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Xero Pricing Changes And Plan Updates

June 1, 2021
Bill Kimball

xero pricing changes

By signing up, you will receive emails from Proformative regarding Proformative programs, events, community news and activity. The jump from Standard to Premium 10, more than double the price, seems too big. And if I needed multiple currency support then I would be really unhappy that my price is going up as much as it is, even if it will be a year from now. I’m disappointed that the Standard level only allows for one employee. I don’t have statistics on how many small businesses that would have this volume of transactions will have only one employee, but I would be a lot more interested in this if the number was higher. Here’s the new pricing chart – please note that the “special offer” will no longer be available starting today. One of the intriguing aspects of Xero Payroll is the pricing.

  • But unlike a regular sales invoice, that ‘Add Details’ section doesn’t show the column for discounts.
  • Your pricing plan may have full Xero functionality.User rolesare available should you wish to limit users to see and do certain things.
  • I truly wouldn’t be able to run my business without Accounts Lab.
  • If you’re interested only in personal cards, there are other financial institutions that have feeds into Xero.
  • You can change to a bigger plan at any time but after adding or changing to a new plan, will need to wait 30 days before you can change to a smaller plan.

The more customers Xero acquires, the relatively less important this feature request will become for Xero. This is unfortunately for us who are longing for this feature good business practice. There are only 28 votes on this topic compared to multiple hundreds in others. So regardless of how simple it is to develop this function until demand for it visibly changes other functions will ALWAYS have a higher priority for the product managers.


New permission settings allow control over who views, approves and pays claims. Best of all, Xero Expenses provides real-time insight into who’s spending, how much, and on what. Payroll continues to be one of the strongest draws for employers on Xero. We’ve enhanced it by adding employment termination payments, the ability to deactivate unused pay items and to support working-holiday employees. We’ve also enhanced the opt-in process for auto-super and now offer super reports with proof of payments. Starting 28 September 2018, we’ll be changing prices to reflect the improvements in Xero and the cost of serving larger subscribers on a per-employee basis.

Please correct me if I am wrong, this request is primarily about updating items from within transactions. the important thing is to resolve those problems. There is actually no reason why each item/service can not have a price history attached.

When you are setting up accounts in the Payroll feature, for example, you are working directly with the chart of accounts in the accounting system. When you process a payroll run the information shows immediately in the accounting system without having to export the data on one side and import it on the other. The integration should appear seamless, which is the best kind of experience when using a software product.

Purchase entitles you to Quicken for 1 or 2 years , starting at purchase. Full payment is charged to your card immediately. At the end of the membership period, membership will automatically renew every year and you will be charged the then-current price . For full details, consult the Quicken Membership Agreement.

Since early 2016, we’ve devoted almost $250 million to research and development including new regulatory compliance such as Single Touch Payroll. We don’t adjust prices often, but we do revisit them from time to time to ensure they’re aligned with the value we’re delivering. If your clients want to use multi-currency you will need to upgrade them to a Business pricing plan . Contact your Xero Account Manager if you need access to set up a Partner Edition plan. If you would like access to offer these plans, please contact our team at or complete the application form on our website to become a Xero Partner.

I am doing this manually at present and with 400 items, this is a lot of lost time. I assume it is as simple as just creating a link. If any of these questions have you wondering if Hubdocs would be a good fit for your business or not, we’re here for a discussion. Please give me a call or you can organise a time to chat with me here. Existing Tools – Do you already have existing software that does the same function and has features that the new software does not have? For example, if you are currently using ReceiptBank, it would beneficial for you to stay with them as there are more core features available to you. Hubdoc is included in Xero Early, Growing and Established plans as long as it’s connected to your Xero subscription.

Your pricing plan may have full Xero functionality.User rolesare available should you wish to limit users to see and do certain things. These pricing plans are available with the Business Edition of Xero, which is the edition you’ll have if you’ve signed up to Xero yourself and chosen a billing account. If your accountant or bookkeeper has added Xero for you, you’ll most likely have a Partner Edition plan. Certainly the reduction of the price for the Starter level will be applauded by some. Personally, I wonder if it would make sense to just provide that for no cost? When compared to Wave for that smallest of businesses, I’m not sure which is the best choice.

Setting Up Agreed Pricing For Specific Customers

So I find it hard to feel good about a price increase when you have always declined to offer this critical basic accounting feature for my business and others like me. Please correct me if I am wrong and the features are available / becoming available. Does the change to Xero Expenses mean that I will have to pay $5 per month, or $60 per year, to be able to make such expense claims after 31/1? If so, that would push my total Xero cost to $660 a year, which is a lot of money for my tiny business. It’s also a big increase, considering I am perfectly happy with the current expense claim system for my sole-trader purposes.

xero pricing changes

As a database developer, it’s not too hard to fix at all. When the cost price for a product changes due to a bill paid, the same relationship should simply apply the confirmed price to the product’s cost price field on its account page. Another example of a fundamental core feature that has been missing for more than 6 years and nothing done about it. If was in software we develop, it would literally be no more than a day’s work, by one person , re-coding at the most. You can override the Unit Price, but you can’t override when the Cost Price changes along with the Unit Price.

I was an eager, early adopter but I think there have been too many add-ons and exclusions over time. Does this refer to the number of current employees on the payroll, or does it also include former employees whose records are still on xero but have been terminated. OR does it just refer to employees who would be using the expense system . two employees instead of one, at no extra expense. As small businesses add their first employees, they can be even more confident of keeping costs down. For all CapitalQ Community Members on Fixed Price Agreements that include their Xero subscriptions, we will absorb the price increase until the anniversary of your current agreement. So at this time there will be no change to your monthly fee.

