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Invoice Template

May 7, 2021
Bill Kimball

how to format an invoice

You can use these tools to gain the best of both worlds! There are times were you need to refer back to an old invoice, searching through files is quite frustrating. Some recommend using Excel instead of Word, because of it’s automatic formulas. Excel makes it quite easy to add up your totals and measure taxes. You can set up a table with items and formulas with little effort.

Browse our large collection of free invoice templates. Our selection ranges from invoices for service providers to billing statements and rent receipts for landlords. If you are looking for a simple low-cost solution for invoicing your clients, these invoice and billing templates are a great place to start.

Again, clarity is the key to getting your invoice paid in full. The description will also make it easier for clients to know what the item is. Sometimes the names of a service or product can be ambiguous and lead to denial of receiving the item or service. You can place the client’s details at the top of the invoice on the opposite side of your business details. Final invoicesare the most common type of invoice, indicating that a project has been completed and payment is due.

With Square, invoices are always free to send—with no monthly fees. You pay 2.9% + 30¢ per invoice paid online, and your customers are never charged a fee to pay. The first consists of the salesperson’s name, job, and payment terms which are usually due on receipt and due date, when the products have to be delivered.

how to format an invoice

And when it’s time to get paid, receive money internationally for free with a TransferWise for Business account. To accept payments online for your invoices, sign up for your free Square account and use Square Invoices.

Benefits Of Using A Great Invoice Template

Convert your invoice to a PDF so it’s harder for fraudsters to interfere with it. Put the invoice number in the file name and email subject line so it’s easier to search.

Pro forma invoices are often used instead of an estimate — they show how much the project will be. These products all work fine if you’ve a made the template already. However they’re very energy intensive when you want to change something, for example your address or corporate color. Other problem is that the templates are very inflexible, for example if you have a line item that requires more space than usual, you’re out of luck. The best option is to use tools and software designed for making invoices.

  • Set up recurring payments, request deposits, and bill customers automatically.
  • The template is easy to edit so if your company has its own corporate look you can change this template to fit your style.
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  • Use our easy to use free invoice templates to get started.

However, they are named differently and proforma invoices do not require an invoice number. Invoicing software will help you create proforma invoices and credit notes with the correct formatting. If you’re anxious about getting paid on time, then why not incentivize early payments? You can do this by offering a discount on their current invoice if they pay before the due date . Another way to ensure you’re paid in a timely fashion is to be clear about your payment terms. For example, you should include a payment agreement as part of your onboarding process.

Free invoice format download in xlt format for your business. It’s a legal requirement for any business to keep accurate accounting records of everything from tax payments to merchandise numbers. Using templates for invoices allows you to fulfil this requirement quickly and easily, saving you money.

Free Sales Invoice Templates

An easy way to create a receipt is to slap an image across an invoice to indicate that it has been paid. Print a page of receipts for payments you receive by cash, check, or money order. Print a page of cash receipts for payments you receive by cash, check, or money order.

Maybe you do things by the book and prefer hard copy invoices? We’ve got you covered as our invoice templates can easily be saved in PDF form, printed and mailed out to your satisfied customers. Easily email your saved invoice template to your client via email. Once you have your PDF saved you can also upload it to your cloud storage to keep all your records in one place. Because our system is online you can save your bills in your account to be printed or emailed over and over again. Billing is a breeze with a Microsoft invoice template.

As a small business owner, your livelihood centers on your ability to get your clients to pay you in a timely manner. Additionally, a properly formatted invoice can help your accounting team track payments and settle disputes. It’s simple to craft an invoice template in a word processing or spreadsheet application; take time to format it professionally. Invoicing is a method business owners use to request payments. Invoices typically include a list and cost of the products or services delivered.

How To Write An Invoice In 5 Steps

It’s common for businesses to have a Net-30 for some clients and a Neto-10 for others. This is especially so if you’re working with big companies that file hundreds of invoices monthly. You don’t want to delay the sending of your invoice. It’s best to send it immediately after providing a product or service when it’s still fresh in their mind. These platforms also allow you to accept credit card payments like Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. If you were given a reference number or purchase order number, then you should include this in the invoice as well.

how to format an invoice

When you download an invoice template online from FreshBooks, you can use Word, Excel, Google Docs, and PDF and more to customize the fields on your invoice. It’s there where you can describe your services, note the costs, outline your Refund Policy and include anything else that’s essential to your invoicing process. With the right invoice format, both charging for your services and getting paid by your clients are made simple. However, you first need to start by formatting your invoice and customizing it to suit your needs.

