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Xero Shoes Military Discount March 2021

March 18, 2021
Bill Kimball

how long does xero shoes take to ship

Coupert automatically finds and applies every available code, all for free. We set up xero 1/1/16 now we have income coming for invoices that we issued on December.

  • We’ve heard that many international customers ship their shoes to friends or family in the US, UK, or Australia who will be visiting soon.
  • However, if you’ve never worn minimalist shoes before, it can be quite daunting purchasing your first pair.
  • In this review, we’ve talked about the importance of carefully acclimatizing yourself to barefoot running.
  • According to Adobe Digital Insights, more than 40 percent of time-constrained shoppers say 24-hour convenience is their top priority.

Whenever possible, please include the packing materials as well. Some people think you need a lot of room in front of your toes. This is true for shoes with thick midsoles, but not with Xero Shoes (when thicker shoes bend, the “inside” shortens faster than the outside… like what happens when you bend a phone book). You could take 3 people with identical feet, put them in the same shoe, and they’d have 3 different opinions about how the shoe fits. We’ve heard that many international customers ship their shoes to friends or family in the US, UK, or Australia who will be visiting soon. At this time, we’ve stopped shipping to Brazil, Mexico or Indonesia due to poor delivery.

We know that some large companies offer free return shipping, and we hope someday we’re big enough to do the same. Until then, please follow the return instructions below. So you know, though, our shoes are intentionally designed to let your feet bend, flex, and move naturally. For at least the first month, do most, if not all, minimalist or barefoot runs on level ground, not on hills. If you’re transitioning to barefoot running, do it on a hard surface or a track and not on grass .

Be very cautious if you’re switching to minimalist or barefoot running if your BMI is 25 or higher, as the increase of impact to unprotected feet magnifies significantly if you’re overweight. If your BMI is 30+, you might consider losing some weight before switching to the minimalist approach. Try walking in minimalist shoes first and increase your mileage slowly. As “power running” became widespread in the ‘80s and ‘90s, running shoes grew clunkier and thicker. Shoe companies taught us that more cushioning equaled better protection. In reality, excess shoe inhibits our ability to feel impact and the subsequent damage we may be doing to our bones, joints, and muscles with each step.

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What I miss in the Xero size chart is the actual internal length and width of their shoes. Xero recommends taking your regular size in Alpine boots, but this information is usually not enough for me when I order my shoes. See my post How much space do we need in shoes if you want to know more about that. I wear my Xero Frost model in women size US 11 and I measured the internal length of the shoe with Plus12 27.5 cm. This means 12 mm space inside the boots for my feet which are 26.3 cm long.

Rather than “landing” on your feet, think of your feet as something that only touch the ground for as little time as necessary, and have them moving at the speed you’re traveling across the ground. Your feet should contact the ground more like a wheel that just rolls over it, than like a stick that gets planted and pulled out. For example, rather than pushing yourself off the ground with your foot/toes, lift your foot off the ground by flexing at the hip. Pushing off the ground uses WAY more calf muscle effort than is necessary. Similarly, if you think you have to stay on your toes and never let your heel touch the ground, which isn’t true, you’ll put more strain on your Achilles tendon than you need. Many people confuse the calf/Achilles pain they get from using too much effort with having tight calves/Achilles.

how long does xero shoes take to ship

They were built to be functional and that’s exactly what they do. Their natural shape allows your foot to fit comfortably with room to breathe. The high-quality outsole also keeps its shape too and the toe spring keeps your foot closer to the sole.

If you’re looking for a good barefoot running shoe, then the Xero Shoes Prio is definitely a good choice. The overall design has been well made and they’re built for functionality and comfort.

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Can I reconcile the back by just making a payment without an invoice. Xero Shoes ship worldwide and the shipping costs depend on the shipping country. Women models are best suited to medium and maximum medium-wide feet. My feet are 10 cm wide and women size US 11 works well for me. The biggest difference between men and women models is the width of the shoe .

Xero shoes has yet to have her size and yet to respond to any email. You’ll feel like you’re walking “on top of your feet” rather than behind them. There are less different ways that you can handle free shipping from the Shipping settings page in Xero Shoes, you just pick up items and add it in your shopping cart. Most orders are shipped within 48 hours starting from the order date.

