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Setting Up A Mobile Office For Your Business

June 30, 2021
Bill Kimball

what is mobile office

You can’t run a business these days without an Internet connection, but free Wi-Fi hotspots are not going to cut it. First, free access points are typically not reliable enough for business work. Technology is a powerful thing for small business owners, regardless what type of business they run.

When buying equipment, consider the servicing and support plans available, so problems with technology don’t limit your ability to get work done. Talk with knowledgeable business technology experts and learn more through services such asConsumer Reportsandcnet.com, a review site for electronics. Also, be sure you have a charged battery for all devices, and have a mobile power cord handy so you can charge your laptop. A spare hard drive or memory card could also save the day on the very rare occasion of a crash. Consider a high-speed mobile access card or a compact wireless router. If your needs are more minimal, then you might consider a less expensive, simpler and more basic tablet.

  • So before you decide to save money by going for a used unit, consider how long you’re going to use your mobile office, as well as the extent of wear and tear you expect it to withstand in that time frame.
  • These days, American businesses of all sizes are finding that they have an increasing need for portable or storage space.
  • You can create a mobile office and take your work anywhere, with room to spare with the use of mobile broadband in your small business.
  • Whatever your project requires, we can assist you with your office needs.
  • While you can certainly rent a simple trailer for your project, investing in a mobile office trailer means getting more features to accommodate your busy project goals and tasks.

Construction sites vary from a modest domestic remodeling of a family home to large greenfield sites for offices or housing. Then there are all the other types of massive construction projects like building bridges or dams that we class as civil engineering. However, refurbished or remanufactured mobile offices may have a longer warranty at a slightly lower price than newbies. If you don’t spend much time online, you can use prepaid wireless Internet cards that run on 3G or 4G mobile networks. For businesses that require heavy Internet use, there are long-term solutions like high-speed mobile access cards with data plans similar to smartphones. You can also get a MiFi, a compact wireless router that acts as a portable, personal hot spot.

Mobile Businesses

Presuming you have both a computer in your office and a mobile device – laptop or tablet – you’ll need a way to share files between computers. A cloud-based business service or an online backup service will automatically back up and synchronize data across all your devices. You move it onto the site on the back of a trailer, and you either park the trailer and use steps or offload the office to the desired location. You attach power, and you have a fully functional office on delivery. When the project completes, the mobile office is picked up and taken on to the next site.

So before you decide to save money by going for a used unit, consider how long you’re going to use your mobile office, as well as the extent of wear and tear you expect it to withstand in that time frame. Consider, also, that a unit fresh from the factory will likely give you longer-term value. Of course, you’ll still need a primary machine for storage, backups and heavy projects, but choosing the right mobile computer means you won’t have to spend most of your working time chained to a desk. Which computer you choose will be determined partly by how permanent you want your remote office to be, and partly by how much you want to spend. You should be looking for something that will provide enough features to help you bridge the gap between your primary office and your mobile office.

Whichever option you choose, make sure you protect your data by using an encrypted password. If you’re not going to use your MiFi on a regular basis, you can always tether your computer to your cell phone, and use its internet connection. But be aware that this can rank up the minutes on your data plan, and can get expensive. Depending on the work you do, you may need a powerhouse laptop, such as a MacBook Pro. If you can get by with something lighter, Google’s Chromebooks are lightweight, uncluttered and reasonably secure.

Whether it’s a portable printer or scanner, an extra battery, or your favorite mouse, make sure your mobile office is ready to support your work, comfortably and efficiently. You should also bring the power cord for your mobile computer so you can keep it charged and ready to go. And it’s a good idea to travel with a small surge protector to protect your computer in case of an unexpected power surge. If you are ready to take your business on the road, here is some advice for creating an operational mobile office that allows you to work from anywhere. As the variety of mobile computing and communications devices increases, so do the risks of data theft and malicious viruses. Cell phones and PDAs are relatively small devices that are easily lost or stolen. And data are at risk of interception once they leave the relative safety of the corporate network.

A combination of portable pieces of computing and telecommunications equipment which a person can use to work when away from an office. Entrepreneurs with mobile businesses point to several major advantages associated with such arrangements. Mobile businesses do not have the expense of maintaining a store, which—with rent, furniture, utilities, and other costs—can be a very expensive part of operations. In addition, owners of mobile businesses report that they register savings because of reduced rates of theft and insurance. Business consultants warn, however, that mobile businesses need to adhere to a very high standard of professionalism to calm possible customer fears about legitimacy and quality. Immune to heavy winds and flooding – Lightweight construction makes the trailer easy to lift or move in strong winds; though above ground, water can enter the office if placed on a site that is prone to flooding. They’re available in many configurations, layouts, and sizes, and many office trailer retailers even provide units with a hitch so they can be hauled between locations.


Broadband networks and wireless communication devices have made it possible for office work of most types to be done from almost anywhere given the appropriate equipment. These advances have provided many benefits, many challenges, and they continue to alter the ways in which we communicate and work in the information age. A pre-manufactured portable office – Also known as a mobile office trailer or MO, for short, that sits on top of a wheels-and-chassis trailer base. If your business is looking for an extra space or in need of a temporary office outside of your primary working environment, a mobile office may be the right choice for you. A modular building is built from modules – storage containers or prefabricated units. A modular structure lets you create a bigger office space and depending on the design may be portable and reusable with some effort. Modular buildings offer ample space for creativity because of its flexible stackable features.

They are constructed from combining two or more individual units from 4 unique floor plan options, to create one customized building. Once you perfect your mobile workspace, you may even find that you don’t need a stationary central office any longer. You should also make sure you have reliable anti-virus software installed and updated. Keeping your system updated and virus-free is vital for every business, mobile or stationary. You can purchase the device and data plan from your mobile phone service provider, or from a company that offers pre-paid or pay-as-you-go wireless access.

