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Deputy And Xero Integration

March 12, 2021
Bill Kimball

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Casual Loadings are to be included when entering the base rate of the employee in Deputy. Regarding the On-boarding function – can this be used for existing employees (those who started before the On-boarding feature was introduced)? If you use our Xero On-boarding Sync, it will auto create employees who don’t exist in Xero. Regarding the HR On-boarding – can we attach additional company specific paperwork that we require our employees to also fill in? It’s a bit clunky right now as our new employees have to complete the On-boarding documents and then bridge the gap with all the missing HR paperwork from our company files.

  • Making it easier to collect payments via direct debit, GoCardless allows you to collect funds automatically for fixed or varying amounts.
  • Sync your existing employee details from Xero straight into Deputy for a quick and easy start.
  • Below are the most common situations for unsuccessful exports.
  • Time off in lieu can be accrued and calculated as leave inside Xero.
  • Chaser is award-winning cloud credit control software for Xero.

The data sent is automatically inputted into each employees pay slip as shown above. Each employee is identified by the first and last name from the Deputy export. Below are the most common situations for unsuccessful exports. When an error with the import process occurs, it is recommended that the pay run is checked to confirm which employees hours have been imported and which ones have not. The import will only need to be executed for those that were not successfully bought across the first time. The process on how to rectify each error is notated in the ‘Product Preparation’ section. When you have finished approving the time-sheets within Deputy for the current pay period, you will then be ready to export these from Deputy into XERO.

For more information about the HIGA award have a look at this article from our help portal. The awards rates with the newest date at the end are always the ones that are most up to date and should be chosen if you want to be compliant with the award. Yes, once an award gets updated Deputy will send out an email informing you about the update but you have to update the award in your employees profiles. No, once an award gets updated Deputy will send out an email informing you about the update but you have to update the award in your employees profiles. While the functionality is configured for optimal compliance, we rely on the manager’s to provide the correct award level base rates.

Employees Not Found

Ensure the spelling is correct in XERO and Deputy and that there are no blank spaces after the typed name in XERO. If there is an empty space after the typed text, XERO will fail to match the employee. Before pay items can be successfully imported into XERO, a pay run must be created in the area shown below.

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After connecting your Deputy account to your XERO account you can export your data seamlessly into XERO time sheets. Relevant employees must be assigned to a Payroll Calendar in the area shown below so that XERO can accept the pay items for this period for the employee from Deputy. The information contained in this article is general in nature and you should consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs. Sync award rates straight from Xero to Deputy in one click, automatically calculating ordinary hours, penalty rates, overtime and allowances. Please note that if the employee template is not fixed, the hourly rate from that pay rule will inherit the existing pay item, causing every employee to have the same hourly rate. To fix this, log into Xero and edit the employee’s pay template. Ensure that they are assigned the correct pay rules in the employee payment tab.

For example in California you will be paid 50% extra for working over 8 hours a day or 40 hours per week; and double time for any hours beyond 12 hours per day. In Xero, you will need to make sure that each employee has an Ordinary Earnings Rate (set on each employee’s Employment tab). This earnings rate must be a pay rate with the Type “Ordinary Time Earnings” and the Rate Type “Rate per Unit”. If it is not, you will receive a “Pay Element Not Found” error when exporting. We strongly recommend following Xero’s guide on employee and payroll setup before exporting from Deputy.

This reduces data entry in most circumstances and reflects the accurate use of multipliers if employees are eligible for different rates when working in different areas. Yes, you can configure employees with various different pay rates, including fair work awards, salary and basic overtime rates. If you export all your employees to Xero, it will create the rates with the default expense account. You can then go into Xero and edit these pay rates to set your preferred expense account.