We process all returns in the order that they are received. After a launch or sale, please note it may take us business days to complete them due to the high volume of orders we have at these times. We will send you an email confirmation once your return has been processed. Suffice it to say, the footwear industry is very competitive and we can’t reveal ALL our plans for future products. We accept shoes back that are in new and unworn condition.

Xero Shoes Provide Natural Comfort By Letting Your Feet Do What Is Natural

If you’re still unsure, please email our Customer Happiness team at This means your feet are meant to bend, to move, to flex, and feel the world.

Xero shoes are a shoe company which has found the perfect solution to create shoes which are ideally fit for everyone and also fits naturally. Xero shoes is known for creating their soles in a manner which gives you great comfort and protects you from any condition, in addition to assisting your feet in moving effortlessly.

Xero Alpine didn’t cause me any discomfort while wearing them. Thicker and less flexible soles made them feel a little bit stiffer on my feet, but they never rubbed me or hurt me anywhere. Boots can be adjusted well to lots of different foot volumes.

I think the Mesa Trail is possibly my favorite Xero shoe, and my favorite shoe ever overall (though the HFS is pretty close, for a non-trail shoe). Now that my feet have seemed to spread a bit , I kind of wish I’d went up a half size, but overall it’s perfect, especially if I am sockless or in thinner socks.

The shoes seem well made and I hope they will last, the sole and materials all look robust but time will tell. I recently found xero shoes through trying to search for different minimalist shoe brands. I came across the name a few times where people were talking in high regards.

Keep in mind that leather and other natural materials will stretch with wear, and given that these shoes are true to size, it’s probably a good idea to go with your normal size. If you’re in-between shoe sizes you’ll know how frustrating it is to find shoes that fit correctly. Xero has an incredibly useful sizing guide on their website and according to it, the Xero Shoes Prio are true to size in both the men’s and women’s styles.

Your running form will likely improve since not using the insole will enable you to feel the ground more, you’ll probably find yourself being lighter on your feet. However, if you’ve never worn minimalist shoes before, it can be quite daunting purchasing your first pair. If you’ve been using conventional shoes for the longest time, you may be worried about switching to Xero shoes. Have you been considering going down the minimalist shoe route? They’re the ultimate shoe for those who want to feel the ground underneath them. Designed for numerous different activities, from walking and running, to hiking and climbing, their versatility makes them incredibly popular. We are happy to accept returns for your UNWORN shoes within 45 days of purchase.

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Years of wearing conventional shoes mean the Achilles tendon can contract. Once you start wearing minimalist footwear, that tendon should return to normal. Another good point is that, quite often, you get what you pay for. If you buy cheap products you’ll likely have to keep replacing them, and this could cost you more in the long run. However, if you think of a pair of Xero shoes as an investment in your health, it makes much more sense. If you review any other minimalist running shoes, you’ll see that the Xero Shoes Prio aren’t ridiculously expensive.

how long does xero shoes take to ship

If you have a manufacturing concern, please email our Customer Happiness team at with photos of the issue and your order number. For more information about our warranty, please visit /warranty. Your refund will be for the purchase price only We will send you an email confirmation when your refund has been completed. After a launch or sale, please note it may take us business days to complete your refund due to the high volume of orders we have at these times.

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One quarter of the bones and joints in your entire body are in your feet. You have more nerve endings in your soles than anywhere but your fingertips and lips. We’re careful not to jump into “sustainable” or “environmentally beneficial” products or methods without looking at the bigger picture. The Postal Service provides the following estimates for delivery times. They don’t guarantee delivery times for any service except Domestic Priority Mail Express, so if you need your order by a specific date, order early.

This helps toughen your feet without creating as much impact as running. Switch back and forth between walking and running as your body allows. The 10% increase rule applies here – start with very short runs and add no more than 10% of an increase in mileage in one week. Because Xero Shoes purpose is to help you make the most money, they will select multiple discounts from hundreds of items to reach the most valuable shopping.

Email if you have a suggestion or request for a specific shoe, color, or size. The more demand we have, the greater our ability to make more shoes (this includes making men’s versions of our women’s shoes and visa versa).