# 1 Weatherproof, vandal-proof secure office for processing paperwork and other administrative tasks in private. A voice recorder app for capturing thoughts and notes when you can’t use your laptop or tablet. Some are straightforward virtual hard drives, like Box.com and Dropbox. Others come bundled with cloud software you’re likely to use anyway, such as Microsoft’s Office 365 and Intuit’s Online Plus programs, QuickBooksand Payroll. Once the sale was made, every phase of the project was handled expertly by Satellite.

what is mobile office

Using technology can help entrepreneurs save money, streamline business processes, promote their products and services in new ways, and work more productively. “Analysis—Keeping Things Safe Outside the Office. Mobile computing devices are big business offering a host of networking options to users who work outside the office.” Computer Reseller News. That means you can use them as a single office, portable open workspace with many desk setups, a meeting or conference room, and even break rooms for other employees. These trailers function as a place for the foreman or manager of the site to review or organize paperwork, conduct meetings, answer incoming calls, etc.

How Long Are Mobile Offices Safe To Use?

These buildings are easily configurable, so you can stay productive as the scale of your operations change in size. Whether you use modular commercial buildings permanently or as temporary solutions, you can count on a fast construction time, budget-friendly pricing, and durable structural designs.

what is mobile office

If you are developing the site with modular buildings and the building you occupy as the construction site office can be reused, then it makes sense to occupy the first modular building onsite. Just because mobile offices are temporary in nature doesn’t mean they are jerrybuilt in structure.

The appeal of portable offices is that they help you to continue your daily business even when not in the physical office. Cloud-based storage and backup systems are likely the way to go – and can save data and files in the event something happens to your laptop.

• It’s a prestigious project, and the office building needs to give the right impression to visitors. A portable building is straightforward to transport to a sit and then erect – a kit building. A portable building needs a decent base and will need fitting out with electrics, heating, and air conditioning.

The way the mobile office has evolved in line with technological advances has enabled businesses to cut fixed costs associated with maintaining a desk set-up or office for every employee. It has galvanized entrepreneurship by enabling small businesses to present a professional face without having to commit to long term leasing of facilities and equipment. Determining which is the smartest option depends mainly on how long you need the mobile office for. Technology also gives many small business owners the ability to leave their home or business offices behind and create mobile offices so they can work from anywhere, at any time. This kind of mobility helps small business owners become nimble and more flexible. Modular office trailers are delivered and set up for you in a timely manner.

Some of these will just have one office area, for a manager or executive, to work out of, while others may have two offices with a conference room for meetings. Essential paperwork – Safety certificates, accident book, permissions papers, plans, and the storage furniture to keep it all accessible. Safety equipment – Fire safety, hard hats, high visibility visitors’ vests, first aid kit. # 4 Meeting space that is out of the sun and rain for discussing site related issues in privacy and safety. # 3 Dedicated space to keep site paperwork – timesheets, safety certificates, delivery note, and order forms.

You can create a mobile office and take your work anywhere, with room to spare with the use of mobile broadband in your small business. This mobile office is ideal for temporary office space on construction job sites and is suitable for teams of 3-7 people.

While equipment varies by industry, must-haves typically include a reliable laptop or tablet computer, a secure easy-to-access Internet connection, and access to key data. Just because your worksite is temporary doesn’t mean you have to give up the luxuries of a permanent office, either. Your portable office trailer is also designed for professional looks, not just practicality. If you choose to invest in a modular office structure, you’ll get impressive, unique designs and decorative features like shutters and awnings. Modular offices can even be installed with genuine wooden decks and patios.

You may even be able to get by with an Apple iPad if all you’re doing is exchanging emails and keeping up with social media. If your work requires a computer, you will need a light and movable system that you can pick up and take with you when you leave your main office. That eliminates a desktop computer, but you still have other options to consider.

As a leading provider of mobile offices and portable job site trailers, Satellite Shelters understands that you need fast and reliable work spaces that allow you to continue your job effectively and efficiently. Mobility of both people and data is implied in the term mobile office. Data mobility and the ease with which data may be accessed are both important aspects of making the mobile office a reality. Many business-people rely on portable office equipment primarily during transitional periods, such as at the airport or in a hotel room during a business trips. But observers have noted that mobile office technology has also become an essential performance tool for sales representatives, business planners, and busy entrepreneurs.

We feel fortunate we came across Satellite Shelters in our research and feel that it was one of the major reasons for the project being completed as a major success. I would recommend Satellite to anyone who was considering this type of project in the future. There is nothing like booting up your computer, only to find that there is a slew of operating system and software updates that need to download and install.

Advances are being made but for the time being, most mobile communications devices provide far less data security than do older, wired systems. They’re affordable alternatives for office expansion, conducting business while your primary structure is undergoing repairs or renovations, and even mobile retail services. Because they must carry their equipment, mobile office workers push for miniaturization of devices. Since 1995, Southwest Mobile storage provides rental and sales of ground level storage containers and portable offices using standard ISO shipping containers. From residential to commercial applications, our high security containers are the best in the portable storage industry.

Below are the basic considerations for finding the right mix of technology to serve your small business on the go. This mid-size mobile office features a private office and has plenty of space to accommodate teams of 5-10 people. This model includes all the features of the smaller offices, plus an optional rest room. Large single-wide mobile offices (about 12’ x 60’) will be around $500-$700 per month. A short-term office solution – mobile offices are typically used for several weeks up to a few months and have a life expectancy of 1-5 years. A mobile office is an office built within a truck, motorhome, trailer or purpose built shipping container.