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The Elevator Speech

March 9, 2021
Bill Kimball

30 second elevator speech for accountants

For example, I recently heard an insurance agent say, “We insure your auto, car, home, life, …” Well, I heard part of it. She listed a dozen more things – the kitchen sink may have been in there – and I bet some of those services haven’t been sold in years. An elevator speech is that short and sweet 30-second answer to the question “What do you do?

Aspiring writers would always have a short pitch ready, in case they encountered an editor or movie executive in the elevator. If you have interviews coming up and don’t want to leave anything to chance, I’ve created a new guide where you can copy my exact step-by-step method for getting job offers. Practice, figure it out, and then use it as a way to relax when you’re waiting for a job interview or a meetings. Don’t make somebody repeat important pieces about their background. How do you feel if somebody can’t remember your name or a story you just shared. So if they’re taking the time to tell you about their latest project, try to capture the details. You don’t want to be standing there two minutes later asking, “wait, you said you were involved in a research project, right?

30 second elevator speech for accountants

An elevator pitch or lift pitchand what is also known as an elevator speech isn’t anything to do with elevators really. So whether you are startup entrepreneurstarting a business or have an existing established company, I recommend you get yourself a well prepared elevator speech. Your elevator pitch needs to come out smoothly and be designed to share your strengths and facts that relate to the direction you’re heading in. And that doesn’t happen without practice. Now that we covered how to create the best possible elevator pitch… with plenty of elevator pitch examples… there’s something just as important we should talk about. I recently came across a great formula and have yet to find anything better in terms of a very specific, direct elevator pitch. So I’ll share the formula here and then give you some elevator pitch examples with this method.

Rise To The Top With A Fresh Elevator Speech

By becoming a “green” company, you will have a better public image and be on the cutting edge of business technology. Have you ever been inspired by a work of art, such as a song, painting or film? Elevator pitch examples can have the same effect by serving as an inspiration with your own unique goals. If nothing else, these samples can be great motivators for getting started on your own individual pitch. My name is Sarah, and I run a trucking company.

It’s important to keep this brief because it’s still about you, and prospects really don’t care about you. They really just care about themselves and their business.

The value proposition in both is exactly the same, but how it’s pitched will be totally different. It’s worth understanding the difference between an elevator pitch vs. a positioning statement. In most cases your product or service offering is not without competition. This is the case unless you’ve invested something that doesn’t already exist in the market already. What I mean by something that doesn’t exist would be the likes of Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb.

Elevator Pitch Example With This Method:

These short-pitches would be explained to his editor by Caruso in the elevator ride. Xero is easy-to-use online accounting software. Expect caution and negative questions from your prospects. They don’t know you, and will try to poke holes in your argument.

30 second elevator speech for accountants

As I got to know his business, it turned out that his larger issues was that his PhD employees were stealing his ideas and he didn’t have any agreements in place to prevent it. I worked with him to create non-compete and non-disclosure agreements to protect his intellectual property and his business. My name is _______ and I want you to build better business relationships through effective follow up. When you’re ready to make a lasting impression, hand me your business card for a free walk through of our proprietary system.

Page 2: Quick And Powerful Elevator Pitch Tips

” It’ll immediately make them take less interest in what you’re saying as well. You need to open up by having great body language and be confident and excited about what you’re saying. You have to appear like you know they’ll be interested. You cannot be hesitant here so practice. Get comfortable with these three steps and you will have a MUCH easier time answering the typical phone interview questionsyou’ll hear, introducing yourself at networking events, and more. They might also ask why you’re considering a job change.

Like anything, the length of your elevator pitch will vary based on the situation and how much time someone is wiling to give you to speak about yourself. But generally, you want to be mindful of the time and be concise with what you say. This is your guide to creating your perfect elevator pitch, with 30 second elevator pitch examples, a 90 second elevator pitch example, and a written elevator pitch example for emails. It’s obviously an overused cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason. People remember how you make them feel the first time you meet them. Did you make them feel uncomfortable?

Your unique selling proposition or USP forms the foundation of your business marketing. Your USP is the core defining statement to set yourself apart from the crowd. In order to prepare a great elevator pitch you need to know your USP beforehand. Essentially your business’s value proposition and positioning statement will remain fixed, unless you have a major shift in your business. However, your elevator pitch can be altered and tweaked depending on the audience. This is particularly true of entrepreneurs who are either pitching to a customer versus pitching for investment.

