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Scaled Agile, Inc Unveils Safe® Enterprise

August 24, 2023
Bill Kimball

In addition, the business executives and leaders have the ultimate accountability for business outcomes, so they must be ultimately responsible for the strategy. Portfolio context– Knowledge of the current state of each portfolio informs enterprise strategy. This is a critical element of enterprise strategy formulation and as such is further elaborated below. Decisions must be made on how best to allocate the total investment in solutions across multiple individual portfolios. Scaled Agile provides certifications that cover different areas and knowledge levels. When you look at Agile at Scale (e.g., SAFe), you will realize that the distinction has stayed the same. SAFe cares about the process, and thus, there is a need for structural analysis and decision-making.

Decisions on when and where to implement, which frameworks to use and how to instill Agile processes and methodologies are important. Missteps will happen and should not only be anticipated, but celebrated as evidence of courage, determination and progress. Organizations that are ready to implement SAFe usually have executive-level sponsorship,a strong purpose for change, and a foundation in Scrum.

Value propositionsare the set of products and services the enterprise offers. In some cases, both the scope and the implementation rhythm of the corresponding portfolio epics may need to be synchronized across the portfolios. The MVP limits the risk of investment and provides for exploratory discovery of even the largest and most critical enterprise initiatives . Collaboration between the enterprise and portfolio stakeholders is critical to achieving business goals. Generally, strategic decisions are mostly centralized since they have far-reaching impacts and are often outside the scope, knowledge, and responsibilities of Agile Teams (See Principle #9 – Decentralized Decision-Making).

Scaled Agile Annonce Un Investissement Stratégique D’eurazeo Pour

And both SAFe and LeSS emphasize systems thinking, lean thinking, and similar guiding principles. LeSS, however, places a heavy focus on waste reduction across the organization, with the goal of continuous improvement. /PRNewswire/ — Scaled Agile, Inc. today unveiled SAFe® Enterprise, a system of knowledge, tools, and practices essential to achieving and sustaining business agility across the enterprise. Collaborate together as a team, improve your own skills, or connect and learn from others in the community. SAFe Enterprise is the definitive one-stop package for the entire organization to learn, implement, and sustain business agility. In a SAFe enterprise, every solution is managed within a specific portfolio.

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The framework continues to be developed and shared publicly; with an academy and an accreditation scheme supporting those who seek to implement, support, or train others in the adoption of SAFe. That’s because the true value of scaled Agile happens when organization-wide synchronicity is reached – when teams are connected vertically, coordinating and planning their work and mapping dependencies together. Practicing and adopting key practices like Quarterly Planning are essential to driving alignment from the team level to the strategic objectives and portfolio level.

  • Here in the virtual halls of Scaled Agile, we’ve figured out the best way to ensure a successful and sustained SAFe transformation—and it has the “Enterprise” name on it as well.
  • In addition, there are likely to be enterprise initiatives that will be cross-cutting, i.
  • This allows Agile teams to deliver value iteratively, in a way that constantly tests value delivery to ensure alignment to what the customer wants.
  • One might say that the EA is a holistic approach to analyzing the breadth and depth of information about an enterprise (i.e., a company or its subdivision).
  • Earlier editions of SAFe also designed this to be a hardening iteration, namely to stabilize or harden the product before releasing it.
  • To address this, enterprise epics are established to define and reason about this important work.

According to SAFe, sequencing jobs for maximum benefit, understanding economic trade-offs, and operating within lean budgets are all responsibilities that need to be shared throughout the organization. Many of the concepts and tools are drawn from Reinertsen’s theories on product development flow. HID SAFE provides additional features to enhance security planning and compliance reporting. When urgent terminations arise, authorized personnel are enabled to immediately terminate physical access of identities, avoiding termination delays by HR personnel. The system also maintains a complete audit trail of all transactions executed and delivers pre-defined reports based on access records and logs of identities to effectively manage security and compliance issues. It’s for your entire organization, with tools to help manage access for all members within the account.

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A Kanban roadmap is essential to help your organization transition from basic visualization to a comprehensive approach to team workflow and coordination. Enterprise Kanban arms Agile leaders with the insights required to create better, more informed plans based on the true realities of the organization.

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Certified SAFe members have individual access to the SAFe® Community Platform and tools to help them with their day-to-day job. But SAFe Enterprise is a solution built for the entire organization, so teams across the organization can simultaneously build on the benefits of SAFe day-to-day. Channelsexplain how the enterprise delivers its products and services to intermediaries, customers, and end-users. To address this, SAFe recommends using strategic themes as a summary artifact to communicate strategic intent. In a situation where an enterprise has a single portfolio, a single set of portfolio strategic themes provide the needed connection to the enterprise strategy.

