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Top Ideas For Recruiting Great Job Candidates

June 28, 2021
Bill Kimball

ways to find employees

The sooner you find out about qualified job seekers, the faster you can schedule an interview and kick off the hiring process. You can search for employees by using sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and AngelList to look at resumes or that site’s equivalent of one.

It may also be worth it to attend local job fairs or other recruiting events to meet locals looking for consistent hourly opportunities. In the wake of COVID-19, more and more companies are turning to remote work. This is great news for employees who prefer to work from home, but it means that companies need to be more competitive. To improve your chances of finding qualified, enthusiastic remote employees, make sure your salary and benefits packages are up to par with industry standards. You’ll also have more luck hiring remote candidates if you can demonstrate the ways in which your company makes remote employment a rewarding and enjoyable experience for its employees. Communication is often one of the most challenging aspects of retaining remote employees and helping them succeed.

You can choose current, past or both based on your desire to hire someone who is still there, has left their employ, or either. Here you can get very creative, using things like specialty software, skills, specific industries, territories or regions of the country, etc. Find interview-ready candidates by including words like “pursuing,” “seeking” or “looking.” Several HR directors have told me they found people just by clicking the word “followers” on their company page . On your company page, post a similar status update. This shares the information with all followers of your company page. Job seekers interested in working for your company are probably among your followers.

A sponsored job is a paid listing displayed at the top and bottom of relevant pages, and won’t be pushed further back in the results pages over time. When an employee loves their workplace, they naturally fall into the role of an advocate. They’ll tell friends and family about their great experiences, and are often the first to share open positions with their network. Employers can fuel this behavior by creating a voluntary brand ambassador program where passionate employees have the opportunity to represent the company at various events and earn special swag. Pair this with an employee referral program that rewards workers who help you find future employees. Choosing quality hires is critical to your organization’s ongoing success, but it can be challenging to find employees with the exact skills and qualities you’ve outlined for each role.

What’s more, staffing agencies often specialize in specific industries, so find a company that’s familiar with the type of contractors you need. A recruiting strategy is a plan of action to help you successfully identify, attract and hire the best candidates for your open roles. These are basic starting points that can help you recruit the job seekers you are looking for. You can implement recruiting strategies at every step in the hiring process. Keep an eye out for local job fairs and annual career events; these are the best places to recruit employees, especially in retail, hospitality and other sectors notorious for high turnover. You can also attend events that are targeted to underrepresented groups of candidates, such as women, immigrants or people with disabilities, to increase diversity in your teams. So why not be proactive and ask your coworkers to recommend potential good fits for your open roles?

Business owners and hiring managers who only look for employees when they’re hiring often find themselves with a limited pool of applicants—especially if they’re in a hurry. If, instead, you’ve cultivated a robust network of high performers in your industry, you’ll always have a strong starting point when filling an open role. Avoid this pitfall by reviewing applicants for every job posting as soon as you can.

And now economists warn that future demographic trends will contribute to a shortage of high quality employees – and small business jobs will go begging. According to some experts, the labor force is shrinking, as more Baby Boomers are leaving the labor market and birth rates have been declining. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is social media for professionals. It’s separate from the above Social Media category because you can use LinkedIn to post jobs, but you can also search for people with specific experience and skills. Use it to recruit people that fit your job profiles. The fact is that most managers and supervisors hire only occasionally. They are not trained in best-practice techniques for how to find employees, nor are they experienced “hiring managers” — they are managers who hire from time-to-time.

If you have the type of business that frequently needs to hire employees quickly, take the time to find out which job postings are getting the most attention. To do this, ask applicants where they saw your job posting. If you want additional insight, you can also ask what about the job description stood out to them and made them want to apply. This form of recruiting is also a great way to build relationships with top-caliber candidates who will soon be entering the workforce.

Top Ideas For Recruiting Great Job Candidates

I know a president of a local company who found a new VP for his company in just five days after using the status update to ask his network for help. It’s not enough to place an ad in your local newspaper anymore. Your chances of attracting the employees you want will be much better if you broaden your advertising. When competition for employees is fierce, a plain old signing bonus may be what’s needed to recruit the high quality employee you want and keep them from joining the competition.

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ways to find employees

Maybe they’ve dedicated years to mastering one specific role and need more opportunity to grow now. Currently this costs about $200 per month per posting. Find this by clicking the Jobs tab on the top toolbar and selecting Post a Job.

How Can I Ensure That Highly Qualified Candidates Get To Apply To My Vacancies?

