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Xero And Nonprofits

May 10, 2021
Bill Kimball

xero for nonprofits

Integrations save your organization valuable time importing and exporting information from one solution to another. Plus, specialized Blackbaud consultants can help guide you through these integrations. While Financial Edge has the ability to stand on its own, it is best employed when paired with other products like Raiser’s Edge, Luminate CRM, and more. Integrating these systems makes it easy for your organization to transfer donor information from donation pages to your CRM to your accounting ledger. QuickBooks integrates with other key donation apps for nonprofits such as Fundly and DonorPerfect, further streamlining your finance data collection processes.

You can also change the tax form to form 990, which is assigned to nonprofits. Now you can enjoy the benefits that come with using Quickbooks Online. Furthermore, Sage Business Cloud Accounting offers two free licenses to nonprofits. The Sage Foundation also provides a 50% discount on subsequent user licenses.

xero for nonprofits

Users also ask for more flexibility when it comes to reports and data for organizations with more complex operations. Araize offers a free 30-day trial of FastFund that can be canceled at any time. While they may not have specific tools for nonprofit organizations, they still have the necessary features to help you keep your finances in check. Moreover, it will guide you in your search for great tools that don’t impact your bottom line. This accounting software is highly intuitive and can be used by those who are not technology-savvy.

QuickBooks can be a great accounting software choice for nonprofits of any size, with low monthly costs and easy-to-use budgeting tools. QuickBooks syncs with your bank account and offers app integration for PayPal and Square accounts. One popular option is QuickBooks Online, which is affordable and can handle smaller nonprofit operations with ease. QuickBooks also offers Enterprise software that has many features designed for larger nonprofits, but it is more expensive and may be better suited for a dedicated accounting team.

This powerful system allows users to integrate everyday tasks like payables, payroll processing, and inventory tracking directly into their accounting process sans ERP implementation. It offers companies tailored solutions that can make most of their accounting processes much simpler and faster. The platform is loaded with enterprise-grade features that are bound to benefit any business or organization.

Downloaded withdrawals or deposits are matched to previously entered transactions, or can be entered directly into the accounting system. Month-end bank reconciliations are easier and faster with the bank account link. 30% off for 6 months is shown.The accounting program is really robust.

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is designed for use by growing businesses and freelancers but can be configured for nonprofits. The software has become the go-to tool for many nonprofits for their accounting needs mainly because of its ease-of-use and integrations with popular third-party programs.

xero for nonprofits

The dashboard tools make it easy to create visual representations of important financial analytics for administrative staff to track for your nonprofit. Fund EZ software was written exclusively for nonprofits to automate functions for accounting, fundraising campaign, grant management, and more in real time. Menus and customized toolbars make it easy to navigate this software and quickly access the information your nonprofit needs. With QuickBooks Online Plus, you can track your budget by programs or funds and manage your nonprofit’s bills. This nonprofit accounting software covers all of your basic needs, but you also have access to an add-on library for any additional functionality you find yourself in need of. We recommend MIP Fund Accounting as the best nonprofit accounting software because of the customization options offered as a part of the solution.

Is There Free Accounting Software For Nonprofits?

Xero can be incredibly useful software, but it does have disadvantages. Some users find the tracking capability challenging to manage, especially for larger organizations that have more complex grants or funds to track. Xero is better suited for small nonprofits who do not need to manage multiple funds or projects. While it may not be the ideal choice for more complex needs, Xero does offer solid nonprofit accounting support while staying affordable. Xero provides a free 30-day trial that does not require a credit card. is a cloud-based solution that is popular among nonprofit organizations around the world. It is essentially a one-stop-shop for all nonprofits’ needs, helping them in the management of their projects, staff, finances, programs, fundraising, and communications.

Plus, the enhanced audit trail in the nonprofit accounting suite prepares your nonprofit organization for audits now and into the future. Protect your nonprofit’s financial information by setting up authorization controls to limit your organization’s employees who have access to certain data. This helps prevent fraud and creates a more accountable system for monitoring financial information.

