June 24, 2021
Bill Kimball

xero developer how to set up public application

If you only need to use one Xero user for all the integration work then using the named principal option in these could make life a lot easier for you. We don’t track developer time that closely, but I’d estimate somewhere on the order of 16 developer years have gone into our integration. We used a Private model initially in our app and this was something that one of our developers just couldn’t solve after two days. We gave it to another developer and they got it working in a day or so. Other people seem to struggle with this step, judging by the threads on Stack Exchange. How breadwinner do the integration is the thing I want to accomplished.

xero developer how to set up public application

Private RSA File, which is the private key file created in the App setup step. Now the credentials may be used to authorize a Xero session. As OAuth2 allows authentication for mulitple Xero Organisations, it is necessary to set the tenant_id against which the xero client’s queries will run. Public applications can also be validated using a callback URI. If this approach is used, the user won’t be given a verification number. Instead, when they authorize the OAuth request, their browser will be redirected to a pre-configured callback URI, which will deliver the validation token directly to your application. If you want longer access to the organization, you need the user to re-authorize your application.

The General page allows you to specify general settings for the component. The General page is used to specify general settings for the Xero Destination Component.

The OpenID Connect identity layer is a new feature of OAuth2.0 and consent to access a user’s profile information can’t be migrated from the previous version of the API. Once you have OAuth2.0 working in your app we’d recommend putting new connections onto OAuth2.0 to make sure everything is working as expected. Your existing WorkflowMax API connections on v1 will continue to work as normal until further notice.

Contacts are straightforward – there is only one thing which can save few issues down the line and that is a ContactNumber field – it is designed to be populated with a custom id . It is handy to save there a unique identifier from a local app so later on it’s easier to match local and xero contacts and resolve duplicates.

Working With Ssis Toolbox

If you want your sync to run in the background, or have it go through a specific Xero user regardless of who is attempting this in Salesforce, a Public app will be problematic. You’ll constantly have to have people signing in to Xero and they will need the correct authentication . The easiest way to understand how to implement Oauth 1.0 with Xero for a private application is to start with looking how a valid request is structured to the Xero API for a private application. Xero is a powerful cloud application for small to medium-sized companies that can be easily integrated with your FileMaker application. Integrating your application with Xero will dramatically streamline your accounting workflow, eliminate double data entry, and reduce IT headaches by going to the cloud.

  • There’s a third party library pyxero we can use to do the API calling and authentication work.
  • As indicated in the screenshot below, the green output connection represent rows that were successfully written, and the red ‘Error Output’ connection represents rows that were erroneous.
  • We monitor for negative reviews and reach out to the app partner to find a way to resolve that negative review and maybe even turn it into a positive one.
  • Instead, when they authorize the OAuth request, their browser will be redirected to a pre-configured callback URI, which will deliver the validation token directly to your application.
  • By designing your processes and to run in the background as a service, you’ll be able to automate, schedule and sequence data transfers as you need them – based on the criteria you set, in minutes.
  • For our example app we only demonstrated how to send contacts and invoices to Xero.

The better approach would be to set up web sockets connection which would notify React client when sync is ready. What i just want to know is that, if there is any good article or SDK I can use to start building what I want. For now, I already successfully connect to Xero using xero private application wherein, I need to create a salesforce certificate and upload it to xero to get the consumer key and other thing. Public application works different, it is quite user friendly wherein you automatically connect to xero by supplying your xero and username password as what is commonly happen to third party application. Once you have set up a public application, you’re ready to establish a connection to the accounting API. You can now set http headers with FileMaker 16, but there is no native way to easily parse XML, which is Xero’s default data format.

Xero partner program that clearly outlines the requirements and benefits of partnering with Xero. We started doing more live events last year as a way to connect with our community. We want to bring in new developers but we also want to get that facetime with our existing developer community. This year we’re looking to do a developer roadshow through Melbourne, Auckland, Singapore, London, San Francisco and Denver.

What Is Oauth2 0?

Public Applications use a 3-step OAuth process, and if you’re doing this in a web application, you will usually lose the credentials object over the verification step. This means you need to be able to restore the credentials object when verification has been provided. PyXero is a Python API for accessing the REST API provided by the Xeroaccounting tool. It allows access to both Public, Private and Partner applications. You can save a lot of trouble if you decide that you need to synchronize only one way – e.g. our sample app only sends created contacts and invoices to Xero but doesn’t download invoices from there. public apps – web or desktop app which can connect to many organizations but allows only short-term access enabled by user.

We also piloted a three month developer challenge last year. Instead of doing a single live event for 48 hours in one city, we decided to do a virtual hackathon for three months. We also encourage app developers to reach out to their customers and say, “would you mind leaving a review?

xero developer how to set up public application

Access tokens for private applications don’t expire unless the application is deleted or disconnected from within the Xero organisation. No support for 3 legged Oauth authentication as required for a public or partner application. The first few steps of doing this involve setting up the Xero instance so that it has the public key corresponding to a private key we have created. Xero is a comprehensive accounting system for small to medium-sized companies with over amillion subscribers. It can handle any accounting task ranging from inventory to bank transactions and it was specially designed to be a cloud-based solution to save clients from IT headaches. And with its simple API, you can integrate it with your FileMaker application to streamline workflow and eliminate double data entry.

As a side effect we don’t know exactly when user finishes authentication. Because of that we have set a 2 second interval which polls xero authentication status and if it changes, we change button and add more info about token expiry.


