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Connect Your Bank Account To Xero

May 6, 2021
Bill Kimball

how to toggle blink in xero

However, can you please confirm you’re not in the older version of the P&L? If you’re having trouble with this it might be good to reach out to Support who can take a closer look at the report you’re running.

You need to make sure that any added organisation, the name exactly matches that set up in Xero. For each organisation you added, you can set text colour and background colour and where you want this to appear on the window. Hi Melissa, as Chris said we do have a solution using Chrome browser. However, I can’t agree that it is simply a one line of code change that Xero would have to make.

if i missed reconing a few transactions last month, can i please have them available to use now rather than expire with a new month? I only say because I’m obviously on the budget version! This has put me in slightly stuck situation for now, which i can sort ok when next month pops up, but i still think it would good, neh, great!

Important Things To Remember When Setting Up Xero Accou

I’m pleased that our Stay Organised Chrome extension solution was useful. If just a few mid-postings to wrong organisation can be avoided then my son’s effort in developing this technology will have been worthwhile. I have three entities on one login , and I can’t really see how they choose the colours. Another simple solution would be simply show the company logo, which already exists as well.

how to toggle blink in xero

But with some small business owners still chained to their ledgers, switching over all your financial data to a cloud accountancy software programme can seem like a leap too far for many. Being open, we don’t have plans for making any changes to older reports in Xero, Melita.

What Is Blink Reports?

Take a look at why security is such an important part of keeping your business running, and know what to look for when the cyber criminals come knocking. You use your existing two-step authentication setup when moving 2SA to a new phone, so it’s best to keep your old phone until you’ve completed setting up the new one. Our lives are increasingly digital but many people still use and share weak passwords that are easily guessed, or fail to keep software and anti-malware up to date. For this reason, two-step authentication is being used more and more in everyday situations where security and privacy are important, including access to online banking and email. Once the authenticator app is installed and set up on your mobile device, it doesn’t need a mobile or wireless connection to work.

Changing colours indeed DOES solve the problem of knowing which organisation you’re in. We don’t even need to have the choice that Stack provide in Matthew’s example, just make a 1-10 decision on what Xero wants the colours to be, depending upon how many organisations are listed .

how to toggle blink in xero

Current support is a totally different thing where, even if they can’t help directly, they show interest and try to assist in any way they can. The ability to set the header colour was available in WorkflowMax – until Xero acquired it, whereupon it was removed! As many have noted this is the simplest of features and, for those like myself that manage more than one organisation, a very effective way of ensuring that entries are not accidentally made in the wrong account. It’s bizarre that Xero seem to think there is a wider issue over knowing what organisation users are currently in, yet they do nothing about it. It’s obvious to everyone that assigning a colour to an organisation would address the issue for the vast majority of users. Accountant tools, Reporting Fathom 217 Accountant tools, Reporting Beautiful reporting starts here. Financial reports, charts, widgets, KPI’s and more.

Our current reporting system is inflexible and it’s all hardcoded logic. So it’s either all one way or all the other for the moment. Given we have 500k organisations in regions that expect to be able to do this year vs last year with the most recent and relevant date first, it has to stay that way now. I too export these reports for projection spread sheets and have to waste time re-ordering them before they become useful.

A full version for which he will ask a small fee and a lite version for up to five organisations which will be free. If you want to see some screen grabs then look at “gavlb dot co dot uk forward slash extension” to see how it works. Hi my business is new to Payroll and now I am looking at setting up timesheets but I don’t see a function where you can add TIL in the second drop down line in timesheets. IE the employee could add normal 40 hrs on the first line and on the second line TIL add their additional hours. Then could this automatically be transferred across once timesheets are approved to payrun so no manual adjustments need to be done for TIL?

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Xero needs to respond to the many folks who are complaining about this. I’ve mentioned in this thread about a client side solution called “Stay Organised” . You need to be using Chrome, it won’t work with any other browser. It works and many have found it helpful in avoiding posting data to the wrong organisation. When we adopted Xero it was possible to set the banner colour to differentiate between companies however Xero removed that feature within a couple of months of us signing up. They ignored protests from many users for ages then finally they added the active company name in the header. Unfortunately the header isn’t fixed, so when you scroll down to actually use the page content the company name isn’t visible.