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Have you ever considered doing an article like this for mid-to-large nonprofit organizations? Freshbooks is an incredibly helpful software solution for nonprofits focused on minimizing overhead costs and tracking internal operations. They offer time-tracking and management tools to make sure your team is on the same page. Nonprofit Plus allows your nonprofit to manage your one-off donations but also has functions to manage your recurring revenue. Because recurring donations provide a consistent revenue stream, the best accounting software solutions for nonprofits will take this into consideration while budgeting.

Of course, NonProfitPlus and Zoho Books also offer unlimited users—but Xero’s pricing easily beats out NonProfitPlus’. Plus, Xero integrates with hundreds more apps than Zoho Books, which mostly integrates with other Zoho apps. But if you want to accept donations—which you undoubtedly do—you can’t just sign up for Zoho Books.

For robust budgeting that allows you to drill down the transactional level details of your nonprofit organization, consider MartusTools™. This cloud-based budgeting tool integrates easily with Financial Edge NXT, Sage Intacct, and QuickBooks, so you can quickly import essential information and make an accurate budget. Additionally, it has built-in templates to improve your reporting that you can then customize to meet your needs. Before choosing your permanent accounting solution, it’s best to have clarity regarding exactly what it is that you’re looking for. Consider making a list of the following factors and compare your list with the overviews of your option. Check out our list of the top charity auction services to find the perfect software to help your organization host a stellar event. Serenic Navigator allows nonprofits to budget, track, and report on expenses and track expenditures against user-defined budgets.

Blackbaud Financial Edge Nxt

The software has fund accounting features that can help nonprofits manage donations and grants from different sources. It segregates revenue streams, making it easy to inform donors on the status of their investments. is a robust accounting and invoicing software that can serve both businesses and nonprofit organizations. The product is used primarily in invoice creation and management but also sports very useful accounting features.

  • Consider making a list of the following factors and compare your list with the overviews of your option.
  • High quality accounting software will let you do this, with a ‘dashboard’ of useful numbers that you can access quickly and easily.
  • Moreover, it will guide you in your search for great tools that don’t impact your bottom line.
  • If you’re looking for a nonprofit marketing software, check out our list of the top solutions to help your organization raise more.
  • These tools allow for online donations/grant payments, tracking, invoicing, tax compliance, and efficient record keeping.

These 9 donor prospect research software solutions will simplify this process for your nonprofit. When it comes to managing your grants, SmartSimple can help you through every step of the grant application process. Once you receive grants, use SmartSimple to create budgets and ensure you’re using the funds appropriately. Their post-grant reporting features will help you report back to the funding organization with helpful and accurate reports.

Moreover, it may make sense to work with a business accountant, consultant, or other similar professionals to help you evaluate your options and decide on a solution. Pricing for QuickBooks for nonprofits starts with the Simple Start plan at $25 per month. Along these lines, ACH transfers will cost 2% plus $0.30 per transaction for verified organizations and 1% higher for non-verified organizations. Aplos also offers special discounts for organizations that were founded in the past six months, or who have annual revenue of under $50,000. Finding a software that really clicks with you is integral to your success, so make sure to snag those free trials and test-drive different options.

Zoho Checkout is free as long as you accept only 50 donations—ever, not per month. Clients that need unlimited donations in multiple currencies will need to add a $9-a-month Zoho Checkout plan to their existing Zoho Books plan. At publishing time, pricing and features are current but are subject to change. Xero has the capability to integrate with over 500+ tools, including Google Suite and different payment tools such as Square and Stripe. If you want to explore products with similar features, these NonProfitPlus alternatives are a great starting point. Its user interface is less visually appealing than other options, but all functions are clearly labeled in a setup similar to most Microsoft Office products. Similar to Aplos, it is surprising that an established brand such as Blackbaud doesn’t include payroll features with this system.