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April 13, 2021
Bill Kimball

xero batch payments

I note you can make “batch Payments” however I’m struggling with the Service User Number / Owner ID number and my bank doesn’t know what number this is either. Absolutely this function is essential in today’s business world. Even the clunky, old DOS based system I am currently using has this functionality. Some suppliers only accept payments this way and having to do them manually is tedious and time consuming. Xero NAB Payments is a new bill payment feature and integration with NAB. It can be selected as an alternative payment method when using a NAB account to pay bills.

Any application that can access data through ODBC, like Microsoft Excel, PowerPivot, or Word, can leverage our ODBC Drivers to connect to real-time data. ODBC is the most widely supported interface for connecting applications with data.

xero batch payments

The cache database is small, lightweight, blazing-fast, and it can be shared by multiple connections as persistent storage. Large Data – Intentional or unintentional requests for large amounts of data. ODBC Remoting is enabled using the popular MySQL and SQL wire protocol server.

Check Out Our Changes To Batch Payment Screens

Please give an update and even better, a timeframe. All I need is the ability to include BPay in a payables batch or at least create a separate BPay batch. You can first expect a Payment Service option for your customers to pay Sales Invoices via BPay, through DEFT.

We used to be able to use the batch payment option for over 2 years now and in the past month we have been unable to process multiple batch payments. I have put a question to the help desk and to date not response. Currently we have to pay our suppliers one batch at a time, as we get an error message when we try to upload the multiple payment ABA to ANZ. I have a file that this new batch payment applies to and unfortunately does not work on my computer . I have requested that this file be removed from the pilot program which i have advised cannot be done.

xero batch payments

Then click Find and Match and search for the supplier using the fields on the right of the box listing bills to be paid. Tick all the bills that relate to the payment and reconcile. I receive bills from a supplier with payment terms for end of the month. What we typically do is make a single bank transfer with an amount equal to the sum of all outstanding bills. I can see that Xero’s API currently plays nice with Payreq (which also integrates with NAB, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ & Westpac). Knowing this, and having worked on other software integrations, I’m not quite sure what the hold up is.

Create A Batch Payment In Xero

Once added here it will get automatically populated under the supplier contact. Make payments on behalf of your clients without bank access. The batch file can only be created once you have ‘posted’ the payrun and you are ready to make payment to your employees. If your organisation receives cash and cheques for invoices then you will be able to benefit from using the ‘Batch Deposits’ function in Xero. You can also use batch deposits if your customers make a single payment for multiple invoices.

xero batch payments

They save time by sending payment instructions directly from Xero, and then authorising those payments with their bank. Bacs payments is what larger companies use to make bank payments. It is often confusing for smaller companies who aren’t yet signed up with Bacs. As a regular Xero user you likely have encountered Bacs payment files when running payroll, or when making a batch payment.

Reconcile Payroll Payment Transactions

It just needs customer reference fields and the BPAY logo to be an option generated on invoices and listed in customer accounts. Sure, it costs money to make happen, but this could also be an ‘added feature’ that subscribers could opt to pay for .

Batch payments allow a business to pay back multiple bills from the same supplier in one go, streamlining the payment dates and references into one simple lump sum. Save time on admin by scheduling upcoming payments and batch pay suppliers. With Telleroo you are in full control of the format we push back transactions to Xero. Depending on the payment type, payroll or supplier payments, we either send one line per batch or one line per payment to Xero, whatever you prefer.

The whole process took much longer than usual – very inconvenient! Although the logic around how the “Payee reference” field is smarter than in classic batch payments, we do understand having a column for invoice reference would still be useful. We’re currently working on adding this column back in. Choose ‘Create a batch payment’ if you want to record payments on your bills, and optionally create a batch payment file. Following a review of payment details, you can click ‘Finish and view batch’.

I can spend up to 2 hours manually making the B-pay payments. In this day and age batch payments for B-pay should be already in existence. It’s still possible to just mark your bills as paid and not download a batch payment file. To just record payments against your bills for past, present or future payment dates, select the ‘Create a batch payment’ payment method. Hi TJ, the new bill payments experience allows you to create batch payment files for any of your accounts, regardless of the bank.

We’d recommend taking a look at this page on Community where you can leave a vote for the feature and follow the discussion around this. We appreciate the feedback regarding the special characters and lengths in reference fields too — we’ve passed that onto the right team. Thanks for your feedback on the purchase order numbers. It sounds like you might be referring to this feature request on Community — feel free to vote on the request and follow the discussion, voting helps us see how widely requested this is.

So therefore I have a file of which i used to be able to use the batch payment but now cannot create any batch payments. This is a complete inconvenience and is certaintly not a feature that i will be paying for. Especially for small businesses, efficiency and consistency in paying bills and other dues in time are crucial. It allows you to remain focused on your assets and balance without having to juggle what’s yet to clear or come in. That’s why we’ve concocted this simple guide to submitting batch payments using the popular platform Xero – read on to learn more. I, like others, have been disappointed by a lack of ability to do something this relatively straightforward.

I don’t want to integrate with my bank account. So all it took was one click on each of the bills from that supplier I wanted to pay, click on bank account, add description and done!

  • Is there anything in the pipeline where I don’t have to allocate all credits before I pay the monthly accounts.
  • The process is slightly different for paying employees.
  • Knowing this, and having worked on other software integrations, I’m not quite sure what the hold up is.
  • Power BI Connectors Fully-integrated Power BI Connectors with real-time data access .

We will let you know there of any updates to the invoice side of a BPAY integration. Hi everyone, Come on over to the new discussions in Xero Central. It’s a more intuitive way to connect and chat all things business with one another. Ask questions, dish out answers, and get involved. In addition, we encourage you to join the Community discussion and contribute any additional feedback or suggestions you might have. You seem to have deleted all the responses that were initially made on this.

Xero is uniquely positioned to work with you and your preferred local or global third-party payments provider to offer solutions that speed up the time for Xero small businesses to get paid. Find out how we’re currently achieving this through our integrations with Stripe and PayPal. Xero offers an API so that small business customers can have their invoices paid online, directly from the invoice, using the bank’s merchant services payment facility.

Not really wanting to pay for the service at the minute, i was hoping i this would be something i could do through Xero without any fees. There’s an existing Community discussion on this where you may like to add your vote and comment, and follow the progress of this request. Can I get an idea of a timeline for integration? Is this sometime in 2020 or several years away? I know that currently the community needs to vote more for this .

I can’t upload a batch payment file to Barclays. The batch payments system is shockingly bad and there seems to be no effort from Xero to fix their embarrassing problem. Go to the purchases screen and choose “awaiting payment” sort by supplier and then tick all the bills you wish to pay e.g. the statement amount.

Then export the payment to pay it from your bank account. That’s all you have to do to create a batch payment and download the file for your online banking. Now let’s see how the batch payment looks in our bank account. I am unable to process batch payments the new way- once I select the bills to be paid and elect for batch payment, the screen moves to another page and nothing will load.

You can learn more about this feature in this blog post. Click ‘Finish and view batch’ and you’ll be taken to the batch you just created in Xero.

Most of our creditor payments are made via b-pay. Needs more options to add to a batch payment, needs more options to limit searches especially when one supplier can have over 200 invoices, filling up the list and makes batch payments hard to do. Depending on your user role, add a batch payment to bundle multiple bills into one payment transaction.

Batch Payments

On the screen you can edit your payment details before creating the batch in Xero. You can show Chart of Account type accounts with payments enabled by selecting ‘Show other account types’.