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5 Great Accounting Blogs To Subscribe To And Read

March 16, 2021
Bill Kimball

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Schneider Downs Insights offers a boon of thoughts and ideas about how to practice accounting across a variety of industries. A good resource for small-to-medium sized business leaders who need accounting expertise and advice on their side. An automated sales tax reporting and filing service TaxJar is designed specifically for online sellers and merchants. The Sales Tax Blog is especially relevant to accountants who work in eCommerce or want to understand more about the sales tax differences between states. Thanks for sharing this great information with us. We are also providing services related to Bookkeeping, Tax planning, and much more. Ace Cloud Hosting is the premier source of information and advice on accounting and cloud technology to help your business.

Alternatively, you could split one long post into separate parts. Your readers are your existing clients and prospects. Avoid formal writing – this isn’t an accounting textbook or court deposition.

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With her blog, CPA in Erie, CO, Edwards helps business owners stay in the loop with technology, management, payroll, and other necessities. Edwards doesn’t do taxes, but she does make sure the businesses that often lack representation get the help they need. Recent posts have included in-depth Quickbooks tutorials and guides to understanding and calculating the cost of employee benefits. Run by Russ Fox of Clayton Financial and Tax in Las Vegas, Taxable Talk is a blog dedicated to informing accountants about general tax problems . Taxable Talks covers such topics as California tax codes, appropriate 1099 form usage, and due dates for tax filers everywhere, whether the filer is an accountant or not. An solid resource for accounting professionals (and non-accounting professionals) who appreciate a wry sense of humor with their news. White Collar Fraud is an investigative blog written to cover the issue of white collar crime from the first-person perspective of Sam Antar.

But you should use it as one component in your overall marketing strategy. Whoever manages your firm’s website should be able to set up your blog quite easily. Many web hosting companies offer blogging tools for free, while others charge a small fee to add them. There are plenty of free blogging services available, such as Squarespace, Blogger and WordPress. But ideally you should incorporate your blog into your own website.

  • Sales tax issues are the bane of small business retailers and restaurants.
  • A directory of over 475,000 tax and accounting professionals throughout the United States, TaxBuzz connects accountants with clients in all 50 states.
  • The Design/Builder’s Blog offers a place to find and share information and opinions about design/build.
  • A long wall of text might put off some of your readers.
  • It doesn’t hurt that they have awesome and diverse content to help seal the deal with potential business clients.

Recent highlights include posts on automation in the workplace (“Automation is a Good Thing”) and a bit of tough-love motivation for professionals and businesspeople “(Still Dragging Your Feet? What’s Wrong With You?”). From the firm Clifton Lawson Allen, the Farm CPA Today blog is an invaluable source of financial information for agribusiness. Blogger Paul Neiffer, a Yakima, WA-based specialist in agribusiness, brings a surplus of practical accounting and tax advice for farmers.


Belfint’s focus on the needs of nonprofit organizations is evident in every aspect of their blog; after all, as they explain, sound finances is “a necessity for survival” for nonprofits. The KLR blog integrates news and industry trends with a practical approach, presenting potential implications and how to address them. It doesn’t hurt that they have awesome and diverse content to help seal the deal with potential business clients. Moss Adams perfects the art with this exhaustive post offering options for both individuals and businesses.

accounting blog topics

The Corporate Counsel is an educational service provided by legal experts to guide accountants and corporate leaders through thorny legal issues surrouding corporate governance. Having offered their services for over 40 years, The Coroporate Counsel is well-versed on laws that affect accountants most, which is why its many blog collective has multiple experts dedicated to accounting law. An excellent resource for accountants seeking expert legal advice. AccountingCoach is the largest accounting course available both online and for free in the world. Ths self-paced course covers everything from Accounting Basics, to Bookkeeping, to Nonprofit Accounting, to Accounting Careers.

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Their blog offers valuable and timely information, education, research, and more. best 25 tax and accounting blogs to read in 2020 for guidance. The official blog of the Indiana CPA Society, I was just thinkin’ is as independently minded as its title.

accounting blog topics

And they’ll return to read more of your posts. The TaxProf Blog, written by Pepperdine University professor and dean of the Pepperdine Law School Paul Caron, is one of the most active blogs in the business, and one of the most informed. From professional accomplishments to news and opinion, Caron combines the expertise of the professor with the broad sweep of the hard-core news junkie. Caron’s area of specialization is tax law, so stories on law education, tax reform, and professional events all keep the blog moving quickly and engagingly. Mark’s Acc Jokes is a not-so-serious accounting blog maintained by London accountant Mark Lee, who never met an accounting gag he didn’t love. Filled with accounting witticisms, one-liners, and anecdotes , Lee puts a new spin on the stereotypically dull accountant.

IRS Exams – This blog works to get you up to speed with IRS exams so that you can succeed. Design/Builder’s Blog – Shawn McCadden is a nationally-known columnist, remodeling speaker, business trainer, remodeling business coach and award-winning remodeler. The Design/Builder’s Blog offers a place to find and share information and opinions about design/build. The Accounting Onion – Thomas I. Selling PhD, CPA, produces easy-to-use hosted, web-based collaboration tools for project management, issue tracking, discussion management, file archiving and general communications. The branding, design and marketing agency for Financial Consultants and Accountancy Practices. 5) Ten purchases that are tax-deductible that you probably didn’t know about.

For tips on how to craft the perfect blog post, head over to our resources page to download our free ebook ‘ A guide to Content Strategy and Social Media for Financial Consultants and Accountants’. Gross, Net, Profit and Loss… your customers are not accountants, so why don’t you help demystify the jargon?. Have your design agency create an infographic which you can email to your clients and pin to your social media to help people understand what the common and often confusing acronyms mean. What do you often help your customers with?

This doesn’t mean you must write a new post every day. But the more content you publish, the more visitors you’ll get. Regular posting will also contribute to your site’s search engine rankings. Create a calendar of planned content, perhaps one entry per week, and stick to it. If you really want to impress prospective clients, show that you understand their business.

If they’re more knowledgeable than you are in writing or content creation, have them proofread for typos or ask them questions about phrases that can be improved. Remember, everyone’s writing can be improved by an editor. If you’re inspired and ahead in your writing, don’t publish everything at once. Save what you’ve written so you can come out with one blog at a time on a set schedule. Blogs may feel like a lot of work, but they are a powerful means of digital outreach for your business for many reasons. With quality control, smart research, and attention to presentation, we believe anything can make for compelling content – provided that content is valued as a real driver of revenue. Create a comprehensive guide that walks your audience through the steps required in any financial audit, offering helpful tips and tricks along the way.

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Joe Mastriano, CPA – Joe Mastriano gives tons of great tax advice on how to do your taxes correctly, how to avoid audits and what will cause you to get audited. Every business owner should read his blog.

accounting blog topics

All over the world, there are accountants using the power of blogging to share their knowledge, expertise, and unique personalities. If you’re new to blogging platforms, play around with a personal blog first. Get used to posting pictures and adding hyperlinks.

The Small Business Blog – The Small Business Blog looks at how new legislation and current events will and are affecting small businesses specifically. Accounting Today – Accounting Today is actually a grouping of two blogs, Accounting Tomorrow and Debits & Credits. Both bogs provide timely and accurate information on current economic policies, legislation and discussions.

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The blog’s Q&A Archive answers over 1,000 questions that are organized according to their relevance to current and previous tax seasons. It is the perfect resource for accountants who may need help explaining the nuances of the trade to their clients in laymen’s terms. A small business online payroll service, SurePayroll offers payroll tax services, accounting services, and 401k plans.