When you change to a smaller plan, you’ll lose access to use multi-currency or be limited in the number of transactions you can enter depending on the plan chosen. When you change to a bigger plan you will simply have access to add unlimited transactions, or foreign currency bank accounts and transactions, depending on the plan chosen. Option to go over these limits – an extension of 5 sales invoices and 5 bills in total, and an extension of 10 reconciled transactions in total. Accordingly, your monthly Direct Debit will also reflect the new price. For all CapitalQ Community Members who are not on Fixed Price Agreements including their Xero subscriptions, but who pay for their Xero via CapitalQ, your next monthly fee will reflect the new price.

It is time consuming to have to go into the inventory section to update this whenever a price goes up, even if it is only by a few cents. From 18 March 2020, the price of Xero Starter, Standard and Premium plans is increasing by $2 a month in Australia. Xero wants to change the game for small businesses and that’s why they’re constantly evolving Xero for you. As part of Xero’s price change, they have announced the inclusion of Hubdoc. Xero has different pricing plan optionsto suit your business. Find out about the features and benefits of each plan to work out which one’s right for you.

Changing Pricing Plan

For us that will mean an extra $20 – $40 per month for expenses and an extra $5 per month for the plan. I have to say I agree with Mark above and would strongly encourage you to listen to the feedback and not give glib responses saying it is free til September. seriously any accountant, book keeper of year 9 maths graduate can tell you that doesn’t make a tiny bit of difference when the ongoing cost is significant.

This has just cost me 10% profit as two invoices went out with out me realising. Thanks Matt, I looked at this however the issue was that the pricing being relfected in the line item was the inventory price less 10%. All pricing in the inventory lisitng was correct and ex GST. It was strange as we went into edit the invoices once we discovered it and the invoice in edit mode generated the correct pricing automatically i.e. it corrected itself. Hi, has anyone had any issue with inventory pricing mysteriously adjusting by the GST amount? We have had 19 invoices through June and July reflecting prices less GST, this has now miraculously reverted to the correct pricing as it was prior to June 13.

COGS – sounds like Tracked Inventory is something that you could look into for your items. It automatically calculates COGS based on the items’ average cost, when you approve a sales transaction. If you want a hand with this or need more info, check out our Help page and also feel free to fire up a message to our Support team. I am hoping however that there will be other work done on inventory and that this feature gets picked up as part of that.

On the other hand, for this number of employees you don’t need electronic filing right away. There are several Premium levels that replace Large, with significant price increases. This is where you get multi-currency support. The difference between the 10, 20 and 100 levels is the number of employees covered by Xero Payroll and the amount of storage you get for Xero Files. Existing “Large” users will be grandfathered in to a “Premium 10” account for $39 for one year, after which your rate will go up to $70. With this release, Xero is changing the existing pricing, adding more plans, and including Xero Payroll for free in all but the lowest level. Back in the 80’s my own software company produced a commercial integrated payroll system, and one of the biggest hassles was that every State had it’s own quirks which changed constantly.

xero pricing changes

Now that we have loaded the unique prices for each customer or group of customers, invoices automatically get the correct customer price for each inventory item so no need for manual changes on each invoice. When you create a Purchase Invoice and you add a new cost price to the inventory, the system should automatically change the Cost Price . Having transferred to Xero from MYOB, this is the feature I miss most. I would like to see, the most recent purchase price for any one item replace the price stored in the item card. this way the most recent cost will come up when entering purchases, not just the cost we initially entered when started our account. we have 1000’s of inventory items stored, so it is impossible to keep track of exactly much each item costs at any one time.

I think more time should be have spent testing this app before release and the old one should still be operating until you at least have the new app ‘on par’ with the old one. 1) It would be ideal if when I selected a billable account that links to the receipts are provided on the invoice . The concept of the app is to photograph and throw away the receipt – makes it hard to provide copies. 2) Next it appears that each individual receipt creates a separate bill as opposed to being able to group the receipts together to submit one invoice.

Xero Payroll

As to the feature you asked about in payroll, can I suggest you add your voice to those also requesting it at Xero Community? It’s the best way to let us know what features are most wanted by partners. There are also some suggested workarounds on that Community page that might help in your situation. For subscription purposes the number of employees is not set by the number of active/former employees, but rather the number of employees paid within a calendar month. In determining which plan you fit, the key figure is the number of unique employees you are paying . The number of employees in your database is irrelevant and does not impact your subscription.

If an employee files no expenses in a month, there’s no charge for that user. Thanks for writing in, and thanks for trialing Xero. Just to clear up any confusion, our $25 starter plan has never included multi-currency and is unaffected by the recent price adjustment. The pricing for premium 5 will rise by just $5 a month, which is the first adjustment in over two years. We think it’s a reasonable value, and we hope you will too as you give Xero a try. The new Expenses is a vastly improved product compared to the original expense claims feature in Xero.

The very least you could do is maintain the current free expenses service as a standard part of the package forever. We have four organisations using Xero because as an early adopter it was better than the rest. We will certainly be looking for alternatives now.

I am shocked to have to say that MYOB is a better small business programme, despite looking like it came out of the ark. I would also like to highlight, that it is not just for tracked items.

Inventory: Automatic Update Of Purchase Price When Buy New Product

Starter replaces Small, and the price drops quite a bit from $19 to $9 a month. Existing Xero “Small” customers will see their rates drop to the new “Starter” level. A key issue, of course, is which State payroll systems are supported.