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6′ Jack Shortboard Surfboard

May 20, 2021
Bill Kimball

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Though Simpson may be shying away from the QS’s full-time grind, his goals haven’t changed when it comes down to a contest being held in his backyard. The 33-year-old keeps his blades sharp in every type of wave the beachbreak brings and his competitive experience goes unmatched when compared to the surfers in attendance. One of Huntington’s most revered competitors,Brett Simpson, is gearing up to get the jersey back on after taking a brief hiatus. This marks the two-timeVans US Open of Surfingvictor and former Championship Tour surfer’s, first event of 2018 with a shift of priorities away from the competitive scene.

  • It’s a welcomed opportunity for those looking to keep the jersey on between major events, and can also provide a Top 10 keeper as a win, and help push new talents up the rankings early on.
  • Mostly really nice people that work there and 30% store discount.
  • Jack’s Surfboards is hailed as one of the top surf supply shops on the west coast of the United States.
  • Asing claimed his maiden CT victory last year at the Quicksilver France Pro, but it was not enough to keep him on the elite stage.
  • The Brazilian had a taste of the CT nearly a decade ago at the Hang Loose Santa Catarina Pro and came away with an Equal 17th behind Freddy Patacchia .

Easy going environment and easy to be promoted from floor to cashier if you apply yourself and show respect. The company is family-owned and operated with close to about 10 to 12 boardmembers. There is no communication between owners and upper-management which then negatively affects the sales employees. Due to lack of communication there are countless problems with product shipments and paying off bills with suppliers. There are countless OSHA violations in the store as well and management never did anything when I brought it up. They rarely check into your background as well so if you have a checkered history, you shouldn’t worry about applying.

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Three-to-five foot, clean waves graced the competitors with a chance to showcase their style and power — and produce near-perfection. Rounds Two and Three were completed in their entirety and the top seeds debuted in phenomenal fashion. Fellow semifinalist, and 2016 North America QS Regional Champion, Kilian Garland had his work cut out for him in a Round Five superheat featuring Kiron Jabour, Torrey Meister, and Nate Yeomans.

jack surfboard

After ten long years of chasing the Qualifying Series around the world, it was on the shores of Huntington Beach that Hizunome Bettero earned his first-ever win at the Jack’s Surfboards Pro QS1,500. It was an all-international Final affair that witnessed contest standout Arashi Kato earn runner-up — the Japanese surfer’s best result of his career as well.

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Bettero was a known threat from his debut Round Three heat, and continued to build that reputation in Round Four with a dominant display of power surfing. The Ubatuba, Brazil-native used his veteran experience to finally breakthrough as an event champion and did so in convincingly. Jack’s Surfboards is hailed as one of the top surf supply shops on the west coast of the United States. Founded in 1957 in the ocean-side city of Huntington Beach, California, Jack’s quickly became a favorite of surfers and beachgoers in the southern California area. They will help you build character and the job will teach you how to work with people and become a situation solver. My experience was great just no room for the advancement I wanted.

I also learned that you have to appease the customers before anyone else. The hardest parts of the job are simple, like stocking or an average holiday rush. Besides that, most of my job experience was enjoyable and easy.

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you get three paid sick days as a part time which is super good. I met a lot of friends there because there are a lot of employees. While I did appreciate the pay at this job, the set weekly schedule that went unchanged , and their leniency, my coworkers were pretty awful. The girls were very judgmental and rude, which is why I didn’t even work there a whole 3 months.

No benefits and low pay, alot of people quit working this position after a week. Mostly really nice people that work there and 30% store discount. Jack’s was a temporary job while I was recovering from a surgery. The relaxed laid back environment made it easy to work through recovery. I did not plan on staying at this job, but I am glad I was able to work there for the time that I did. They did not give me much hours so it is hard to properly rate this place of work. Jack’s is an enjoyable work environment where you can network and build connections with you coworkers and customers.