Test many different venues for posting your jobs and see if one of them brings better people. The smartest employers, who hire the best people, recruit a pre-qualified candidate pool of potential employees before they need to fill a job. Or, as Harvey Mackay, well-known, irreverent, author and speaker, says about networking, “Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty.”

Something you’ll want to consider before you try to establish a program is who will set it up, you or someone else? Once you know that, you should draft a plan, set up a trust, establish a record-keeping system and make sure you have a written plan you can offer employees. Many employees are just as concerned about the quality of life a position offers as they are about the amount of money it will bring in.

Indeed Resume hosts millions of resumes from job seekers across nearly any industry and location. Employers can quickly find candidates by entering a job title or skill and a city, state or zip. You can narrow down results by criteria like years of experience, education level and more. You can also set up a Resume Alert to receive daily emails with links to new resumes that match the criteria for the positions you’re looking to fill. Writing an attention-grabbing and thorough job description is one of the most important parts of the hiring process.

Maintain Contact With Interested Candidates

These types of referrals tend to boost morale as well as retention rates. Re-considering past candidates means that you can skip those time-consuming first hiring steps and go straight to reaching out to them to learn if they’d be interested in your open position. This is a huge timesaver – and also a good solution if you’re trying to decrease your recruiting budget. You’ll need to come up with a way to find qualified employees fast. Have you ever thought about how much money you spend to advertise jobs to people you already know? Even if you don’t know them personally, someone from your company might.

This can greatly increase your job visibility. You can get it picked up by Google by having someone properly format it on your website, or by using a service that creates a properly formatted jobs page for you automatically. Give a detailed summary of the key responsibilities employees should expect on the job. If there is an uneven distribution of responsibilities, you should make it clear which are the important ones. Finding employees is hard and getting harder all the time. This year, 68 percent of HR professionals report problems filling positions – up from 50 percent in 2013.

  • For businesses that look like they’re going somewhere, profit sharing programs can be a powerful inducement to people to come work for you instead of for someone else.
  • Moreover, your existing employees already know your business intimately, so they will know who from their network would be most suitable for the job.
  • Once you know that, you should draft a plan, set up a trust, establish a record-keeping system and make sure you have a written plan you can offer employees.
  • You can also attend events that are targeted to underrepresented groups of candidates, such as women, immigrants or people with disabilities, to increase diversity in your teams.
  • If you only recruit when you have openings, you can’t get the best, because the pressure to hire someone quickly causes you to be less selective and often results in a bad hiring decision.
  • We strive to never leave applicants or customers guessing.

Even more useful is the process you use to develop the job description internally and the behavioral characteristics of your ideal candidate. You can develop relationships with potential candidates long before you need them. These ideas will also help you in recruiting a large pool of candidates when you have a current position available. Read on to discover the best ways to develop your talent pool and recruit employees. Sometimes the best person to interview a candidate is someone already working in the same or similar role. This employee already knows what it takes to excel in the position and can verify whether candidates have the skills and experience needed to do the job well. Current employees can also give an accurate description of day-to-day experiences and help candidates better understand what they can expect if hired.

These companies can use the flexibility inherent to their smaller size to become “Magnetic Companies” that attract quality applicants. Remember that you’re not just casting out job postings and waiting for a bite, you’re actively competing with companies around the globe. Let candidates know how great your organization is and why so many people have chosen to work there. This is your chance to shine a light on your company culture and why it makes your organization stand above the crowd. Show candidates that your posting is more than a job; it has the potential to be a career they will love. If you’re struggling to find qualified candidates and want to get your job posting on over 100 job sites and social networks, ZipRecruiter can save you time and frustration. You can try the platform for free and then choose the combination of recruiting tools that most closely fit your needs.

To do this, you need to expand your reach and be visible to the right job seekers. The first step is to define your ideal employee. Next you need to let them know that you’re hiring. Unleash your creative side and you’ll reach the right audience. In today’s tech-savvy world, you can complete the entire hiring process online. You might not even meet a job candidate in person until they show up for on boarding. As long as you know where to market and promote your job openings, it’s easy to find employees online.

ways to find employees

Whether it’s a phone call, video conference or in-person meeting, always be sure to show up on time. If you’re running late, let the candidate know as far in advance as possible. Top business and career coaches from Forbes Coaches Council offer firsthand insights on leadership development & careers. Forbes Coaches Council members discuss ways to find the right roles for employees who deserve to be promoted. Good leaders can usually identify which employees are ready to be promoted. Perhaps they’re overqualified for their existing position.

What Are The Best Ways To Recruit Employees For Jobs I’m Not An Expert In?

She has run an IT consulting firm and designed and presented courses on how to promote small businesses. After you create a buzz about your job openings, make it easy to apply.