  • The concept has gone on to be used for employees elevator-pitching for a job, entrepreneurs elevator-pitching for investment in their business and business owners elevator-pitching for business.
  • The downside of having two speeches is you have both to write, rehearse and remember.
  • We took them through our 2 month process and rolled out their new benefits plan smoothly and on time.
  • Learn how you can improve your own elevator pitch and find the best example for accomplishing this task.

An elevator pitch is a well-honed sales pitch. Where it’s just seconds long, there’s no room for waffle. You have just 30 seconds to tell them about your business, or if you’re lucky perhaps 60 seconds. Most business owners don’t have a pre-prepared speech. So would not be able to best represent themselves or their business in this short space of time they have. Imagine for a moment that you get into an elevator (or lift pitch if you’re in the UK), and you meet the person you’ve been meaning to talk to about your business. An elevator pitch is something that you have in your back pocket, just in case.

Get it wrong and you’ll not get enough or any customers, and your business will either fail or not do as well as it could. A positioning statement is about understanding your competition and the niche you occupy within the market for your product or service. Creating a positioning statement for your business will help you know which customers to target and how much to charge for your products or services. It will also help you to understand where and how to advertise and what level of support to provide to your customers. We recently helped a bakery business, which had major cash flow problems and who were making losses. By getting them to focus on their average transaction value, we helped this client to increase profits. Additionally their immediate cash flow improved, which avoided them needing to raise expensive bank finance.

How To Create An Elevator Pitch With Examples

What’s an elevator pitch, and how can it help your career? An elevator pitch—also known as an elevator speech—is a quick synopsis of your background and experience. The reason it’s called an elevator pitch is that it should be short enough to present during a brief elevator ride.

Remember to stay positive and on point. Staying focused on your business goals and professional dedication should be the guiding factors of your elevator pitch. Note that the above statement positively describes how a task was accomplished with a distinctive skill set and abilities as a leader.

A copy of yourresume, if you’re at a job fair or a professional networking event, will also demonstrate your enthusiasm and preparedness. Practice giving your speech to a friend or recording it. This will help you know whether you’re keeping within the time limit and giving a coherent message. There are great examples all over the web for people on sales, but what about examples for the medical field? Been working for 15 years, and I think this the time I should change and looking for others challenges . We successfully found and interviewed 75 executives despite a very tight timeline. I coordinated the huge testing effort that included QA, the User Community, engineering, and server developers.

Once you’ve written, edited and honed your elevator pitch, you need to rehearse it. Your rehearsing needs to be so that your pitch is both natural and convincing. What sets you apart from the competition?

30 second elevator speech for accountants

Their answers may surprise you, and that’s good and an excellent sign that you’re headed in the right direction for the pitch. I work for a well known non- profit and they recently implemented a vocational employment services program where I am a counselor. I am going to direct my clients that are having difficulty with my 30 second pitch exercises to your site. I have a start-up in the events management space with zero experience except training and backing by a reputable player in the field.

Were you sending off unfriendly nonverbal communication cues? They may not be inclined to speak to you again, and that’s why nailing your first impression is so important. Thankfully, there are ways to make it less difficult. If you nail down an impressive elevator pitch about yourself, you’re essentially setting yourself up for a lifetime of amazing first impressions. If you want to network successfully or grow your business, you need an elevator speech, but don’t let the name fool you. An elevator speech may be hypothetically intended to prepare you for a brief, chance encounter with a total stranger in an elevator, but its value extends far beyond a metal box. You should be armed with it whenever you want to promptly introduce yourself to a new contact.

If your elevator pitch goes well, the potential investor might want to follow up by looking over your business plan. Bplans offer business plan templates that are easy to use, and it also offers how-to articles to help you get started with crafting your business plan. Conclude your elevator pitch with a question for the listener.

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Note that each chapter focuses on different types of examples. Learn how you can improve your own elevator pitch and find the best example for accomplishing this task. This portion of the guide will focus on elevator pitch examples. Know your audience, and speak to them.In some cases, using jargon can be a powerful move — it demonstrates your industry knowledge.

It’ll get boring for you and it’ll sound wooden to your prospects. The phrase comes from the world of publishing and entertainment.

When looking at your value proposition ask about how much better off your customers are after they’ve bought your product or service. If you’re not clear on this point, then it’s very likely your customers will not know either. Value propositions are a great way to focus what your business is about. If you get this right and you provide value, customers will buy from you.

Either way, you’ve opened up multiple ways for them to expand the conversation. Finding a new job, going to a networking event, starting a sales relationship, etc. Have a look at a few of the examples below.