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Superstream Improves The Australian Superannuation System

April 1, 2021
Bill Kimball

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4) When creating the new employee’s record in Xero, in the Employment tab, click on Add Super Membership and choose your default fund from the list. (If you have a lot of funds listed, hope that your default fund begins with A!!) Add the Employee’s member number and click okay. Have just had the same issue and looking through the responses you have there doesn’t really seem to be a simple solution. We are emailing Xero Support in the hope they can tell us which funds may be causing the issue.

Despite this, it still boasts more features than most companies we’ve reviewed. Xero offers different pricing for the different countries it supports. You can go to the bottom right-hand corner of Xero’s webpage to change the region and see other pricing options. Funds Registered through Simple Fund 360 can be cancelled via the Simple fund 360. Australia Post is the only supported SuperStream provider for Simple Fund 360. However, you will need to complete the registration outside of Simple Fund 360. If you have already registered and paid for SuperStream in Simple Fund, no refund will be provided for a fund upon migration to Simple Fund 360.

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Clearing houses and more recently Xero auto super payments have made our life easier. While we are aware that there are free superannuation clearing house solutions under 20 employees these solutions are manual and still require administrative overhead. Feedback from our partners using the auto-super payments feature has been extremely positive, so we felt offering a standard across all subscriptions was the right way to go. We believe auto super will become a mandatory component of any small business accounting software application in the future.

The Australian government is introducing a new SuperStream data and e-commerce standard which is due to begin in stages from July next year. SuperStream is a package of reforms designed to improve the superannuation system. They have reported back that the superannuation has not been divided to show which employee got which amount – it only shows a total. in my employee setup i have allocated two different member numbers – Has any one else had this problem and do we know if this is a click problem or Xero problem. We have two employees that use a self managed superfund with AusPost gateway. So, please navigate to the employment tab of the employee and under the Superannuation membership section , click on the existing membership and change the fund to the new USI fund. How do I amend an existing superannuation fund to add the USI number without having to create a new Superannuation Fund?

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We’ll walk you through the basics right here and what you need to do to get ready for it’s introduction. It would be great if you add Illinois to the supported states. You jacked up our rates for payroll and people still can’t use it. Now when an employee requests time off from the employee portal they see the same experience as we introduced in October for the Payroll Admin.

It’s a more intuitive way to connect and chat all things business with one another. @Andrea, we’re working through the details now to get certification and we’ll update this blog as soon as its done. It’s a priority for us and yes it will be done before July 2015. I doubt this is true for a single person business like @Simon mentioned. Asking him to pay an extra $10pm (moving from his $50 plan up to $60 plan just to access this convenient feature) seems excessive. I guess it comes down to how much value a single person company places on automating a few minutes of work for convenience. Please contact our support team and we will be able to assist you with this.

Since the service is free in Simple Fund 360, there is no registration expiry date for a fund. Each fund will only need to register initially for SuperStream; no fund registrations need to be renewed. This means that Simple Fund 360 will only integrate with that gateway. For your data to flow into Simple Fund 360, you need to register with Australia Post.

Started processing super on 14 Janauary and finally processed through Xero on 31 January. I also got the same error when it doesn’t specify which fund is the problem. I am also getting the same message and yet the Sept 2016 qtr super payment was okay.

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Click Super have identified the majority of the ‘EC-SE-99997’ errors was an issue with their server which affected a number of batches late last week. We didn’t want to send out communications to those customers until we could confirm what the issue was, and when it was ok to re-submit. Authorisers will have been notified of this in an email on Tuesday afternoon. They have identified this as an error at their end and have advised us that your batch can be re-submitted now. If you have already re-submitted the batch and the status is ‘Approved’ or ‘Approved, pending processing’, there’s no need to do anything else.

However, during peak times , the volume of submissions is extremely high, which pushes the volumes of fails up as well. After register with auto super, the super payment is quite simple, it just takes a few clicks.

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I was concerned about the slowness of this one-at-a-time notificationn of a fail. At Xero’s suggestion I tried to check my regulated funds against ATO Super Lookup but it did show up a couple of funds that didn’t seem to exist any more.

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Sunsuper will create the member account and email the employee. We need this ability to nominate a default fund for employees within Xero. Xero/ClickSuper and the super fund communicate with each other to then update the member number field in Xero.

