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Online Payroll Submission

June 15, 2021
Bill Kimball

simplify payroll

We will have to use at least one cookie to ensure that you won’t have to make this choice again. Having a single system builds a better work experience for the teams involved because it limits the need to manage data in disjointed systems. E-Verify will confirm the eligibility of employees to work in the US. One of the most popular retirement plans being offered and elected today are 401 plans. There are many types of 401 plans, each with their own subtleties, but all 401k plans consist of defined contributions from an employee’s paycheck before taxes are taken out.

There is no need for ‘double entry’ of data in different business units, nor the manual processing of requests from other sections of the business. You are missing opportunities if you are not integrating payroll data with data from other business units. As an example, consistent HR and payroll data can ensure that once an employee is terminated, they are no longer paid. Payroll specialists know how to process payroll quickly and cost-effectively, freeing up your time to focus on revenue-generating aspects of your business. Where a strategic approach to payroll is lacking, it is likely that payroll compliance is also deficient.

  • E-Verify will confirm the eligibility of employees to work in the US.
  • This allows you to go to market faster and removes the traditional risks associated with expanding into a foreign market.
  • Onboarding new employees is a fantastic opportunity to engage them with your team.
  • Additionally, data can be in various formats within different units.
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  • One of the common challenges employers face in payroll processing is the misclassification of employees.

‘” Morgan says. She explains that based on the feedback, they will be transitioning company announcements to the platform in the near future. Many organizations are making the shift to ongoing feedback between employees and managers. Journals, a two-way record within the Performance Management tool, is one way Morgan’s team keeps track of those ongoing discussions. The switch to Paylocity enabled Morgan and the rest of the team at C3 to draw outside the lines. Morgan explained that now when a job applicant applies and is selected – their information automatically flows through the new hire paperwork, into onboarding and finally onto payroll.

About New Horizons Global Partners

Avoid such incidences by setting up a simple payroll system. We have a number of locations and lots of employees with unusual schedules. Our days are very busy serving our clients and managing internal operations. That’s why we prefer to leave all that burden on Simplifi Payroll & HR while we concentrate on making great food! Joe Pintimalli has been instrumental in keeping our payroll compliant and our costs low. We’ve integrated hundreds of new clients and have developed a process that works! If we don’t meet this goal of smooth integration we will give you the first month’s processing of your payroll free.

simplify payroll

With in-house payroll, it is far more challenging to scale payroll resource requirements at speed. Commonly, payroll information is not aligned with other business functions, such as HR, IT, and accounting. Additionally, data can be in various formats within different units. This can lead to mistakes, with the correct data being unavailable for the business unit that needs it. Whether a business has 1, 10, or 100 employees, Small Business Payroll by SurePayroll delivers peace of mind by combining award-winning U.S.-based customer care and industry-leading technology. Strong problem-solving abilities combined with a bias to simplify complicated processes and a drive to bring items to an impactful resolution. Develop new analytical packages and executing improvements in overall FP&A processes in order to simplify and enhance the organization.

Simplify My Payroll Pricing Overview

Most companies have moved to some form of electronic payroll processing. However, this doesn’t always cover complete payroll-related data.

Our team of HR professionals will study your business, identify hidden payroll costs, and come up with effective ways to reduce or eliminate them. Let us handle your payroll tax paperwork and say goodbye to worries about IRS audits or penalties. We make sure your records are ship-shape and every document is filed on time, every time. If we do not process your payroll 100% accurately based on the information you submit, we will refund your fee for the entire month. We promise to process and deliver your payroll in a timely way. If we do not deliver on the agreed-upon date, we will refund your fee for the entire month.

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Failure to meet the tax filing deadlines or not filing crucial forms leads to massive, devastating fines for the company. Electronic filing is the fastest way to file, and you get an immediate confirmation that the files have been received. Filing your taxes online creates a permanent electronic record for future use. Filing your taxes online gives you the opportunity to take advantage of more tax credits and tax deductions. Most software programs do the math calculations for you, making your tax returns 100% accurate. Businesses have the freedom to choose the payment methods to offer to their employees.

