Xero Shoes

May 4, 2021
Bill Kimball

how to tie xero hana shoes

This casual slip-on offers generous room in the toe box and is lightweight and breathable. The CORKlite® footbed has some arch support, but it can easily be removed to achieve a zero drop platform. This year I decided, with the internet I should be able to fix this cycle and ordered a couple of wider shoes off of Amazon and this was one of them. From the DYI custom kit to the Hana closed toe every day to the HFS high performance runner, your feet will love Xero Shoes. Only one email a month with in depth content on new products, comparisons of similar shoes, and transition to minimal info! I really wanted to like these shoes but I struggle to even force myself to wear them. Secondly, sizing is a mess – My feet measures exactly 29.1 centimeters and its somehow almost too big for the size 12 which is measured at 30 centimeters according to Xero.

He tweaked the angles, locked in the knot, plus there’s a decorative “looper” element, too. A variation of the style in the photo at the top of this page . Using a “Crow Bead” to replace the knot above you’re foot, this may be as minimalist as it gets.

how to tie xero hana shoes

I couldn’t resist putting them on, and having a cheeky run up the block. I’ve had issues in the past with Merrells pinching a bit, and fitting a bit too tight around my forefoot, but not with these.

The roomy toe box lets toes splay naturally, and the breathable material keeps feet dry and odor free. The physiotherapist inspired design of the Ahinsa Ankle Boot allows your foot to function naturally as you move. Its abrasion-resistant upper material gives you confidence that the shoe will maintain a classy look.

Barefoot Shoes: The New Xeroshoes Ipari Hana Reviewed

With their latest offering, The Mountain Goat, Shamma have moved to take even more ground by delving feet first into the lucrative hiking and trail running market. I usually will kick any shoes off at the door if I’m wearing them to the shops, etc, but with the Lems, I’m finding myself wearing them nearly all day long. I think this is due to a combination of their light weight, great airflow, and comfortable fit. But the one type of shoe we haven’t really explored in depth is simple casual walking shoes.

how to tie xero hana shoes

My first trail run in my new Mountain Goats ended up being a wet one, and I’m happy to report that they performed admirably. Leaving them to dry in a sunny spot afterwards left them in pristine condition, with no bad smells (another big plus for a minimal shoe!). All in all, I’m really impressed with the quality and thought that have gone into the Primal2. They have definitely taken up residence on my usually bare feet, and I expect them to stay there for some time yet. I’m looking forward to seeing how they fare in the long run, but I have high hopes. The only thing I can nitpick on the construction side of things with the Primal2 is the lacing.


Xero Shoes Hana Men’s In DetroitWe’ve been partial to the black colorway as it’s the most discreet and versatile. You can pair them with a nice button-up and chinos and fit right in at a nicer restaurant. Sure, your shoes won’t be the centerpiece of your outfit, but they won’t offend anyone either. Alright, so the Xero Shoes Hana (Men’s) aren’t the most fashion-forward shoes on the market. The clown-shoe effect isn’t as obvious as other minimalist shoes out there, although we’ve gotten some comments about the rounded toe-box.

The 4mm all-weather outsole allows you to transition seamlessly between seasons. This Correct Toes approved ballet flat is handmade with a natural leather upper and insole. The 5mm Magical Rubber outsole is very flexible and encourages foot-to-ground connection. Topo Athletic’s MT-3 is a versatile road-to-trail option for those searching for a “do it all” type of running shoe. It has no rock plate, drains well, and features a 3mm drop.

I have a pair of Lems Nine2Five’s which are admittedly a very different shoe, and I don’t wear them as much, but they are much higher quality overall. I love Xeroshoes, but I also realized their QC/general durability isn’t that great. Broken toe-posts, stitching failing, soles separating, ankle attachment points tearing – had ’em all happen. I understand the shoes are inexpensive, but the inconvenience of needing to go through CS again all for issues related to materials selection and quality control to be annoying. One color has an additional liner above the toes, whereas the other color just has canvas. Coupled with the sole that’s smoothing out and we might need a new pair soon. Still, we would love for these shoes to hold up against all of our adventures.

And thanks to all of the early interest, the price has been reduced during the launch period, so now is an excellent time to grab a pair for yourself. And of course, we could compare them to other brands, but really, nothing compares in terms of weight and flexibility. Lunas and Shammas are great, but they are much heavier and use a 10+mm sole.

Caring For Your Hana Shoes

Running in the Amuri Clouds, while still a pleasant experience, was for me less enjoyable than I had hoped. One thing I love about running in sandals is that the hard rubber underfoot transmits sensations from the ground fairly effectively. The second is the Amuri Cloud, a new offering from Xero Shoes. It is essentially the same shoe as the Venture, with the exception that the sole is scooped out and a 3mm BareFoam pad has been inserted. This small amount of cushioning is intended to provide added comfort, while keeping the sole thin and light. The Mountain Goats are sturdily built, featuring an 11m thick Vibram sole.

