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Leave Management For Xero

April 7, 2021
Bill Kimball

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This means you don’t have to manually press “Sync with Xero” in the People tab. This extension supports positive leave balance sync only. Currently, Deputy does not support negative leave balance sync. To commit the updated entitlement balances to the easyemployer user profiles, click ‘import’ at the bottom of the ‘import entitlement balances summary page’. 5.This will bring you to the ‘import entitlement balances summary page’. We will import and sync the Xero leave type “My Special Leave” into easyemployer as a new entitlement type record, and assign the code ‘spl’ for the entitlement type in easyemployer. In the below example we have the three existing & synced entitlement types (Annual Leave, Long Service Leave, and Personal / Carer’s Leave).

The main benefit of doing it this way is that it leaves an audit trail. When this happens your employee’s leave balance will not reduce when you run payroll. To fix this, you must manually adjust the employee’s leave balance to reduce it to the correct number of hours owed. Calculate and track employee leave balances in Deputy, then export leave timesheets to Xero for a seamless Leave Management experience. It is recommended to perform a manual entitlement balance sync from Xero easyemployer immediately after payslips for a pay period are generated / communicated.

Using the “Actions” button again, select “Add Lump Sum”, . You will then need to fill out the relevant fields, . When “cashing out” annual leave, you are required to pay super contributions as normal. If you choose to turn on “Xero Pay Templates” Deputy will automatically pull salary, wages base pay and pay template entries from Xero and set it as the employee’s new pay rate in Deputy. Perfect for those who want to rota, track time and attendance, and export to Xero for payroll. Manage and approve timesheets in Deputy and send over to Xero to process your next pay run.

Sync Employee Details And Pay Rates

All it does is look at what’s in the employment tab as standard hours. Secondly, there is the calculation of how much to pay out at the time Annual Leave is taken.

We can see there is a new Xero leave type detected and the summary page is suggesting we create a new leave type. If you are creating a new leave type you will need to define an entitlement type code .

You may need to include a manual tax adjustment if you are paying leave in advance. Hi Colin, as I noted above – best to reach out to Support for help with your questions here. Community is a place you can seek ideas and have discussions with your peers.

To fix this, please copy the leave names from Deputy back into Xero. You can also export Time Off In Lieu , however, the name of the corresponding leave type in Xero must be Time Off In Lieu . Employees’ names and email addresses should be identical between Deputy and Xero.

Odette’s annual leave pay out should now be complete and her annual leave balance should have reduced. Check her Annual Leave accrual for this pay run towards the bottom of the pay template. We can see that Odette will have 1.3425 hours to her annual leave balance owing.

How To Manage Leave In Xero (australia)

Then at the bottom of the request, pay periods will automatically populate showing which pay period the leave will be paid in and the number of hours that will be paid. I can create an a leave request but the trouble starts when I go to pay it. It looks like I have to create an out of sequence pay period for each week or all weeks of annual leave. I cannot find anyting to confirm this or a guide on how to do it. The most thorough method of manually adjusting leave balances for employees in Xero is to post an unscheduled pay run.

Once mapped, your payroll journals will then include the associated cost of any leave liabilities on a per pay run basis. Through the employee portal, staff can submit leave requests online, which managers can approve. Payroll administrators can then review the leave in Xero, before creating and processing the pay run. Employee has been entered in Xero as 10 hours a week . Over time they were allocated 40 hours Annual Leave , and have taken several days Annual Leave with 2 hours representing each 0.2 of a week. So they now have a balance of 2.6 weeks Annual Leave, represented in Xero as 26 hours. You have an employee who works part time flexible hours.

xero annual leave

Some weeks they work 30 hours over 4 days, other weeks they work 10 hours over 2 days, some weeks they don’t work. If there are no standard hours, then the recommendation to get Xero Payroll working properly is to use minimum hours as a representation of the weeks. Other payroll software does it differently, but this is the way that works for Xero Payroll. Perhaps it’s written in the employment agreement, perhaps it’s not. Sometimes it’s a case of sitting down together and deciding what a week’s leave will be. As an example, if the employee works part time on Tues/ Wed/ Thur, then perhaps a week’s leave is those three days. Or if they work different days every week, perhaps it’s “any three days”.

For most entitlement types, Xero is considered the ‘owner’ of the entitlement type. Most entitlement types are added to Xero and these are then synced to easyemployer via a ‘manual entitlement type sync’. Xero has all you need to run your business – including invoicing, paying bills, sales tax returns, reporting and much more. On-demand, up to date absence reporting functionality for HR to keep track of all absence across the business at any time.

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If the leave record from the employee has been entered and approved, it will be sitting as scheduled. You may need to include a manual tax adjustment if you are paying leave in advance.”

  • If you have recorded the Annual Leave as 15 hours being taken, Xero knows that’s “A Week” according to what’s in the Employment Tab.
  • If the leave record from the employee has been entered and approved, it will be sitting as scheduled.
  • In the below example we have 1x existing user with annual leave and personal/carer’s leave balances in Xero.
  • The most common Annual Leave error we find in Xero is that the balances are incorrect.

It will then look back at what’s been paid as an average from last 4 or 52 weeks, and this will be the amount it will calculate to pay out. You will see it when the Annual Leave amount appears on the Payslip – there is a blue toggle where you choose to pay either the normal hourly rate (say $25) or the Average rate. The Average rate is the correct one in this example. Don’t worry about how many hours or days or any patterns of work the employee has been doing lately. Just record the number of hours of leave taken based on the minimum hours recorded in Xero.

How To Set Up The Provision For Leave Liabilities In Your Payroll Journal

You sign a new employment agreement and the minimum hours are 30 a week. You are representing the Annual Leave due to your employee by Minimum Hours and Xero will raise the Hourly Rate if the employee has worked on average more than the minimum hours. This doesn’t mean your employee will only get paid Annual Leave based on the Minimum Hours. But it does mean you won’t be overpaying Annual Leave, which would happen if you entered in Standard Hours, and the employee ended up averaging less than those Standard Hours. Xero Payroll software has it’s own way of deciding how to record the amount of Annual Leave that an employee is due.

For this example, with the Standard Hours recorded as 15 in Xero, if the employee had actually worked 30 hours a week on average over the past 4 weeks, then their Annual Leave payout rate would double. So instead of being paid 15 hours x say $25 an hour as their normal rate of pay, they would be paid 15 hours x $50 an hour. Paying out correctly is an entirely different issue to the Annual Leave balance and is about the $ rate to pay at the time Annual Leave is taken. The problems generally arise when employees are working irregular hours, or their standard hours have changed. Hi, I have been using Xero payroll for some time & hate when I have to a termination or annual leave. and also have found that the support person is even more confusing.

It generally happens when the employees’ standard hours change or they are working irregular hours. For these situations, in Xero Payroll a Manual Adjustment will generally be required to keep the Annual Leave Balance correct.

xero annual leave

That way, company departments are adequately resourced at all times. Because it’s a self-service system, employees can submit time off request from their own desks with ease. Please note that if the employee template is not fixed, the hourly rate from that pay rule will inherit the existing pay item, causing every employee to have the same hourly rate.

Migrating Existing Leave Provisions In Your Financials

Nothing, all sharing of data between the platforms will require a manual process. Yes, we have built this integration to be flexible enough for you to turn it on at any point in your Deputy and Xero journey. Enjoy the ease of only updating important employee details in one platform. Call centres Easily schedule call centre and customer support teams. Hospitality Easily manage shift workers with streamlined scheduling and time tracking. Staff rota software Create fully costed employee rotas and share instant updates via web or mobile.