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The inaugural event will include some of the QS’s best and earn an all-important 1,500 points early on to get their year underway. On the international front, four other countries are well represented between Brazil, Japan, Mexico, and Chile with appearances on the final day of competition. The 16-year-old has slowly begun making his way into the QS scene behind older brother Griffin and today was a huge step for the younger Colapinto. No. 1 seed Torrey Meister displayed his dominance with near-perfection and earned a 9.77 in the pristine conditions on offer. The Big Island, Hawaii-native followed up with another excellent 8.80 to combo the field. Meister came to Huntington Beach following the Australian Open in Manly Beach, NSW, Australia and nearly ended his season with a scary fall in his heat. Runner-up Arashi Kato began his campaign in Round Two of this event and began claiming scalps right away in Round Three — besting former CT competitors Brett Simpson and again in Round Four against Nate Yeomans.

The prestige of California’s Huntington Beach Pier speaks for itself, with competitions held on its shores each of the last six decades spanning back to the inaugural U.S. Last year’s inauguralJack’s Surfboards Prois back to help carry the torch March 23 – 25 as a men’s Qualifying Series 1,500 event and will have a live webcast from start to finish.

In this write-up, we’ll find out more about Jack’s Surfboards and how they are worthy of that spot in your quiver. Head on down to your local Jack’s shop to check out the latest from Katin & more of our new arrivals.

Crosby Colapinto Earns Maiden QS Win at Jack’s Surfboards Pro The 17-year-old battled through a full day of pumping Huntington Beach conditions to earn his first Qualifying Series win. To the guys at Jack’s Surfboards, the first day they opened their first store still feels like yesterday. They feel so nostalgic that they can still almost smell the fresh materials the items they were selling were made of.

The company has gone a long way, from being a retail shop to adding their lines of products to sell. It tells a lot about just how passionate they are about their passion and craft. Every year, since 2016, Jack’s Surfboards hold a Jack’s Surfboards Pro where WSL Men’s Qualifying Series returns to Huntington Beach. It is an event that they are very proud to put up, especially that it is being held in their turf.

The American Pro Surfing Series is all about bringing together world class surfers for high level American surf competitions. Other notable names include Brett Simpson, Nate Yeomans, and Koa Rothman for their chance to gain an all-important 1,500 points early on. But, they will have to deal with a few up-and-comers who may provide a shakeup to those aspirations such as Nolan Rapoza, Cam Richards, and Noah Scweizer.

After coming out with a win in that heat, Garland looked poised for a big result, but it wasn’t to be as he fell to the eventual runner-up, Kato. But, the Santa Barbara, California-native has a big year planned with his first chance to contest in at least one QS10,000 this season in Ballito, South Africa. The Brazilian had a taste of the CT nearly a decade ago at the Hang Loose Santa Catarina Pro and came away with an Equal 17th behind Freddy Patacchia . With a Top 50 finish last year, Bettero has a spot in the highest-rated QS events in the first half of the year and wants to find his way to the Dream Tour as more than just a wildcard. With this result, Bettero just jumped 105 spots up the rankings to be current No. 26.

Matt Passaquindici represented his native break of Huntington Beach well and blasted two excellent scores, an 8.67 and 8.37, to overcome a stacked heat including Hawaii’s Eli Olson. Passaquindici’s only other QS event this year was earlier at the Shoe City Pro QS1,000, due to bothersome injury, where he earned an Equal 13th. But, the explosive surfer looked poised for a bigger result here at the Jack’s Surfboards Pro QS1,500. For the men’s QS, this iconic stretch of break is becoming a second home — now with three events in two consecutive years held there. It’s a welcomed opportunity for those looking to keep the jersey on between major events, and can also provide a Top 10 keeper as a win, and help push new talents up the rankings early on. Jack’s Surfboards is committed to providing the kind of level of service that every consumer deserves.

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It was a marathon finals day that ran 17 heats, including the Final, with both Bettero and Kato surfing five heats to claim their honors over a stacked field of competitors. Anyone hailing from Huntington Beach , must have heard of Jack’s Surfboard at least once or twice. Not only is their name associated with the store that is popular for being the #1 place to go to for newest surfing products, but they are also known for running a yearly event for pro-surfers for 4 years now.

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In the event you feel like returning a product you purchased, the refund will be credited to you in the original form of payment. The items must be unused, unwashed, and should be in marketable condition. It was fun working there lot of really cool people work there but only kids. A great job for a young adult looking to build communication and time management skills. replenishing inventory and dealing with stock is a daily task as well as assisting customers for their every need. I learned skills such as customer service, organization, communication, critical thinking and working with different personalities.