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May 25, 2021
Bill Kimball

xero partner points

All partners need to do is select what they want and it will be delivered directly to their door. A link to the Xero Store will be placed within Xero HQ to make fast and easy for partners access the store. In September, we announced that Xero Champion qualification would require two Xero-certified staff members for Bronze and three for Silver, Gold and Platinum. After working with partners in every region on what qualifies partners for the level-up demonstration of Xero knowledge, we are going to adjust this criteria and include two additional certifications. The monthly update shows your partner status, number of points, certifications, distinctions and partner benefits. Your main Xero contact will automatically receive a statement in the first week of every month which summarises the points calculated from the month prior. Making Tax Digital will change the way accountants and bookkeepers work, becoming mandatory as soon as April 2019.

You can be certain that we have the very best level of knowledge and experience to help you get the most from Xero and other Xero Partner software. We ensure you have the most up to date advice, add-ons and software updates. And it’s no secret that although we are an accountancy practice we are technology addicts – constantly searching for new ways to improve our clients’ business.

As we saw in Australia, the inclusion of invited-in clients will help to increase collaboration between accountants and bookkeepers, as everyone gets credit not just the partner paying the subscription. We’re also awarding partners with more ways to earn points by providing points for Xero Ledgers, Xero Bureau Edition , Xero Payroll , and Xero Premium edition . I feel like I should know who Donna is but I guess I’ll find out! I do think though Xero need to step into the shoes of the small practice and then you will see….I hope….why we feel disadvantaged.

Keep an eye out for the launch celebrations and head over to the store to check out what’s on offer. The sooner we can get our partners earning points and claiming their well-earned benefits and rewards, the better. In the meantime, check out the updated Xero partner status level information and keep an eye out for the email outlining your practice details. From today, all Xero partners will be notified of their new Xero partner status under the new points system. If you haven’t already received an email for your practice, you can expect it in your inbox soon. The points guide in the partner agreement provides an overview of how these points work and you’ll find all the benefits offered in partner status levels.

I think its great that youve added points for higher subs and ledgers however perhaps the new point ranges need a review when partners are falling so far from the next level. We’re a new practice currently on bronze level and striving for silver. Before the change we were 86% to silver…after the points change we’re 55%. Being only a sole trader, small business, I was close to obtaining Bronze, but now under the new points, I am further away. I was going to move a couple of my desktop clients onto Xero to reach Bronze, but wont make much difference to do it now. What I will not allow is be called a ‘Starter Partner’ even for 1 day and will remove myself from the partner programme if this happens.

xero partner points

As a Xero partner, you’ll immediately gain access to free software, education, and marketing support – not to mention the value you can pass on to your clients. Xero partner benefits are designed to give you what you need to be successful, however you define success. The more points you earn, the higher your status level and the more benefits you’ll pick up. Second, the AU partner thresholds did move up from 15 to 25 for Bronze, 50 to 75 for Silver, 175 to 300 for Gold and 500 to 1000 for Platinum. So, yes, the goal posts moved by about a factor of 2 times. So, the number of points earned by partners jumped much more than the ‘goal posts’ moved which means the net effect is that goalposts actually went down.

Small Business

You promote the product to your clients, you provide feedback on features and functionality, and you support a recurring revenue model that makes SaaS companies tick. Its makes entering invoices more time-consuming than doing it manually simple as that so what is the point.

  • Overall, this change is going to help with the dilution of value being recognized at each level, as more folks qualify – it’s necessary trimming until Xero finds balanced thresholds.
  • QuickBooks Proadvisor, you get access to QuickBooks certification for free.
  • Second, the AU partner thresholds did move up from 15 to 25 for Bronze, 50 to 75 for Silver, 175 to 300 for Gold and 500 to 1000 for Platinum.
  • While there are a lot of moving parts, the biggest change along the way is the discount you can offer to your clients and the budget you get from Xero to promote its products.
  • Being a Xero partner opens the door to a host of game-changing products and beautiful free software to use in your own practice.

I have recently increased my business with existing clients and in the process have handed over a few smaller clients to another practise. I remain temporarily as a Financial Adviser in their accounts to make it easier to answer queries. By all of your measures my practise has shrunk, but I am busier than ever albeit with fewer clients. But if you’re going to call me a ‘starter partner’ I would rather not be a partner at all. I was excited about this because as a book keeper I have some clients who I don’t hold the subscription for and under these new rules that would still be taken into account. What I didn’t know is that the criteria will change for the various bands and now it is even further out of my reach to move from Bronze to Silver. I’m keen to get to Silver because of the Practice Manager and tax benefits but that isn’t going to happen any time soon.

We’ll be working with partners to ensure the move is positive and create a plan for those who want to achieve greater status and growth. Once the program improvements go live, you’ll receive points when your clients invite you into their Xero subscription as an advisor and they pay the subscription, or when you pay the subscription. We’ve also added new ways to earn points through Xero Cashbook, Xero Payroll, Xero Premium edition and Xero Ledger. Today marks a big milestone for the Xero partner program. Xero partner status level information is being updated to show the new points-based system and there’s only a few days remaining before the enhanced partner program goes live.

Retaining Your Xero Champion Badge

When these certifications are released, the revised Xero Champion criteria will become effective. In the meantime, the criteria for Xero champion status will remain as two Certified staff for Bronze and three for Silver, Gold and Platinum. After working with partners in every region, we’re going to adjust this criteria and include two additional certifications. Meet the Xero team that understands the local accounting and small business scene.

xero partner points

The post We’re adding more ways for Xero Partners to earn points and receive benefits appeared first on Xero Blog. The points given for Xero Cashbooks remains the same, so you’ll still receive points for this plus all the additional points offered as above. The improvements that are coming have been made after years of listening to our partners, who’ve been giving us great feedback about what they need to succeed.