Before then, here are four steps that you can take to streamline and simplify your global payroll processes. However, it’s something that your organization needs to get right. In New Zealand, a poorly implemented payroll solution nearly un-seated a Government. Payroll services online for small business give clients the ability to update employee information easily and without the hassle or laborious paperwork. This can be useful for a small business online payroll, as well, so our clients can keep track of all the people that work for the organization. Doing your payroll online also means that employers, as well as employees, can have access to their payroll. Employers can choose to give workers limited, or more, access to their payroll information, check stubs, and so on, so you have to spend less time answering questions and giving clarifications.

Most online filing services provide users with near-instant confirmation of your information being received. Some states even require businesses to file their taxes online, another reason your business should switch to paperless payroll workflows. Paying your employees on time can be a headache for small business owners looking to do the task themselves. It sounds simple, but when you factor in taxes, fees, and other regulations, it quickly becomes one of the biggest minefields associated with running a business. Fortunately, by following the tips below, you should be able to streamline your payroll processes with minimal effort on your end. All of these services are provided by a dedicated team of experts.

simplify payroll

They specialize in children’s menus, cups, crayons and toy premiums. C3’s leadership believes that if they take care of its employees, the employees will take care of their customers. Branding Agency Creative Consumer Concepts, better known as C3, turned to Paylocity for creative solutions for their HR and payroll software. Nowsta lets you export time and attendance data directly to your payroll provider, so you don’t have to enter it by hand. TecHR Series covers contemporary and futuristic scenarios in the HR technology realm. We cover the emerging trends and latest developments in HR Technology via news, interviews and HR tech primers to stimulate greater interaction between HR teams and employees.

Companies may not know whether they are compliant with applicable tax or data protection laws (for example, the ‘GDPR’). Over 30,000 medium-sized and small businesses trust Paycor to help them manage their most valuable asset their people. We are known for delivering modern, intuitive recruiting, HR & payroll solutions.

simplify payroll

And as the only Global PEO with a dedicated, in-house recruitment team, we can source, hire, and onboard your international workforce. Automated solutions can empower employees and company management by providing easily accessible, up-to-date payment data. It is both difficult and expensive for businesses to be aware of all compliance obligations and risks that are present in another country. An outsourced payroll specialist will be familiar with all applicable compliance obligations.

We are based in the greater Austin area but work with companies all over the US. If your existing bookkeeping system is a mess and you don’t have the time or knowledge to fix the problem, we can help. Enjoy fast global expansion and remain compliant with local labor laws. Pierre Pradier is the co-founder of New Horizons Global Partners and Head of Corporate Strategy. Since coming to China, he has been involved with Business Expansion Consulting, helping companies to set up their operations in China and other Asian countries.

Do your homework on different payment methods and choose the one that is efficient for your business. Observe the cost and responsibilities associated with the various modes of payment. Paying all your employees on the same day using the same method simplifies the process. But electronic billing reports, multi-state payrolls, overtime calculations, wage garnishments, holiday pay, and tax withholdings take time, and that’s a valuable asset that is always in short supply. Saving time connects with C3’s mission to put their employees first. “Communications”, “Integrity”, “Stress Tolerance” and “Sense of Urgency with Results-Driven Focus” are a few of C3’s core competencies. So it’s no surprise that C3’s most given and received Impression is “Sense of Urgency with Results-Driven Focus”.

Our Human Resource Information System ensures your data is accurate, processed on time and in the right format. When you partner with New Horizons Global Partners, we manage your company’s payroll, benefits, and expenses. Additionally, we oversee HR duties, as well as employment and tax compliance.

One of the best online payroll service benefits is the fact that access to employee and other information is not restricted to office hours. Also, employers and managers can authorize their employees to have as much or as little access to the payroll as required.