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Cloud Vs Desktop Accounting

May 11, 2021
Bill Kimball

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We’ll only use your responses to these questions in an anonymised way for the purpose of diversity analysis, tracking and reporting within Xero. By answering the questions below, you consent to Xero using your responses for this purpose. After analyzing the wide array of interview questions job seekers have posted on the site, here are the 10 strangest questions of 2014 according to Glassdoor — along with the most upvoted user-suggested answer. Cloud accounting technology is an asset for workplaces that prioritize flexibility and promote a remote work environment.

xero glassdoor

The use of cloud accounting has been on the rise in recent years, and for good reason. Transitioning from desktop software to cloud-based programs affords your business accessibility, added security, and peace of mind. As today’s businesses become more and more mobile, it’s time to consider upgrading your systems and processes from on-premise to a reputable cloud software, such as XeroTM or QuickBooks® Online. Alloy Silverstein, a Xero Silver Champion Partner, held an Accelerate Session July 10-11, 2017 at our Cherry Hill, NJ office. This is the only company I have worked for that actually does care about thier employees work/home balance and really does want to keep you for the long haul. The excellent benefits, pay, and epic culture here are second to none. A employee would be hard pressed to find another company that would be a better place to work.

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Xero is an amazing company that is really going places! I have been here since September and love every day. We are a tight-knit family who enjoy what we do. Work is work, but the people here really make Xero a special place. Because we have such a great culture, we are empowered to go above and beyond in all tasks. Management will make a break a team and unfortunately it wasn’t the best.

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I would say that Xero is a “transparent” company. Management is really open and if you want to know something all you have to do is ask. Rod Drury really pushes to make Xero a company that you want to stay at for life and his saying is “This is your last job”. Growing company, great people, room to move up, pay, Pto, great location/office, organized, open communication.

“Hubdoc delivers insane value when it comes to creating financial processes that bulletproof your business.” “Hubdoc has saved us a crazy amount of time. It just works. Life without Hubdoc is not something I’d even remotely consider going back to.” Hubdoc uses OCR technology to analyze your receipts for useable data. With Hubdoc, you can automatically import all your financial documents & export them into data you can use.

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xero glassdoor

Software is cookie-cutter with rare third-party app integrations. Depending on your business type, you may be able to purchase an industry-specific version of QuickBooks. © Alloy, Silverstein, Shapiro, Adams, Mulford, Cicalese, Wilson & Co., A Professional Corporation, a full-service accounting and advisory firm serving South Jersey and Greater Philadelphia since 1959. Avantax affiliated advisors may only conduct business with residents of the states for which they are properly registered. Ask a question about working or interviewing at Xero. We also receive a number of perks as part of our position here.

Even if being remote isn’t a fit for your business, there are serious security concerns that are causing desktop software users to make the leap to cloud accounting. In addition, if you are a business owner always on the go, being able to always have a pulse on your business performance, cash flow, and tasks can be invaluable. Xero is an intuitive accounting software and a cloud-based alternative to QuickBooks. Based in New Zealand, Xero has helped streamline the accounting processes of many businesses in Australia and the U.K., and is now making progress with businesses and CPA firms in the USA.


Young leadership can lend to under-managed development and feedback opportunities, but it’s growing its legs and will be a great company to work for in the US.

  • Expect significant downtime.Sharing with CPAYour CPA can login to their own account and see the same real-time data.
  • It is young and vibrant, with lots of interesting and talented people.
  • As well, Xero’s mission continues to remain focused on our commitment to accountants, bookkeepers and small businesses in providing them with the best technology available.
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If there is a software update, tax change, or bug to fix, your software is automatically updated across all platforms. Updates annually or when a migration is forced. If there is a software update or bug to fix, you have to purchase a new version to install. No IT department required.Protect your local machine and the software login credentials. Thank you for sharing your experience working with Xero. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where employees are encouraged to take ownership of their work and grow within the company if that is their goal. We certainly see a great deal of our CX team members grow into other positions throughout the company.

