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The Successful Bookkeeper

June 23, 2021
Bill Kimball

the successful bookkeeper

Get ready to build a vision for your bookkeeping business, then develop your strategies and implement the steps for achieving that vision. The longer it takes for you to understand each domain of your business, the more painful growing your business will be. This Pure Bookkeeping System sample document will give you a bird’s eye view on all the systems of your business, so you can manage all of them masterfully. Running a successful bookkeeping business does not mean you have to have a fancy office. This photo of Deb’s office gives you an idea of what works, and give you inspiration for creating your own workspace. The journey to growing a 6 figure bookkeeping business and beyond can be daunting.

You’ll need to know what the business is worth – and it may not be obvious how to figure that out. In this document, we’ll give you a few simple techniques for estimating your business’s value. When you get the right things done in your business you get the results you want such as more money, fun and freedom. Here’s a project template to help you get more things done in your business.

But as her business expanded and she worked with more and more clients, flying by the seat of her pants just didn’t cut it anymore. ​Bring in a consistent stream of clients for your business, and never struggle to get leads or convert prospects to clients.

In this powerful consultation, you’ll get one-on-one time with one of our Pure Bookkeeping master business coaches. You’ll review the current status of your bookkeeping operation, get clear on your goals, and develop a 90-day strategy and action plan to achieve your desired results. Right from the start, emphasize to your clients that you are serious about facilitating clarity on how they see their finances. Use this report to help them understand the financial side of their businesses. If you’ll be hiring staff for your business, find out how to onboard new bookkeepers with this webinar.

The checklist along with her wide range of skills and experience, both in marketing and accounting, are now helping ICB USA in its efforts to lead the future of bookkeeping certification in North America. It is hard for them sometimes with my trying to take on the world, but they’re always standing right there supporting me through thick and thin. Looking back on her early experiences now, Joanne is able to see how they have helped shape her life and her career. Entering into a charity boxing event in 2017 was a way for Joanne to spend more time focused on herself. As well as raising money for the rehabilitation of youth prisoners, Joanne also lost 20kg in the process. Pat was one of the many people that would change the course of Joanne’s life, because she then met Pat’s son Justyn, and the two of them clicked immediately. They started dating in 2006, Justyn proposed on Christmas day 2010 and they were married in 2013.

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Ad MarketplacePodcast advertising marketplace for advertisers and podcasters to meet. PatronThe seamless way for fans to support you directly from your podcast. Shannyn Lee is the Director of Coaching for the Win Without Pitching business development training program that provides sales training for creative entrepreneurs. According to our guest today, clients come looking for expertise and help, so that should be the focus. So, she has a deep understanding of how impactful systems and processes can be. This week’s guest, Sharon Francisco, has over 25 years experience with small business specializing in both Business Development and supporting business owners to achieve their goals. The difference between selling to a third party versus selling to a family member How to prepare your business to be sold Renovation versus staging your business To learn more about John, visit here.

the successful bookkeeper

Raise your prices, so your business will be in the upper 25% of your industry. ​Have easy templates and documents at your fingertips, so you never have to reinvent the wheel when you’re working with clients. ​Like you’re working really hard, but aren’t really making enough money to live the life you want to lead.

The biggest stories of our time, told by the best journalists in the world. We honor Black History Month by highlighting shows that explore icons, change-makers, the history of civil rights, and overall Black voices. Enjoy a moving and inspirational group of podcasts that will expand your knowledge of Black History.

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Now is your chance to get your hands on some of their best ideas, processes, and systems, with the Seven Secrets Value Pack for Bookkeepers. She documented virtually every aspect of marketing, selling, hiring, and growing her business in step-by-step detail, so everyone in the company could see it. Create a 30-hour training program, to train all her new contractors and employees. Through this training program, all her new hires could quickly and easily absorb Debbie’s 30 years of experiences and skills, and learn all her processes and systems. Establish a step-by-step, detailed process for working with every client in her business. For the next eight years, Peter taught Debbie how to carefully systemize each and every aspect of her business.

With this bookkeeper session checklist, you can record who’s responsible for tasks, track how long projects are taking you and your staff, and get regular updates on project progress. In this treasure box of gifts, you’ll get 14 tested resources and templates that you can use to make your business more efficient and profitable. “It was an eye-opening experience reading through the book. It brings to light so many challenges I’ve been facing as a bookkeeper and how to deal with them. Thank you Debbie for sharing your story.” ​Use our Five Star Service model to thrill your clients, which will lead to consistent, qualified referrals. ​How to easily earn additional income by producing standard reports for clients. ​How to build relationships with other accountants and create an ongoing stream of high-quality professional referrals.

What Patricia needed was a shortcut to a profitable bookkeeping business, without the hassle and struggle…. She was struggling to keep her head above water with her bookkeeping business.

Need to know how to hire the right bookkeepers, so you can expand your business? These questions will give you more insight into a bookkeeper’s dedication, passion, and work habits. The E-Myth Bookkeeper gives you a complete toolkit for either starting a successful business from scratch, or maximizing an existing business’s performance. ​Create powerful systems in all areas of your business to generate consistent revenue, receive more clients, and manage your company more efficiently.