If your clients have 19 or fewer employees , SuperStream starts from 1 July 2015. These businesses have until 30 June 2016 to meet the SuperStream requirements when sending superannuation contributions. I feel the need to highlight the very poor way Xero has managed the SuperStream compliance changeover. It is now clear that we will have to manually re-enter super fund details with USI for EVERY employee. This additional work is almost entirely unbillable and a huge burden to our already overloaded work schedule at this time of year.

  • Xero’s automatic superannuation is gold-certified by the ATO as SuperStream compliant.
  • You can go to the bottom right-hand corner of Xero’s webpage to change the region and see other pricing options.
  • How do I amend an existing superannuation fund to add the USI number without having to create a new Superannuation Fund?
  • Xero is not the one with the breach when the deadline is not met, it is the companies using your software.
  • Once the issue has been fixed, the fund needs to be resent for registration.

This does not seem to be our fault and we received a confirmation that payment went through via text. Since we now are past the deadline this is a major concern for my client’s business both in terms of tax deduction implication as well as how do we process the payment now. I’ve also asked all staff to be more vigilant with reading communication they receive from their super funds. If you contact Xero payroll support by email – they will tell you which fund is causing the problem and how to fix it. This is why the suggestion is put that you allow a good week for the clearing house to process the payments and this also allows time to correct any issues. The legality behind the SGC is that it must reach the employee’s super fund by the 28th, not come out of your bank account by the 28th. I have the same problem with a failed batch payment.

Business owner can save lots of time on super payment. Why is Auto Super not included in Standard/Starter plans? I have small business clients with 1-2 employees that do not need a premium plan for any other reason. If they are husband/wife then they may only have intermittent payruns. Seems a lot ($180-$480 p.a.) to move them to Premium just to access this feature. Surely if you have payroll functionality it should come with Auto Super as standard. I have been advised that Xero takes no responsibility for this, claiming that it’s the ATO’s fault because they have not mapped or linked SPIN to USI.

Time Off requests can be raised by the employee from the portal Overview or Time Off screens. If the employee has been granted timesheet or time off approval permission then they will now see a new Team Management tab. From here it’s easy for the employee to review, approve or decline requests. MYOB have had the M-Powered Superannuation in place for many years. As of July 2014 MYOB released their SuperStream Compliance payment system, working in conjunction with their payroll.

The community forum is monitored but Xero don’t necessarily see it straight away. The authoriser has not received the email for the specification of the error.

If you did submit before this time and you do receive notice of late payment from the super fund, please contact our Support team. Just a quick tip in regards to deadlines – the process takes between 4 and 5 business days from the time you approve the batch in Xero. Part of Superstream is also the data that is required to be sent to the super funds in addition to Payments. While all the necessary data for superstream can be entered in Xero, you have to check with your super fund to see if they need any more information for the employee to be superstream compliant. SuperStream allows you to make all your contributions for each period in a single transaction, even if your payments are going to multiple super funds.

It is extremely disappointing that Xero did not raise this issue with the ATO during their many close and meaningful meetings! MYOB seem to have at least gone some way to reduce this burden for their customers.

Alternatively the steps required are outlined below. As long as you have all the contact information entered for the employee.

For US payroll when will you have a complete system with e-file, Federal and State tax and direct deposit. This was promised for last january and did not materialize. If making changes to Australian payroll – It would be awesome to have a payroll tax report incorporated into Xero. You could have a flag on the pay item as whether it is included in the report or not. A further change we’ve brought in with this release is to auto-schedule time off requests that are approved by the manager. This reduces the previous step of the payroll admin having to schedule the request even after it has been approved. Finally, under the main Time Off area the payroll admin can bulk approve time off requests to help save time.

Select New Contactand users will be able to add a new person on the prompted Contacts page. Once completed, select Saveto proceed.If no additional recipients are selected, no email containing transaction data will be sent. The Electronic Service Address is required by employers so that they can send contribution data to that address. Any prior contribution data obtained via SuperStream prior to migration for the fund will still be accessible from Simple Fund 360 post-migration. SuperStream Gateways will collect your contribution data from employers and distribute this data to your SMSF.

I submitted my auto super payments on 20 April which contain a mixture of USI and SPIN numbers and mine processed quite normally. Most super fund will still accept payment, but the employer is not SuperStream compliant. If business is still make super payment manually, then small business with 19 or less employees can register with ATO’s super clearing house. After approval, Xero’s auto super partner, currently Click Super will direct debit the total super payable amount submitted and distributed to each employee’s super fund.