kimball

xero market place

It also makes it easy to retrieve your employees’ leave entitlements and allows your employees to make better decisions about leave. The integrations with Xero means changes to your employees’ personal details will synchronise to HR Central. Therefore this allows your employees to view their XERO payslips through HR Central’s document storage. Instafile lets Xero users file Limited Company Accounts and Corporation Tax Returns directly with Companies House and HMRC.

xero market place

Access all Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business. I just notice “Debtograph” is free – so I can suggest that to customers to give an add-on ago – with no $$ commitment. Once you try an add-on your more likely to give others a red hot go.

Xeros new Look Marketplace

But there could have been attention paid to more accurate categorisation of products. What is obviously missing is categories for quoting add-ons and e-marketing add-ons. For instance Constant Contact, listed under CRM is not a CRM and nor do they claim it to be so, it’s an e-marketing application. This first release is a great start, but we have lots more planned. We want to make it super easy for everyone to find the best application for their needs.

Let’s say that you were looking for a timesheet app that integrates to Xero. That’s more closed deals for you and less back and forth for everyone! Invoicing and jobs, Time tracking WorkflowMax 112 Invoicing and jobs, Time tracking A Xero product offering all-in-one workflow. Over 10,000 service businesses trust WorkflowMax for quotes, timesheets, financial project management, reporting, invoices and much more. Exchange data between Xero Practice Manager and other Xero practice tools, Xero HQ and Xero Workpapers. Plus integrate with over 30 third-party apps including proposal, onboarding, and document management apps. With these add-ons you can save lots of time and boredom through not having to manually enter purchase invoices into Xero.

Say Hi To The New Apps In Our Marketplace

Although Xero reviews each app in our App Marketplace, we can’t give any guarantees. It’s up to you to assess the performance, quality and suitability of any app before going ahead.

xero market place

In the previous platform, apps were always ordered by the number of customers and reviews, as well as how much they invest in collaborating and working with Xero. The previous marketplace categorised software by region with user ratings. The most glaring was that the search didn’t work properly, even if you spelled the name of the app correctly. It also didn’t tell you what information each app was sharing with Xero. Xero Markets provides its users with MetaTrader 4 , the award-winning trading platform. Customizable online trading platform with easy-to-use professional features.

Xero is beautiful online accounting software designed for small business. Xero uses the best of the web and mobile to make it easy for small businesses to manage their finances anytime, anywhere. Bills and expenses, Practice manager, Xero HQ apps Dext Prepare 806 Bills and expenses, Practice manager, Xero HQ apps Dext Prepare with Receipt Bank is the simplest way to get your client data into Xero!

Manage Your Accounting Practice Efficiently

An app that has two-way sync will show “Contacts” in the middle of the integration widget. This is great because it helps you understand in a very simple manner what information is going to sync, and where you can edit the data.

Explore features and tools built for small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers. The apps in our ecosystem are not only amazing tools in themselves to boost productivity, but because they share information seamlessly with Xero, the data entry is all done for you. So you have a real-time view into your business from one platform. This ensures the time you’re putting into your business, is spent in the most valuable ways possible. Capital Pitch is a lead investor in tech-enabled startups that helps Australian businesses get investor ready.

Stripe makes it easy to accept debit and credit card payments for online invoices sent from Xero. Xero Practice Manager is free for accounting and bookkeeping practices who have reached silver, gold or platinum status on the Xero partner program.

Function Tracker is a calendar based booking software for any venue, school, function space, caterer, pub or club. When you connect and integrate your Function Tracker and Xero accounts, you will have a seamless accounting process. Any invoices created in Function Tracker will flow right through to Xero, and changes/payments made in either system are reflected in both. In addition, any contacts created and invoiced in Function Tracker will update or add customer details in Xero. Additionally, Nimbus Professional automatically pushes your Client and Contact data directly from Xero Practice Manager to your Nimbus Portal. It that helps you manage your policies, leave, employee qualifications, procedures, and documentation.

  • “Xero” and “Beautiful business” are trademarks of Xero Limited.
  • Whether you need a niche application for wineries or you are after a general small business CRM, the new add-on marketplace helps you find what you need.
  • It frees your business from the burden of manual processing and gives you back the time to focus on other things, such as growing your business.
  • We’re keen to clearly communicate the ratings and reviews that are associated with our Add-on partners, so everyone knows which add-ons work well for different types of situations.
  • This is so helpful, especially being able to search by industry.
  • Quickbooks is one place to grow and manage your entire accounting practice.

