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Journal Entry for Rent Paid Cash, Cheque, Advance, Examples

August 4, 2023
Bill Kimball

The accounts involved in this example are Asset, Liability, and Expenses. So, the applicable accounting rules are Real Account for Liability & Asset, and Nominal Account for Expense. Let’s learn how to record journal entries first by following the below steps. Thus, the landlord and Mr. Max entered into an agreement that Mr. Max will pay rent at the beginning of each quarter for the entire quarter. So, Mr. Max pays at the beginning of every quarter the amount of 30,000. The GL accounts which are part of this transaction are Rent A/c, Rent Payable A/c, Security deposit, and Bank A/c.

journal entry for rent paid

Then, when we actually owe our first month of rent, we would debit rent expense for $100 and credit prepaid rent. The credit to prepaid rent reduces the asset since we needed to record the expense. The same entry would be recorded for the next 6 months until prepaid rent was $0. Example – On 10th March, XYZ Ltd paid office rent to its landlord by cheque for the same month amounting to 20,000.

Rent Expense:

According to the modern rules of accounting, an increase in an asset is debited in the books of accounts. Under accrual system, the entry to recognize rent expense is passed on the basis of hold or usage of the property by the tenant entity. Rental expenses are recorded as a debit in the journal entry. Per Nominal Account rule, all expenses and losses need to be debited. Following are the steps for recording the journal entry for rent paid by cheque. In this case, the cash account is replaced with a bank account.

Rent payable (or accrued rent) is simply the unpaid rent expense of a business entity at the end of its accounting period. A liability account named as “rent payable account” is maintained in the general ledger to account for any unpaid rental payments. A nominal account represents any accounting event that involves expenses, losses, revenues, or gains.

journal entry for rent paid

Prepaid rent is a current asset (unless you prepay for more than 12 months of future rent) and it occurs when the company pays cash for future rent. Since they have not yet incurred the rent expense, the company should record an asset as they will be able to benefit in the future. Ms. Jane rented office space and she paid 4 months of rent to the landlord in advance.

Rent Paid Journal entry:

Rent is an expenditure account and, in nature of Nominal Account. Per Golden rules of accounting of Nominal Account, Debit all the Expenses & Losses and Credit all the Gains & Incomes. Income and expense a/c is debited to record the journal entry of rent paid. Example – On 1st January ABC Co. paid office rent amounting to 10,000 (5,000 x 2) for the month of January & February. Rent expense is the amount paid by the tenant to the landlord for using the rental space for office work, residential purposes, factory set up, etc. It is usually considered as one of the largest expenses paid by companies and reported in the income statement.

  • Hence, as per the Modern Rules of Accounting, we credit the decrease in cash balance.
  • So, Mr. Max pays at the beginning of every quarter the amount of 30,000.
  • Hannifin has occupied the building for December; hence, it must realize rent expense for December in its books by making the following accrual entry on December 31, 2020.
  • Such a cost is treated as an indirect expense and recorded in the books with a journal entry for rent paid.

Show journal entries for office rent paid by cheque in the books of XYZ Ltd. The above entry recognizes rent expense for the period for which the property has been held and at the same time it creates a liability for the unpaid rent. Rent payable liability is classified as short term or current liability in the balance sheet because it is highly expected to be met within one year period of the date of its creation.

Such a security deposit is a refundable amount at the rental agreement tenure. The above example entries provide an overview of the concept. Thus, it isn’t a very different from normal expense journal entry. When nominal accounts (expenses and incomes) become prepaid or outstanding, they are classified as Representative persons and the golden rule of personal accounts is applied. Thus, prepaid rent is debited as per the golden rules of accounting. When such rent is paid in advance it can be called an asset since it will generate some economic value for an organization or an entity in the future.

How to calculate straight-line rent expense?

The rental transaction involves Rent GL and Rent Payable GL. Any business needs to pay the rent for using any commercial space or property. Rent paid in advance is shown under current asset in the balance sheet. Small businesses pay office rent either in cash or by cheque. But larger organizations usually prefer paying it only by cheque. This is done to keep legal evidence of the accounting transaction and maintain an audit trail.

journal entry for rent paid

It is what you would call a profit and loss or an income statement account. As per the golden rule of accounting for a nominal account, rent expenses are debited to the books of accounts. We will record the journal entry by debiting the rent expense and crediting the rent payable (Liability). Generally, the rental agreements will have a tag of security deposit.

What kind of expense is a rent payment?

Learn about the different categories of business expenses, including cost of sales, rent/mortgage payments, utilities and compensation, and insurance and taxes. On December 31, 2020, Hannifin must report in its balance sheet the rent payable of $2,500 as current liability. Hannifin has occupied the building for December; hence, it must realize rent expense for December in its books by making the following accrual entry on December 31, 2020. If the rental premise is critical for business operations, it falls under operational or direct expenses. For example, building a Rent Car showroom is a direct expense.

Rent paid in advance is a current asset, thus the Rent Paid in Advance A/c is debited in the financial books of the organization. It is to be charged as an expense later when the benefit is received i.e. during the respective period to which the rent relates. On December 1, 2020, the Hannifin corporation obtains a building on rent to setup a factory in it. Hannifin follows a strict accrual system to maintain its accounts. Its accounting period ends on December 31 and it passes adjusting entries on the last day of each month. The rent paid journal entry will be a debit to the Rental Liability which is already recorded above and credit to the Bank GL.

Rent paid in advance means the payment of any rent obligation prior to the rental period in which it is due. Since the prepaid rent does not relate to the current accounting period, it is recorded on the asset side of the balance sheet. If a business does not own an office premise it may decide to hire a property and make periodical payments as rent. Such a cost is treated as an indirect expense and recorded in the books with a journal entry for rent paid. The party receiving the rent may book a journal entry for the rent received.

So, it results in nullifying the rental liability and resulting entry is debit to the rent and credit to the Bank GL. Cash and bank are current assets and when an entity makes an advance payment of rent, the cash-in-hand balance with an entity reduces. Hence, as per the Modern Rules of Accounting, we credit the decrease in cash balance. Step 2 – Transferring office rent expense into income statement (profit and loss account). The above journal entry would settle the rent payable liability of $2,500 created through the adjusting entry on December 31, 2020 and remove the same from Hannifin’s books.

So, the Security deposit is receivable, and Cash from Bank will be paid. We are recording the journal entries in the books of Hit Company. Therefore, rent paid will be part of the Statement of Profit and Loss.

Flop Company rents wooden furniture with lease payments due each month. Hit Company took the sofa on Rent for 12 months at Rs.3000 per month and a security deposit of Rs.50,000, which is refundable at the end of the rental tenure. Business expenses are costs that directly relate to revenue production, including sales, payments, insurance, and taxes.

If the rent expense is ancillary to the functioning of the business, then it’s an indirect expense. Therefore, we need to understand the business nature to figure out the type of expense. Thus, the advance rent GL will be on the debit side with corresponding credit to the bank GL. Rent paid will be debited with corresponding Credit to the Bank Account, if paid immediately, or Credit to the Rent Liability, to record the accrual entry. Hit Company needs to pay the Liability and Security deposit per the above rules. Hit company pays the Security deposit now and will get that as a refund at the end of rental tenure.

Therefore, ‘Prepaid rent A/c’ is debited and when the rent is incurred, the balance of prepaid rent is written off. On the 15th of March, Unreal Corporation paid a rent of 10,000 (in cash). Show related journal entries for office rent paid in the books of Unreal Corporation.