When you report on a current month or any historical months, it’ll be counter-chronological. While the recently released Profit & Loss hierarchical report doesn’t have this option right now, the plan is to continually enhance our new reports including adding this feature. Ditto, I also would like to have the ability chronological sequence of the monthly P&L go left to right from past to current. Equally as importantly I would like to have the monthly P&L format either be saved as a template or have it as one of the available system reports, with the year as a dropdown option. Were you using Chrome browser with my son’s “Stay Organised” extension? Stay Organised doesn’t stop such mistakes happening but you might just have a better chance of noticing that you are in the wrong organisation. Whilst Stay Organised doesn’t provide full page colour it does float on top of all Xero pages where ever you are scrolled.

  • If you want to see some screen grabs then look at “gavlb dot co dot uk forward slash extension” to see how it works.
  • Finally, if you work with one, ask your accountant to check your set up.
  • We always try to make sure we have checked the screen before entering data but when you are sooo busy and constantly being interupted it is too easy to not notice or forget where you were at.
  • We’re working towards creating improved reports, and they’ll be released sequentially.
  • It is an award-winning cash flow forecasting tool that creates accurate and visual reports for you, and your business.

It’s just REALLY annoying that such an incredible but real annoyance with many different possible solutions does not get picked up. This thread has been going a long time so I think it unlikely you will get a server side solution from Xero any time soon. It’s unfortunate that you are not using Chrome browser as that would give you a client side solution now. I just posted some work in the wrong organisation because all the top banners are the same blue. Even excel allows you to change tab colour to help with navigating locations. First Day of converting our second MYOB file to Xero and realised I started entering in the wrong company. Quick search I realise I’m not alone but thread started about 5 years ago so assuming wont be added.

This can be easily solved through having a PayPal account set up in Xero for each currency. If you accept GBP and USD, connect your PayPal up to Xero with 2 accounts so all your data is accurately transferred. Dependent on your reporting needs, you may not have to bring in every transaction from your Payment Gateway and can instead use a shortcut, but it’s best to discuss your requirements with your accountant. However, there are a few methods to treat this in Xero. If your business requires specific detail in your transactional history, you can add on an app, like Silver Siphon, which will push the data onto Xero. With Stripe, the paid funds are transferred into your bank account as daily batches, instead of individual transactions.

how to toggle blink in xero

the reason I chose the future date e.g. 31 Dec 2017 is so that I can use the same template each month until end of the year. Otherwise if I use the “Last Month” Option which does show each prior month then next month I need to change the template. My objective is just to have items (P&L/BS) left to right. The next big release to this report has just been delivered, you’re now able to add columns filtered by one or more Tracking option, Tracy. Up next is the more specific YTD, MTD, and QTD columns. @Tracy, the ability to assign Tracking to columns is being developed.

At the end of the day the payroll in Xero is pretty basic, and to get some more advanced features you would either engage an add on partner, or deal with the workarounds. You could get staff to submit leave requests, and then manually enter the time in payslip to get the desired result, however you would have to then reject the leave request which I think would cause more confusion. At the moment the manager has to enter time in lieu for all employees, we would like employees to be able to enter their own TIL and the manager just needs to approve it. I am another vote for Time In Lieu feature to be added. As both a manager and professional accountant, Time in Lieu is invaluable and best practice process in managing payroll costs. The recommended way to accrue Time in Lieu is to set it up as a leave type. Then, set it up to accrue using the ‘Manually Recorded Rate’ calculation method.

This video tutorial shows you how to set up a bank feed to help automate your transaction entry and bank reconciliation in Xero. Xero has all you need to run your business – including invoicing, bill payments, tax returns, advanced reporting, and much more. Produce balance sheets, profit/loss reports, trial balance, and bank summaries inside Google Sheets with data pulled live from Xero. Refresh them instantly and share them securely with anyone. It’s important to learn how basic Xero reports work.

Due to the amount of workers we had in our system, we were getting an error that the server was taking too long to export. I contacted Blink and they were able to help us export these reports outside of xero, in the exact format we needed. This was a huge help and gave us the report that we needed for our business. This can be easily prevented, however, by locking in your dates each time a reporting period is finalised, utilising the ‘lock dates’ feature of Xero. On a cloud accounting system like Xero, the data is always live. Small businesses often begin reporting on a cash basis, as it allows you to stay on top of your cash flow and is generally what makes more sense. Accrual accounting, whilst more advanced, does offer an important insight into whether your sales function is performing, and can be used to match expenses with revenues to determine your margins.