  • While the rubber outsole offers good traction, the rigidity of the sole is significant and detracts from the natural movement of the foot.
  • My Primal2’s have come at the perfect time, with winter creeping up slowly here in Australia.
  • The Mountain Goats use a fairly common aggressive tread, which can be seen on several other Vibram-soled sandals.
  • The original idea was to go back to basics and wear less shoe, allowing your feet to move as they were designed.
  • My go-to pair of shoes used to be a black pair of Vans Old Skools, but they were quickly replaced once I tried a pair of the Feelgrounds Original barefoot shoes.

For a minimal shoe, I could sure feel it on my foot which is exactly the opposite of why I got them. The soft upper is a made from faux suede, making this shoe vegan-friendly.

If you have never worn zero drop shoes before, you will want to make this transition slowly, in my opinion. If you Google running in minimalist shoes you will certainly find stories discussing injuries and problems blamed on wearing minimalist shoes.

Learn more about Feelgrounds’ production and environmental responsibility here. All of these shoes use high-quality materials, are carefully crafted, and made to last.

The upper is made from Washi, a Japanese-made material comprised of 75% paper and 25% polyester. As a result of Washi’s unique composition, the upper is extremely lightweight and quick drying.

In theory, you can also run in them, but they’re not very breathable. Manufacturers model their shoes on different foot shapes, which is why you might be an 8 in one brand and a 9 in another. I want to send a photo of my wifes old buffalo sandals so maybe someone can figure out a toe loop style. I’m no crafts person so I worry about ruining my soles if I try and do it without guidance. I’ll avoid the cinder stuff on the trails next time and stick to a regular trail. My solution is to double my cord, putting one end through each hole from a tab off of an aluminum soda/beer can.

Be Lenka was founded in 2017 by Lenka Cenigova, a former long jump Paralympian that is passionate about barefoot shoes. Be Lenka currently sells five different styles of casual barefoot shoes for both men and women. They also have a great selection of summer sandals for women, and recently launched their kids sneakers. 3 Zero-drop Platform – A zero-drop platform means a flat sole, just like our feet. Many traditional shoes have a raised heel , which can cause strain on our body from the unnatural position and make injury more likely. After finding barefoot hiking shoes and hiking sandals, I turned to my casual shoes. As I’ve been swapping out my every day shoes for casual barefoot options, and I’ve found so many versatile shoes with clean, classic and simple styling.


It is spacious enough for a full range of motion, even for wider feet, but doesn’t have the “clown shoe” effect that many wide-box shoes have. Here’s a company that has been around since the beginning of the minimalist/barefoot running movement. They started with a very basic, DIY sandal, with a sole that was designed to be lighter than a car tyre. Basically it was a slight modernisation of the Huarache sandals famously described in the barefoot running classic Born to Run. I’ve tried several of Xero’s various running shoes, and the HFS is my favorite for running on human-made surfaces like concrete and asphalt. I went backpacking in mine with 45 pounds on my back and had no problems. Barefoot purists would perhaps rightly argue that these are pushing the definition of barefoot, but why let semantics get in the way of a great shoe?

But it felt right so lined up the other one and punched the hole to match. I used the sizing template on the Feelgrounds website, and opted for a size 38.

To clean your Hana shoes, hand wash with warm water, mild soap and allow them to air dry. We do not recommend putting the Hana in the washing machine or dryer. So you’ll probably be okay selecting your “usual” shoe size. BTW, “Rain-Friendly” isn’t the same as “waterproof.” Fully water-proof shoes have a technical liner, sealed seams, and a much higher price. By pre-treated the Hana with a water-resistant coating, you get an extra layer of protection against light splashing right out of the box.

how to tie xero hana shoes

This shoe is made from Pineapple leaves, simulating a leather aesthetic, while being natural and vegan-friendly. The shoe is lined with CF+ ultra-dry lining for wicking away excess moisture.

The High Cut Leather shoe has a 6mm flat and flexible outsole made from recycled rubber. The soft and pliable upper is constructed from raw leather and lined with burel . The natural foot-shaped toe box accommodates Correct Toes, providing space for your toes to splay naturally. Seems like very well made,however may have certain limitations.

One thing to check is how far in front of their toes the soles extend. Does anyone have a tying method that will stop the soling rubber bending back when a child scuffs their feet? I love my minimalist sandles but my son and his cousins (ages 6 – 11) do not get on with them. I tried talking to him about changing his walking style and he quickly decided to wear other footwear.