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Your Passion Shop Reviews

July 9, 2021
Bill Kimball

your passion shop

VERY VERY BAD. Ordered beginning of November. $250 AUD, microphones for 6 children. I received one response at the end of November, nothing since. Do not buy anything from this company. Unable to call/skype, mailboxes full. Ordered a pair of hiking shoes, took 10 weeks to arrive only to find the wrong size and colour oh and they were fake!

your passion shop

Like all the others, I wish there was a negative or zero star rating. My FB feed was flooded with their ads, I ordered an item, the ads completely stopped on my timeline.

Free Express Shipping

The issue is processed by paylap right now. I hope I will get my money back.

I ordered a Christmas gift for my 3 year old granddaughter on . The money was deducted from my bank account on 11/17/2019. I have not received the item. Not only that when I look at the tracking the item has not even arrived in the USA as if today 12/19/2019.

It has been stuck in China since December 8th. It’s now Christmas Day and no flower set. I thought this company was in Texas. I telephoned them and their mailbox was full. I emailed them and no response. I had my credit card company intervene and I received a credit from the credit card company.

Finally, shoes that can keep up with you – wherever you’re headed. Here at Pashion, we believe that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion . The days of lugging around “backup shoes”, ending up barefoot, or “toughing it out” are over.

They take your money and you will never receive the item. I’ve emailed and emailed to get the same response every time. They are also not located in Texas, it is a company from China. I had to pick one star to leave a review. They would never respond to my emails, so I reached out on Facebook and was blocked by them.

your passion shop

I ordered this around Thanksgiving. Definitely do not order from this company. I bought a pair of what was advertised as leather Doc Martens but they were neither! The material was a frail plastic. Ordered two Brand name bags and got a plastic imitation.

I never got an email regarding the order or shipping info. They emailed me back on Dec 6th and said in transit will receive 5-10 days. If I could this “business” would get zero stars. As I read the other reviews I am going through the same thing. I will be canceling them on my credit card. They say they guarantee I will get the gift by Christmas. How could that be if it’s still sitting in China supposedly.

I always felt good when I was writing, and that’s how I figured out my life passion. I agree with other reviewers and I should have read them before I ordered. It finally arrived on December 14th and not surprisingly one of the four items was the wrong color. I won’t return it as I probably wouldn’t get it back in time but lesson learned! DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE ORDERING.

This Company uses a front to lead its customers to believe it is in Texas but it is really just and international scam. I e-mailed them a week ago and emailed back 3 days later that it was on its way. I have already re-purchased the item on Amazon.

I Ordered A Christmas Present On Nov

This company should be sued. My mom bought two microphones for xmas for her grandchildren, for months they sat in china. Finally when she finally received them the boxes were damaged, parts were missing like cords and instructions and both microphones sounded horrible. And if you are able to, put companies like this out of buisness. Karma will catch up to all those whom take part in this scum company full of vile humans that rip off innocent people.

your passion shop

Dreams have been described as dress rehearsals for real life, opportunities to gratify wishes, and a form of nocturnal therapy. A new theory aims to make sense of it all. Experience a direct difference in realizing your goals as attendees work on finding, defining, and following their passion. Our festivals, workshops, and events inspire you to explore the endless possibilities that align with your passion. Principles of Passion Podcast is focused on bringing on guests that have overcome adversity while finding, defining, or following their passion. Two of the greatest systemic issues in our country today are the employment and achievement gaps amongst minorities. This is the future of high heels.

I was hoping to have it before my daughters birthday but nope! I am so happy to say it arrived today!!! My tracking number also started in China and then just stopped. Biology was not one of my strongest subjects, but I made it through my college studies and ended up becoming a registered nurse. I was in this profession for a few years, but all the while I made time to write. Ever since my mother bought me my first box of stationery, followed by my first journal, I knew that writing was an endeavor I loved.

This is an updated review – I finally got my order 1.5 months after I placed it. Product is as described so I got my money’s worth. Good value but slow shipping and was not able to contact the seller via email address they originally provided when I wanted to follow up. They did provide tracking site but it ended at Jan 24th – received parcel Feb 14th.

Wish I Had Seen Reviews

Tried to contact them unsuccessfully, email bounces back. Have raised this matter with PayPal which is still ongoing. After reading previous reviews doubt I’ll get a refund. I ordered a Christmas present on Nov 23rd. The website said 5-10 day shipping.

I ended up having to contact my credit card provider to cancel the purchase after three months waiting. Ended up getting a refund and 4 months later, still no item. Do not waste your time and money on this site.

I ordered a hair straighter a week ago and I’m only now reading these bad reviews. I want a refund now why is this company not delivering items and when they get delivered they are damaged reply passion shop. Placed a $89 order on November 10th. Have not received anything. Have been demanding a refund for the past 3 weeks. I have received 2 emails telling me my order is in route.

I received a whack shipment tracking number, and was fooled by the website stating the business was in Carrollton when the shipment originated in China. I have received no item, and assume it won’t be here in time for Christmas if ever. Luckily I only spent about $20, so at least I learned my lesson fairly cheaply. I also ordered the flower set in November.


We have completely reinvented the heel. These necklaces are beautiful!

We research for the best Italian style quality and the best American innovation, to bring you amazingly high quality products. Ordered 11/22 stiil no ordered rmailed mail box full Terrible wish I looked at rebiews first. I wish I could post a picture of it. It’s really cute and my daughter loves it. I took off a star because their website says delivery is at max 7 days I think and I’ve waited close to two months.

When I check the routing number it says waiting on items. Can’t get a hold of a live person ever, can’t leave a message. All my scathing post I put on their FB page conveniently have disappeared. I saw a Facebook ad for this build a garden flower set for children back in November.

Ordered November 12 and still have not received anything. I usually read reviews before ordering from these companies and this time I didn’t. If I could give zero stars I would. Take your money and get no RESPONSE ���� Waiting on a birth stone ring. We purchased a 27 inch car formed refrigerator a and received a 5 inch toy car.

  • I never got an email regarding the order or shipping info.
  • Lorca says that when the duende comes, it is followed by radical change, a sort of religious enthusiasm.
  • Have raised this matter with PayPal which is still ongoing.
  • After reading previous reviews doubt I’ll get a refund.
  • Good value but slow shipping and was not able to contact the seller via email address they originally provided when I wanted to follow up.

My daughters wear them all the time. They are very well made and so fashionable. Who are we to tell you what you are passionate about? At WYP you can create your own unique piece of jewelry to tell the story of what inspires you, what makes you tick, what makes you YOU. Fiocchi of America’s ammunition is made by shooters for shooters.


I am not paying for the return cost of an item that was falsely advertised. Spanish poet and theater director Federico Garciá Lorca used the word duende, or life force, to signify a deep passion. Creativity and inspiration pull us toward duende. For the writer, the best art keeps the fire and ecstasy alive within. Lorca says that when the duende comes, it is followed by radical change, a sort of religious enthusiasm.