Connect Deputy + Xero In Minutes

GoCardless automatically transfers each payment to Xero, allowing businesses to collect payment and see it automatically transfer into their Xero account, which means far less manual data entry. Most businesses are at the mercy of unmanageable, error-prone spreadsheets. But with Float’s automatic one-way sync with Xero, your forecast remains live and accurate, keeping up-to-date with bills, invoices, and actual transactions. Bill.com is an AP/AR bill payment solution that helps accounting firms automate bookkeeping tasks and manage all of their clients, eliminating paper and saving time. It streamlines payments processing and approval workflows, and automatically syncs with Xero, bringing in all transactions, invoices and reconciled items.

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If you are using Xero for your business in Australia, New Zealand, or the UK you can quickly connect Deputy to your Xero Organisation. This guide will list some of the common errors you may get when exporting to Xero, the possible causes, and how to fix them. This guide will look at some common Xero export errors and how to fix them. Nothing, all sharing of data between the platforms will require a manual process. If you turn on “Xero Pay Templates”, the source of truth is Xero, meaning we pull the information from Xero into Deputy.

If you have the employee sync integration, you can remove this. There is a bulk importer tool for bringing in employees from Xero. If you are using the Deputy Awards, Timesheets approved on Public Holidays should automatically apply the PH rates.

However, in the case of our award library, you can override Xero’s pay rates in favour of Deputy’s. There is a known issue where exporting Deputy’s rates over Xero’s will cause duplicate pay items, and thus, creates errors within Xero.

Easy Approval Of Timesheets

If you change an employee’s pay rate, you will need to unapprove and reapprove any affected timesheets. You will now have the option to decide whether you’d like to export using Timesheets or Payslips. If you’d like to make additional adjustments to the timesheets such as adding deductions or additional allowances, we recommend using the Timesheet option. Please navigate to the Timesheets tab and select “Export Time Sheets”. When selecting your dates for export, they need to match the exact start and end date of your payroll calendar in Xero, even if the timesheets you’re exporting don’t fill the whole date range. For example, if your calendar in Xero is Monday to Sunday and the dates are 27/4/15 to 3/5/15, then you must set those same dates in Deputy, even if only exporting timesheets for the 28th and 29th.

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Ensure the pay rate values are correct in XERO as the relevant pay information for Deputy is not utilised. Time tracking software Record accurate timesheets and attendance to make payroll a breeze.Deputy mobile app Run your teams remotely without missing a thing. There are many other payroll providers that Deputy integrates with that have their own award interpreters. In the United States, Deputy integrates with ZenPayroll and we do overtime calculation for every state. You can also use the Deputy export format “Tab Delimited with Daily Totals and Overtime” which will give you nicely grouped totals with overtime. Employees paid a salary do not require special naming of pay items. We will automatically detect the employees that are on salary and apply a proportion of their costing in Deputy.

Deputy is the ultimate employee management tool, connecting businesses and employees seamlessly through technology. By simplifying rostering, timesheets, tasks, team communication and Award Interpretation. Calculate and track employee leave balances in Deputy, then export leave timesheets to Xero for a seamless Leave Management experience.

These always fail and manual adding of Annual Leave with LL is needed. Time off in lieu can be accrued and calculated as leave inside Xero. You can amend Timesheets in Deputy to apply our non-automated allowances. For more information, please see pay approval in this document.

Craig is responsible for promoting the small business economy in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and Xero’s relationships with government, financial institutions, and enterprise. Craig joined Xero in the UK where he led the business into market in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa.

He’s also founded a successful cloud-based start up, Business365, aimed at small businesses. Tony holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Manitoba and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Auckland and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

This causes issues on employee pay slips as each day of leave is added as a single entry and makes for a very long pay slip and it’s not as clear as displaying just the consecutive block of leave taken. Yes, salaried staff will still have their Leave timesheets exported to Xero for processing. Salaried staff will only have their Leave timesheets exported to Xero for processing. Salaried staff will still have their Leave timesheets exported to Xero for processing. The Time Sheet Export Code is used to find the corresponding employee in Xero. At this time we send the whole award to Xero when you export Timesheets. If this is proving to be a challenge for you, I recommend that you send your feedback to our Product team by selecting the “Help” menu in Deputy and then selecting “Feature Suggestions”.

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