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Xero Shoes Huaraches Review

May 5, 2021
Bill Kimball

how to tie xero shoes

(This is not something I can control.) If there is any “flap” at all, sometimes it will catch. Consequently I use a tying style that minimizes the amount of flap on the outer side of the sole and toe and that is usually sufficient. Just as a little kid will get used to flip flops, they can get used to huaraches like these if they give them time. Personally I haven’t gotten the knack of tying my Xero’s properly for running…maybe oneday. If you want to see how Xeros stack up against other similar sandals, check out my barefoot huarache sandal comparison. Birthday Shoes have a really thorough review of Xeros, with plenty of pictures. They suggest picking black laces if you fancy a slightly smarter look.

The best part of about these sandals is that you get to build them. Generally one foot is different from the other. So having a custom set of sandals would be ideal.

  • You can pair them with a nice button-up and chinos and fit right in at a nicer restaurant.
  • It seems like some of the extra padding on the upper could be sacrificed to save on swing weight, but it does make this a super comfortable shoe to slip on.
  • I just bought a pair of DIY shoes, and i was wondering how i can tie them like this picture.
  • These shoes literally roll up to the width of the sole, by about a 2” circle.
  • —caused a small hole to rip through the canvas.

One of the coolest parts about barefoot running is how silent you are. I have so much fun pretending I’m a hunter-gatherer, or a ninja. These early huaraches were pretty noisy, though, due to the instability mentioned in #2, and the flatness of the sole.

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Look at Sonja’s tying style to see how — basically, instead of making one loop around the ankle hole, you make 2-4 of them. The hard part at the end of the shoestring is called an aglet. My Connect DIY kit arrived today, and here’s the finished shoes! I trimmed them down quite a bit, so the edges are a slightly ragged . I tried hand sanding them to smooth that out, but it didn’t even put a dent in the rubber. I’ll have to hunt someone down with a belt sander to get a really smooth edge, apparently.

I haven’t been wearing these long but so far I’m enjoying them. I’m really impressed with how flexible but sturdy the soles are. It’s actually rarely the case of WHERE the side hole is as much as it can be an issue about the tension of that section of lace.

how to tie xero shoes

Thanks for putting all this great info up on the web. I made a pair of huaraches using an old pair of Chacos that I no longer wore. With a sharp knife I cut the soles off, then sanded them with a belt sander to smooth them out.

Trail Tested: Xero Shoes Terraflex

This got better due to the slight toe spring that was built into the sole, but still more than I’d like. I stupidly wore these for Spartan Races not once, but TWICE. As soon as mud gets between your foot and the sandal, you start slipping like crazy. I ended up doing the majority of both these races barefoot. The new Umara Z-Trail comes with a completely revamped design, there’s no toe knot anymore. Also, Steven told me there’s a winter Xero Shoe in the making process, so stay tuned.

I think it is a good temp measure while you are adjusting your gait or testing things out. I’d love to keep it as natural as possible, but obviously I need some protection for road running. Just wanted to say I tried a variant of the “marathon” tying method & it really helped. Service and support has been amazing for these huaraches. A person could spend a lot more money and not get half the service and expertise. John, we do exactly what I demonstrate hundreds of times a day.

So here’s where you’ll need those needle nose pliers and the supplied bobby. Take the end of a lace and put it between a bobby pin . Take a marker and put a dot between the two biggest toes right in front of the webbing and “slightly closer to the 2nd toe” . This is a consideration for runners per Xero’s official how-to instructions. Lay your foot tracing over each sole and trim off all the excess.

Xeroshoes Speed Force Review

Sure, your shoes won’t be the centerpiece of your outfit, but they won’t offend anyone either. Alright, so the Xero Shoes Hana (Men’s) aren’t the most fashion-forward shoes on the market. But as far as minimalist shoes go they’re not so bad. The clown-shoe effect isn’t as obvious as other minimalist shoes out there, although we’ve gotten some comments about the rounded toe-box. People have said they look like “elf-shoes” and, while we don’t see it, we’ve decided to take that as a compliment. I actually got Xeroshoes shoes and the toe box was way too small. Compared to running shoes, which you’re told to replace every miles, Invisible Shoes could save you thousands of dollars.

@tjaard I haven’t noticed anything of that sort, but then again the terraflex doesn’t bother me for walking either. I feel like both shoes have the same basic shape, so you might want to stay away from the mesa trail as well.

It’s easy to do, even with a pair of scissors. I actually trimmed my old XeroShoes with scissors to fit my 18 years old sister cause she wanted the huaraches so bad. If you’re looking for a pair of healthy minimalist barefoot shoes, look no further thanXeroShoes. The new Umara Z-Trail are a huge improvement over previous models and are my chosen pair of ‘shoes’ for my travels. Those sandals are the most comfortable thing you’ll ever wear. Humans are lazy and not everyone has the time to watch a 10 minute video. We’re talking about double-corded laces here with special adjusters on each site to make them just right for you individually.

how to tie xero shoes

The knot underfoot – was a massive problem…yes it flattens out with time but I’d love a slightly better design there as I absolutely love the shoe and its idea. I’m sick of listening to people’s opinion who’s not bought or tried a pair of Xeroshoes. I’ve suffered PF & aching feet all my life, living in insoles. The new sole had more traction and had a much better grip than the original ones.

I found this greatly beneficial as my feet differ significantly from one another and being able to customize to each foot individually provided a fit that cannot be compared. Xero Shoes Hana Men’s New Vs OldWe walked through one pair in little less than a year—about ten months to be exact. By then, the tread had smoothed out, a hole had formed in the upper, and the elastic by the laces had ripped. Actually, this elastic ripped within the first few weeks of testing and continued to get worse over the year. Also, by the end of their life, the shoes stopped tightening well .

I haven’t stubbed my toes too badly in the sandals yet. Given enough miles, I expect that an unpleasant foot-bashing will be inevitable. Love mine, for me and for my kids, but I have nothing else to compare them to either! But they are sturdy, stay on our feet perfectly, and have a very barefoot feel. Another feature that sets Xeros apart from other barefoot sandals is that the pre-made sandals come with a manufactured-to-size (rather than a cut-to-order) sole.

In fact, I just returned from a trip to the Danakil Dessert in Ethiopia, and guess what shoe I was wearing most of the time? More specifically, the Umara Z-Trail Xero Shoes. I don’t think she really cared about all the benefits of being closer to barefoot, but I kept talking about them, anyway.

A double-strap tying style that has no toe knot and is quite comfy. Lace Up — Other styles require you to wrap the lace around your foot , each time you put on your sandals.

Casual Summer Sandals

It’s been a while since I visited the site, but I’m glad I came back. I just ordered a pair of the Connect style (really like the improvements – I can’t cut straight to save my life and my existing pair looks a bit ragged). The minimalist styles at the top of the page are going to have the fewest parts touching your feet.