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April 2, 2021
Bill Kimball

tradify xero

The support from Tradify has been really great aswell – always prompt and happy to help out and they’re always working on ways to evolve. There is no one in the business who seems to actually knows what happens in a real trades company. They just don’t have the technical depth to understand how to solve complex workflows. Quoting is a joke in this platform, its ok if you are doing a simple quote to waterblast a house or change a lock. Trying to quote a 3 bedroom house is a farce, it has no bill of materials, its merchant price book management is woeful.

tradify xero

We have been using Xero for our accounting and Tradify works seamlessly. We are a plumbing business, specialising in commercial, industrial and domestic plumbing maintenance. We were looking for a program which would allow us to quote, invoice and schedule all in the one system. We looked at so many systems and felt that Tradify meet our needs in every way. It would even allow us to grow without incurring large costs to modify the system we are using. We are fencing contracting business based in Perth, Western Australia.

If you accidentally assign a bill, quote, invoice to the wrong job, you can’t undo it. You have to cancel the transaction and make a new one. Any credit notes you add to ‘Approved’ invoices in Xero, will now show in Tradify. Any payments you add to ‘Approved’ invoices in Tradify, will now show in Xero. Any payments you add to ‘Approved’ invoices in Xero, will now show in Tradify.

Why Did You Choose To Partner And Integrate With Xero?

It save lots of time on management and invociing and the job tracking is great. The best feature for my business is the ability of tradify to send the invoices straight to Xero, this save a great deal of time and also eliminates the chance of things being forgotten. I needed to be able to create, schedule & action jobs, keep track of time, turn jobs into invoices and create quotes and purchase orders as well. I needed a system that would streamline these functions and integrate seamlessly with Xero which Tradify does well. Tradify has made it so easy for booking in jobs and keeping track of where the staff members are at any time.

I’d recommend this app to other tradesmen becuase of its all in one type of app. As an apprentice I picked up this app pretty quickly after my boss showed me how to use it. Very easy to use and helps keep everything in the one place and not have to use multiple programs. I have been using Tradify with Xero for about a year now and have been very impressed. Tradify has made my life a lot easier and saves me a lot of time and stress. Use it for everything with our hours of work in our workplace. If I had to do it again, I would not have entrenched ourselves with them.

Its super user friendly and has saved us so much time, I dont know how we would go without it now. Our processes are much more streamlined, and we are able to send quotes and invoices straight from the job saving hours of bookkeeping at the end of the day. We have been using Tradify and Xero for over two years now and having tried other software we found Tradify easily the best on the market. From planning, to quoting and finally to invoicing its so easy to use; the engineers can also add information from site, making invoicing and job completion seamless. I would recommend Tradify to anyone looking to start a business or go to a paperless system. We have sent out letters and invoices in the post prior with items not received or you are wondering did they get them!


This app was seamless and easy for everyone to understand and use during the transition from our old job package to Smart Jobs . The time saved in not having to check on jobs or find where they are makes us more money than the small cost of using the system. I have draft invoices waiting in Xero for me to approve at the end of the day. All labour and materials are already added to the invoice, with the only requirement needed from me is to occasionally alter the description of work done, before approving and printing. Tradify has given me a life again, with time out of the office at night.

  • We been using Tradify for a year now and has made a tremendous difference to the way we run the business.
  • Before Tradify we operated with a diary and paper job sheets/work orders – there was paper everywhere.
  • Tradify has been just perfect for us – we use it for all our quoting and invoicing, we can keep track of all our jobs and what state they are in .
  • We are finding that we have more control on our jobs and invoicing.

The integration with Xero makes it easy to setup, and our field team love using it as well. Hi, I started using Tradify from day one of setting up my business almost 12 months ago.

Tradify + Xero

“Xero” and “Beautiful business” are trademarks of Xero Limited. Register now for free access to education, resources, and information to help you run your business. One of the first things we did was integrate with Xero. In fact, Tradify’s very first customer found us through the Xero app marketplace. With innovation at the core of the product, Emma says new markets continuously improve the way Tradify operates and its features. Now, Tradify find the majority of their customers in Australia and the United Kingdom, with the latter being an interesting market due to its familiarity. This year the UK is a key part of Tradify’s expansion plans.

I’ve recommended Tradify to a few of my clients because they’re one of the better job management software platforms. My clients are always looking for Xero integrations so always excited to see new apps being launched that connect to Xero. Join over 15,000 independent contractors building better lives & businesses with Tradify job management software. Previously we were struggling with administration, ordering parts, quoting, invoicing, scheduling and matching orders to jobs for example. Now using Smart Jobs these processes are streamlined and what is a surprise is our staff using the system are self managing work to a level we did not feel was possible. The turnaround with quoting jobs is vastly improved, the invoicing is itemised to a high level of detail and project planning is simplified and easy.

It’s up to you to assess the performance, quality and suitability of any app before going ahead. To enable the Tradify integration, simply follow the prompts in Tradify to authorise the connection. Once that’s done, you can easily set your chart of accounts preferences and select your sync preferences.

We are a small business with very diverse income streams. Finding a package flexible enough to work immediately without having complex set up and complex training was something we were looking for. We had been using an existing job tracking system, however, this was nothing more than a card based system which added to the admin burden. Although a nice looking product with many powerful features the many bugs with both desktop and mobile apps caused us to look elsewhere. On an office base view to have Tradify linked to Xero for accounting purposes has been great. Being able to know exactly where Employees are up to, any anytime of the day on their jobs is so useful. We have used Tradify through two major storm cleanups and I can honestly say I don’t know how we would have been able to keep up with all the work without this.

There was payment in Xero that didn’t have an account selected. To fix, log into Xero, then redo all the credit notes for this invoice. To fix, the currency in both Tradify and Xero need to match, this can be achieved by changing the invoice currency in Xero to match the one in Tradify.

tradify xero

I look further to expanding my use of the platform in the new year and using more options. Prior to this was using a combination of WorkflowMax for all of our small jobs and Co-Construct for our large jobs. After using tradify for the past 4 month we have found it to be a pretty good, not perfect but definitely more trade friendly.

Was very easy to learn how to work the programme and easy to adapt to our businesses needs. Everyone should use this programme if you have lots of employees out in the field on different jobs its definitely a 5 star programme. We are very happy with the ease at which you can manage a job from quoting through to invoicing. We’ve been using both apps simultaneously for our business and find the integration to be useful and time-saving. The process gives you peace of mind and we are much better at processing invoices and bills because of these websites communicating effectively.