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Bookkeepers who are qualified, who know the software inside and out, but never had the time or opportunity to really understand marketing, HR or business administration. Too many bookkeepers simply don’t enjoy their businesses, and we’re committed to turning that around. With the tools, templates, coaching, and programs in this bundle, you can transform your bookkeeping business, and create more income, more freedom and more fun…. With those systems documented and running properly, Debbie built her business to a team of 12 bookkeepers and started charging some of the highest rates in her industry. If you are “winging it” with your bookkeeping business, don’t feel bad…you’re not alone. ​Have a clear plan for launching your bookkeeping business and start off on the right foot (if you’re just starting out with your business). Many bookkeepers also feel like they’re just improvising when it comes to running their businesses.

Chances are, you’re not being compensated appropriately for your skill set and experience – and it’s probably time to raise your rates! Get the template we use to inform our clients about rate changes, and stop feeling stressed out about how to tell your clients that you are increasing your fees. Two specific, easy-to-implement systems you can use to get more referrals from your current clients. After working with some “early adopter” clients who were willing to experiment and give them feedback on their checklists, they made some changes and improved their systems even more. They wanted to see if a bookkeeper from a completely separate company could follow the steps in their plans, and achieve similar results in less time. In the early days, when her business was smaller and simpler, “winging it” got the job done.

the successful bookkeeper

This has been a great resource for me as I build my bookkeeping business and has ideas and new ways to look at things. I’ve finally found a valuable resource to help me build my bookkeeping business. I am new to this podcast, but it has already proven to be extremely helpful as I start my bookkeeping business! I especially like all of the interviews with experts in different areas. We’ve delivered this program to over 3,000 bookkeepers around the world, and we have continued to evolve the program to ensure the success of our clients. Need more guidance on creating the vision for your bookkeeping business?

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Thousands of bookkeepers have used the principles taught in this book to skyrocket their business and improve their lives. “I wanted to grow my business and the webinar with Michael helped me realized that I’ve got to make a lot of changes to grow one that’s successful and profitable. I found the entire webinar valuable. Thank you.” Trying to run a bookkeeping business can be a lonely, frustrating business – but there is another way. ​Doubtful about bring in new bookkeepers into your practice to help you with the clients you’re bringing in, because you feel like no one can do the work as well as you can. Uncertain about how to launch your new bookkeeping business, especially because you feel like there’s a lot of competition in your area. Patricia found ways to systemize every aspect of her business, from marketing and selling her services, to hiring new bookkeepers, to growing the business.

  • To maintain success, a payroll bookkeeping service needs to develop a good reputation with its clients.
  • ​Have easy templates and documents at your fingertips, so you never have to reinvent the wheel when you’re working with clients.
  • It is hard for them sometimes with my trying to take on the world, but they’re always standing right there supporting me through thick and thin.
  • Bookkeepers who are qualified, who know the software inside and out, but never had the time or opportunity to really understand marketing, HR or business administration.

Veronica Sagastume is a consultant and strategist who helps accounting, bookkeeping and tax business owners use social media and digital marketing strategies to expand and grow their business from offline to online. The Successful Bookkeeper Podcast is a weekly show to help increase your confidence, work smarter and build a business you love. Cindy Phillips began writing feature articles in 2007 with her work appearing in several regional newspapers. With more than 30 years experience in the corporate arena, her business expertise includes all aspects of marketing and management. Phillips earned a Bachelor of Arts in English education from SUNY New Paltz. ICBUSA is helping its members by introducing The Proactive Business Bookkeeping Model to improve their success. There is more than one way to make mistakes that could hurt your long term success.

This report will explain each mistake, and teach you how to avoid it in your own business. About ten years after she expanded her business and put her systems to the test, Debbie and Peter started sharing these business systems and templates with other bookkeepers who were trying to grow their businesses. You’ve don’t have any systems in place for things like client onboarding, introducing new bookkeepers, or getting testimonials from your clients. Everything takes far longer than it should because you don’t have efficient systems in place.

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Michael Palmer is an acclaimed business coach who has helped hundreds of bookkeepers across the world push through their fears and exponentially grow their businesses and achieve the quality of life they’ve always wanted. The success of any business depends on retaining existing clients and adding new clients. Providing excellent service helps retain the clients already on board, but a solid marketing plan should be created to attract new clients. Design a brochure outlining the services your business offers, areas of experience and your mission statement. Hand delivery of brochures and business cards offers the opportunity to speak in person with a business principal.

Learn about the benefits of claiming your podcast and the process here. I enjoy that it is interviews with other outside experts such as Laura Vanderkam for time management. Subscribe to receive notifications by email whenever this podcast releases new episodes. This podcast, its content, and its artwork are not owned by, affiliated with, or endorsed by Podchaser. ​Learn how to work a couple of hours a week, and take a full time salary (yes, it is absolutely possible for you!). ​Hire and retain the best staff, to minimize turnover and keep your clients happy.

Each week you’ll listen to inspiring guests who will share their success secrets, so you can take your bookkeeping enterprise and life to another level. Bringing a new managing director into the business has allowed Jo the opportunity to take a step back and spend more time with her family, confident the business will be well looked after. For her own wellbeing, Joanne is focused on her personal training and development. She has been studying for a bachelor’s degree in business with the hopes of one day becoming a chartered accountant. And, she adds, this feeling of empathy should come naturally to bookkeepers. Balancing work, study and her family life has meant Joanne has sometimes struggled to find time to really look after herself. After moving out of home at 15 from a small town to a big city, Joanne struggled to find her way.