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Conscious Accounting

July 6, 2021
Bill Kimball

xerocon 2016 brisbane

Very few third part apps integrate to the product although the APIs are available – the Add On Marketplace only identified one product – WebNinja Collect. Will the current raft of enhancements help Intuit to close the gap between the number of Xero and QuickBooks Online customers in Australia? Xero has a more powerful toolbox for the accountant so unless Intuit can generate enough enthusiasm by going direct to small business owners the challenge will remain for many years. As part of its commitment to small business success, Intuit has released its Self Employed app which enables the small business owner to keep track of expenses – both business and personal and mileage.

xerocon 2016 brisbane

Vladka is well regarded in the industry, having spent more than 15 years at carsales.com Ltd, playing a key role in building and maintaining its number one brand and market position in one of the most dynamic and hard-fought segments online today. Vladka’s experience spans building and commercialising online audiences, and developing teams that thrive on delivering powerful outcomes through the creative use of data. Joining the Xero team as Marketing Director in 2019, Vladka is responsible for Xero’s brand and go-to-market strategy in Australia, including leading the marketing function’s operations, channel mix, analytics, automation and customer loyalty programs. Nicole Buisson has more than 17 years of experience in growth strategy, ventures, start-up acceleration, international expansion, business development and product development, working across the software, telecommunications, finance and private equity industries. Nicole is passionate about small business, innovation and technology as growth drivers.

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This lowers the risk of payment failure and reduces the need to collect new card details. will help unearth insights that we’ll put in the hands of our partners, so they can advise and guide their small business clients.

This works like an e-invoicing solution that sends an invoice from BP’s billing system to the customer’s Xero file, which is linked to a BP customer ID. I interviewed Colin Hewitt from Float, a cashflow forecasting app, at Xerocon , and he welcomed the addition as an excellent way to raise awareness of cashflow forecasting. If your customer’s card changes (i.e. they are replacing an expired, lost or stolen card), Stripe will work with card networks to automatically update the saved card details.

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The company line used to be that Xero Tax in Australia was a one-off and that it didn’t want to buy or build tax in every market it entered. At Xerocon Brisbane Curzon announced the addition of global petrochemical company BP.

  • I was contacted recently by the folk at Zoho Books and asked if I would take a look at their cloud-based accounting software which I hadn’t previously reviewed.
  • Trent Innes is the Managing Director of Xero Australia, the global small business platform.
  • Of course, you can also catch the farming update, ‘Xero in on your farming clients’, on Day 2 of the conference, with an update on the role that Xero and Figured are playing in the agri financial web in Australia and New Zealand.
  • There is an options to send a pdf as well with the invoice but there is no Pay Now or equivalent button on the invoice enabling direct payment from the invoice.
  • The previous accountants’ software of MAS and Accountants Office will be replaced with a New Ledger which will be agnostic to the client software providing accountants with more flexibility to work with clients who use non-MYOB software.

Learn about Insightly’s features and plans on our pricing page or sign up for a free trial. Updates to Payroll— Aside from bulk import of employees, users would now be required to use two-step authentication for a more secure experience in using Xero Payroll starting September 11.

B2bgateway To Attend Xerocon South In Brisbane

She sold her previous business, Bookkeeping and Beyond, in October 2016 so understands succession planning first hand. As a Product Marketing Manager, Alisha champions our Practice tools for Xero around the globe. She uses her product knowledge from having worked at Xero for the past six years, in a number of cities around the world. She’s a huge advocate for utilizing the full Xero platform and all the great tools that have been built by our Xero teams. Will’s story, through Emma’s writing on social media and public speaking engagements has gained viral attention that now spans to various corners of the world. After years of teaching high performing individuals the importance of staying in the moment, Emma is getting a new perspective and appreciation for the very importance of staying still and present. The devastating effects of quadriplegia on Will, his 3 siblings and the extended family unit has become a teaching forum which has united the community in both grief and hope.

We’ll also be sharing some exciting announcements around product functionality and key partnerships that you won’t want to miss. Of course, you can also catch the farming update, ‘Xero in on your farming clients’, on Day 2 of the conference, with an update on the role that Xero and Figured are playing in the agri financial web in Australia and New Zealand. #TeamClarity will be wearing our branded t-shirts with pride, almost 24/7, so be sure to stop us and ask us how Clarity is making business simple if you see one of the t-shirts wandering around. We’re also really excited to make some new app friends, and will be keeping an eye out for other branded teams. You will probably have noticed that #Xerocon have been pushing really hard for a plastic free event.

Each part of our business collaborates and interacts across timezones and territories on a shared purpose. The Professional Plan which includes Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Inventory, compares best to the Essentials version of QBO and costs around $29 a month, although if you pay for a year in advance you do get two months free and this does include unlimited users. There is a Basic Plan at $9 a month and Standard at $19 a month for an organisation requiring reduced functionality. But given there is no Payroll in these prices, this would need to be factored in if required. Mobile –I didn’t try this out but mobile apps are available to track time, create invoices and run reports.