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Xero doesn’t assess any individual advisor’s or firm’s proficiency as an accountant, bookkeeper or financial advisor. And Xero certified advisors and advisors with industry or bank specialisations are not employees of Xero. Xero specialisation means that some or all team members have completed several short learning modules to develop skills in that area.

Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you. Data BackupData is backed up 24/7 by secure, state-of-the-art, off-site systems. If your computer breaks down, is stolen, or accidentally destroyed, you can log on using another device and rest assured that your data will still be there.Backups are manual. When is the last time you backed up your data or machine? If your servers do not conduct regular backups, data could be lost or unrecoverable in event your dedicated QuickBooks computer breaks down, is stolen, or accidentally destroyed. Expect significant downtime.Sharing with CPAYour CPA can login to their own account and see the same real-time data.

Our team will respond within 24 hours and will deliver your financials and reports on time no matter what time of the year it is. We are experts in cloud technologies and are constantly refining and improving automation wherever we can. Chat with us if you’re ready to modernize your accounting solution so you can grow from revenues of $1mm up to $20mm. However, the company culture is very inviting and everyone is friendly. The average age of the employees here is probably in the late 20s, so be careful if you’re out of that age range.

Xero is beautiful online accounting software for smaller businesses. Basis 365 Accounting can help make your switch as smooth as possible. Google is renowned for posing bizarre questions to job candidates lucky enough to be called in for an interview. If you’re applying for a job with the company, you might want to think about how many golf balls can fit on a school bus , or design an evacuation plan for San Francisco . Last but not least, the ability to customize your accounting software is HUGE! No two businesses are alike, so why should so many businesses share the same straight-out-of-the-box software? Once you start learning how to automate, streamline, and optimize your business based on your unique mix of apps (out of an available 450+), you’ll wonder why you didn’t upgrade sooner.

We are always looking for new tools and processes to improve the way our company works. Working At Xero IncBe part of something special – helping small business succeed with Xero. And when millions of small businesses are making a difference, the world is a more beautiful place. “Xero” and “Beautiful business” are trademarks of Xero Limited.

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There are several graphs, tables, pie charts, etc. involved in the report to help users with pictorial representation of the data. At Xero, we champion diversity and inclusion to create better outcomes for our people and our customers.

There are also some branding metrics we look to follow to show how visible we’re becoming in the US, specifically in cities where we have a sales presence vs. those we currently do not. Xero employees are our customers, and we want to help them do the best work of their lives, so they can better serve Xero customers and partners.

All of your information, questions, historical data, goals, and trends can be regularly discussed over the phone or a video conference.Sharing can be a manual and timely process. Export the data for the desired time frame and save to your computer. Then A) securely upload to a portal or B) print/save to a flash drive and mail or deliver to your accountant’s office. AutomationGo ahead and streamline those workflows! Most bank feeds sync automatically and reconciliation is a breeze thanks to smart suggestions and matching.Little to no automation. Frequency of UpdatesCan be as frequent as every 3-6 weeks.

75% of Xero Inc employees would encourage their friends to become coworkers, whereas 17% are neutral and 8% would not recommend working at Xero Inc to their friends. Xero is all about people and everyday is fun when you work with great people. I was prepped well in the interview process, so no real surprises. Most of our success is measured from the impact we have in driving additional business. This comes in a variety of forms, whether as new business leads, growth with existing business through a campaign, or a combination of the two (end-to-end sales funnel improvements).

Benefits are good here, including medical, dental and other health programs. The manager is pretty nice and honest with beautiful heart to help the employee growing. If you’re the type that loves “office culture” then this might be the place for you.

Feels like a small family company, even though, it is a large global company. I enjoyed working for the company I resigned due to a high risk pregnancy, they had several incentive programs and also always fun during holidays! Totally lacking in direction, leadership ability, and communication skills. The company may be successful and great outside of the US, but are destined to fail stateside.

The people that work there are amazing and very dedicated to making the place successful. Xero has some great policies and company culture. It is young and vibrant, with lots of interesting and talented people. Xero is growing fast and thus there have been several changes.

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