“Xero” and “Beautiful business” are trademarks of Xero Limited. Check out this video to see the new App Marketplace in action, to find the right tools to help your business thrive. I would also like to add another layer of insight – it would be useful to have pricing. I agree with what @Jared says with regards to business team size. @Graeme – as I mentioned to Jared, we are far from done with the improvements, so all suggestions appreciated. Categorising 350 applications is going to be a generalisation but we want to favour what is best for the user – having dozens of categories to move through is not ideal for them. The best combination for small and mid-sized independent hotels to boost online sales and better organize operations.

Operated by Macquarie Bank for over 20 years, DEFT processes millions of payments each year. DEFT is an automated payment collection, receipting and bank reconciliation service. It frees your business from the burden of manual processing and gives you back the time to focus on other things, such as growing your business. BPAY® with DEFT makes it easy for your customers to pay their Xero online invoices with BPAY – and easy for you to reconcile in Xero. You don’t need to set up a separate BPAY Biller code you just need a Macquarie Bank account.

Access MetaTrader 4 with the most innovative and powerful trading platform via Windows and Mac. No matter your industry, from retail to construction, or the type of help you’re after, from CRM to time tracking – there is an app to give your business some extra muscle. It makes it even easier for our small business customers and their advisers to find exactly the right app for their unique business needs. At Xero we know the power of leveraging apps for business success. Even adding just one of the right technology tools can significantly impact a business’ profitability.

Allowing apps to edit their own pages also makes it easier to find them. More content per page means that searching both on the Xero Marketplace and on Google will give you results that are a better match with your searches. Xero clearly wants app partners to receive traffic from its marketplace pages through its brand authority on Google. Small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers locally and across the world trust Xero with their numbers. Keep your practice a step ahead with Xero accounting software. So one of the biggest questions we get asked is, which apps should I use for my business? Our ecosystem alone connects Xero to over 500 specialized apps designed to answer small businesses’ most pressing challenges.

Xero users designed Instafile because they wanted a better way to do their company’s statutory year end filings. Members of the Xero user community supported Instafile’s development by providing invaluable feedback and expertise. Small businesses with straightforward tax affairs can complete their filings in a matter of minutes. This will save them time and money and help them to focus on the important things. An interesting idea though could be an option to “Suggest a category” for add-ons you want to see.

Xero accounting software connects with 16,000+ accounting and bookkeeping firms worldwide. Xero is a web-based accounting system designed for small and growing businesses. Enables you and your team to manage all products, customers, suppliers, contacts, purchases and sales in one easy-to-use system. Use Xero Practice Manager to streamline managing client jobs, practice workflows, timesheets and invoicing.

xero market place

Most businesses have customers who are late in paying their invoices. At the very least this costs you time spent chasing these debts and in some cases can have a fatal impact on businesses. Xero integrates with the following add-ons that can be used to easily chase debts from your customers. Jonathan Mifsud is the CEO of Maze Digital, a Xero developer partner that builds and integrates third-party apps into Xero. Maze Digital’s custom applications have saved accounting partners and businesses hundreds of hours in administration and generated thousands of bills and invoices within Xero.

Simple take a photo, scan or email a purchase invoice and let the Add-on take over. Once you have uploaded the purchase invoice the add-on’s extract the key accounting information and also takes the electronic copy of the invoice and imports all of this into Xero for you. Industries and app niches make it much easier for businesses and partners to identify which apps could work for specific use cases.

You can also set up custom-branded documents including quotes, invoices, job briefs, tax letters and engagement letters. Choose how your practice enters time on jobs – by duration, or by start and stop time – and convert it into progress or final invoices.

If you’re an existing Xero partner you can log in and try it free for 14 days. Use the Xero Practice Manager app for access to your account, anytime, anywhere. Record time and manage your jobs and tasks, and view your clients all from your phone. Xero Practice Manager is highly configurable – it can be set up to match your practice workflow and operations. We recommend using our partner consulting team to create the optimal setup for your practice. You can configure tasks in the workflow, job statuses, job categories and job templates.

If you have any ideas for features you would like to see, please add a comment below. Quickbooks is one place to grow and manage your entire accounting practice.