Safe® Enterprise Provides The Tools You Need To Make The Safe Work For You, Day

These enterprises have thousands, and even tens of thousands, of IT, system, application, and solution development practitioners. Not all of these practitioners work on the same solutions or within the same development value streams. It’s more likely that IT and development personnel are organized to support various lines of business, internal departments, customer segments, or specific business capabilities.

Key resourcesare the critical human, physical, intellectual, financial, and other capabilities and assets the enterprise has to achieve its objectives. Portfolios then pull approved enterprise epics into implementation and create portfolio epics to describe the portion of the work they are committed to. Portfolio budget allocationsAs described in the Lean Budgets article, each portfolio then allocates budgets to the development value streams within that portfolio. The formulation of strategy is one of the most complex and critical enterprise endeavors. It isn’t necessarily feasible or even desirable to formally ‘document’ strategy in a highly structured way . Nor is it exactly obvious as to who needs to communicate strategy, to whom, and when.

Program execution is the heart of SAFe and powers everything else in the framework. Teams and programs must be able to deliver quality, working software and business value on a regular basis. SAFe® Enterprise is a premium subscription service designed to help global organizations achieve sustainable business agility. Morgan is on the marketing team at Scaled Agile and has nearly 20 years of experience leading and building both product and marketing teams. Based outside of Boulder, Colorado, he enjoys the area’s excellent food and outdoor lifestyle. SAFe helps you achieve your strategic objectives with less waste, increased transparency, better predictability, and more flexibility for inevitable change. SAFe Enterprise provides the tools you need to plan, prepare, and execute a successful Lean-Agile transformation.

Watch this 2.5 minute video and learn how the SAFe® Enterprise subscription provides the training, collaboration, measurement, alignment, and self-service learning that organizations need to succeed. Work together across teams and time zones with SAFe Collaborate, a cloud-based visual workspace designed to help you plan, organize, and brainstorm in real-time. Large Solution is for enterprises building large and complex solutions, which do not require the portfolio level’s constructs. Enterprise and portfolio strategic themesA typical format is to simply use a short phrase (e.g., ‘Expand to the European market’, ‘Transition to the cloud’, ‘Enable consumer self-service’). A more rigorous approach is to express strategic themes as OKRs where a concise objective is supplemented with key results – specific, measurable achievements, which, in turn, are measured via KPIs. Either way, strategic themes communicate strategic intent to everyone in the organization.

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Some initiatives, however, cut across a broad solution landscape and require the collaboration of multiple portfolios (for example, ‘implement GDPR compliance across all enterprise solutions’). And yet, if not managed appropriately, initiatives that come from this highest organizational level—whether they carry significant strategic importance or not—can still be ‘pushed’ onto portfolios and thus overload the system. Smaller enterprises and government agencies may only have a single SAFe portfolio, which is able to build all the digitally-enabled solutions needed to fulfill their mission. The portfolio is connected to the enterprise strategy by portfolio Strategic Themes and allocated an approved budget. These elements are established via a collaboration between the enterprise and portfolio stakeholders, as Figure 1 illustrates. Large organizations extend the benefits of Agile by scaling its methodologies across larger teams of teams, while maintaining coordination and oversight.

Dean Leffingwell and Drew Jemilo released SAFe in 2011 to help organizations design better systems and software that better meet customers’ changing needs. At that time, teams used traditional project management processes to deliver software. But as the need to rapidly respond to changing market conditions increased, new frameworks emerged to help businesses improve solution delivery across their enterprises, and SAFe was born. Today, SAFe is one of the most popular scaled agile delivery frameworks, and SAFe’s worldwide community of practitioners continue to evolve it. Frameworks like SAFe and the ones discussed above provide a viable option for helping businesses effectively scale agile within their organizations and achieve their business outcomes. But just as important are the tools you choose to help you amplify existing practices and realize the full benefits of those practices.

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Teams adjust their Kanban portfolios as the Agile initiative evolves, and leaders see progress at a glance. Read this article to learn the steps needed for a successful PI Planning to promote cross-team collaboration, stakeholder buy-in, and alignment to the overall business goals. The result is more effective funding, delivery, and value across the organization and assurance that product roadmaps and execution align with funding and business objectives.

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Finally, the enterprise should clearly define how value flows from concept to cash in the solution development value streams. Leaders and management need to maximize the flow of value across functional and organizational boundaries. Plan and fund both Lean-Agile and traditional portfolios in a single platform for strategically aligned, outcome driven plans.

Instead of eliminating the need for EA, SAFe did the opposite – it emphasized the importance of such discipline on an enterprise level. SAFe did the same for each engineering team earlier, so this is not news to us. Both these disciplines try to solve large-scale, enterprise-wide problems that target to increase efficiency and productivity. If we stop at this level of detail, you might think that EA and SAFe try to do the same thing. We will go into more details below, while for now, we will answer the above question negatively.