Your account even stores all your data for you to export as a PDF or excel file. A simple invoice template that is easy to customize for freelance services, legal, accounting, and other small businesses. It doesn’t require a background in design to create an invoice like this. Online invoicing software today offer easy options for updating an invoice template, rearranging your invoice format, and allowing you for customisation. Using a template will make sure you follow a basic invoice format and ensure that these important details are always included in your invoices. Today’s businesses are digital and expect your company to be the same. If you’re using outdated payment methods, then this will only make it more difficult to get your invoices paid on time.

Keeping all of your data on a hard drive puts you at risk for losing important customer information. Luckily with Invoice Home, you can securely save all of your customer’s data, product information and reports in one place. Our software saves and protects your customer data and product information in a cloud based platform that you can access anywhere with wi-fi. This means if your computer malfunctions or you lose your data storage device you will still have all of the data that your business needs to keep running.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Word For Invoices

This is a simple invoice that can be used by any store which sells different types of products it also helps to track customer details. Standard Purchase Invoice with standard information . Advertising banner at the bottom of the template can be used to promote news, products, or services. The template is best suited for businesses that manufacture, sell, and ship tangible products that can be paid by check. Remittance slip at the bottom can be detached and sent along with check. Easily download, print and email your invoices as PDFs.

Easy-to-use and professionally designed, these free invoice templates streamline your administrative time so you can get back to running your business. Invoice format is also closely related to the design of an invoice. When you design your invoice, you have an opportunity to communicate your brand and promote your business. A professional invoice format will include all of the necessary information, but also be unique to your company. When you create an invoice in Debitoor, you will be able to customise and personalise your invoices while ensuring you include the vital information. A simple, personalized note will leave a good impression with the client and increase the chance of an invoice getting paid faster.

If you are offering a discount to a valued client, include the number here. Past due invoicesare sent out as a sharp reminder that the customer still owes on the invoice. Recurring invoices are used for retainers and other ongoing relationships. Interim invoices are used for larger projects, breaking them down into smaller installments.

Create professional invoices online and get paid x2 faster. With FreshBooks, you can customize invoices and send in minutes. Excel documents can automatically calculate subtotals, totals, tax and more. You can easily edit your PDF invoice template and send it to your client as a compact file, in a matter of minutes. Perfect for keeping it from unwanted edits, especially with the ability to protect it with a password. A good choice if you want to reduce the file size of your invoice without sacrificing design or security. Use formulas to calculate totals or taxes quickly on the Microsoft Excel invoice template.

Ideally, this should go somewhere at the top, such as the right or left top corner. You can drastically increase how quickly you get paid by accepting digital forms of payment like PayPal, debit, or credit. You only pay a small % fee for the assurance the money is on the way. Specify Description, Quantity, Rate, Amount and Subtotal. The more details you include on the invoice, the better. This way, your client will know exactly what they are paying for upon receiving the invoice.

A purchase order is related to the Sales Invoice, but it is what the customer would send to the supplier. Used similar to the way a sales quote would be used, but designed especially for international and domestic shipping. This is the “Light” theme for the Simple Invoice template.

Each invoice line can be filled with details such as the travel cost, service, description, amount per traveler, and total amount. Transaction table displays Item, Description, Quantity, Unit price, and Amount.

Promote Your Brand With A Free Invoice Template

Browse the sample invoice formats below to find the right fit for your business invoicing. Unfortunately, as a business owner, you may feel like you are moving a mile a minute trying to stay on top of everything in your business. From finding new clients to providing services to staying on top of your business finance, you know that running a business takes a lot of work. Your clients will appreciate a custom invoice that’s made unique for them. Add that special touch by sending custom invoices to your clients. Get started with the proper invoice format from FreshBooks to take control of your business invoicing. Past due invoice or memo invoice – If a client is late in paying, issue a past due or memo invoice to remind them and add in any late fees to the total due.