Where Is The Accounting Industry Headed? A Xerocon Insiders Edition

In its quest to forge ahead of its competitors, Xero does enjoy a couple of unique advantages. Firstly it is a single product company – all it has to do is deliver a memorable cloud experience to small business owners and accounting professionals. Other cloud accounting software suppliers such as MYOB and Reckon have to support a range of other products across diverse markets resulting in internal competition for R&D dollars and company focus. Secondly Xero isn’t unduly by shackled by share price and investors – investors are not there for dividends and profits, they have signed up for the long haul and focus on strategic development and the non-financial metrics which Xero loves to deliver.

xerocon 2016 brisbane

Sage One – has Sage Pay Online Payments via eWAY which requires payment with a credit card. Sage One has a customer portal – the Sage One Accounting Customer Zone that allows customers to view their invoices and make payments online by clicking a link in their email. Depending on settings, a customer can also view their history through the portal. QBO – Has an app ‘Accept Payments with PayPal’ so that invoices can be sent from QBO with a ‘Pay Now’ button enabling the customer to click on the button and make instant online payments via Credit Card, Debit Card or bank transfers using their PayPal account. I attended the 2016 Reckon Accredited Partners conference last weekend and received a full immersion of the position of Reckon, where it was going as a company and what it had delivered or was delivering on its various accounting software platforms. I did encounter a major technical error while processing that has not been resolved by Tech Support, indicating the product may not be as stable as is needed for a payroll application.

Integrity In An Online World ..

As many business owners know only too well; there is a multitude of administrative tasks required to manage a business from statutory reporting to managing the accounts and HR functions to looking after cashflow. It is especially important for a business to stay on top of the Accounts Receivable or debt collection process to ensure a healthy cash flow; vital for business health. Enhancement of functionality in Bank Rules including ability to set classes on a rule and add a rule whilst in the bank feed. Additionally Reckon products have always had a robust Job Costing flavour, as yet the Payroll doesn’t cost payroll hours to Projects, but the hooks are there so once that is in place – this will be a further positive point of difference that could be capitalised on. For some time Intuit has been promising enhancement on the BAS functionality which is both complex and incomplete and the cause of much confusion with clients – nothing further on this. This is a major efficiency feature for Xero but Intuit will only deliver this sometime in the future via a partner integration.

Many of these are minor enhancements and there are many more on everyone’s wishlist – but these continue to improve the user experience. Machine Learning – again a hot topic from XeroCon 2016 where Rod Drury outlined how, with the migration of client files to the AWS environment, Xero had the ability to develop and deploy Machine Learning to avoid some of the pitfalls encountered by manual coding. The structured taxonomy of accounting data is small so it is an ideal candidate for machine learning and Xero is aiming for a very high percentage of code-free accounting. We can expect to soon see suggestions in Bills as well as bank feed transactions. Here’s a handy guide from modern payroll processor Gusto to help employers stay compliant with all sorts of requirements, including the Affordable Care Act and HIPAA. If you’re going to take the time to post on social media for business, it’s important to post at the right times or all your hard work will go to waste.

Jeremy Hirschhorn was appointed to act in the role of Second Commissioner in December 2018. He has overall responsibility for the ATO’s Client Engagement Group, which fosters willing participation in Australia’s tax and super systems through well-designed client experiences. Jeremy has more than 20 years’ experience in roles managing complex tax matters. Jeremy also worked as Chief Tax Counsel, with responsibility for the provision of the ATO’s legal advice in relation to interpretation of the tax and super laws, when he joined the ATO in August 2014.

It provides an opportunity for the software providers to outline their achievements and set expectations for the coming year. In 2016 Xero hosted a highly successful and glitzy XeroCon South in Brisbane which even included a session on Conscious Accounting from a Buddhist monk! Intuit has now hosted three international conferences in San Jose, California however the tyranny of distance has prevented many Australians from attending, but this year Intuit will host its first ever QuickBooks Connect in Australia in May. Significantly Xero has never competed on price and remains the most expensive option here in Australia and whilst it has tinkered with field names, it remains wedded to a primarily blue experience with no font or navigation changes. Increased flexibility for automatic superannuation with the change to a new clearing house, including being able to reprocess returned super payments. More granular user permissions – although there is still a way to go on this.

The official version is that Reckon approached Macquarie Group first, to understand why its market capitalisation was so low and subsequently asked shareholders to forgo dividends so that profits could be reinvested to fund R&D operations. The second action caused the share price to fall even more and fuelled the rumours of a takeover. Sam stressed that Reckon is alone in accounting software companies to be profitable – and pay a dividend and no sale is on the horizon.

ReckonOne is definitely the Harvey Norman of all cloud accounting software products as it won’t be beaten on price (unless it’s free). The total subscription payable is dependent on which modules are used in any month and the level selected, but the maximum you could pay per month is $32 – this is with the medium level of every module and full bank feeds. Many customers would not need all modules so would pay less than this. Payroll with SuperStream compliance comes in at $5 per month for an unlimited number of employees. So price conscious start ups and shoebox organisations should find this a positive factor.


She has a Masters in Business Administration , a Bachelor in Business and a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology. Nick Houldsworth is Executive General Manager, Ecosystem & Xero Learn. A self-described “app-a-holic” and co-host of the Xero Developer Podcast, Nick leads the team responsible for Xero’s Developer API and app marketplace. Before joining Xero, Nick was the first employee and CMO at Vend, a Xero partner, where he helped scale the business, and also led partnerships with companies including Apple, PayPal and Shopify. He holds a bachelor of Science from Auckland University of Technology, has owned several small businesses, and briefly played guitar in Scotland’s 2nd most popular folk band. Now that our team is 32 strong, I’m so proud of the contribution made across product, marketing, finance and the customer-facing support and training, customer success and sales.

I went back and had a look at what was actually announced and it’s clear that more R&D is going to the broader vision – creating a data platform connected to many and varied real-time sources, of which the accounting software is just one part. With over 10 years experience as a technical marketer, Renee has a passion for meaningful customer experiences and the positive impact technology has on people’s lives.