I develop for seven companies which could end up using Xero if it were possible to have permanent OAuth tokens or a return to pre-shared keys. This is a major road block for our automated reporting systems and has left some of us a bit shocked and angered that it does not exist already. At the moment we have some requirements to sign off from a risk management/privacy point of view. – Would love to use Xero for our accounts but unless we can integrate server side with either a permanent OAuth token or at least a 6 month/yearly one, not much point.

We appreciate that communication has been lacking while we’ve been busy squirrelling away at v2. Please follow us on twitter (@XeroAPI) or send an email to if you want a more immediate response. @Andy the long term token support is just reliant on some infrastructure changes we want to get in with regards to certificate generation and PKI management. this is not a super quick thing so may well take more than a couple of weeks, but we’re trying. We recommend using one of the Xero SDKs to easily implement your integration.

Recently we worked with HERO.WORK App – a popular job management app for tradies and small businesses. Some of their customers were using Xero and requested the feature to synchronize their contacts, invoices and payments between HERO.WORK and Xero. We have jumped on to the task and successfully connected Node.JS based app HERO.WORK with Xero. The rest of the blog post is about technical challenges we had to solve for that.

The component includes the following two pages to configure how you want to read data from Xero. The Xero Source Component is an SSIS data flow pipeline component that can be used to read / retrieve data from Xero. SSIS Integration Toolkit for Xero includes two data flow components for use with Xero. They need to be added to the SSIS toolbox before you can use them in a SSIS data flow task. PasswordThe Password option allows you to specify the proxy user’s password. PortThe Port option allows you to specify port number of the proxy server for the connection. The Xero Connection Manager is an SSIS connection manager component that can be used to establish connections with Xero.

Instead of using an oauth_token you’ll have an access_token and instead of having an oauth_session_handle you’ll have a refresh_token. Both token types contain a JSON document encoded as a base64 string. The access token is transient, with a short lifetime, and therefore does not need to be stored in persistent storage. The refresh token is long lived and should be stored as a simple string in your preferred datastore. This guide is for developers migrating a WorkflowMax or Xero Practice Manager partner app to the v3 API using OAuth2.0. It will take you through the steps to easily create your new App in the Xero Developer Portal, and update your existing application to connect using OAuth2.0. While the migration process is quite straightforward, there is a fundamental change to how things work in OAuth2.0 that you’ll need to carefully plan for.

There’s a third party library pyxero we can use to do the API calling and authentication work. and this action it is necessary only get value from page url . Once the communication has been established between the Webapp and Xero, you can use the Xero respective API endpoint to GET the data from or to POST the data to Xero. Xero is a software company situated in New Zealand that develops cloud-based accounting software for medium and also small scale organizations. New features or bug fixes can be submitted via a pull request.

Password for PFX FileThePassword for PFX Fileis whatever password you used when generated the public/private key file using OpenSSL. SSDT for Visual Studio 2015Packages created using SSDT 2015 need to have their project’s TargetServerVersion setting set to “SQL Server 2012” in order to work with SSIS 2012. SSDT for Visual Studio 2017 Packages created using SSDT 2017 need to have their project’s TargetServerVersion setting set to “SQL Server 2012” in order to work with SSIS 2012. SSDT for Visual Studio 2019 Packages created using SSDT 2019 need to have their project’s TargetServerVersion setting set to “SQL Server 2012” in order to work with SSIS 2012. SSDT for Visual Studio 2015Packages created using SSDT 2015 need to have their project’s TargetServerVersion setting set to “SQL Server 2014” in order to work with SSIS 2014. SSDT for Visual Studio 2017Packages created using SSDT 2017 need to have their project’s TargetServerVersion setting set to “SQL Server 2014” in order to work with SSIS 2014. Depending on your use case, you might find that you can use Named Credentials but I think they only support OAuth 2.0 so that might be a non-starter.

It’s not relevant in the sample app, but when integrating a real world public application, users usually have a choice to either include or exclude tax in their pricing. With invoices we can set InvoiceNumber for the same purposes as in contacts. Invoices are more strict than contacts and require more mandatory fields (like link to a contact, line items, due date etc.) See official documentation and try api explorer to verify that everything is in place.

xero developer how to set up public application

Rounding Account – This account collects all the rounding corrections. Payment Account – This account collects all payments made. This account either needs to be Account Type “Bank” or have “Enable Payments to this account” checked in the Edit Account Details popup. Fees Account – This account collects your payment gateway fees. Sales Account – This account collects all sales of items in your store. After clicking connect you will be taken back to the WooCommerce Xero page that will confirm the status of the connection. Before credit notes, the invoice should be created or updated first and the credit Note should be removed from the parameters.

Xero Gateway Gem

Quickly perform any Xero operation without spending any further time working on authorisation or connection credentials. This means you can quickly integrate databases, legacy systems or other SaaS apps to Xero – making it quick and easy to get set up and and automate your systems.

The good news is that Linx has already updated its popular Xero plugin to accommodate the switch. For Xero developers this is the perfect opportunity to skip the learning curve and accelerate your development by using our low code plugin. You need to integrate using the “PrivateAuthenticator” method. The method you are using is the public one and uses a different authentication process which is not suitable for a windows service. The callback URL includes extra GET parameters that are used with the token details stored earlier to obtain an access token.

The Columnspage allows you to map the columns from upstream components to Xero fields in the destination object. The Error Handling page allows you to specify how errors should be handled when they occur.