QuickBooks has the more straightforward certification program, though the test does add in a hurdle. Xero’s certification is one step on a long road of points and kickbacks that can help you gamify your whole business and could lead to a major change in your workflow. To get into Xero’s advisor directory, you’ll need to hit the bronze level, which comes at 25 partner points – you can get to that level in any of (and I’m ballparking here) 7 million different ways. While there are a lot of moving parts, the biggest change along the way is the discount you can offer to your clients and the budget you get from Xero to promote its products. That is to say, use these programs if they’re a good fit for your beliefs and practices, not because they seem like good ways to make easy money. Hubdoc sends notifications to the Xero HQ activity feed when bills and receipts are ready to be published to Xero and reconciled.

Xero have certification programs, giving certified accountants bonus perks and exposure. Today, we’ll take a look at how those programs work and what the benefits of joining up are. Dext Prepare with Receipt Bank is the simplest way to get your client data into Xero!

Partner Up To Make Business Beautiful

This statement will summarize the partner points calculated from the month prior. Pioneered in Australia, the system provides new ways for partners to earn points. Here’s a snapshot of the number of points allocated for the Business Edition and Partner Edition plans. All partners will be part of the new system that starts on Monday, December 5th. Now is an ideal time to get familiar with how it works.

xero partner points

If I were a business owner I would have serious misgivings engaging a ‘Starter Partner’ to run my accounts. @Sandra, Melanie Morris the NZ Head of Bookkeeping is going to reach out and look at how she can help you to get to the next level. We’ll also be offering a new monthly partner points summary statement.


If the continuity was done better I think this change would have been much better and less complained about. I am always happy with Xero being on top of things and updating their software and systems however this change is hard to accept. The consequence of a million more points and the new status thresholds is that over 2,500 partners moved up one or more status levels and no partners went down.

If you go through these two free programs and pass your certification test, you’re eligible for listing in the QuickBooks Find-a-Proadvisor directory. QuickBooks certification is like many other certifications, in that it’s a resume booster.

So, the number of points earned by partners moved up more than the ‘goal posts’ moved which means the net effect is that relative thresholds went down. Hubdoc is officially part of the Xero partner program. That means you’ll earn 5 partner points for connecting and actively using Hubdoc with your Xero practice organisation. You’ll also earn 1 point when you connect a client’s Hubdoc organisation with their Xero organisation and actively create transactions between Hubdoc and Xero. To earn points for clients using WorkflowMax, the WorkflowMax organisation must be linked to a Xero business edition organisation, and you must have advisor rights in the Xero organisation. Interaction must take place between Xero and WorkflowMax, for example generating an invoice or purchase order, updating a client record, or logging time. Now with the increase on each partner level, some dropped down a level.

New Point Thresholds To Achieve Partner Status

Use of the word “starter” is obviously condescending and it should have been obvious this wouldn’t help partners sell themselves to potential clients. The Xero partner program rewards you with a range of benefits that you can tailor to your own practice goals. We’ve created it to make you even more successful – no matter what success means to you. Many accountants may have need of both systems and may have enough clients that dual certification makes sense. There’s a not-insubstantial amount of work required, though, so make sure you’ve got the time to dedicate it to study. In fact, accountants are one of the best resources accounting software vendors have.

Not only will we be able to monitor leads more effectively, but most importantly, smoothly transition leads over to a full business account once they make the decision to come on board in our practice. In order to service potential clients who may be interested in trying out Xero, I believe Xero Partners need access to set up “Trial Accounts” for clients under their Xero Practice.

Great idea Suzy, good way to introduce potential clients to Xero, giving them the tools to check the package out before entering into monthly subscription. It would also be a valuable tool to enable testing of data migration before switching over to live version. This ability would also be helpful when demonstrating to a potential client how their transactions might look or when you are testing a conversion before doing it live. I could also see the value of a “trial demo” when testing links with 3rd party add-on’s. I would vote for this ability but maybe limit the number of test demo systems a partner could create. I encourage partners to vote for this change – Xero may then provide us with this functionality.

The Xero Partner program functions as the introduction to the Xero world. Unlike the QuickBooks system, there’s no option to become Xero Certified without being a member of its partner program – again, this is free, so not a huge drawback. Xero also has a program designed specifically for accountants and bookkeepers. keys to being a trusted advisor is finding solutions that work for your clients, regardless of the perks offered by a vendor. No one wants to do business with the company pumping the best deals for its own employees – people want to work with companies that put the client’s interests first.

Learn more about Hubdoc on the Partner resources page. Payroll HR Thankyou Payroll Payroll HR A genuinely free, full service, cloud based payroll solution for small to medium sized NZ businesses and not for profit organisations. As your accountant, we understand your business and we have a solid understanding of your numbers for growth and success. Add value to your business by fast-tracking and simplifying your business processes.

Collaborate with your peers, support your clients and boost your practice. Get additional benefits and free software as you move up the partner status levels from bronze to platinum. This should please U.S. accountants and bookkeepers who prefer to have their clients pay directly for software subscriptions versus paying themselves and passing through or absorbing the cost. During the month, partners will be able to view their points, status level and information on their Xero Champion badge on a mini-dashboard within Xero HQ. The new global points system was pioneered in Australia in 2014 and was well received by our partners. The most significant improvement was the provision of points for advisors ‘invited into’ client orgs. For some partners, the move will mean an immediate increase in status – especially those with a number of Business Edition Xero clients.